12:13:14 <mchua> #startmeeting
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12:13:20 <mchua> #meetingname POSSE RIT Monday
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12:13:26 <mchua> POSSE has officially begun.
12:13:31 <mchua> Now I just have to find the room we're in. :)
12:15:16 <mchua> oh! crud, parking passes. ctyler, lmacken - need to take care of that, I'll dump my stuff in the room and say hello and then go make sure we don't get a ticket. ;)
12:26:48 <mchua> JonathanD: at some point today, if you'd like to do a shameless plug for FOSSCon - today is the day, and likely this afternoon (when everyone is on IRC) is the time.
12:26:52 <mchua> I'll ping you when we're on.
12:31:12 <mchua> We're still waiting for folks to trickle in - first day, finding the place, etc.
12:35:59 <mchua> Hey, far	!
12:41:56 <pfroehlich> mchua: i'll all be good, just relax and go with the flow like you did in Worcester :-D
12:42:07 <pfroehlich> mchua: /s/i'll/it'll
12:54:32 <JonathanD> mchua: awesome, and thanks.
12:55:38 * pfroehlich glances around, smiles knowingly
12:56:32 <mchua> pfroehlich: Once we get this channel on the big screen (in an hour or two, I hope) we'll probably be pinging around for folks to explain how confusion is all part of the process. :D
12:57:29 <mchua> #link http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Topic_Schedule
12:57:34 <mchua> #link http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Monday
12:57:37 <pfroehlich> mchua: wow, it's going to take an hour or two? :-D
12:58:47 <mchua> pfroehlich: Well, we need to do introductions and such before everyone piles in-channel.
12:59:04 <mchua> Much larger class this time (2x the size) so chaos will be rampant.
12:59:05 <mchua> mmm, rampant.
12:59:10 <mchua> ianweller: we will likely ping you for a wiki intro again.
12:59:15 <mchua> sdziallas: we will likely ping you for a soas intro again.
12:59:26 <mchua> quaid: we will probably need help with the whole 'wiki intro' thing, because we have so many people.
12:59:35 <mchua> JonathanD: I'll holler when folks seem to be used to IRC so you can start plugging FOSSCon.
12:59:40 * mchua orchestrates impending chaos ;)
12:59:42 <JonathanD> Sure.
12:59:51 <mchua> lmacken: It shall be fun. :D Prepare for the onslaught.
12:59:51 <JonathanD> We're going to try to get up early enough Friday to actually eat.
12:59:55 <mchua> JonathanD: Awesome.
12:59:59 <pfroehlich> pfroehlich: gives thumbs up and giggles
13:00:10 * pfroehlich still can't use IRC properly :-/
13:00:26 <lmacken> mchua: mmmm... chaos.
13:00:29 * pfroehlich gives "thumbs up" and giggles
13:01:59 <mchua> #topic Introduction to POSSE
13:02:04 * mchua has introduced herself, ctyler has introduced himself
13:02:14 <mchua> ctyler teaches at Seneca College up in Toronto.
13:02:55 <mchua> http://teachingopensource.org - TOS - a community of people interested in teaching students how to participate as contributors in FOSS communities.
13:03:10 * mchua will loop back around to explain our teaching model in a moment.
13:03:23 <mchua> #topic What is FOSS?
13:03:31 <mchua> ctyler has asked the room what they think FOSS is.
13:03:56 <sdziallas> nchua: sure thing :)
13:04:03 <mchua> * sharing source
13:04:07 <sdziallas> mchua: and apparently I can't type ;)
13:04:10 <mchua> * distributed, diverse group of people behind that source
13:04:14 * pfroehlich waves at kis
13:04:24 <mchua> kis: hey! we've just started POSSE RIT - in an hour or two, newcomers will flood the channel. :)
13:04:38 <mchua> #info Participant answer: FOSS is sharing source
13:04:51 <mchua> #info Participant answer: FOSS has a distributed, diverse group of people behind that source (code)
13:05:55 * kis waves back at pfroehlich
13:05:57 <mchua> #info Chris: There's also the "open" part of open source - which is that anyone can get involved in these projects.
13:06:09 <pfroehlich> i need to move my car before i get towed, I'll try to be on later from work, have fun!
13:06:20 * mchua nods
13:06:23 * mchua needs to move car at some point too
13:06:40 <kis> mchua: Hi! Have fun at RIT. I might not be around in two hours since I have to get my summer students started.
13:07:06 <mchua> kis: Gotcha - have fun with that! We'll be trying to transcribe in channel here as best we can, so may occasionally wave hello, but feel free to ignore this if you're busy, and all that. :)
13:07:09 <kis> mchua: But I will be here later in the day.
13:07:14 * mchua nods
13:07:23 <mchua> cool! yeah, it's just one of those "if you're around and feel like it" things, you know. :)
13:08:43 <mchua> #info Chris is recapping a brief history of FOSS - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source if you're catching up from backlogs. (It doesn't have everything Chris is talking about, but will give you a reasonably good overview.)
13:12:54 <mchua> This is the most conventional lecture-like part of POSSE. It will end... very soon. :D
13:13:03 <mchua> At which point I'll be going "And here is how we're going to teach!"
13:13:23 <mchua> and hopefully the wild hand-waving and jumping-around will make everyone thoroughly confused.
13:14:19 <mchua> I'll queue up notes here beforehand.
13:14:49 <mchua> #info Our teaching model: wild immersion rather than sequential scaffolding. You're learning how to be productively lost - confused, but working independently on Getting Stuff Done nevertheless.
13:15:13 <mchua> #info FOSS is messy. The world is messy. There aren't answers in the back of the book. This is all the same stuff you tell your students, most likely - and we're going to be doing it to *you* this week. ;)
13:15:43 <mchua> #info If you get lost or stuck, reach out for help beyond yourself - it's your social/communication as much as (actually, more) than your tech skills that will make you successful.
13:16:49 <mchua> #info You already know how to be good professors, good CS practitioners, engineers, writers, etc - whatever you teach - we're going to teach you how to do it The Open Source Way, with the millions of communities and contributors that are out there to partner with.
13:16:58 <mchua> #info It will be disorienting, and it will be hard. You have been warned. :D
13:19:43 <mchua> #info Chris polled the classroom - pretty much everyone uses at least one FOSS app, few people use FOSS for most of what they do.
13:31:39 <mchua> (We're still doing a "history of FOSS, explaining FOSS, etc." lecture-style mode right now - Chris deliberately started us in lecture mode... we're going to be switching out of it real soon now.)
13:31:43 <mchua> (reeeeeeal soon now.)
13:45:35 * pfroehlich likes his chocolate croisant and iced mocha
13:46:12 <mchua> Introductions now - going around the room
13:48:50 <mchua> Actually, I'll throw this into an etherpad so y'all can peek in...
13:50:21 <mchua> #link http://piratepad.net/rit-posse-todo
13:50:23 <mchua> lmacken: help me take notes?
13:50:49 <mchua> kis, pfroehlich: you may find this interesting - we are asking the profs at this POSSE what they're trying to get out of this week.
14:00:52 <pfroehlich> mchua: hope it's okay to just edit around in their pirate pad :-D
14:00:58 <mchua> pfroehlich: Yes please!
14:01:09 <mchua> Actually, if you do that, then I'll jump on IRC and introduce you here after we're done (in a few minutes)
14:01:35 <pfroehlich> mchua: oh, I didn't edit much, just two comments
14:01:35 <mchua> pfroehlich: ...or in etherpad chat, actually. that might be easier first, if you've got a minute.
14:01:42 <pfroehlich> huh?
14:01:47 <mchua> pfroehlich: I know, I just want them to get used to the idea of backchannel and that there are Other People On The Internets :)
14:01:49 <pfroehlich> oh the chat next to pirate pad
14:01:58 <mchua> you're the only one in the etherpad right now that's not in the room
14:02:04 <mchua> so I thought that might be cool to point out.
14:03:35 <pfroehlich> mchua: like that? don't know
14:04:02 <mchua> pfroehlich: perfect :)
14:04:18 <mchua> oh - can you mention that on IRC, you're pfroehlich, so they know to look for you under that name here, when they come?
14:06:26 * pfroehlich waves at walterbender
14:10:26 <walterbender> pfroehlich: hi... I am still hitting my head against the wall re Measure on the old OLPC hardware :(
14:10:53 <walterbender> pfroehlich: but I look forward to merging everyone's patches from last week.
14:12:19 <mchua> pfroehlich: sdziallas: that was *awesome*
14:12:39 <mchua> #info Chris is explaining Fedora right now, after which I will be explaining Sugar
14:12:53 <mchua> sdziallas: if you're free in ~15m to explain Sugar on a Stick, I can dial you in on Skype
14:13:01 <mchua> the 15 minutes being plus or minus 10 minutes.
14:13:12 <sdziallas> mchua: sure thing!
14:13:41 <pfroehlich> i really like my Physics patch, hope Gary gets it in soon :-D
14:13:44 * mchua hops on skype
14:13:55 <pfroehlich> walterbender: hardware issues, painful stuff, I know :-/
14:14:25 <mchua> ianweller: any chance you can find a webcam somewhere in the office today? I'd like to get you in to explain the wiki to these folks as well.
14:14:51 <pfroehlich> mchua, ianweller: and they'll listen much better if there's a talking face on the projector :-D
14:15:16 <walterbender> pfroehlich: gary really liked your patch too...
14:15:17 <mchua> pfroehlich: exactly.
14:15:24 * mchua trying to find the audio cable on this thing
14:15:39 <sdziallas> pfroehlich: so I'm going to connect my webcam for SoaS convos :)
14:15:57 <ganderson> mchua: it should be either attached to the monitor cable or floating around on the podium, otherwise
14:16:37 <pfroehlich> sdziallas: probably a good idea, it's easy to be distracted with all the setup stuff and not follow IRC closely, but the projector is hard to ignore even if you're busy
14:17:28 <sdziallas> pfroehlich: yeah, I agree! it was pretty cool to call in to you folks last week, too.
14:19:05 <pfroehlich> i can't find tetex in fedora 13, what am I doing wrong? :-/
14:19:28 <mchua> sdziallas: calling
14:20:02 <sdziallas> mchua: hang on.
14:20:17 <sdziallas> mchua: finding headset.
14:20:25 <mchua> sdziallas: answer call, we'll deal with that in a bit
14:20:27 <ganderson> sdziallas: no we wanna talk now!
14:20:45 <ganderson> :)
14:21:37 <sdziallas> ganderson: :)
14:21:56 <ganderson> sdziallas: c'mon....get that camera working..!
14:23:01 <sdziallas> ganderson: it's skype -- it's proprietary software. what do you expect? ;)
14:23:25 <ganderson> sdziallas: sure...blame it on proprietary software.  Just cuz you can't get your V4L working right >:]
14:23:52 <ganderson> sdziallas: there's a white box in the top left of your camera :P
14:24:46 <ganderson> sdziallas: there you are!  We can see ya now
14:25:12 <mchua> pfroehlich: if you have a webcam you can call in too, if you want
14:25:36 <pfroehlich> mchua: i don't think my netbooks cam works, let me check :-D
14:26:01 <pfroehlich> btw, latex and friends are called texlive on fedora, didn't know
14:26:02 <mchua> sdziallas: we can see you at a super slow framerate, not enough to wave or anything
14:26:10 <mchua> pfroehlich: oh, cool!
