12:34:00 <mchua> #startmeeting
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12:34:04 <mchua> #meetingname POSSE Worcester - Monday
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12:34:09 <mchua> Welcome to POSSE Worcester!
12:34:29 <mchua> We're starting up... introductions and such, and then getting people on IRC for the first time (which may, depending on how fast we do everything else, take several hours).
12:34:45 * sdziallas waves, will be around.
12:39:00 <mchua> sdziallas: In the meantime, while everyone is getting set up, I'll see if we can throw a netbook on the projector and videoconference you in.
12:39:12 <sdziallas> Okeydokey, awesome!
12:39:14 <mchua> Possibly even with a working microphone.
12:39:24 * sdziallas will be running around for the next five mins but should be around then.
12:41:28 <mchua> It'll take longer than that to get this setup going. Peter and I are hooking things up now.
12:41:40 <mchua> Professors are filling out the POSSE surveys hellis and ghislop put together.
12:45:38 <mchua> We've got 6 out of 8 people here... trying to see who we've got
12:46:40 <mchua> 7 out of 8!
12:49:29 * ianweller waves
12:50:33 <mchua> hey, ianweller!
12:51:21 <walterbender> hey sdziallas
12:51:29 * pbrobinson waves
12:51:32 <mchua> And here come the instructors. Sweet.
12:51:45 <Peter_> test test
12:51:48 <mchua> Peter_: win!
12:51:53 <Peter_> lol
12:52:27 <mihaela> hi
12:52:55 <mchua> Hey, mihaela!
12:52:58 <mchua> Okay, everyone is in the classroom!
12:53:03 <sdziallas> mchua: okay, cool!
12:53:07 <sdziallas> hey pbrobinson (et al!)
12:53:16 <mchua> ...now to get them all on IRC.
12:53:23 <mchua> We've got 2 out of 8 so far.
12:54:24 <Guest65150> i hate IRC  :-D
12:54:53 <pbrobinson> sdziallas: hey!
12:54:56 <mchua> Guest65150: Who's this? /nick <name_to_change_to>, if you like, so we can recognize you.
12:54:57 <Guest65150> #nick Peter
12:55:07 <Guest65150> test
12:55:16 <Guest65150> somehow it lost my nick name
12:55:19 <Guest65150> :-/
12:55:20 <mchua> Guest65150: you want "/nick" rather than "#nick"
12:55:24 <Guest65150> <----peter
12:55:36 <Guest65150> <----peter
12:55:59 <Guest65150> test
12:56:45 <Peter__> and i am back
12:56:53 <Peter__> for a while until it changes my nick again
12:56:54 <Peter__> :-/
13:00:39 <mchua> sdziallas: Skype appears to be working, so when we get to that point we can put you online.
13:00:53 * mchua not sure when "that point" is going to be quite yet, but... what does your schedule look like today, pre-SoaS meeting?
13:01:05 <sdziallas> mchua: whoa, awesome!
13:01:08 <sdziallas> mchua: I'll be here.
13:02:01 <mchua> #link http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_Worcester_State#Monday
13:03:47 <mchua> Everyone's assignment right now is (1) boot the live image of the POSSE Remix and (2) get on IRC
13:04:10 <mchua> This is... challenging, given the different types of laptops and the getting-of-a-wifi-connection and such.
13:04:16 <mchua> But once we get everyone on, we'll be rolling.
13:07:26 <mchua> Morning (er, afternoon?) heffer!
13:07:37 <heffer> afternoon :)
13:07:45 <heffer> what's up? :)
13:07:57 <Peter__> yay my nick is still the same :-D
13:08:28 * ctyler waves to the Worcester gang
13:08:29 <mchua> heffer: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_Worcester_State#Monday
13:08:34 <mchua> yo, ctyler!
13:08:40 <mchua> We're still in "let's all get on IRC" mode.
13:08:44 <Peter__> wish i knew how to wave :-/
13:09:01 <sdziallas> Peter__: say: /me waves
13:09:14 * Peter__ waves at everybody
13:09:16 <Peter__> ah
13:09:18 <Peter__> thankx
13:09:19 * sdziallas thinks that worked :)
13:09:36 * Peter__ waves furiously now
13:10:00 * sdziallas grins
13:10:01 <heffer> haha. i _like_ deliverable #2
13:10:40 <sdziallas> heffer: maybe we should implement that process generally? ;)
13:10:55 * sdziallas looks at ianweller for wiki-fu.
13:11:16 <ianweller> hi what
13:11:45 <sdziallas> ianweller: hiya! we need something like deliverable #2 on http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_Worcester_State#Monday for the entire Fedora universe. can haz plugin or something? ;)
13:12:28 <Peter__> hey if you don't have a name tag, slap one on!
13:12:42 <mchua> sdziallas: Er... NetworkManager is on the remix, right?
13:12:44 <mchua> (I think?)
13:12:53 <ianweller> sdziallas: the deliverable and the fedora universe don't link in my head.
13:12:56 <sdziallas> mchua: yup, I think so... isn't it.
13:13:05 <sdziallas> ianweller: not being able to edit your own wiki page :P
13:13:07 <mchua> I *swear* it's on the kickstart, or at least not taken off the kickstart.
13:13:27 <Peter__> i think my neighbor is here! :-D
13:13:29 <ianweller> sdziallas: the plugin is to watch the recent changes and if they edit their own page, beat them over the head with a stick. :)
13:13:30 <sdziallas> mchua: wait, you're telling me that we're...? dammit, let me try.
13:13:41 <sdziallas> ianweller: LOL :D okay, that worksforme, too!
13:13:42 * Peter__ waves at Mahadev
13:13:58 <mchua> Mahadev: Awesome!
13:14:10 <ianweller> sdziallas: i could write a plugin but it would most likely have issues because when i write PHP, it looks like i barfed functions all over a document
13:14:17 <ianweller> sdziallas: and it wouldn't be done for a few weeks ;)
13:14:18 <sdziallas> mchua: I'll boot it in a VM real quick.
13:14:21 <sdziallas> ianweller: :)
13:14:34 <mchua> Peter__, Mahadev: If you're online, and can walk around and help folks who haven't gotten on IRC yet get started, that would be great - but first, come up to the whiteboard...
13:16:39 <heffer> sdziallas, did you get a new laptop since FOSDEM'09? because afair your old laptop didn't do kvm
13:17:30 <sdziallas> heffer: I will get a new one soon (as in: it's already ordered), but I'm running the VM on my main machine (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 should be sufficient, I hear).
13:17:55 <heffer> sdziallas, everything that has hardware virtualization is sufficient :)
13:17:59 <sdziallas> mchua: can you please throw lots of sticks at me now?
13:18:16 <ianweller> sdziallas: please do not actually beat people with sticks
13:18:18 <Peter__> live usb stick works fine, of course not the wireless driver :-D
13:18:30 <ianweller> sdziallas: whether actual sticks or usb sticks
13:18:53 <sdziallas> ianweller: actual sticks, I think. I deserve that. NetworkManager is kinda... essential.
13:18:58 <heffer> sdziallas, better pester people with kool aid
13:19:01 <heffer> OH YEAH!
13:19:10 <posse_projector> Since we're taking a long time to get everyone on IRC and I don't want to block on this, here's a window everyone can see for the time being. ;)
13:19:19 <posse_projector> No matter what, at half-past, we're going to start.