14:26:50 <mchua> pfroehlich: I'm mel_chua on skype
14:26:55 <ctyler> mel: do we haved a list of names somewhere?
14:27:20 <pfroehlich> ctyler: can't they add themselves to the POSSE wiki? :-D
14:27:28 <mchua> ctyler: We do, I'm trying to extricate them from my (somewhat broken - trying to kick thunderbird atm) inbox
14:27:33 <ctyler> pfroehlich: yes, I wanted it for an exercise
14:27:37 <ianweller> mchua: i'm not going into the office today
14:27:46 <ianweller> mchua: sorry :(
14:28:01 <ctyler> sdziallas: losing audio here
14:28:49 <ctyler> sdziallas: actually, the question is how widely/how many copies
14:28:59 <lmacken> it seems like the faster mel types, the more the audio skips...
14:29:15 <ctyler> mchua: stop typing
14:30:52 * sdziallas hullos! hi folks, this is Sebastian!
14:31:34 * lmacken waves to sdziallas
14:31:58 <sdziallas> hi lmacken :)
14:32:37 <mchua> sdziallas: We're taking a break and then getting everyone on IRC.
14:32:51 <mchua> #topic Morning break - followed by IRC: The Introduction
14:32:53 <pfroehlich> mchua: is there a skype package for fedora?
14:32:55 <mchua> pfroehlich: ^ consider yourself warned ;)
14:33:01 <mchua> pfroehlich: No, since it's not free software.
14:33:09 <pfroehlich> mchua: so? how do i get it?
14:33:16 <sdziallas> pfroehlich: lmgtfy? :)
14:33:22 <sdziallas> pfroehlich: seriously, it's skype.com
14:33:23 <mchua> pfroehlich: skype.com has some links for downloads, that's where I grabbed my .rpm.
14:33:24 <pfroehlich> sdziallas: argh!!!!
14:33:29 <pfroehlich> okies
14:33:31 <pfroehlich> :-D
14:33:33 <sdziallas> mchua: jinx!
14:33:39 <sdziallas> pfroehlich: they have packages for Fedora :)
14:34:01 <mchua> Just so y'all know, this POSSE is exactly 2x the size as last week's
14:34:02 <mchua> mostly RIT profs
14:34:13 <mchua> *and* a bunch of non-CS professors (journalism, new media, etc)
14:34:16 <mchua> so this will be interesting!
14:34:51 * ianweller waves. this is exciting
14:35:26 <mchua> I don't think we've confused everyone sufficiently yet. :)
14:35:32 <mchua> ianweller: if you can get hold of a webcam tomorrow, we can bring you in then.
14:39:27 <mchua> ok - pfroehlich, sdziallas, ianweller, and others around who might be interested (kis?) - here's the gameplan for when everyone gets back from coffee break.
14:39:47 <mchua> Chris is going to demo the main tools we're teaching today (wiki, blog/planet, IRC, in that order)
14:39:52 <ianweller> mchua: noted.
14:39:58 <mchua> and then we're going to get them on those tools - IRC, wiki, blog/planet, in that order.
14:40:07 <mchua> IRC confusion will be rampant, I am sure.
14:40:28 <mchua> so once we reach that point I'm going to be pinging you folks asking for help saying hello to people, answering questions, encouraging them to not be shy, etc.
14:40:48 <mchua> pfroehlich: you can empathize with their experience from last week, though you came in already having used IRC before :)
14:41:00 <mchua> kis: you can *really* empathize with their experience from last week :D
14:42:51 <mchua> (also: smile! the channel's up on the projector.)
14:43:01 <mchua> ctyler is the projectionist, so ping him if you want your message highlighted.
14:43:08 <mchua> Whoop. It's not on the projector now. Er... please hold.
14:44:48 <ganderson> mchua: which client are we using?
14:45:12 <mchua> ganderson: xchat-gnome is installed on the laptops, but you're welcome to use any client you want, if you have a preferred one.
14:45:37 <mchua> Hello, gpollice! We've just started the POSSE at RIT - the folks here will be hitting IRC for the first time (this channel) likely within the next hour.
14:46:07 <ganderson> mchua: I don't think XChat is installed on the virtualbox image we're using :(
14:46:11 <gpollice> walterbender: Walter, I'm ready to push the Measure changes later today. I didn't get how to do this in my notes. Is it a rebase or what that will send a merge request to you?
14:47:15 <walterbender> gpollice: there should be a merge request button in gitorious...
14:47:39 <pfroehlich> gpollice: just make sure you pushed all the changes
14:48:33 * mchua just updated http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Participants with the list from Steve Jacobs
14:48:34 <gpollice> Oh, okay. I don't  need to do it from the git command. Fine. We'll get them in today and if they're okay, I'll edit the Measure Web page to reflect the changes. I'll also close ticket 1911.
14:48:37 <mchua> ctyler: ^
14:48:59 <mchua> #link http://fedoraproject.org
14:49:03 <gpollice> pfroehlich: I have. I'll make sure there's nothing left to pull and push before I do.
14:49:07 <mchua> #link http://sugarlabs.org
14:49:10 <mchua> #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_on_a_Stick
14:49:24 <ganderson> ctyler, mchua: I just asked gary about it.  If XChat isn't on the image, we can use http://webchat.freenode.net/ or we could install it (root pass is same as liveuser)
14:49:34 <pfroehlich> gpollice: the way to make sure the repo is current is git pull --rebase
14:49:50 <pfroehlich> gpollice: *but i don't think there were other commits aside from yours)
14:50:13 <gpollice> pfroehlich: I'll do that. Kristen had a checkin that I've gotten.
14:51:05 <mchua> #info Definition: packaging -- the act of putting software (lots of raw code) into a format (one nicely bundled file) that is easy to install.
14:51:17 <mchua> ganderson: That works too.
14:51:37 <gpollice> Good morning mihaela. If you want to play with the timing changes, I've checked them in.
14:51:40 <mchua> #info Definition: upstream & downstream - producers and consumers of open source/content, respectively.
14:51:41 <mihaela> hi, from posse-worcester!
14:52:08 <mchua> Hey, mihaela! We're just starting POSSE RIT - the folks there will be coming onto IRC for the first time soon, so if you're around I'll ask if you can wave and say hello.
14:52:12 * pfroehlich waves at mihaela
14:52:23 <mchua> and empathize with the "wow, this is really confusing" that will inevitably ensue. ;)
14:52:30 <ganderson> mchua: what are the info/links tags you're doing?  Are they aggregated by a bot or is it for you to pull out of the log later? :P
14:52:51 <mchua> ganderson: They're aggregated by a bot - which we should show y'all at some point.
14:53:31 <mchua> #link http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Things_we_want_to_accomplish_this_week
14:53:36 <lmacken> RIT's wiki: http://www.rit.edu/studentaffairs/ritpedia/wiki/Main_Page
14:53:48 <mihaela> gpollice: unfortunately, i don't have an persitence-enabled fedora stick. i need to jhbuild again on the stick i have, ln, and so forth.
14:54:17 <gpollice> mihaela: OK, no problem. Trust me, it works. :-)
14:54:53 <mchua> #link http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Glossary
14:54:58 <mihaela> gpollice: i do! it's just that i want to play with it.
14:55:59 <mchua> #info We're keeping a glossary of terms throughout the week - we can add new terms on IRC and on the whiteboard, but eventually we'll try to get them on this wiki page.
14:56:06 <mchua> ctyler: ^^ wiki example, once you get to IRC. ;)
14:56:10 <gpollice> OK. Time for a meeting.
14:56:32 <mchua> #topic Introduction to tools
14:56:43 <mchua> #info Wikis - collaboratively editable webpages.
14:56:47 <mchua> #info Some examples are below.
14:56:55 <mchua> #info http://teachingopensource.org
14:57:14 <mchua> #link http://teachingopensource.org
14:57:23 <mchua> #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org
14:57:37 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Project_Wiki
14:57:49 <mchua> #info Wikis are good for keeping collaborative notes/documentation/project-homepages, etc.
14:57:59 <mchua> #info Blogging and Planets - planets are blog aggregators. Some examples:
14:58:12 * mihaela waves back
14:58:14 <mchua> #link http://planet.fedoraproject.org/
14:58:22 <mchua> #link http://planet.sugarlabs.org/
14:58:30 <mchua> #link http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet
14:59:04 <mchua> #info Why blog? Think of it as a journal, a project notebook - a way to tell others what you're working on.
14:59:07 <mchua> #link http://www.sububi.org/2009/07/27/the-busy-students-guide-to-project-blogging/
14:59:29 <mchua> #info Why read Planets? Think of it as reading other people's journals - it's a way of keeping up to date on what they're thinking about and working on.
14:59:51 <mchua> #info Blogging in FOSS is very informal - rough drafts, braindumps, questions... thinking out loud - all the way up to more polished "I now present my project!" posts (much rarer).
15:00:36 <mchua> #info You can make a Planet from any collection of feeds - for instance, you might want to have a feed for all the bloggers from your school....
15:00:40 <mchua> #link http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/~chris.tyler/planet/
15:00:59 <lmacken> A few of us are headed to a conference call with the NY State Senate for a few... brb :)
15:02:23 <mchua> #info ...or your class.
15:02:27 <mchua> #link http://act.ivism.org/blogs/pulse/
15:02:45 <mchua> #info The last link was the planet for this class:
15:02:47 <mchua> #link http://www.rockalypse.org/courses/fs102sp10/
15:03:04 <mchua> #info Note that this class is *not* a technical class - it's a freshman seminar covering activism and teaching things like writing and public speaking.
15:03:13 <pfroehlich> mchua: video works but i think the mic is busted
15:03:20 <pfroehlich> mchua: so i could wave and gesture
15:03:25 <pfroehlich> mchua: but not talk :-D
15:03:33 <mchua> pfroehlich: We're looking at your blog now :)
15:03:41 <pfroehlich> mchua: oh noes
15:03:52 <mchua> and your feed... as an example of blogs and feeds and how planet works.
15:04:03 <pfroehlich> mchua: i feel so... used
15:04:08 <pfroehlich> mchua: :-D
15:04:13 <mchua> pfroehlich: special? :D
15:04:53 <mchua> #info You may think that the stuff you're doing with your class isn't important to the community, but you never know - so you *should* tell them! You might be surprised.
15:05:19 <ganderson> oooh...IRC is on screen now
15:05:23 <pfroehlich> mchua: can we try skype? i think i added you
15:05:34 <mchua> pfroehlich: Sure - I'll try out the setup real quiet in the back here.
15:05:38 <pfroehlich> mchua: i am peter_h_froehlich on skype
15:05:41 <mchua> noted!
15:05:53 <mchua> (see, RIT POSSE folks? This is why backchannel is awesome.)
15:06:32 <ganderson> ctyler: there's more than "hundreds and hundreds" :P
15:09:02 <ctyler> ganderson: ok, but hundreds and hundreds sounds less scary :D
15:09:02 <pfroehlich> mchua: it just says "not online" for you when i try to call :-/
15:09:13 <mihaela> pfroehlich: whats mel's skype name?
15:09:24 <ganderson> ctyler: I'm listing....6000+ :D
15:09:28 <pfroehlich> mihaela: mel_chua I think
15:09:41 <mihaela> pfroehlich: thanks!
15:09:43 <pfroehlich> mihaela: that's who i've been calling anyway :-D
15:09:52 <pfroehlich> mihaela: what's yours?
15:09:59 <pfroehlich> mihaela: I just need to test this!!! :-D
15:10:00 <mihaela> pfroehlich: mihaelasabin
15:10:50 <ganderson> ctyler: a nice list of some IRC clients: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_Relay_Chat_clients
15:10:58 <pfroehlich> mihaela: can you confirm me? on skype? so I can test this? :-D
15:11:45 <mchua> Hey, ctyler - can you take a quick look at http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Glossary on the projector (and explain it to folks) when you have a chance?
15:11:45 * ganderson waves at ChanServ
15:11:50 <mihaela> pfroehlich: got hour skype msg... looking for the right button to confirm...
15:11:53 <mchua> pfroehlich: Sorry about that, my wifi connection flickered.
15:11:56 <mchua> pfroehlich: I'll get on skype now.
15:12:11 * ctyler waves
15:12:16 * ganderson waves back at ctyler
15:12:32 <mchua> pfroehlich: I can hear you, I think
15:12:41 <mchua> pfroehlich: say something again?
15:12:45 <pfroehlich> mchua: you can HEAR me? my mic doesn't work
15:12:55 <mchua> pfroehlich: I can hear you, not see you
15:13:02 <mchua> can you see me / hear chris?
15:13:20 <pfroehlich> pfroehlich: let me try video again
15:13:41 <mchua> (RIT attendees - note that if your students *are* already talking with each other during class, and you want to hear what they're saying, encouraging a *specific* backchannel - like IRC - is awesome.)
15:13:51 <pfroehlich> mchua: camera is on, not sure why it's not working,....
15:13:53 <mchua> For instance, you might not know that Peter and I were having this conversation otherwise.
15:14:09 <mchua> pfroehlich: Hm. Odd. Might just be the connection speed here going "no, audio only!"
15:14:23 <mchua> video framerate was atrocious when sdziallas called in - that was basically audio.
15:14:35 <mchua> so we can just do the same thing if you like
15:14:42 <pfroehlich> mchua:  but I can see and hear you fine
15:14:45 <pfroehlich> mchua: weird
15:14:58 <pfroehlich> mchua: let me try mihaela  and see if that's a better connection
15:15:00 <mchua> I'll pan the camera around in the classroom then, pfroehlich, so you can see
15:15:04 * mchua nods
15:15:19 <mchua> call mihaela, I'll hang up
15:15:19 <pfroehlich> mchua: thanks
15:17:15 <mchua> pfroehlich, mihaela: actually, a good time to call might be when they are in the middle of jumping into IRC - so you can talk with them about the stuff you're seeing them type in the channel - if that works for you.
15:17:55 <mchua> ctyler: can haz profs on IRC plz?
15:18:03 <mchua> ctyler: we're still in lecture mode, people are not nearly baffled enough.
15:19:19 <pfroehlich> mchua: something is wrong in my video setup i can see myself in the test page but others can't see me
15:19:22 <pfroehlich> mchua:  working on it
15:19:22 <mihaela> mchua: i have a big meeting in manchester in a couple of hours and will be leaving shortly and have time to prepare. sorry.
15:19:29 <mchua> mihaela: no worries, good luck!
15:19:40 <pfroehlich> mihaela: yeah have fun thanks for testing skype
15:20:01 <mchua> YAY! We're getting them on IRC now.
15:21:02 <mchua> ...ctyler, pleeeease?
15:21:27 <mchua> (for those remote: Chris is still explaining http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Deliverables - I think the habit of lecturing is hard to break ;)
15:21:43 <pfroehlich> mchua: yeah those academics, they like to hear themselves talk :-D
15:22:12 <mchua> ...and now Chris is talking about IRC clients.
15:22:24 <mchua> Chriiiiiiiiiis!
15:23:43 <ganderson> mchua: what was the tag we were told to throw on our blogs?
15:24:40 <RITSteve> Boo
15:24:45 <mchua> And the flood begins.
15:24:48 <ganderson> GenJamGuy must be biles
15:25:00 * pfroehlich waves at RIT
15:25:04 <ganderson> oh man soooo many people
15:25:08 <mchua> ianweller: pfroehlich: sdziallas: mihaela: quaid: y'all are on!
15:25:21 * sdziallas hullos :)
15:25:24 * pfroehlich tries not to embarras himself :-D
15:25:28 <mchua> ianweller: pfroehlich: sdziallas: mihaela: quaid: posse-projector is the name to call if you want to highlight yourself
15:25:30 <ganderson> HI GARY
15:25:33 * pfroehlich already did
15:25:34 <mrr> hello
15:25:40 <mchua> pfroehlich, sdziallas: remind us who you are again? ;)
15:25:40 <gary_at_RIT> howdy
15:25:44 <pfroehlich> posse-projector: I am so important! :-D
15:25:49 <engineer> so what do we do ?
15:25:59 <ndoubleday> this is only a test
15:26:01 * sdziallas is Sebastian (yes, me. you saw me on Skype).
15:26:10 <mrr> mrr = Mitchell Rosen, research professor Center for Student Innovation at RIT
15:26:20 * pfroehlich is Peter and you can't see me since my skype doesn't want to work
15:26:20 <mihaela> hello, posse-rit!
15:26:23 * ianweller waves
15:26:27 <mchua> engineer: nothing specific - introducing yourself like mrr just did isn't a bad idea :)
15:26:30 <sdziallas> pfroehlich: :)
15:26:33 <pfroehlich> w00t
15:26:38 <mchua> mihaela, ianweller - can you introduce who you are, since you're not in the room with us? ;)
15:26:43 <ianweller> i am Ian Weller, i do stuff with the fedora project. :)
15:26:52 <mchua> ianweller: elaboration, plz :P
15:26:56 <sdziallas> ianweller: I think I heard that last week already :P
15:27:02 * pfroehlich is a senior lecturer at Johns Hopkins (notice the TWO s)
15:27:11 <engineer> hi, I am here at the rit-posse (Juan C. Cockburn)
15:27:13 <mihaela> hi, my name is mihaela sabin. ii teach at university of new hampshire
15:27:19 <ianweller> i'm an intern at red hat and i'll be a freshman at the university of kansas in the fall
15:27:24 <RITSteve> RITSteve = Stephen Jacobs, RIT Prof running FOSS@RIT
15:27:29 <ganderson> alrighty...I'm Geoffrey Anderson student/tutor/lab instructor at RIT
15:27:48 <mihaela> projects im interested in are serving manchester (that's new hampshire) with foss projects.
15:27:49 * pfroehlich waves at RITSteve since he is running FOSS@RIT! :-D
15:27:55 <mchua> mihaela was one of the attendees of POSSE Worcester last week - as were pfroehlich, kis, gfp-afk - so they just went through what you're going through now, and can sympathize with the inevitable confusion. ;)
15:28:09 <RITSteve> * waves back
15:28:19 <mchua> (POSSE RIT attendees - feel *totally* free to type, say hi, ask questions, start talking with an individual...)
15:28:20 * pfroehlich the chaos IS a kind of order
15:28:22 <gary_at_RIT> I am a system admin at RIT supporting RIT-posse and the IT department in general
15:28:50 <mchua> gary_at_RIT: have you seen the #rhel channel? a lot of RHEL-running sysadmins tend to hang out and swap tips/questions/etc there
15:28:59 * pfroehlich recommends asking Mel about Brazilian BBQ :-D
15:29:06 * mchua recommends Brazilian BBQ
15:29:17 <Guest76808> Hi, I'm Dave Shein, I'm adjunct faculty at Monroe Community College and I taught the RIT OLPC course this past winter.
15:29:23 <GenJamGuy> Huzzah!  I found the text box!
15:29:27 <mihaela> RITSteve: hi, steve!
15:29:32 <ganderson> GenJamGuy: about time :)
15:29:39 <mlutz_48> Howdy - Mike Lutz, Software Engineering, RIT
15:29:48 <mchua> We're going to start the wiki-editing exercise now, so people will have something to talk about on IRC.
15:29:49 <RITSteve> mihaela Hi Michael
15:29:51 * pfroehlich has to reduce font size to keep up with teh flood
15:29:52 <mihaela> RITSteve: for how long have you run foss@rit?
15:29:58 <GenJamGuy> I experienced a [lack of] labeling problem.
15:30:09 <engineer> anynone into  soccer ?
15:30:11 <mchua> GenJamGuy: Yeah, the webchat interface is not the best UI design ever created.
15:30:31 <ganderson> mchua, GenJamGuy: the highlight *beep* on the web client is obnoxious
15:30:33 <mchua> GenJamGuy: I think that later when we use xchat-gnome instead (for those who want to switch to something that isn't a browser-based client) it might be a little easier.
15:30:42 <mihaela> engineer: oh, yeah! although romania is not playing this time. who's your favorite team?
15:30:59 <mchua> ganderson: Yeah, if you want to talk about alternative clients after lunch, feel free to plug your favorite.
15:31:00 <RITSteve> mihaela: a year, outgrowtho of the course we started two years ago
15:31:04 * mchua is, personally, an irssi user
15:31:10 <engineer> Brazil
15:31:28 * pfroehlich is using chatzilla now but likes xchat too, pidgin works better on gentoo than fedora for me
15:31:32 <ganderson> mchua: blah...I never dove all the way into irssi...:P
15:31:45 <mchua> ganderson: happy to help you get started if you'd like to try it out ;)
15:31:51 <ganderson> alrighty, RIT POSSE, who needs an interview for the wiki?
15:32:16 <mchua> #info - the assignment is to make a wiki user page on the teaching open source wiki.
15:32:27 <mchua> #info - the catch is that you can't edit your own page *and* you can only coordinate with the person you're working with via IRC.
15:32:30 <mihaela> Guest76808: hi, dave. you might want to use a 'nick' command to switch from guestxxx to something more suggestive
15:32:53 <ganderson> also again, mchua/ctyler: for the blog.  If we have our own, what was the tag you wanted us to use?
15:33:12 <Guest76808> Mihaela, how do I do that?  : )
15:33:16 <mihaela> engineer: it's always brazil, isn't it?
15:33:22 <ganderson> Guest76808: type: /nick whateverNameYouWant
15:33:27 <mchua> ganderson: Any tag you want - the thing that matters is the feed URL you tell the Planet to consume.
15:33:29 <Guest76808> TY
15:33:45 <ganderson> Guest76808: pick something "unique" b/c I think there's a couple 10,000ish users on the server, lol
15:33:45 <mchua> DaveShein: Yay!
15:33:47 <DaveShein> : )))
15:33:53 <mihaela> Guest76808: type: slash nick new_nick_name
15:34:10 <mihaela> DaveShein: great!
15:34:24 <RITSteve> My teaching open source account is itprofjacobs
15:34:25 <engineer> mihaela: I like the way they play.  My country of origin (Peru) is not in the cup either
15:34:54 <mlutz_48> My teaching open source account is mlutz_48
15:35:01 <mihaela> engineer: do you remember the columbian tragedy way back?
15:35:04 <mlutz_48> Makes it easier to find it.
15:36:06 <mprppr> mprppr= Michael Riordan
15:36:32 <mihaela> DaveShein: i cannot find any simple, clear irc tutorial yet. maybe we want to write one. this link has the most used commands. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:IRC_tutorial
15:36:34 <engineer> michaela: yes, lucky the english goal keeper his is not colombian, otherwise we will be gone !