13:19:19 <Mahadev> What does throwing sticks mean?  Not literally, I hope.
13:19:41 <sdziallas> Mahadev: I'm the person that's responsible for you not having wifi. So literally would be okay, I guess. :)
13:20:11 <mchua> sdziallas: Uh... is there not NetworkManager, then?
13:20:17 * Peter__ waves at Karl
13:20:23 * kwurst waves
13:20:31 <mchua> We *almost* have everyone online.
13:20:32 <mchua> Almost!
13:20:36 <sdziallas> mchua: teach them the wonders of yum.
13:20:40 <ianweller> mchua: you also might want to get +o so you can change the topic
13:21:05 <mchua> sdziallas: yum install <what set of packages>?
13:21:06 <kwurst> Couldn't get the mac to boot the live cd, but I'm running it under vmware now.
13:21:15 <sdziallas> mchua: NetworkManager-gnome
13:21:26 <sdziallas> mchua: that should already be sufficient. let me confirm quickly.
13:21:43 * ianweller agrees with sdziallas
13:22:00 <sdziallas> :)
13:22:09 <sdziallas> ianweller: if I'm wrong, you get the stick now, too ;)
13:22:36 <ianweller> that's ok, i'm in raleigh
13:22:41 <ianweller> you would have to throw pretty hard
13:23:00 <mchua> ianweller: I can throw that stick in person at the end of July, remember. (Or possibly later this month. Depending on whether jadudm & co. come to town.)
13:23:29 <mchua> Aparna: Welcome!
13:23:40 <sdziallas> mchua: :)
13:24:41 <sdziallas> ianweller: no stick for you. :) NetworkManager-gnome is enough!
13:24:45 <mchua> pbrobinson: Yeah, let's go around and get everyone to yum install NetworkManager-gnome...
13:24:54 <Aparna> Thanks Mel.
13:25:17 <Peter__> not that I need it, but why does nobody have a driver for RTL8187SE in their distro???
13:25:42 <sdziallas> Peter__: I think that's licensing issues with it, no?
13:25:53 <ianweller> Peter__: probably because realtek doesn't like to make free drivers, or release documentation
13:26:14 <heffer> is there a list of participants at the moment?
13:26:26 * mchua putting that up right now, heffer
13:27:14 <ctyler> mchua: question for you -- you going to run into any ambassador types this week? I need to get some F13 discs if they're out
13:27:23 <mchua> heffer: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_Worcester_State#Attendees
13:27:26 <Peter__> yeah real-pain-in-the-neck :-D but it's not like the intel wireless card ever worked on my MSI wind either
13:27:33 <mchua> ctyler: not this week, unless someone at Westford has stuff
13:27:35 <Peter__> i like wires for my netbook which is kinda sad
13:27:58 <heffer> because many names sound very german :D
13:28:43 <ianweller> heffer: whoa. you're right.
13:29:15 * ctyler thinks your projector has a mind of its own
13:29:42 <posse_projector> ctyler: I, autonomous projector-mind, switched from freenode webchat to xchat-gnome (which is what's on the POSSE Remix these days).
13:29:49 * heffer thinks of ctyler's funny projector that had windows xp embedded
13:29:57 <posse_projector> I have also achieved sentience. BWAHAHAHA!
13:30:12 * sdziallas laughs.
13:30:42 <ianweller> heffer: haha whoa i remember that.
13:31:08 * sdziallas thinks we've got a FUDCon Toronto revival party here :)
13:31:17 <Peter__> i think mel wants to start
13:31:19 <Peter__> :-D
13:32:12 <heffer> okay :) but unfortunately i won't be able to stay all the time. i'm at work at the moment and have an appointment in about an hour or so
13:32:23 <mchua> #topic Introductions
13:32:42 <mchua> We're going offline for a bit, to introduce ourselves in person - but if you're here remotely, introduce yourselves now and we'll read your text when we get back.
13:32:48 <mchua> heffer: sdziallas: ianweller: ctyler: ^
13:33:10 <ianweller> hi, i'm ianweller
13:33:15 <ianweller> i'm sitting in a cube at red hat's headquarters
13:33:20 <ianweller> i do stuff with fedora
13:33:35 <ianweller> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Ianweller
13:33:36 <ianweller> EOF
13:34:26 <ctyler> hi POSSE Worcester, I'm Chris Tyler
13:34:45 <sdziallas> Hi! I'm... uh, sdziallas on IRC. The 's' stands for Sebastian and the 'dziallas' for my last name. I'm sitting in... my room in Germany. I'm doing stuff with Fedora and Sugar Labs (the two leading into Sugar on a Stick, about which you'll hear more soon, I guess).
13:36:03 <heffer> Hi POSSE. I'm Felix Kaechele. Currently I'm at work at the school I used to attend. I broke our LAN a few days ago and have almost fixed it! YAY!
13:36:12 <heffer> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Heffer (with new pic btw) \o/
13:36:15 <heffer> EOF
13:36:26 <ianweller> i need to update my wiki czar pic with something a bit more of the current me
13:36:32 <ianweller> shorter hair, mostly
13:37:03 <ctyler> I also do stuff with Fedora, and I teach at Seneca College, Toronto. I've written a couple of books for O'Reilly and am one of the founders of teachingopensource.org. I'm sitting on my couch at home in Vaughan, Ontario.
13:37:31 <ianweller> i'm assuming mchua will be none too happy that we all just said "do stuff with fedora" ;)
13:37:33 * heffer wishes he could be in Canada too :)
13:39:24 * ctyler puts laptop down on couch
13:39:36 <ctyler> heffer: you're virtually sitting on my couch in Canada
13:39:43 <sdziallas> ianweller: but it's true, I think. :)
13:39:50 <ianweller> sdziallas: true.
13:39:54 <heffer> feels good :)
13:40:10 <ianweller> ctyler: i almost lol'd. but there's other people on my floor i would have bothered.
13:40:25 <sdziallas> ianweller: can you put your laptop in the RH office for me? I'd like to sit there virtually!
13:40:31 <heffer> i need to have a canadian passport and proof of citizenship issued. for showing off :P
13:40:39 <ianweller> sdziallas: already done
13:40:49 <sdziallas> ianweller: ah, awesome :)
13:40:57 <ianweller> sdziallas: would you like a virtual coke from the break room
13:41:07 <sdziallas> ianweller: yeah, that'd be nice!
13:41:07 <ctyler> ianweller: "doing stuff" saves explaining the difference between ambassador-foo and wiki-foo and board-foo and bar-foo
13:41:14 <heffer> ianweller, yes please spill it over your laptop
13:41:21 <sdziallas> heffer: LOL!
13:41:40 <sdziallas> ianweller: or FedEx it over. I bet RH takes care of the shipping cost. :)
13:41:49 <ianweller> sdziallas: here you go  http://www.thecoca-colacompany.com/presscenter/img/imagebrands/downloads/lg_cocacola_can.jpg
13:41:50 <heffer> and as soon as you timeout i will be done
13:42:05 <sdziallas> ianweller: *thank* you. ;)
14:08:38 <heffer> hmm gotta go :(
14:08:39 <heffer> see you
14:15:45 <mchua> Ok - in-person intros done... we're doing a bit of an overview now, scrolling back up to read your intros, and then getting sdziallas in via videoconference to explain SoaS.