15:37:50 <ganderson> RIT POSSE people.  Would this be easier to get everyone "assigned" to another person to interview/write wiki articles? -- > http://piratepad.net/rit-posse-wiki-users
15:37:57 <mrr> Hi, I'd like to interview someone for their bio page
15:37:58 <mihaela> engineer: tab does name completion for nicks
15:38:09 <mchua> ganderson: that's one thought! Try and see if you can get others to pay attention to it ;)
15:38:15 <mchua> ganderson: mmm, social engineering.
15:38:17 <ganderson> mchua: boooooo
15:38:20 <mchua> aaa!
15:38:39 <mihaela> engineer: you can add more nicks prior to your message. make sure you separate them by blanks
15:38:39 <ganderson> gary_at_RIT, GenJamGuy, mlutz_48, DaveShein, engineer, OTHER RIT POSSE PEOPLE --> http://piratepad.net/rit-posse-wiki-users
15:38:41 <mchua> ssweet: did you make a wiki account yet?
15:38:56 <mchua> ssweet: just jump into the channel and start looking for a partner to do the wiki page exercise with :)
15:39:09 <mchua> DaveShein: How're you doing? Wiki account created? Got a partner?
15:39:26 <mrr> DaveShein - are you volunteering to be my partner?
15:39:27 <ssweet> nancy: do you want to partner with me. Y id is ssweet
15:39:34 * mihaela watching quietly how wikis writing collaboration goes...
15:39:56 * pfroehlich off to show sugar to a colleague of mine, be back in a little while
15:39:56 <ndoubleday> ssweet: sounds like a plan. I'm Nancy Doubleday
15:39:57 <DaveShein> I just got back from the bathroom
15:40:02 <ganderson> who's ssweet?
15:40:03 <ssweet> hello
15:40:12 <ndoubleday> ssweet: What's you name?
15:40:15 <DaveShein> Hi MRR sure
15:40:27 * mchua can take someone if anyone is looking for a partner
15:40:31 <ssweet> I'm ssweet - sequetta sweet
15:40:35 <ganderson> mchua: TAKE ME
15:40:36 <mrr> OK, good, tell me a little about yourself
15:40:37 <ganderson> :P
15:41:00 <ssweet> ssweet
15:41:08 <mchua> ganderson: You're on. User page URL?
15:41:12 <ssweet> what's yours nancy
15:41:19 <ganderson> RIT POSSE AGAIN GO TO THIS: http://piratepad.net/rit-posse-wiki-users
15:41:29 <mrr> daveshein - tell me a lttle about yourself
15:41:39 <robw> someone need a partner?
15:41:44 <DaveShein> Okay Mitch,  hang on one sec, trying to get logged into Teachingopensource.
15:41:44 <RITSteve> Feel Free to abuse :-)  http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Itprofjacobs
15:41:46 <mchua> ganderson: ah, but *why* should they go to that list? ;)
15:41:56 <ganderson> mchua: I belive http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Ganderson
15:42:07 <mprppr> Looking for a partner. . .  http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Mprppr
15:42:09 <mchua> ganderson: Ok, tell me about yourself.
15:42:10 <GenJamGuy> robw: Yeah, I need a partner.
15:42:25 <mchua> ganderson: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Mchua, which is likely to be out of date
15:42:26 <robw> ok GenJamGuy
15:42:36 <robw> nice to meet you
15:42:53 <GenJamGuy> Same here.  Are you actually in 70-2400?
15:43:04 <mchua> gregdek: Hey hey!
15:43:05 <gary_at_RIT> ganderson, would you edit my page?
15:43:13 <robw> yes
15:43:15 <mlutz_48> I *NEED* a partner. Anyone interested?
15:43:26 <mchua> gregdek: we've just started the wiki-editing-over-IRC exercise and folks are getting used to all this newfangled stuff.
15:43:28 <gregdek> mchua, hey hey!  Looks like there's another POSSE, hm?
15:43:37 <ndoubleday> ssweet: here's my url: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Ndoubleday
15:43:47 <mchua> gregdek: Aye. RIT.
15:43:49 <GenJamGuy> robw:  wave your hand.
15:43:55 <mprppr> mlutz: care to partner up?
15:43:57 <lmacken> gregdek: hey there, stranger
15:43:57 <mchua> gregdek: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Monday
15:43:58 * gregdek wonders if there's a good index page of all the people pages of all the alumni yet.
15:43:58 <DaveShein> still waiting to create a login accound.
15:44:00 <DaveShein> accound
15:44:04 <DaveShein> account
15:44:04 <gregdek> lmacken, what UP???
15:44:05 <mchua> gregdek: Nope. Not yet.
15:44:10 <GenJamGuy> We're connected!
15:44:17 <gregdek> mchua: I think you've found yourself a new assignment.  ;)
15:44:22 <mlutz_48> mprppr raise your hand!!!
15:44:25 <robw> i am still working on getting to my page on teaching...
15:44:34 <lmacken> gregdek: oh you know, making the world a better place.  The Usual.
15:44:34 <gregdek> Make it extra credit for your busy bees here today.  :)
15:44:37 <mchua> GenJamGuy, robw: but note that if one of you were in north carolina or new hampshire or germany or something, that wouldn't work quite so well ;) and that'll be the more typical case when you're in a FOSS community.
15:44:43 <mchua> gregdek: ....ooh, yes. Yes. I can do that.
15:44:50 <GenJamGuy> mchua:
15:44:50 <gregdek> LOL
15:44:57 <robw> a new wireless protocal has developed - HAND 1.0
15:45:10 <mlutz_48> Here's my page: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Mlutz_48
15:45:11 <GenJamGuy> mchua: I'd alredy verified that he was in the room.
15:46:16 <GenJamGuy> robw: Are we supposed to be interviewing each other?
15:46:20 <mchua> GenJamGuy, robw: yes.
15:46:30 <ndoubleday> ssweet: here's my url http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Ndoubleday
15:46:30 <mlutz_48> Ok, mprppr - where is your wiki page - I send mine out so we can start cooperating!
15:46:39 <DaveShein> mrr:  I'm adjunct faculty at MCC in the Transitional Studies dept.
15:46:41 <posse-projector> mchua: example of ping by name
15:46:42 <ssweet> ndoubleday: what's your link again?
15:46:46 <mchua> posse-projector: pong!
15:46:47 <robw> GenJamGuy - yes
15:46:52 <mprppr> mlutz_48: you are http://www.se.rit.edu/?q=node/55  ?
15:47:01 <mrr> DaveShein: Nice to meet you.
15:47:14 <ndoubleday> ssweet: I found your page!
15:47:17 <mrr> DaveShein: so, what is "transitional studies"
15:47:27 <gary_at_RIT> I now have an account.  Would someone like to edit it for me?
15:47:42 <mchua> hey ianweller, you around? can you pair with gary_at_RIT?
15:47:46 <robw> GenJamGuy: I have not gotten to my page yet, the site is very slow
15:47:58 <mprppr> mlutz_48; http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:mprppr
15:47:59 <GenJamGuy> Are we interviewing here or on a multiedited WIKI?  (I think I'm achieving Mel's goal of being confuse)
15:48:18 <ssweet> ndoubleday: glad you found mine, I'm still waiting...tictoc
15:48:18 <mchua> GenJamGuy: You can interview folks here, and use the information you get from talking in this channel to create your partner's wiki page.
15:48:19 <DaveShein> mrr:  we do remediation for students who do not test up to entry level.  Mathematics, reading and writing.
15:48:30 <ganderson> GenJamGuy: you can also private message them ;)
15:48:33 <GenJamGuy> Got it.
15:48:36 <ianweller> mchua: sure.
15:48:37 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: hi!
15:48:38 <gary_at_RIT> I can edit someones page if they need it
15:48:46 <mchua> thanks, ianweller!
15:48:47 <gary_at_RIT> hi Ian
15:48:52 * ianweller already has a page on tos.o, i think
15:48:58 <mrr> DaveShein: You probably see a lot of my kid's friends.  They went to East, SOTA and Wilson high schools
15:48:59 <mchua> ssweet: Is this highlighted?
15:49:00 <ianweller> but i bet it needs updating ;)
15:49:07 <GenJamGuy> robw: so you're at GCC?
15:49:19 <mlutz_48> mprppr - got it. Give me a second to load your profile.
15:49:23 <lmacken> hmm.. did we break teachingopensource.org?
15:49:27 <gary_at_RIT> are you in a POSSE also Ian?
15:49:28 <posse-projector> ssweet: howdy
15:49:34 <mprppr> connection is sllooooow. . .
15:49:37 <DaveShein> mrr: oh definitely,  I also teach for the MCC Upward Bound Program as well.
15:49:40 <robw> GenJamGuy: No, I'm at Roberts Wesleyan College
15:49:44 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: nope, i'm in an apartment in raleigh :)
15:49:45 <mrr> DaveShein: great!
15:49:51 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: i did help with a POSSE last year though
15:49:51 <mchua> ganderson: Actually - if you so choose, I have a wiki-editing mission for you that isn't my user page.
15:50:05 <ndoubleday> ssweet: hey i have your page, now I need info about you
15:50:10 <ganderson> mchua: I'm game...sup?
15:50:10 <robw> GenJamGuy: I have been there for 7 years
15:50:11 <mchua> Who else still needs a partner?
15:50:11 <gary_at_RIT> cool.  So what kind of info should I have on my page?
15:50:16 <mrr> DaveShein: here is my wikipage: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:!mrr
15:50:19 <ianweller> whoa. we must be hammering teachingopensource.org
15:50:31 <robw> GenJamGuy: Before that I was at IBM for almost 25 years
15:50:41 <ianweller> or not.
15:50:55 <mlutz_48> mprppr: Are you looking at my page?
15:51:00 <mchua> Anyone who has *NOT* found a partner, please holler here!
15:51:06 <GenJamGuy> robw: very good.  sorry for the institutional confusion.  I've been here at RIT for 30 years.
15:51:06 <mrr> DaveShein: If you want to write something interesting about me: I am quoted in this month's Scientific American
15:51:11 <mchua> (say "I'm looking for a wiki user page editing partner" or something)
15:51:13 <afmondra> I need a partner! I feel lonely!
15:51:14 <ganderson> mchua: YOU OFFERED ME A SPECIAL MISSION
15:51:15 <skuhaneck> anyone else still need a partner, while I wait to create a page
15:51:18 <schneidy> small introduction for myself: 3rd year student at RIT, currently interning at Sunlight Foundation.
15:51:20 <mchua> ganderson: YOU HAVE A SPECIAL MISSION!!!
15:51:22 <robw> GenJamGuy: No problem
15:51:26 <DaveShein> mrr:  NICE, i'm a regular reader.
15:51:28 <gary_at_RIT> ian: what kind of info would you like to know?
15:51:30 <schneidy> also one of the hosts of BarCamp Rochester
15:51:40 <mprppr> mlutz_48: yes, I'm there and ready to edit
15:51:47 <schneidy> I'm in the irc just to follow along with the event
15:51:54 <GenJamGuy> What did you do at IBM?
15:51:57 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: i'm trying to pull up pages :D
15:51:59 <mchua> afmondra: want to pair with sdziallas?
15:52:04 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: what is your username on teachingopensource.org?
15:52:04 <robw> GenJamGuy: Have you gotten to your teachingopensource page yet?