14:40:45 <walterbender> sdziallas: the question was: "are the number of iterations know?"
14:41:03 <walterbender> sdziallas: I am not sure what is meant by iterations...
14:51:36 <sdziallas> walterbender: hey :) (thank you!)
14:51:50 <sdziallas> walterbender: I didn't see this... shouldn't turn on screensavers on my laptop.
14:52:03 <sdziallas> walterbender: I was referring to Mirabelle being the third iteration, but... yeah.
14:52:18 <posse_projector> We are figuring out lunch-fu, and then we'll be getting everyone on IRC.
14:52:21 <posse_projector> (again)
14:52:28 <sdziallas> Awesome, posse_projector! :)
14:53:16 <mchua> The current front-runner seems to be "pizza"
14:53:24 <sdziallas> NOM!
14:53:26 <sdziallas> :)
14:53:38 <mchua> ...pizza it is!
14:53:41 <Peter__> I am hungry already. Come on!
14:58:38 <sdziallas> walterbender: by the way, do we have a Sugar Labs OpenOffice Impress template somewhere? (or do you know of any?)
15:00:49 <mchua> People are working on deliverables for http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_Worcester_State#Monday for the rest of the day; walterbender and pbrobinson and I will be running mini-sessions at the top for things that may help with those assignments.
15:01:20 <kwurst> Here's the website for the pizza I mentioned: http://www.muncheezpizzeria.com
15:02:09 <kwurst> And here's the page with the "weird" pizzas: http://www.muncheezpizzeria.com/zgrid/proc/site/sitemnup.jsp?mnuid_it=88792
15:03:43 <mchua> Walter is going to be doing an intro tour of Sugar in 12 minutes.
15:03:45 <mchua> It'll be about 15 minutes long.
15:04:30 <mchua> kwurst: I totally want the "Down South" and the "Mac & cheese"
15:04:34 <mchua> ...actually, I want all of them.
15:05:51 <mchua> ianweller: Are you around? Do you have a webcam where you're at?
15:06:01 <mchua> ianweller: I was wondering if you might want to pop in and talk with folks about wiki-fu this afternoon.
15:06:49 <ianweller> i have no web cam afaik.
15:07:01 <posse_projector> ianweller: can we just grab you in-channel then?
15:07:09 <ianweller> sure. what time?
15:07:17 <ianweller> oh, afternoon. yeah, shouldn't be a problem
15:07:42 <walterbender> sdziallas: well, not exactly... I usually just grab a presentation and modify it...
15:07:52 <sdziallas> walterbender: ah, cool :)
15:08:14 <walterbender> sdziallas: I should make a template and put it on the wiki... same for oowriter.
15:08:15 <kwurst> So, I just checked, and there's not enough dining room space for us to eat *at* Muncheez, but we can order it and eat here.
15:08:29 <walterbender> kwurst: +1 to bringing it back.
15:08:47 <sdziallas> walterbender: :) (well, I could check that out too, whatever works best)
15:09:04 <mchua> Who is in the room and in this channel? walterbender and pbrobinson, and kwurst and Peter__  - but I don't see others yet...
15:09:15 <mchua> If you're in the room at POSSE and online and I haven't called your name in the line above, can you wave and say who you are?
15:09:22 * mchua may not be matching nicks to real-people yet
15:09:46 <Peter__> What what what?
15:10:10 <Peter__> Oh I am already here! :-D Sorry.
15:10:22 <kwurst> I'm Karl if you haven't figured that out.
15:10:48 <Mahadev> I am Mahadev from Fitchburg State College
15:12:00 <mihaela> hi
15:12:08 <mchua> And Jared and Mihaela are teaching each other how to use IRC over in the front row here - using ChatZilla.
15:12:09 <Guest49711> Aparna
15:12:17 <diamond-> jerry says Hi
15:12:27 <mchua> Guest49711: Type "/nick aparna" (no quotes) to change your name.
15:12:37 <sdziallas> mchua: you type faster than I do :)
15:13:54 <kwurst> So, what's involved in setting up a planet? Hardware, software? I like the idea of how it's being used at Seneca, and thinking I'd like to do something similar here, so our students and faculty can see what everyone else is doing.
15:15:21 <Aparna> Finally, I am getting the hang of it
15:15:58 <mchua> Aparna: It takes a while to get a setup working that you're comfortable with, for a lot of these communication tools, methinks.
15:16:12 <mchua> I get confused every time I start working with a new project - need to relearn lists and wikis and whatnot.
15:16:14 <Peter__> is there a significant difference between using rss and atom for syndicating my blog to the planets?
15:16:18 <mchua> Peter__: Nope.
15:16:25 <mchua> kwurst: Software, and a server to run that software on.
15:16:43 <sdziallas> mchua: didn't we talk about creating a kit for that at some point?
15:16:47 <mchua> kwurst: You might ask ctyler what CDOT (Seneca) uses for aggregation - I think the original software is "Planet Planet" but iirc it's abandonware and there are other, better clones that forked off.
15:16:52 <Mahadev> My blog site is nmahadev.wordpress.com
15:17:03 <mchua> sdziallas: Planet stuff? Yeah, I still think it's a good idea. But... copious amounts of free time, don't have those so much. :D
15:17:22 <sdziallas> mchua: :)
15:17:34 <mchua> Mahadev:  Excellent! I'll get you on the TOS planet, and you can get yourself on the Sugar Labs planet... let me find a link for you.
15:17:43 <mchua> Mahadev: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sysadmin/Planet_syndication_request
15:17:49 <mchua> (that's also on http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_Worcester_State#Monday)
15:19:41 <Peter__> hackergotchi, eh?
15:19:50 <Peter__> that's troubling without gimp on the livestick
15:20:12 <Mahadev> Thanks Mel.  I never thought I will start a blog, or facebook or twitter.  But here I am.
15:20:27 <mchua> Peter__: We can always get the Fedora Design team to make us hackergotchis.
15:20:30 * mchua looks for yet another link
15:20:44 <mchua> Peter__: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/HackergotchiService
15:22:29 <kwurst> I was upset that someone had already taken "kwurst" on WordPress - but it turns out that someone is me! I guess I made an account in the past.
15:22:38 <kwurst> My blog is http://kwurst.wordpress.com/
15:22:58 <mchua> Awesome.
15:23:08 * mchua linking in kwurst and Mahadev's blogs to Planet TOS right now
15:23:42 <mchua> kwurst, Mahadev: if you need help getting the request in for Planet Sugar Labs, let me know, but I think http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sysadmin/Planet_syndication_request should do it.
15:23:55 <kris_striegnitz> Hi. This is Kristina.
15:24:19 <gpollice> Hi I'm Gary from WPI.
15:25:24 <kris_striegnitz> My blog is striegnitz.wordpress.com
15:25:28 <Aparna> Hi, My blog is http://aparna58.wordpress.com
15:26:33 <mchua> Awesome - kris_striegnitz, Aparna, got it and will add your feeds now too.
15:31:00 <mchua> Aparna, kris_striegnitz, kwurst, Mahadev - your blogs have been added to the bottom of the feed list for TOS, http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet_Feed_List#Feeds
15:31:04 <mchua> just so you know
15:31:11 <mchua> and on the next pass, any new posts you write should be pulled in.
15:31:21 <mchua> ctyler: ^^ new blogs coming in today, if there's a way to accelerate the refresh process.
15:31:40 <mchua> walterbender is now giving a quick 15-min tour of the Sugar environment.
15:31:48 <mchua> I am, in the meantime, burning a Mirabelle stick for demo.
15:32:46 <mchua> kwurst: Do we need to order the pizza in advance?
15:33:00 <Peter__> so how do i put the tags want to syndicate into the feed url?
15:33:22 <kwurst> mchua: probably, but we need to figure out when to do that.
15:33:49 <mchua> kwurst: How about now? We can aggregate orders here on IRC... or on a wiki page. ;)
15:34:07 <mchua> Walter is currently demoing the Abacus activity.
15:34:30 <Jeff_S> bacon? :)
15:35:11 <mchua> Jeff_S: BACON
15:35:18 <mchua> Jeff_S: Oh! Introduce yourself!
15:35:28 <mchua> (for folks in Worcester - Jeff_S is all the way out in California.)
15:35:29 * Jeff_S not sure what's going on... :)
15:35:37 <Jeff_S> it's early here ;)
15:35:43 <mchua> (then again, ctyler is in Toronto and ianweller is in Raleigh and sdziallas and heffer are in Germany.)
15:35:53 <mchua> Jeff_S: http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_Worcester_State
15:36:36 <mchua> Walter is demonstrating the binary and hexadecimal abacuses. (abaci?)
15:36:38 <Jeff_S> hi POSSE, I'm Jeff Sheltren from Oregon State University Open Source Lab. - http://osuosl.org
15:37:10 <Jeff_S> coincidentally, we host the git repos for SugarLabs ;)
15:37:17 <mchua> oh wait, Jeff_S is in Oregon - sorry, my mistake. :) Right timezone, though!
15:37:24 <Jeff_S> mchua: close enough!
15:37:30 <mchua> ...ah, yes - Jefro is in California, I think I got that mixed up.
15:37:39 <mchua> Jeff_S: Thank you for hosting the SL git repos (yay!)
15:37:46 <mchua> hey, micadeyeye! We're in the middle of http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/POSSE_Worcester_State right now.
15:37:48 <Jeff_S> mchua: we did get to have quaid here visiting last week
15:38:02 <mchua> (for those in Worcester - micadeyeye is from South Africa, and is working on running a POSSE down there in October.)
15:38:06 <mchua> Jeff_S: Yeah, I'm jealous :)
15:38:13 * mchua hasn't seen quaid for quite some time
15:38:16 <mchua> (in person, that is)
15:38:21 <Jeff_S> heh
15:38:41 <Mahadev> Not sure what is the URL of feed that needs to be added.
15:38:43 * Jeff_S hopes everyone has a great POSSE today
15:39:26 <mchua> Mahadev: if you look at http://nmahadev.wordpress.com/ you'll see, at the bottom of the right sidebar, "Entries RSS"
15:39:35 <mchua> that link (http://nmahadev.wordpress.com/feed/) is your feed.
15:39:38 <Peter__> mel: can't figure out the cateogry thing, but here's the feed http://blogs.jhu.edu/phf/atom
15:39:51 <mchua> Peter__: That'll work!
15:40:08 <mchua> Peter__: And if you start writing about lots of non-TOS/Sugar stuff, we'll figure out the categories then.
15:41:33 <mchua> Peter__: You've been added to the bottom of http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet_Feed_List#Feeds, you're set with Planet TOS.
15:46:39 <ctyler> kwurst: planet software can be PlanetPlanet or PlanetVenus (which does better with some UTF8 that PlanetPlanet chokes on)
15:48:02 <mchua> Folks in Worcester may notice the table now on the whiteboard - deliverables, and who's completed what. Feel free to check yourself off on things, I'm sure folks have done work I haven't seen yet. ;)
15:48:21 <mchua> gpollice, mihaela, diamond- - for instance, I'm waiting for your blog URLs so I can add them to Planet TOS. ;)
15:48:39 <ctyler> mchua: planet refresh is currently 4x/hour
15:48:47 <ctyler> every 15 minutes starting at :10
15:49:01 <mchua> and Peter__ , kwurst , Mahadev, Aparna, and kris_striegnitz - let me know when you've submitted your Sugar Labs Planet feed request, or walk up to the whiteboard and check it off yourself if you like. ;)
15:49:48 <mchua> ctyler: edited http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet_Feed_List#Introduction - thanks!
15:49:52 <mchua> (good to know)
15:50:01 <ctyler> mchua: "so I can add them to Planet TOS"? - surely you mean "so you can add them to Planet TOS"
15:50:06 <ctyler> :-)
15:50:29 <mchua> ctyler: We haven't quite gotten to the wiki-editing part yet, but I'll be asking them to pop in and add hackergotchis/change names, etc. later on if they want.
15:50:36 * mchua just didn't want to block on that.
15:50:56 <ctyler> makes sense
15:51:25 <mchua> ctyler: However, if there are instructions on how to reproduce the "we scrape it from a wiki page!" setup that Planet TOS has... I would *so* love that setup for Planet Sugar Labs.
15:51:30 <mchua> The current process == bottleneck
15:51:35 <mchua> less awful than it used to be, but still.
15:51:44 <mchua> our infrastructure team is chronically overworked.
15:52:07 <mchua> sdziallas: I'm checking to see how ready (or not) we are for our meeting this afternoon.
15:52:25 * mchua not sure yet whether/who from POSSE will want to stick around for that, but I will mail the logs to the POSSE list afterwards too.
15:52:42 <kwurst> mchua: I've sent my request for Sugar Labs Planet.
15:52:48 <mchua> kwurst: noted!
15:54:25 <diamond-> mel - Jerry's blog is http://breecher.wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php?page=my-blogs
15:54:42 <kwurst> mchua: you're distracting me from listening to Walter...
15:54:56 <mchua> ;)
15:55:05 * mchua sees posts from this POSSE showing up on http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet, good!
15:56:24 <Peter__> done with bugs/git sugarlabs just ssh key missing, can't do it without going back to debian
15:56:37 <mchua> kwurst: http://piratepad.net/posse-worcester-pizza - I'll explain this to folks when Walter is done.
15:56:44 <mchua> Peter__: noted!
16:00:34 <Mahadev> I emailed request to be syndicated into Sugar labs
16:02:17 <mchua> Mahadev: Got it!
16:03:59 <kwurst> mchua: made trac account
16:04:04 <mchua> kwurst: got it!
16:04:24 * mchua is trying to figure out how to temporarily pause walter so we can get food :)
16:04:38 * mchua will propose, in a moment, that we take pizza orders for tomorrow, and go buy food today
16:04:46 <mchua> since pizzas take time to bake, and I am hungry.
16:04:50 <mchua> hunnnnnngry.
16:05:09 <mchua> diamond-, mihaela, gpollice - how are you doing?
16:05:30 <kwurst> mchua: made gitorius account. no ssh key yet...
16:05:38 <Mahadev> Done registering with bugs and git
16:06:21 <mchua> #link http://piratepad.net/posse-worcester-pizza
16:08:25 <Aparna> I sent email to sugar labs planet
16:08:41 <mchua> Aparna: Thanks! Noted!