15:52:12 <mrr> DaveShein: it's in the "news" section.  I'm working on a 5-year project where we're going into the field and trying to learn how students learn geology
15:52:15 <mchua> skuhaneck: I will pair with you, right after I get ganderson started on his SPECIAL MISSION
15:52:16 <afmondra> I am a computer engineering technology professor here at RIT and I want to start an Open Hardware project!
15:52:17 <posse-projector> lmacken: server is 76-90% idle, bandwidth appears to be the issue
15:52:18 <mprppr> mlutz_48: I wonder if we've have a student of two in common -- Guy Paddock was one of my first student workers in the OPL
15:52:19 <ssweet> ndoubleday: I am an adjunct professor at MCC. I teach in the Office & Computer programs department
15:52:25 <GenJamGuy> Yes.  You?
15:52:28 <mchua> skuhaneck: or rather, I already have a user page, so I'll edit yours and you and ganderson can do the Special Mission together ;)
15:52:32 <mchua> skuhaneck: how's that sound?
15:52:34 <gary_at_RIT> Ian: Here is the url http://www.teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Gary_at_RIT
15:52:41 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: danke
15:52:46 <skuhaneck> mchua: sure
15:52:49 * ianweller gets something to drink while pages load :/
15:52:58 <robw> GenJamGuy: my page is http://www.teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Willhoft
15:53:04 <mlutz_48> mprppr - switch to the channel @mlutz48_mprppr and we can have a sane chat! I'll be waiting for you over there.
15:53:04 <ganderson> mchua: yessum...you keep moving around...:P
15:53:07 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: mine is at http://www.teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Ianweller. think of something that you'd like to ask me that you don't see on there
15:53:10 <ianweller> i have no clue what it says
15:53:16 <ianweller> oh it's empty. neato!
15:53:24 <ianweller> perfect :)
15:53:31 <mchua> skuhaneck, ganderson: Okay - the wiki page I'd like you both to make/edit in lieu of doing mine (which already exists) is a wiki page listing all POSSE alumni, by POSSE session attended.
15:53:31 <RITSteve> gary_at_RIT: talk about your SPARSA stuff!
15:53:31 <GenJamGuy> robw:Opps! I lied.  I got my account.  How do you set up the page?
15:53:50 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: so what's your name, what do you do and where, etc
15:53:53 <mchua> skuhaneck: Also, to get me started on your page... what's the URL for your userpage? And what sort of info would you like there?
15:53:55 <ianweller> i got the "gary" part (:
15:54:00 * pfroehlich feels like a sugar sales person :-D
15:54:13 <mrr> DaveShein: Did you get an accound on teachingopensource yet?
15:54:19 <mchua> skuhaneck: (where do you teach, what do you teach, any links you want to have on your page?)
15:54:20 <posse-projector> GenJamGuy: you should have a link for your page at the top when you're logged in. If you (or your partner) goes there, it will tell you there is no text (yet), and you can edit it
15:54:22 <ganderson> mchua, skuhaneck : any place in particular this should be made? Or just tag it on the front?
15:54:29 <mchua> ganderson: Yeah, let me make a stub for you real quick
15:54:31 <robw> GenJamGuy: Click on your name on the home page
15:54:32 <gary_at_RIT> My name is Gary Scarborough and I am a Lab Manager for the IT department at RIT
15:54:41 <ianweller> ok
15:54:51 * ianweller waits for the edit link to come up
15:55:05 * ganderson waits
15:55:14 <robw> GenJamGuy: What is your account name?
15:55:14 <mprppr> mlutz_48: switching channels? How?
15:55:17 * ganderson waits some more :o
15:55:18 <mchua> ganderson: Actually... http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_Alumni
15:55:25 <mchua> ganderson: It's taking forever to load here, but that's where it should be
15:55:38 <gary_at_RIT> Ian: your page is empty too I see
15:55:40 <DaveShein> mrr: yes, I have not created a wikipage yet.  my account is dshein
15:55:42 <ganderson> mchua, skuhaneck: alrighty..sounds good
15:55:44 <mchua> ganderson: Actually... http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE has links to each of our past POSSEs - we need alumni lists from Raleigh (2009), Singapore, Worcester, and then this week.
15:55:48 <posse-projector> Sorry for the bandwidth issues, folks
15:55:59 <mchua> posse-projector: what exactly is going on? (will this be problematic tomorrow?)
15:56:08 <mrr> DaveSheen: It comes automatically.
15:56:11 <ganderson> skuhaneck: want to collaboratively edit this wiki content in pirate pad then plug it in?
15:56:17 <RITSteve> skuhaneck: list of folks in rit posse is here
15:56:18 <skuhaneck> mchua: I think the registration finally went through http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Saketc
15:56:18 <GenJamGuy> GenJamGuy.  I'm having trouble getting the home page to load.
15:56:20 <ndoubleday> ssweet: I need facts to put on your page... you teach at MCC? Have a consulting firm?
15:56:35 <RITSteve> skuhaneck: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT
15:56:37 <robw> GenJamGuy: Ya, it's very slow
15:56:38 <mchua> (but also: this is a good example of why we use text-based communication channels - this is still up and running at a reasonable speed, so we can at least talk to each other and figure out what else is going on ;)
15:56:38 <mrr> DaveSheen: just click on your name on the top set of buttons below the search area
15:57:01 <mchua> skuhaneck: Awesome - ok, so... basic info. Name? Department? What do you teach?
15:57:01 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: yup. i could tell you that my name is Ian Weller, and i contribute to the fedora project, and i'm an intern for Red Hat under the Community Architecture Team.
15:57:04 <ssweet> I am also a consultant
15:57:25 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: and as of this writing, i'll be attending the university of kansas to pursue a degree in computer science
15:57:26 <ssweet> I am a doctoral candidate in executive leadership at St. John Fisher College
15:57:39 <mchua> afmondra: how are you doing?
15:57:47 <skuhaneck> mchua: Steve Kuhaneck, The Wallace Center, I don't currently teach - I'm a staff member
15:57:54 <gary_at_RIT> Mel:  What grad school did you apply to?
15:58:08 <ssweet> ndoubleday: now tell me something about you
15:58:11 <mchua> gary_at_RIT: were you asking me?
15:58:13 <pfroehlich> gary_at_RIT, mchau: hey, I am already trying to get her to come to JHU :-D
15:58:23 <skuhaneck> mchua: I work with software/web development and have several students that work for me on these projects as well
15:58:48 <gary_at_RIT> mchua: yes, sorry I wasnt clear
15:58:53 <ndoubleday> ssweet: I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of Interactive Games and Media at RIT
15:59:24 <ssweet> ndoubleday: After a 25 year career in IT I decided to change careers
15:59:29 * pfroehlich is jealous of ndoubleday :-D
15:59:45 <ndoubleday> pfroehlich: why's that??
15:59:53 <RITSteve> mchua:  Gave you a new project ;-)
15:59:56 <mchua> gary_at_RIT: I'm applying for the Engineering Education PhD program at Purdue.
16:00:02 <mchua> RITSteve: what's that?
16:00:05 <pfroehlich> ndoubleday: because you *have* a department of interactive games and media
16:00:08 <skuhaneck> mchua: We have several software programs that we have developed in house for internal use, primarily written in php and ruby on rails
16:00:28 <RITSteve> mchua: check your projects on tos
16:00:29 <mrr> DaveSheen: I found your wiki: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:DaveSheen
16:00:30 <DaveShein> mrr:  http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Dshein
16:00:31 <mchua> gary_at_RIT: I want to study whether getting students involved in FOSS communities *actually* gives them a better education, vaguely speaking.
16:00:41 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: ok. i've finally got the edit link up. so what's a lab manager in IT do, anyway?
16:00:41 <ndoubleday> pfroehlich: yes, we are lucky! it's a fabulous group
16:00:52 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: i assume you manage a lab. for what?
16:01:04 <mrr> DaveSheen:  oops, I guess I was editing some other Dave Sheen's page!!
16:01:06 <DaveShein> mrr:  BTW it's dave shein.  :  )
16:01:13 <pfroehlich> ndoubleday: JHU basically considers itself "too serious" for this, maybe I have to wait for a round of new deans :-/
16:01:16 <mchua> skuhaneck: what's your interest in teaching open source? (I know you said this earlier in the morning, but recapping so I have text to work...)
16:01:31 <ctyler> melic: looks like we're nailing the connection, but not sure why. the server is basically idle.
16:01:35 <mchua> skuhaneck: in other words, "why are you at POSSE?"
16:01:54 <mrr> DaveShein: so sorry - that's my dyslexia in real time
16:02:00 <ctyler> melic: sorry, that was meant for mchua
16:02:20 <mchua> ctyler: could it be on the RIT side?
16:02:22 <ianweller> ctyler: is it a VPS or what?
16:02:25 <ianweller> mchua: no, i'm getting it too
16:02:27 <ndoubleday> pfroehlich: It was a fortuitous confluence of events that our department could spawn off.
16:02:30 <mchua> ianweller: ...odd.
16:02:55 <mchua> RITSteve: I *like* that new project :D
16:03:17 <RITSteve> mchua:  Thought you might
16:03:41 <skuhaneck> mchua: I'm interested in getting my students involved in open source projects for their benefit and also for my own experience to get involved with several projects that already exist and to push back features we develop here
16:03:56 <mchua> skuhaneck: what projects/platforms do you use right now / are you hoping to start looking at?
16:04:04 <mchua> (or is finding those projects one of the things you want to work on this week, too?)
16:04:26 * mchua notes we're running up on lunch time
16:04:27 <gary_at_RIT> Ian:  Well, basically I am the guy who designs and maintains a number of our computer facilities.  I mainly support the database and programming faculty in our department
16:04:29 <robw> GenJamGuy: Have you gotten on your page yet?
16:04:33 <mchua> ctyler: call lunch when you're ready
16:04:40 * ctyler checks out bandwidth issues
16:04:42 * mchua is mid-edit and also needs to be stopped at some point
16:04:54 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: ok.
16:05:00 <GenJamGuy> robw: Yes, but it's hung trying to edit it.
16:05:41 <DaveShein> NP, k so
16:05:45 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: so what interests you in teaching open source, or the POSSE program?
16:05:45 <skuhaneck> mchua: we use redmine, a RoR app for project management, that I would like to create some plugins for and push back to the community
16:05:47 <mchua> skuhaneck: I'll pick up on this after lunch
16:05:59 * pfroehlich is hungry and will lunch too
16:06:09 <robw> I am going to get lunch now ...
16:06:23 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: we can finish up after lunch, if that's what you guys are doing. i have no clue. :)
16:06:27 <DaveShein> mrr: trying to get my confirmation email so that i can edit
16:06:28 <mrr> DaveShein - I've made a small introduction for you on your wiki page
16:06:56 * ianweller should probably eat lunch as well. i just ate breakfast.
16:07:05 <DaveShein> mrr: TY cool.
16:07:14 <ndoubleday> off to lunch now
16:07:35 <mrr> DaveShein - so are you here at RIT right now?
16:07:45 <gary_at_RIT> Ian:  I have been using Linux for quite a while and wanted to start giving back to the community, and I want to be able to pass that knowledge on to the students I advise
16:08:10 <gary_at_RIT> Ian: why did you get involved in Fedora?
16:08:22 <mrr> DaveShein_lunch - so are you here at RIT right now?
16:08:25 <ganderson-OMGFUD> mchua_afk: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_Alumni#POSSE_Alumni lemme know :o
16:08:42 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: pretty much the same reason as you -- used linux for a year or so, wanted to give back to the community :)
16:08:45 <engineer> engineer_afk
16:08:51 <engineer> ?