16:08:50 <gpollice> mchua: My blog is gpollice.wordpress.com and the RSS feed is http://gpollice.wordpress.com/feed/
16:09:00 <mchua> Peter__: Did you send in your Planet request to Planet SL too?
16:09:04 <mchua> gpollice: Got it, thanks!
16:09:21 <mchua> gpollice: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sysadmin/Planet_syndication_request for how to add it to Planet SL, and I'll put you on Planet TOS right now.
16:09:35 <kwurst> We can choose tomorrow's pizza later. Let's go eat now.
16:10:26 <Peter__> mchua: sure, sent it to SL all the way, wiki too by now :-D
16:10:35 <mchua> gpollice: added to the bottom of http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet_Feed_List#Feeds
16:10:40 <mchua> kwurst: ...I'm tempted to second that motion. :D
16:10:57 <kwurst> I can lock the room if people want to leave stuff here while we go to lunch.
16:11:06 <mchua> Peter__: awesome, noted.
16:11:18 <mchua> You're just blazing through them. :D
16:11:45 <mchua> kwurst: Whenever you reach the point at which you want to lead the crew out to foodness, go for it. ;)
16:11:59 <kwurst> mcha: missed my git sign up. (or will you only note it when I make my ssh key also?)
16:12:00 <mchua> ...though we should tell everyone about "/nick <yourname>_afk" conventions.
16:12:10 <mchua> kwurst: oh! sorry, yeah, I'll put you in for that now
16:12:34 <Peter__> let's eat let's eat let's eat
16:12:35 <Peter__> NOW
16:12:50 <mchua> #topic LUNCH
16:12:54 <kwurst> Peter__: What a surprise.
16:13:24 <mchua_afk> you do this by "/nick <yourname>_afk"
16:13:26 <mchua_afk> (no quotes)
16:33:32 <ianweller> oh god, attack of the _afk
16:33:43 <Jeff_S> lol
16:34:15 * Jeff_S notes that some people HATE /away _afk, etc. ;)
17:13:51 <posse_projector> #topic Back from lunch - short Textbook interlude
17:14:10 <posse_projector> Textbooks came up, so we're going to show everyone the TOS Textbook real quick, then get started on more deliverables.
17:14:42 <posse_projector> the main one this afternoon that we want to get through is the wiki userpage deliverable, while everyone is in here.
17:15:37 <mchua> ianweller: we'll be doing wiki stuff hopefully within the next 45m if you're around
17:15:52 <ianweller> i'll be around.
17:16:00 <mchua> ianweller: good stuff, thanks!
17:16:19 <mchua> ianweller: for reference, we're getting everyone to make a userpage on the sugar labs wiki, but they have to coordinate over IRC, they can't edit their own
17:16:21 <phf> okay, it's peter, going with my login now
17:16:26 <phf> phf = peter
17:16:52 <mchua> ianweller: so queue up links to good wiki intros, figure out how to talk about what you've done and how you got started, etc.
17:17:23 <ianweller> mchua: 'wiki intros
17:17:29 <ianweller> ' -- as in intros to how wikis work?
17:17:34 <mchua> ianweller: "I am new to mediawiki syntax"
17:17:35 <mchua> ianweller: ...yeah
17:18:32 <posse_projector> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Textbook_Project
17:19:39 <mihaela> please add my feed to teachingopensource planet: http://mihaelasabin.wordpress.com/feed/
17:21:16 <Aparna> created an account for bugs.sugarlab.org
17:28:01 <kwurst> mchua: created sugar labs wiki account
17:29:02 <phf> mchua: done with redhat accounts
17:30:11 <kwurst> mchua: created fedora account
17:30:30 <phf> i'll make someone's userpage if you'll make mine
17:30:31 <phf> volunteer now
17:30:33 <phf> ;-D
17:34:11 <kwurst> mchua: created redhat bugzilla account
17:34:30 <phf> userpage going once
17:34:36 <phf> going twice
17:34:50 <kwurst> phf: once mel stops talking...
17:34:59 <phf> kwurst: okay you're on
17:36:13 * quaid peeks in
17:36:22 <posse_projector> ianweller: You're on!
17:36:27 <posse_projector> #topic Ian Weller on Wikis
17:36:47 <mchua> What's going to happen now: ianweller is going to talk about wikis and handle any questions folks have about syntax
17:37:00 <mchua> in about 10 minutes I'm going to do a Mediawiki editing tutorial up front for those who are new and want to follow along
17:37:07 <ianweller> o hai
17:37:18 <kwurst> phf: Ok, what's your user page?
17:37:28 <mchua> And in the meantime, everyone is (presumably) hopping into this channel to start coordinating their userpage editing with some buddy they can find in this channel... just like phf and kwurst did a moment ago. ;)
17:37:34 <mchua> ianweller: Let 'er rip.
17:37:54 <k_striegnitz> Ok. I have a wiki account, too. Who is going to edit my user page?
17:37:56 * quaid gets out the popcorn and prepares to heckle ianweller
17:38:01 <ianweller> quaid: oh you
17:38:06 <Jeff_S> popcorn?
17:38:09 <ianweller> so i'm just going to briefly explain what a wiki is, why fedora and other free software projects have a wiki, and some basics of MediaWiki syntax
17:38:30 <phf> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Kwurst
17:38:44 <ianweller> i assume that most of you have heard of wikipedia, since you live in academia. :)
17:38:59 <phf> kwurst: oh, it's phf so Phf on wiki
17:39:02 <Aparna> I am looking for someone to edit my page.  Who is willing to do that?
17:39:04 <kwurst> phf: I need *your* page.
17:39:08 <phf> oh
17:39:09 <phf> lol
17:39:17 <phf> http://www.cs.jhu.edu/~phf/
17:39:26 <ianweller> so basically put, a wiki is something that anybody can edit, expand upon, etc
17:39:30 <k_striegnitz> Aparna: I can do it. Can you do mine?
17:39:40 <ianweller> free software projects like wikis because they lower the barrier to contribution by a ton
17:39:43 <phf> kwurst: read what i wrote for you before you make a serious attempt at copying my cv
17:39:46 <kwurst> Aparna: Just get Mahadev to do it, you won't need to tell him anything...
17:40:03 <phf> lol
17:40:04 * mchua grins
17:40:19 <kwurst> phf: So, what's your sugar labs wiki page?
17:40:47 <ianweller> i'm assuming most of you know how to edit a wiki since you're digging right in. does anybody have any questions about wikis or, more specifically, nuances in MediaWiki's setup and syntax?
17:41:04 <ianweller> btw here's a nice cheatsheet for those of you who like cheatsheets - http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WMDOC/Cheatsheet/en
17:41:14 <kwurst> phf: Oh, you plan to take stuff off my faculty page? (I'm looking over your shoulder...)
17:41:54 * ianweller sits and waits patiently for questions :)
17:42:05 <phf> kwurst: no i don't except for your title :-D
17:42:36 <phf> kwurst: User:Phf?
17:42:55 <ianweller> mchua: (do you want me to say anything more? where should i go from here, etc)
17:43:14 <mchua> ianweller: when they get their students into FOSS projects, should they set up their own wikis, use the project wikis and create a subspace, edit pages that already exist there, etc?