16:08:55 <ianweller> engineer: /nick engineer_afk
16:09:03 <ianweller> if that's what you're wanting to do
16:09:18 <DaveShein_lunch> mkk:  Yes, I'm sitting next to Steve Jacobs to your right, I believe.
16:10:43 <gary_at_RIT> Ian:  guess we are breaking for lunch.  Will talk to you later
16:11:04 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: alrighty, i'll save what i have. :)
16:12:00 <mlutz_at_lunch> Going to eat - I'm starving.
16:12:08 <mprppr> mprppr is out to lunch. .
16:12:45 <ianweller> while you guys are at lunch i'm going to reflash my router. ;)
16:56:58 <DaveShein_lunch> DaveShein_lunch nick/DaveShein
16:57:53 <DaveShein_lunch> mkk: Hi Mitch, I put a line up on your Teachingopensource wiki
17:02:25 <mchua> ianweller: how's our router doing?
17:02:35 <mchua> ganderson-OMGFUD: http://www.slideshare.net/macoafi/sysadmins-rosetta-stone
17:02:39 <mchua> ganderson-OMGFUD: also, #rhel
17:02:52 <ganderson> mchua: thankies
17:03:34 <mchua> ganderson: the alumni page == awesome
17:03:41 <mchua> ganderson: also, bother lmacken ;)
17:03:49 <ganderson> lmacken?  who's that? :o
17:04:01 <ianweller> mchua: i got distracted by package review requests
17:04:04 <ianweller> mchua: i'm having a good day :P
17:04:12 <ganderson> wb ndoubleday
17:04:28 <ndoubleday> logout
17:05:26 <mchua> #topic IRC quirks
17:05:35 <mchua> posse-projector: Hello!
17:06:27 <mchua> posse-projector: ping!
17:07:20 <mchua> #info To send a private message to someone, use /msg
17:07:38 <mchua> #info tab-completion works with nicks - for instanc, mch<TAB> will likely autocomplete my nick (mchua)
17:08:06 <mchua> posse-projector: Not if I beat you to it ;)
17:09:20 <mchua> posse-projector: http://fpaste.org/uj34/
17:09:55 <posse-projector> http://fpaste.org/0GfZ/
17:09:58 <mchua> posse-projector: got it!
17:10:12 <mchua> posse-projector: "Error 500: Sorry, you broke our server. You might have reached the 512KiB limit!"
17:11:07 <ctyler> mchua: ping
17:11:17 <mchua> <TIME LAPSE!>
17:11:24 <mchua> ctyler: pong?
17:11:44 <ctyler> just checking that you were online
17:12:01 <mchua> ctyler: awww, you should have asked a question. :P
17:14:20 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: so here's what i've got for you so far. http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Gary_at_RIT
17:14:31 <ianweller> gary_at_RIT: you want any more? (:
17:14:43 <ganderson> Free version of X Chat for windoes: http://www.silverex.org/news/
17:16:03 <DaveShein_lunch> nick/ DaveShein
17:16:12 <RITSteve> How do I become an @RITSteve vs an RITSteve?
17:16:13 <ganderson> DaveShein_lunch: /nick DaveShein
17:16:29 <ganderson> RITSteve: @ is reserved for channel operators/moderators.  You'd need to be promoted to have it
17:16:47 <RITSteve> ganderson: thx
17:17:24 <DaveShein_lunch> nick/dshein
17:17:35 <ganderson> DaveShein_lunch: type: /nick DaveShein
17:17:49 <DaveShein_lunch> got it. TY
17:18:12 <DaveShein> : )))
17:21:54 <mchua> #topic Creating a blog
17:22:05 <mchua> #link http://wordpress.com
17:22:08 <mchua> #link http://blogger.com
17:23:54 <ianweller> wordpress runs on FOSS. blogger does not. :)
17:24:27 <JonathanD> howdy folks!
17:24:36 <sdziallas> #link http://typepad.com
17:24:47 <mchua> #link http://typepad.com
17:24:57 <mchua> ianweller: did you want to make a point about backchannel?
17:25:15 <ianweller> oh, sure.
17:25:38 <ianweller> one point of IRC etiquette, especially in free software, is to keep things out in the open
17:25:59 <ianweller> so even though /msg exists, it's a good idea to keep it down to a minimum and perform discussions in-channel
17:26:07 <mchua> Why, ianweller?
17:26:09 <ianweller> unless it's majorly off-topic
17:26:14 <ianweller> there's a couple of reasons why
17:26:25 <mchua> #link http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting
17:26:32 <mchua> #info Mediawiki syntax cheat sheet in the link above
17:26:41 <ianweller> 1) if you keep things hidden, there's not as much transparency happening. transparency is key to FOSS
17:27:03 <ianweller> 2) some people (not me) actually find it rude if you /msg them without asking permission in-channel first
17:27:48 <ianweller> 3) people who are remote (like me!) want to see the participation happening, especially at something awesome like POSSE. :)
17:29:38 * quaid having an easy morning and dropping late
17:31:04 <RITSteve> ctyler: when you get a chance, look over my shoulder to ensure I've got the planet feed right :-)
17:31:18 <posse-projector> ToDo: finish setting up accounts, create a user page for someone else via IRC interview, create a blog somewhere and add it to the TOS Planet
17:31:42 <posse-projector> http://teachingopensourse.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT  # details of deliverables
17:38:36 <mchua> RITSteve: if you http://fpaste.org the feed stuff you're doing, I can see. ;)
17:39:18 <RITSteve> mchua:  just really a glance at what the url I've grabbed is :-)
17:39:42 <ganderson> mchua: adding my feed to the planet list says to message you the link on IRC, but I went ahead an added it to the wiki --> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet_Feed_List
17:39:49 <mchua> ganderson: that works even better.
17:39:50 <mchua> thanks!
17:39:54 <ctyler> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet_Feed_List
17:39:57 <mchua> ganderson: should show up on the actual planet in ~15m
17:40:03 <ganderson> mmm
17:40:05 <ctyler> ^ where to add your blog to the planet, and how to do so
17:40:36 <mchua> ctyler: can we get them all lost and talking with each other again? ;)
17:41:30 <ganderson> mchua, ctyler: and about adding ourselves to the sugarlabs planet.  Instructions make me feel that I need to have a sugar related blog.  Should I create another post with a tag for sugar or is it 'safe' to continue using the teaching-open-source tag?
17:41:52 <mchua> ganderson: It's your call - I personally have 2 separate tags (sugar and tos) and tag posts about both with both tags.
17:43:02 * pfroehlich waves
17:43:12 * pfroehlich likes kmod-staging
17:43:19 <mchua> RITSteve: I'm looking at the link you sent me - http://gryphonscratches.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss - to see if it works. (and to drag you back into this channel. ;)
17:43:32 <mchua> pfroehlich: oh! ganderson is also a deb person new to fedora, you might be interested in swapping impressions
17:43:40 <mchua> RITSteve: And yes, that link is correct (for the feed).
17:43:56 <pfroehlich> ganderson: if you read my blog, you saw that sugar on debian hosed the whole install
17:44:05 <pfroehlich> ganderson: if you use the debian packages anyway
17:44:25 <ganderson> pfroehlich: what's this?  I remember reading up about sugar on lucid being a little funky somewhere.  Got  a link?
17:44:25 <RITSteve> mchua: thanks, gonna tweak it as FOSS for a category
17:44:35 <mchua> coolness, RITSteve.
17:44:37 <pfroehlich> ganderson, mchua: i didn't like fedora before, but now that I have it on my netbook, I like it just fine
17:44:56 <pfroehlich> ganderson: debian couldn't get my sound or wireless to work, got both working in fedora now
17:45:12 <ganderson> pfroehlich: opposite story for me..haha
17:45:25 <pfroehlich> ganderson: actually I was running lenny and installed the sugar-emulator package through apt-get
17:45:29 <mchua> pfroehlich: ooh, why didn't you like it before? /me always looking for ways to improve the user experience
17:45:33 <pfroehlich> ganderson: as I said, that hosed my whole install
17:45:41 <ganderson> lol
17:46:17 <pfroehlich> darn it I hate the keyboard of this netbook :-D
17:46:41 <pfroehlich> mchua: I think I was just too full of myself and my "free software only" delusions to try a "commercial" distro :-D
17:47:36 <Andrea_H> mchua: ping
17:48:13 <mchua> Andrea_H: pong! Okay, let's get your wiki user page started.
17:48:24 <mchua> Andrea_H: And you can edit mine. :) (It's already there, just... probably out of date)
17:48:38 <mchua> Andrea_H: mine is at http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Mchua - what's the URL for yours?
17:48:43 <mchua> Andrea_H: (you'll have to make an account on the TOS wiki first)
17:49:01 <ganderson> pfroehlich: pshaw....what's commercial? >:[
17:49:16 <pfroehlich> ganderson: what?
17:49:30 <mchua> skuhaneck: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Saketc - how's that look?
17:49:51 <ganderson> pfroehlich: are you referring to your debian experience above? :o
17:49:53 <Andrea_H> mchua: here is my wiki. there is nothing on it yet http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Andrea_H
17:50:22 <pfroehlich> ganderson: no, i was answering mchua's question about why i never tried fedora before
17:50:31 <pfroehlich> ganderson: i thought fedora is too commercial
17:50:42 <ganderson> pfroehlich: oooh....and what do you think now? :)
17:50:44 <pfroehlich> ganderson: but I am cured and will now install fedora on all my netbooks :-D
17:50:52 <pfroehlich> (well I only have one)
17:51:02 <mchua> Andrea_H: Ok - give me some stuff to put on it... name, school, department, what sort of classes do you teach?
17:51:16 <pfroehlich> ganderson: but I run gentoo at home and that's the best distro anyway :-D
17:51:20 <mchua> Andrea_H: (basically, I'm interviewing you on IRC, and vice versa)
17:51:43 <ganderson> pfroehlich: haha.  Did you genkernel or hand-write your kernel? :P
17:51:51 <pfroehlich> mchua: so how does it feel to have survived brazilian bbq :-D
17:51:55 <pfroehlich> mchua: I kid
17:52:10 <mchua> pfroehlich: delicious.
17:52:24 <pfroehlich> ganderson: depends ont the machine, at home i genkernel it, but I have a few at work where I built it by hand
17:52:46 <Andrea_H> mchua: ok. got it. Andrea Hickerson, Assistant Prof., Dept. of Communication, I teach journalism classes:  Newswriting I, Newswriting II, History of Journalism, Journalism Law and Ethics, Intro to Journalism, Political Reporting
17:52:56 <ganderson> pfroehlich: nice...I've only setup gentoo once on an oooold pentium 2 (about 4 years ago) and I genkernel'd....too scary :<
17:53:30 <gary_at_RIT> lmacken ping
17:53:48 <JonathanD> mchua: how goes?
17:53:55 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: ping
17:55:01 <RITSreve_afk> pfroehlich: Enough with the Brazillian BBQ!!!  I'm Drooling.
17:55:19 <willhoft> how do I add my blog to the teachingopensource planet?
17:55:28 <ganderson> willhoft: with great difficulty!
17:55:34 <pfroehlich> RITSteve: less afk now
17:55:43 <mchua> JonathanD: Most excellently. Will you be about at quarter-past?