17:43:21 <phf> kwurst: again, read http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Kwurst first :-D
17:43:23 <mchua> ianweller: basically, "wiki etiquette" would be a good thing to cover (or link to)
17:43:28 <ianweller> ooh.
17:44:21 <ianweller> so there are some expectations on most wikis of how to treat each other. one of the core tenets of most wikis is "assume good faith"
17:44:37 <ianweller> basically, assume people are doing things because they want to improve something
17:45:10 <ianweller> (and that's a core tenet of free software communities, too. don't be absolutely rude to somebody just because they did something wrong)
17:45:27 * mchua will push her demo back until ianweller is done ;)
17:45:34 <ianweller> so other than the obvious stuff that most communities have, there's some specifics that mediawiki supports
17:45:44 <ianweller> first, signatures and talk pages
17:46:11 <ianweller> mediawiki has a specific infrastructure for providing discussion about a subject and providing content about a subject
17:46:32 <ianweller> this has mostly come from its use on wikipedia, because people want to keep discussion about a page from infiltrating the useful content of a page.
17:46:58 <ianweller> on any mediawiki site, you can click on the "discussion" or "talk" tab at the top of the page (or wherever it is. /me goes to check for sugar labs) and discuss the page
17:47:25 <ianweller> user talk pages are special because when you edit them, the next time that user is logged in and views something on the wiki, a large orange box will appear saying that the user has new messages
17:47:30 <mchua> (btw, who needs a mediawiki editing demo? If you're blocking on that, I don't want to keep you waiting too long)
17:47:55 <Mahadev> How do I change my password on fedora account?  I am not talking about the first time.
17:48:14 <ianweller> on *any* talk page, especially user talk pages, sign your edits. that way people don't have to fish through the edit history to see who left a note on their page
17:48:17 <mchua> Mahadev: can you log into https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/ ?
17:48:24 <mchua> Mahadev: There's a password-change dialog there I can walk you through, if so
17:48:44 <kwurst> phf: how's my first pass?
17:48:46 <ianweller> if you want to try this, go ahead and click "discussion" at the top of anybody's user page and add a little note. then after your note, follow it with the wiki syntax "--~~~~" -- which is two dashes, followed by syntax that includes your wiki username and a timestamp
17:49:04 <ianweller> s/dashes/hyphens/ for you typographers in the crowd ;)
17:49:32 * mchua will demo what ianweller is talking about on the projector in a moment (Ian, you're making this easy for me, I just have to demo what you're explaining ;)
17:49:41 <mchua> (thank you)
17:49:45 <ianweller> (no problme)
17:49:49 * ianweller fires his typist
17:49:57 <mchua> another one? geez, you really go through 'em. :P
17:50:01 <Mahadev> I got the password change done.  Thank you.
17:50:07 <ianweller> uh what else is important. /me thinks
17:50:08 <mchua> Mahadev: great!
17:50:25 <mchua> (as a note: once ianweller is done, I'm going to ask who still needs to pair up with a wiki-editing partner, and then launch into the demo)
17:50:56 <ianweller> here's a nice page on wiki etiquette http://www.jspwiki.org/wiki/WikiEtiquette
17:51:23 <ianweller> really only read the 'general' section on the top there because the other sections deal with wiki software you won't be using today ;)
17:52:10 <mchua> (oh - ianweller, lemme know when you're done, but keep going, this is all good stuff :)
17:52:39 <ianweller> i guess the last thing i should mention is naming your pages well
17:52:46 <ianweller> mediawiki's built in search engine sucks
17:52:49 * posse_projector preps for the demo on the netbook up front while ian finishes
17:52:59 <ianweller> you can help it not suck though! by naming your pages well
17:53:10 <ianweller> many wikis will use CamelCase for naming pages, which confuses mediawiki
17:53:22 <ianweller> if you use plain english names for wiki pages, that helps a lot.
17:53:34 <ianweller> so, if you have a page talking about uhhhhhh.
17:53:39 * ianweller tries to think of an example :)
17:53:42 <Jefro> conference participants
17:53:59 <Jefro> (just discussing in other window - we had "Attendants" vs. "Attendees")
17:54:07 <Jefro> now consolidated to "Participants"
17:54:20 <ianweller> if you have a page talking about participants in POSSE, you should name it "POSSE participants" instead of PosseParticipants or "Participants" or whatever
17:54:30 <ianweller> something simple, to the point, and in plain english with spacing and everythign
17:54:33 <ianweller> everything**
17:54:58 <ianweller> mchua: i think i'm done, unless people have questions. you can take my words of advice and turn them into a demo
17:55:38 <mchua> ianweller: I shall do that!
17:55:44 <mchua> thank you, ianweller, o fount of wiki wisdom.
17:55:53 <ianweller> hardly. ;)
17:56:22 * ianweller is more of a wiki knowledge well than a fountain. ask and ye shall receive
17:56:46 * walterbender will be a buddy
17:57:01 <k_striegnitz> Who can do my wiki user page: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Kristina.striegnitz
17:57:15 <mihaela> ... mine?
17:57:26 <gpollice> k_striegnitz: I can. Will you do mine?
17:57:34 <posse_projector> pbrobinson: I will make your userpage!
17:57:49 <pbrobinson> posse_projector: YAY :-)
17:57:49 <posse_projector> posse_projector: Where would you like it, and what info do you want on it?
17:57:51 <k_striegnitz> gpollice: Sure. What's the url?
17:58:29 <kwurst> phf: What else would you like added to your page?
17:59:09 <gpollice> k_striegnitz: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:gpollice
18:00:39 <mihaela> how do i get the 'user page' tab?
18:01:58 <gpollice> k_striegnitz: OK, what is the basic info you want on your page?
18:03:26 <gpollice> k_striegnitz: My basic contact info is at http://web.cs.wpi.edu/~gpollice/
18:04:39 <mihaela> walterbender: buddying on wiki writing?
18:04:53 <walterbender> mihaela: yes...
18:05:13 <gpollice> k_striegnitz: You can copy my bi from http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/au/2829
18:05:15 <mihaela> watlerbender: im at http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Mihaelasabin
18:05:20 <ianweller> everybody doing alright?
18:06:05 <mihaela> walterbender: where's yours?
18:06:55 <walterbender> mihaela: http://wiki.sugarlabs.rg/go/User:Walter
18:07:20 <walterbender> mihaela: your page doesn't exist yet
18:07:30 <walterbender> mihaela: have you saved it yet?
18:07:32 <mihaela> walterbender: wow!
18:08:14 <gpollice> k_striegnitz: what information do you want on your page?
18:08:36 <mihaela> walterbender: a sec...
18:08:42 <Jefro> walterbender mihaela  : I think that is http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Walter
18:09:41 <mihaela> jefro: got it, thanks!
18:09:47 <walterbender> Jefro: yes... typo.  we usually just say w.sl.o/... as a shorthand
18:10:39 <Jefro> :)  got it - very detailed user page
18:12:21 <phf> wiki wiki wiki :-D
18:13:19 <mihaela> walterbender: do i irc-you simple info text for my wiki page?
18:15:07 <mchua> mihaela: Yep!
18:15:13 <mchua> That's exactly right.
18:15:28 <mchua> We're basically trying to get people used to coordinating via text - in the middle of a (semi)-busy channel.
18:15:41 <phf> anyone else need a wiki buddy? I am free
18:16:10 <mchua> Because this is how things happen in the FOSS world all the time. Tomorrow we'll be bringing folks into other channels to do work (#sugar) with the mainstream community, and we want to give people a chance to practice their IRC-skillz before jumping into that particular ocean. ;)
18:16:22 <mchua> Mahadev: did you find a wiki buddy? phf is free. ^^
18:16:28 <mihaela> walterbender: I teach at University of New Hampshire.
18:16:51 <phf> wiki voodoo? :-D
18:16:52 <Mahadev> I thought Aparna is my wiki buddy
18:16:56 <mihaela> walterbender: My home page is [http://sites.google.com/a/unh.edu/mihaelasabin]
18:16:57 <mchua> Mahadev: ah, that works too!
18:17:29 <mihaela> walterbender: Email: mihaela DOT sabin AT unh DOT edu
18:17:55 <Mahadev> Mel: did you say something about changing the nick name to something like nmahadev_afk?
18:18:23 <Mahadev> aparna:  Are you my wiki buddy?
18:18:45 <k_striegnitz> gpollice: sorry, I missed your irc messages. Check out what I did.
18:19:13 <k_striegnitz> gpollice: My web site is at cs.union.edu/~striegnk
18:19:15 <mchua> Mahadev: Yes - usually, the convention we use is that if you're going to be away from your computer for a while but still want to stay in the IRC channel (so you can read what people have been saying when you get back, for instance)
18:19:16 <mihaela> walterbender: ==HFOSS@UNHM==
18:19:33 <Mahadev> aparna: do you want me to create a wiki page.  If so, what do you want?
18:19:33 <mchua> Mahadev: you set your nick to <yournick>_afk, for "away from keyboard," so people know that if they talk to you, you might not respond for a while (until you get back).
18:19:39 <phf> who is teaching OS again in the Fall?
18:19:45 <mchua> Mahadev: you do that with "/nick <your-user-name>_afk" (no quotes)
18:19:49 <mihaela> walterbender: [http://sites.google.com/site/hfossunhm]
18:19:53 <mchua> Mahadev: for instance, "/nick mchua_afk" (for me)
18:20:01 <mchua> Mahadev: and then "/nick mchua" to change my name back to mchua when I get back.
18:20:05 <walterbender> mihaela: you should link to your home page from your wiki User page
18:20:07 <Mahadev> Mel:   I get it.  Thanks.
18:20:42 * mchua nods
18:20:47 <mihaela> walterbender: what do i write on your page?
18:21:09 <kwurst> How often does Planet TOS update? I just posted a blog entry and it hasn't shown up on Planet TOS yet.
18:21:42 <gpollice> k_striegnitz: OK. That's a good start. I just saved yours. I'm sure there's more to add.
18:22:03 <mihaela> walterbender: ==Manchester Student Scholars Program==
18:22:08 <k_striegnitz> Another question about the "planets": how do you make sure that only a posts with a certain tag get included?
18:22:43 <mchua> k_striegnitz: Usually, you would create categories/tags on your blog, and typically the blog software will have an individual feed for each category.
18:22:46 <mchua> k_striegnitz: I'll see if I can find you an example.
18:23:02 <walterbender> mihaela: maybe write on my Talk page about your program...
18:23:40 <kwurst> mchua: So, how do we change the planet to post only items from a particular feed? Do we have to ask the admin?
18:23:41 <walterbender> k_striegnitz: usually you can register just specific tags with the planet.
18:23:57 <quaid> example:  http://iquaid.org/category/tos/ is what I use to feed the TOS planet
18:24:12 <quaid> http://iquaid.org/category/tos/feed is the actual RSS feed
18:24:42 <gpollice> Will that work with wordpress as well?
18:24:55 <mchua> kwurst: For the TOS wiki, not at all - you can change the feed URL yourself. :)
18:25:01 <mchua> gpollice: Yep! I use Wordpress for my own blog, actually.
18:25:23 <mchua> it sounds like kwurst, k_striegnitz, and gpollice all want to learn how to send only a specific category to a planet... are all three of you using wordpress?
18:25:32 <gpollice> mchua: I am.
18:25:39 <k_striegnitz> mchua: me too
18:25:51 <kwurst> mchua: +1
18:27:30 <kwurst> phf: Did you see my other additions to your page?
18:27:32 <phf> i use lyceum for my blog, i guess it doesn't support the category feeds :-/
18:27:37 <phf> kwurst: not yet
18:28:39 <mchua> Hey, gregdek! We showed folks the textbook a bit earlier, if you want to say anything about it ;)
18:28:56 <mchua> gpollice: kwurst: k_striegnitz - gimme a sec, I'll try to queue up a tutorial for you on that, I'll do it on the big screen.
18:29:18 <gregdek> Patches welcome?  :)
18:29:29 <gregdek> Is this Day One?
18:30:10 <phf> kwurst: and now the link on YOUR page even works :-D
18:30:18 <kwurst> I miss my big screen. Too many windows open, not enough screen real estate on this laptop.
18:30:43 <phf> kwurst: ACME to the rescue! :-D
18:31:59 <mchua> gregdek: It is!
18:32:10 <gpollice> k_stiegnitz: Any more to add to your page?
18:32:35 <k_striegnitz> mchua: I found where to create the categories and tags. Now, I am wondering: How do people use the two? I understand that categories can have a hierarchy. Is it also true that a post can only be in one spot in the category tree, but can have multiple tags? And for filtering feeds, does it matter whether I use tags or categories?
18:33:14 <phf> k_striegnitz: i think the category/tag thing depends on the blogging platform?
18:33:38 <k_striegnitz> gpollice: Looks good to me for now. Thanks!
18:35:53 <mchua> k_striegnitz: The hierarchy thing (for wordpress) is correct - and for filtering feeds, it does not matter.
18:37:16 * mchua trying to load up pages on the projector to illustrate the category stuff
18:41:16 <phf> wow the category syntax Mel found works for lyceum too! thanks Mel! :-D
18:41:26 <posse_projector> http://teachingopensource.org/index.php/Planet_Feed_List#Feeds
18:45:27 <mihaela> mchua: [http://mihaelasabin.wordpress.com/category/teachingopensource/feed
18:45:54 <mihaela> mchua: name Mihaela Sabin - UNH (mihaela)
18:46:02 <mchua> mihaela: Awesome - I will make that edit.
18:46:15 <phf> mchua: better feeds for me are http://blogs.jhu.edu/phf/category/sugar/atom and http://blogs.jhu.edu/phf/category/teaching/atom
18:46:17 * mchua didn't want to force everyone to make yet another wiki account, but you could also make an account on the TOS wiki and edit the page yourself as well.
18:46:20 <mchua> phf: got it
18:48:30 <mchua> mihaela, phf: you've been added/modified on the TOS planet.
18:48:34 <k_striegnitz> mchua: http://striegnitz.wordpress.com/tag/teaching_open_source/feed/
18:49:24 <mchua> k_striegnitz: yours too. :)
18:49:35 <gpollice> mchua: http://gpollice.wordpress.com/category/OpenSource/feed
18:51:38 <Mahadev> Mel: If I delete a blog, will the feeds get deleted too?