17:55:50 <ganderson> willhoft: kidding!  uh...go to this link: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet_Feed_List
17:55:54 <mchua> JonathanD: We can take a FOSSCon plug then ;)
17:55:58 <gary_at_RIT> mchua: does a ping need to be in a msg or just out in the general chat?
17:56:05 <willhoft> ganderson: thanks
17:56:13 <mchua> gary_at_RIT: Either way.
17:56:16 <mchua> gary_at_RIT: ping
17:56:17 <JonathanD> mchua: yes, ping me.
17:56:18 <mchua> gary_at_RIT: (is fine)
17:56:19 <skuhaneck> mchua: that looks great
17:56:20 <mchua> JonathanD: can do.
17:56:29 <Andrea_H> mchua: i'm looking to add something to your wiki. What is your favorite board game?
17:56:43 <mchua> skuhaneck: Sweet - now you can edit Andrea_H's wiki page. ;)
17:56:49 <mchua> skuhaneck: Andrea Hickerson, Assistant Prof., Dept. of Communication, I teach journalism classes:  Newswriting I,  Newswriting II, History of Journalism, Journalism Law and Ethics, Intro to Journalism, Political Reporting
17:57:05 <mchua> Andrea_H: Ooh, that'd have to be Go.
17:57:19 <mchua> Andrea_H: I'm pretty bad at it, but if I were to get good at one, that would be the game.
17:58:24 <ganderson> posse_projector: ping
17:58:53 <pfroehlich> posse_projector: all ur projectorz are us
17:59:49 * pfroehlich thinks that ioquake3 is something students could hack on :-D
18:00:03 <ianweller> pfroehlich: +1 ;)
18:00:31 <ianweller> pfroehlich: (or the quake 4 engine when idtech finally releases that)
18:00:53 <pfroehlich> ianweller: yeah, waiting for that one
18:01:20 <pfroehlich> ianweller: although given the amount of cleanup usually necessary, ioquake3 is probably easier to get into for a while even after quake4 is GPLd
18:01:38 <pfroehlich> ianweller: i mean id tech 4 :-D
18:01:47 <willhoft> how do I create an RSS feed for my blogspot blog?
18:02:11 <pfroehlich> willhoft: the blogging site has a way to produce RSS for your blog
18:02:24 <pfroehlich> willhoft: it's just another URL that points to the RSS feed
18:02:37 <pfroehlich> willhoft: what blogging site are u using?
18:02:58 <ctyler> willhoft: the rss feed is created automatically, click the rss icon at the top (or bottom) of your browser to see it
18:03:16 <pfroehlich> ctyler: i think he needs the url for the planet, no?
18:03:59 <ctyler> pfroehlich: ah
18:04:49 <ctyler> willhoft: once you have the RSS URL, add it to the wiki page at http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet_Feed_List
18:04:57 <ctyler> ^ that's a wiki page, you can just edit it
18:07:12 <willhoft> ctyler: I don't see any rss icon - I am using blogspot and looking at it using Firefox on Mac
18:08:08 <skuhaneck> Andrea_H: do you already have a wiki page I can add that to or does one need to be created?
18:08:20 <ctyler> willhoft: what's your blog URL? I'll take a look here
18:08:26 <ianweller> willhoft: you may find this helpful  http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=42662
18:09:25 <willhoft> ctyler: http://rgwteaching.blogspot.com/
18:09:38 <Andrea_H> skuhaneck:  i don't have one yet. do you want me to type up something there first?
18:10:01 <skuhaneck> Andrea_H: no, I can add it, whats your username on there, same?
18:10:23 <Andrea_H> skuhaneck: yes. the same.
18:10:59 <ctyler> http://rgwteaching.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default # rss/atom feed for that URL
18:11:17 <ctyler> willhoft: ^ I got the icon in my browser (?)
18:13:02 <ctyler> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet # Planet itself is at this URL
18:13:57 <ctyler> mchua: We should talk about watchlists -- but not right now :-)
18:17:12 <JonathanD> mchua: alrighty, I'm here.
18:17:42 <mchua> ctyler: I want to start off with a spiel from JonathanD about FOSSCon as a breather before we recoup
18:17:49 <mchua> JonathanD: FOSSCon - shameless plug - go!
18:17:57 <mchua> JonathanD: one sec
18:18:05 <mchua> #topic And now, we interrupt for a word about FOSSCon...
18:18:08 <mchua> JonathanD: Go! :)
18:18:17 <JonathanD> Fosscon is a free and open source conference being held right where you all are, at RIT, in just a few days.
18:18:50 <mchua> #link file:///usr/share/bookmarks/default-bookmarks.html
18:18:57 <mchua> argh! totally not what I was trying to paste.
18:19:00 <mchua> #link http://fosscon.org/
18:19:05 <ganderson> mchua: uhh...yea about that default bookmark...haha
18:19:11 <JonathanD> We have 14 talks, 4 workshops, and lots of fun... one of the talks is a POSSE panel where I do believe a couple folks here now will tell us what it's all about, and how to use this stuff, for the benefit of those who aren't presently enjoying POSSE.
18:19:22 <mchua> Feel free to ask JonathanD questions, folks.
18:19:53 <JonathanD> There are other talks on various ways to use free and open source software in the real world, exhibts from various groups, etc.
18:20:28 <ganderson> posse_projector / ctyler: can you drop a link to that calendar of events?
18:20:33 * ctyler puts that web page on the screen
18:20:34 <skuhaneck> Andrea_H: how does this look, http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:Andrea_H , is there anything else you would like me to add?
18:20:35 <JonathanD> Anyway, all of this is happening Saturday and I would like to invite all of you at POSSE to take part. mchua will be wanting people for the POSSE panel as well, but if you want to take part outside of the panel you are welcome to.
18:20:54 <ctyler> ganderson: http://fosscon.org/speakers/
18:21:40 <JonathanD> Registration is $30 but you folks can use the discount code: POSSE-magick-code
18:21:51 <JonathanD> for 30% off.
18:21:51 <Andrea_H> skuhaneck: beautiful prose
18:22:05 <JonathanD> And thats my little plug :) I'd love to see you all there :)
18:22:23 <ctyler> ^ but if you use that magick code, we'll look for you at the POSSE-panel :-)
18:22:34 <ganderson> I thought we got in for free if we talked about how horrifyingly confusing POSSE was D:
18:22:43 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: I am now willhoft instead of robw
18:22:51 <skuhaneck> Andrea_H: thanks
18:22:56 <JonathanD> ganderson: that only gets you a free pie.
18:22:56 <posse_projector> ganderson's got it :-)
18:23:04 * ganderson snickers
18:23:05 <ganderson> PIE
18:23:39 <pfroehlich> too bad I can't afford another round of hotel nights :-/
18:24:09 <JonathanD> ctyler: actually, if you are on the panel, we can give you a free ticket. (up to 5 people)
18:24:49 <JonathanD> pfroehlich: I'll be up there friday night, You can borrow our tent.
18:25:10 <JonathanD> To register: http://fosscon.org/register/
18:25:18 <pfroehlich> JonathanD: ah... thanks for the offer, but I don't really do tents anymore :-/
18:26:03 <JonathanD> np, pfroehlich
18:26:39 <ndoubleday> did somebody say something about pie?
18:27:25 <GenJamGuy> willhoft:  Got it!
18:27:36 <ctyler> mmm, pie
18:27:38 <JonathanD> ndoubleday: I think ganderson ate all the pie, sorry.
18:27:52 <ndoubleday> dang, pie's gone.
18:27:58 <Andrea_H> @ctyler: is there a way to save this chat so we can have access to these links?
18:28:12 <ganderson> Andrea_H: you can always copy/paste :D
18:28:12 <ctyler> Andrea_H: zodbot is logging it for us :-)
18:28:17 <ctyler> we'll post the URL  at the end
18:28:28 <Andrea_H> @ctyler: thanks
18:28:37 <gary_at_RIT> I have done the wiki page over IRC.  I still have a few accounts to make and  I need to create a blog.
18:28:50 <mchua> Ok - everyone type real quick what you're finished with and what you have left to do, like gary_at_RIT just did.
18:28:53 <willhoft> I have completed some of the accounts including the teachingopensource and IRC
18:28:54 <Andrea_H> i just need to finish the accounts
18:29:07 <mchua> (and if you need help with something, please note that too! Otherwise we'll assume you're ok!)
18:29:22 <willhoft> I have not completed, or even started, my partner's userpage
18:29:30 <mlutz> Mike Lutz has created most of the accounts, edited Michael Riordan's profile page, created my blog, edited the wiki to include it. Have yet to create all the accounts or do a reflection blog entry.
18:29:32 <mprppr> Completed: wiki profile, blog creation and RSS feed link set, IRC.  Not complete: Creation of the remainder of new accounts (bugzilla, etc.)
18:29:34 <ndoubleday> I think I have it all done: various accounts, userpage on the posse site, blog feed setup
18:29:40 <GenJamGuy> I've made a blog, added Chatzilla to Firefox, set up my TOS profile (I think), submitted my blog to the Planet (I think), and gotten really confused.
18:29:40 <ctyler> a number of us will be on intermittently throughout the evening if questions arise later, too
18:29:54 <willhoft> I have created a blog and added it to the planet
18:29:59 <ganderson> mchua: (1)I've got most, if not all, of my accounts setup (including SSH keys). (2) You put some of my userpage up..I may nudge someone to flesh it out more later when I can think of more info, lol.  I edited the POSSE Alumni one for you. (3) I have a placeholder blog registered on the planets, I'll flesh it out later
18:30:17 <JonathanD> mchua: aright, I'm off, but I'll be around most of the day if anyone has any questions for me.
18:30:28 <ctyler> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet_Feed_List
18:30:28 <mchua> JonathanD: Can do. I think they all grokked but there were no questions.
18:30:35 <JonathanD> ok :)
18:30:51 <mchua> JonathanD: Feel free to nudge individual profs to come in this channel, if they say something interesting you'd like to hear repeated on Saturday. ;)
18:31:30 <willhoft> My blog is on the planet now
18:31:44 <ganderson> ssweet: did you ever get anyone to edit your wiki user page for you? :o
18:31:45 * mchua trying to figure out how to start the discussion
18:31:57 <mchua> ctyler: ideas? ;)
18:32:17 <ctyler> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet
18:34:03 <ganderson> 'lo
18:34:04 <mchua> Hey, kwurst!
18:34:13 * pfroehlich waves at kwurst
18:34:17 <mchua> kwurst: we're in the last half-hour of the first day of POSSE RIT.
18:34:25 <mchua> First day on IRC for a lot of these folks.
18:34:27 * pfroehlich thinks kwurst knows his hot dogs
18:34:27 <kwurst> mchua: Hi!
18:34:27 <mchua> welcome back, kis!
18:34:36 * kis waves at everybody
18:34:43 <mchua> If you folks have any thoughts on what you wish you'd known at the start of last week, now is the time :)
18:34:44 * pfroehlich dances
18:34:54 <skuhaneck> mchua: 1.) creating and adding the rsa pub key left to do, 2.) complete, 3.) blog created, reflection post needed
18:35:23 <pfroehlich> well, I think considering it less of a workshop and more of a (toned down) Burning Man is helpful :-D
18:35:28 <ganderson> ctyler: you gonna use a hashtag for RIT POSSE tweets? :o
18:35:54 <mchua> pfroehlich: Heh, we were that chaotic? :)
18:35:59 <ctyler> ganderson: good point
18:36:02 <kis> mchua: maybe this: Don't spend too much time thinking about some grandiose thing to do, just go in and do something small.
18:36:18 <kwurst> mchua: Can we add Heidi to the POSSE-Worcester listserv? She wants to the the end-of-day emails. If she can be added to the listserv, she can view the archives.
18:36:21 <pfroehlich> kis: good one, that's true
18:36:23 <ganderson> ctyler: i've been using #rit-posse
18:36:23 <mchua> kwurst: Absolutely.
18:36:25 <mchua> kis: +1
18:36:45 <mchua> kwurst: do you know what email she wants added?
18:37:24 <kwurst> mchua: I'll forward you the email she sent me, rather than broadcasting her email over this channel.
18:37:30 <mchua> kwurst: Yeah, good call :)
18:38:00 <kwurst> mchua: Should be in your mailbox now.
18:38:00 <ctyler> ganderson: ok, using that hashtag
18:38:21 <kwurst> mchua: Is there a POSSE meeting tomorrow on IRC?
18:38:22 <kis> mchua: I already found some students who would like to do some sugar related work.
18:38:40 <ctyler> mchua: let's do the reflection in the morning
18:38:58 <mchua> kis: Awesome!
18:39:11 <mchua> kis: do they/you have an idea of what sort of things they're interested in doing?
18:39:23 <kwurst> mchua: I won't be able to participate in a meeting if you have one tomorrow. But I'm assuming you want to do a debrief at some point.
18:39:34 <mchua> kwurst: Nope, it was cancelled for this week and last because of actual POSSEs.
18:39:43 <ctyler> Here is the Monday part of the POSSE-RIT page: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Monday
18:39:46 <mchua> kwurst: you're welcome to come and discuss and take notes though :) I just likely won't be here.
18:39:54 <mchua> kwurst: and yeah, I totally want a debrief. next tuesday?
18:40:22 <kwurst> mchua: Next week should work OK for me. You can debrief both Worcester and RIT.
18:40:24 <mchua> ctyler: I want to pull everyone together somehow before the end of the day, though
18:40:30 <kis> mchua: One of them is here over the summer. He is starting to think about language learning activities.
18:40:30 <ctyler> Creating a Fedora account is done through the Fedora    Account System (FAS2): https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/
18:40:33 <mchua> kwurst: sounds good.
18:40:35 <mchua> thanks kwurst!
18:40:38 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: What is your account name on teachingopensource?  Mine is just willhoft
18:40:47 <mchua> kis: Oooooh. Yes. Language learning.
18:41:03 <mchua> kis: There are so many interesting partial-threads on that to pick up on, depending on what he's keen on doing
18:41:30 <mchua> ctyler: so if we don't do a debrief on today right now, can you at least do some sort of wrap-up summary thing + preview of tomorrow?
18:41:37 <ctyler> will do
18:42:16 <GenJamGuy> willhoft:  I think I'm GenJamGuy.
18:45:03 <kis> mchua: Sorry. I got interrupted. The other one is a student who is doing lost of other things over the summer but would really be interested  in the fall. We'll have to see what that leads to. I am going to get in contact with our community outreach center, too.
18:45:34 <kis> mchua: yes, I would be interested in those "partial-threads". Where can I get some info on them?
18:45:55 <mchua> kis: Lemme see if I can find them for you in #sugar
18:52:29 <ganderson> ctyler: aww...I just found out that using '-' in a hash tag on twitter cuts it off.  So you used #POSSE-RIT, only '#POSSE' is recognized.
18:56:43 <ctyler> ganderson: I think that's what we used last summer, so n
18:56:46 <ctyler> np*
18:56:56 * ctyler has to get his "p" key fixed
18:58:30 <ctyler> mchua: I'm going to put Glossary on the wiki, we should put it up in Etherpad tomorrow
19:00:20 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: I have found your page and would like to add some more information
19:00:22 <mchua> ctyler: sounds good.
19:00:56 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: Do you play jazz?  What instrument?
19:00:58 <GenJamGuy> Great!  By the way, which page did you find?
19:01:02 <ganderson> ctyler: I think most of it's already up
19:01:07 <GenJamGuy> I play trumpet.
19:01:20 <ganderson> ctyler: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Glossary all but IRC and planet are there
19:01:40 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: Do you have a group or play locally?
19:02:12 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/User:GenJamGuy
19:02:38 <GenJamGuy> willhoft:  Actually, GenJam and I have played all over the world, but I play a couple of times a monther in the local area.
19:02:57 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: In the spirit of what we are trying to do here, I'm just going to add a couple things
19:02:58 <ganderson> mchua, ctyler: I also started putting links to some of the user pages that I knew off the top of my head.  if you have a list of all the user account names for today's POSSE (and who they belong to.. :P) I could make more links --> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_RIT#Participants
19:03:22 <ctyler> ganderson: excellent, thanks
19:04:04 <mchua> ganderson: You rock, man.
19:04:32 <ssweet> @mchua - I have opened accounts and created blog. I still have to complete userpage
19:04:45 <GenJamGuy> willhoft:  Great.  How can I return the favor?
19:05:10 <ganderson> mchua, ctyler: lemme tag a question mark on this now, haha.  Do you have a list of attendees and their associated usernames on the wiki so I can keep going? :o
19:05:55 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: A couple interesting things about me are that I have taught for 7 years and worked for 25 years at IBM before starting teaching.
19:06:19 <mchua> ganderson: attendees, yes - that's on the [[POSSE RIT]] wiki page. Associated usernames, nope.
19:06:26 <GenJamGuy> willhoft:  What are you teaching these days?
19:07:01 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: I am a one person department, so I teach some of most of the key areas
19:07:23 <GenJamGuy> willhoft:
19:07:46 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: For example, this semester I am teaching networking, HCI, CS1, and an intro to computers course.
19:08:26 <GenJamGuy> willhoft:  Oops.  Hit return.  Sounds like fun to be autonomous, but maybe a bit overwhelming at times...  I used to teach an HCI sequence.
19:08:35 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: The first language I learned was Fortran and the first language that I used at IBM was APL
19:09:04 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: In my spare time, I do photography
19:09:35 <GenJamGuy> willhoft:  I started in FORTRAN IV as well, but I was able to mostly avoid APL.  I wasn't at IBM though...
19:10:06 * pfroehlich thinks FORTRAN was impressive in the early 1960s :-D
19:10:53 * pfroehlich is a descendant of FORTRAN hackers
19:12:07 <GenJamGuy> I was impressive in the early 70's...  :)
19:13:47 * pfroehlich was born in the early 1970s :-)
19:14:27 <pfroehlich> posse_projector: so how is everybody getting on with the POSSE experience?
19:16:13 <ganderson> mchua: is all that beeping coming from your computer? :P
19:16:46 <GenJamGuy> willhoft:  I think I successfully edited your profile.
19:17:21 <willhoft> GenJamGuy: An I have added some information to yours.
19:18:30 <mchua> ganderson: I hope not?
19:18:32 <posse_projector> pfroehlich: hard to tell from this position (upside down on the ceiling)
19:18:44 <mchua> ganderson: I wouldn't be able to tell, really... I'm deaf. (Well, close enough to it.)
19:18:47 * mchua lipreads.
19:19:14 <ganderson> mchua: wait...really? O.o
19:20:10 <mchua> ganderson: Yep. I grew up mainstreamed. I fake it well.
19:20:45 <ganderson> mchua: aahhhh...fluent in PSE/ASL? :o
19:22:05 <mchua> ganderson: I can understand ASL (...mostly) but not sign it - I had an interpreter in elementary and middle school, but never any reason to sign back
19:22:28 <mchua> ganderson: the closer the discussion is to what one would hear a teacher say in a 6th grade classroom, the better I am at understanding it :)
19:22:54 <ganderson> mchua: aahhh...that explains why Jacobs was signing.  I'll keep that in mind :P
19:23:31 <mchua> ganderson: Not a big deal - I'm more used to dealing with folks who don't know than the other way around, actually - it took me a while on my first visit to adjust to Jacobs doing things like looking at me when he spoke :)
19:23:37 <mchua> it was nice once I adjusted, though!
19:54:58 <mchua> lmacken, ctyler: I don't want to keep you waiting - if you guys are ready to head back, I can drive us back over
19:55:09 <lmacken> mchua: I'm down for whatever
19:55:16 * mchua has just been hanging out waiting for folks to trickle out
19:55:18 <ctyler> mchua: I'm    ready anytime
20:07:12 <JonathanD> mchua_afk: go well?
20:32:35 <mchua> JonathanD: the first day is a lot of ramping-up, so it's hard to tell since people haven't generally learned to "talk" yet
20:32:48 <JonathanD> :)
20:33:01 <JonathanD> mchua: would you care to spare a quote for fosscon press release?
20:33:16 <mchua> JonathanD: Sure, what do you need me to elucidate on?
20:33:25 <JonathanD> whatever interests you.
20:33:41 <JonathanD> probably how posse/fosscon moved to cooperate where possible, is best.
20:35:01 <pfroehlich> so did you finish for the day>
20:35:03 <pfroehlich> ?
20:35:37 <JonathanD> hi pfroehlich
20:35:49 * pfroehlich waves
20:36:28 <mchua> JonathanD: I'm going to blabber stuff and you can rearrange it.
20:36:36 <JonathanD> ok.
20:36:39 <JonathanD> thats fine :)
20:37:20 <mchua> FOSS events are always a great way for newcomers to get a sense of the tremendous amount of collaboration - and excitement - that goes on in FOSS communities.
20:37:28 <pfroehlich> mchua: yay!
20:37:59 <mchua> We're running a bootcamp at RIT this week in order to teach professors how to become participants in FOSS communities, so they can get their students to contribute to projects rather than just consume their code.
20:38:44 <mchua> And it's great to be able to give our POSSE participants the chance to experience that kind of event right after their week of cultural immersion.
20:39:24 <mchua> Meeting people they've met online a few days before, but face-to-face - seeing what people are working on, showing off their own first contributions.
20:40:34 <mchua> Thanks to the FOSSCon organizers for giving us the opportunity to do this, and the space to share what we'll be learning this week as part of the Education Track - we don't know what we're going to be presenting on because we haven't learned it yet, but it'll be a lot of fun.
20:40:42 <mchua> JonathanD: ...enough? Or shall I go on? :)
20:41:15 <JonathanD> I like that.
20:41:23 <mchua> JonathanD: all righty then!
20:41:30 <mchua> Feel free to cut/rearrange/snip/etc as you like.
20:43:03 <JonathanD> Crissi is arranging it now.
20:43:09 <JonathanD> to make it all fit in a one-pager.
20:43:40 <JonathanD> how should we attribute you? Mel Chua of Red Hat or...
21:21:30 <mchua> JonathanD: Oh! Sorry, missed the ping due to lack of nick quoting. :) Yeah, Mel Chua of Red Hat, or Mel Chua of the Red Hat Community Leadership Team, if you need more detail.
21:21:47 <JonathanD> thanks
21:35:34 * Solver enters the channel of the very long name ;)
22:16:23 <mchua> ctyler, lmacken: headed to lobby
22:17:45 <ianweller> mchua_afk: i think you forgot to #endmeeting :)
23:58:13 <DaveSxchat> ctyler: are you free to answer a question or two about planets?
00:45:46 <mchua> #endmeeting