18:51:47 <phf> i don't know if people here do linkedin.com, but just in case http://www.linkedin.com/in/froehlich
18:52:08 <mchua> Mahadev: If you delete a post, or the entire blog?
18:52:11 <kwurst> mchua: fixed my own feed (I think)
18:52:32 <Mahadev> Mel: I meant a post in the blog.  Oops.
18:52:44 <mchua> Mahadev: If you delete a post, the Planets it gets sent out to may still have that post, depending on how they pull it in / refresh what they display.
18:53:13 <mchua> Mahadev: It's not something I'd worry about too much (if you are worried about cluttering the Planet with "hello world" posts or something like that). A bit of startup noise happens once in a while.
18:53:19 <phf> walterbender: just curious, do you use cpython or some other variant?
18:53:53 <kwurst> mchua: Can you talk about the ssh key?
18:54:10 <Mahadev> OK.  I deleted the post anyway.  We will see if after a refresh, it will disappear from the Planet
18:54:50 <mchua> kwurst: Totally. I may have to do that after class or in an email or somesuch, but bring it up after wrap-up in a few and we'll tackle that.
18:59:07 <phf> kwurst: man ssh-keygen
18:59:15 <Jefro> mchua Mahadev - in my experience, if I delete a blog post that has already gone out via RSS, the links will still exist (because they were already there) but the link will be broken.
18:59:51 * quaid gives a general +1 to having this all on #teachingopensource v. a new POSSE-specific channel
19:00:02 <posse_projector> quaid: exactly :)
19:00:06 * posse_projector trying to do wrap-up now
19:00:37 <mchua> fardad! long time no see!
19:00:48 <Mahadev> Mel:  What is the difference between  a page and a post on a blog?
19:00:49 * sdziallas notes that we're kicking off a Sugar on a Stick meeting in #sugar-meeting soon.
19:01:03 <mchua> fardad: will you by any chance be around this channel anytime this week? would love to have you meet some of the folks we have at POSSE Worcester here.
19:02:51 <walterbender> phf: I just use whatever vanilla Python that is installed on F13 or Ubuntu 10.4
19:07:22 <phf> all: thanks for today, it was great! i'll sit in on your meeting now but i'll be quiet :-D
19:07:40 <posse_projector> Okay, so folks who want to sit in on the SoaS meeting, type "/join #sugar-meeting" (no quotes) and you'll be right in that channel.
19:08:06 <posse_projector> We have... formally ended for the day, though we will keep this logger running for a bit for questions (such as ssh keys, which Mahadev and kwurst have asked about - though I believe phf is writing that up now.)
19:08:20 <mchua> so Mahadev and kwurst, ask phf, I suppose :)
19:08:23 <mchua> if that works out ok
19:08:23 <sdziallas> posse_projector: dear projector, can you please ask the Mel how it's going? :)
19:09:29 <mchua> pbrobinson: also, can I have the .ks and .iso links for the new remix?
19:09:34 <mchua> the one with working network manager?
19:11:08 <pbrobinson> mchua: will push them to a publically accessible http now
20:25:25 <mchua> We've wrapped up for the day. Massive amounts of notes will be taken upon my return to civilization (read: wifi.)
20:25:49 * mchua switching into driver mode (Mssrs. Bender and Robinson, your chariot awaits.)
22:50:49 <pfroehlich> anyone here?
22:50:54 <mihaela> pfroehlich: im here
22:50:58 <mihaela> pf
22:51:03 <pfroehlich> lol that took HOURS
22:51:11 <pfroehlich> and i had to change my login
22:51:14 <pfroehlich> sigh
22:51:15 <mihaela> pfroehlich: [sorry, slip of a tab]
22:51:37 <pfroehlich> hungry? :D
22:51:59 <kis> Hi. I am here too. (Kristina)
22:52:04 <pfroehlich> yay!
22:52:10 <mihaela> yes. peter r, kristina, and i decided to meet at 7 in the lobby at the marriott
22:52:22 <pfroehlich> oh
22:52:27 <pfroehlich> well i better get going then I guess
22:52:41 <pfroehlich> now to find that hotel...
22:52:49 <kis> I tried to look for restaurants online. Looks like there are a lot on Shrewsbury Street. I think that would be driving distance, though.
22:53:14 <pfroehlich> is the marriot on salisbury?
22:53:22 <kis> its on grove
22:53:27 <mihaela> we take one car from marriott
22:53:32 <pfroehlich> grove?
22:53:34 <pfroehlich> let me see
22:53:36 <pfroehlich> gotta map it
22:54:06 <pfroehlich> oh that's the courtyard on my list, not the marriot
22:54:16 * mchua here
22:54:31 * pfroehlich is getting driving directions
22:54:37 <mchua> ooh, food. I... am reminded that I should get dinner at some point.
22:54:37 * pfroehlich hopes you guys will wait
22:54:59 <mihaela> courtyard and marriott are the same thing
22:55:06 <mihaela> (on grove)
22:55:31 <pfroehlich> how's it with parking there? or can you pick me up from the hampton inn? ;-D
22:55:43 <mihaela> we can do the pick-up
22:55:46 <pfroehlich> yay
22:55:48 <mihaela> what's the address?
22:55:52 <pfroehlich> 110 Summer Street
22:56:09 <mihaela> off to the lobby
22:56:14 <mihaela> whats your cell?
22:56:20 <kis> I think it's actually sort of on the way to Shrewsbury, if that's where we want to go.
22:56:20 <pfroehlich> 443 762 4220
22:56:33 <pfroehlich> should i bring my GPS?
22:56:36 <pfroehlich> :-d
22:56:48 <mihaela> we have a gps
22:56:57 <pfroehlich> okies
22:56:58 <mihaela> we'll call from the lobby when we leave
22:57:07 <pfroehlich> okay sounds great
22:57:09 <pfroehlich> thank you
22:57:14 <pfroehlich> i can drive tomorrow ;-D
22:57:49 <pfroehlich> btw, sorry for the delay with the ssh-keygen instructions
22:57:52 <kis> BTW, how do you make these "stage instructions".
22:57:56 <pfroehlich> now they'll have to wait until after dinner
22:58:04 <pfroehlich> what instructions?
22:58:09 * pfroehlich shrugs
22:58:13 <kis> Yes.
22:58:14 <pfroehlich> those?
22:58:22 <kis> Yes, those.
22:58:25 <pfroehlich> it's "/me whatever"
22:58:31 * pfroehlich waves
22:58:38 * kis waves
22:58:42 <kis> ahh!
22:58:44 <pfroehlich> :-D
22:59:21 <kis> ok. I am going down.
22:59:45 <pfroehlich> i'll be out front
22:59:51 <pfroehlich> thanks again for the pickup
22:59:55 <pfroehlich> cya soon
00:46:36 <diamond-> So gary, it's taken me all night to get configured to get on this irc
00:47:00 * ianweller waves to everybody
00:48:04 <gpollice> diamond: I was using Chatzilla today. I just got Fedora set up in VirtualBox on my Mac and now I'm using the IRC chat that was on the distribution.
00:50:17 <diamond-> the problem is, when I log off this disk, everything is going away.  i'll have to start from scratch reloading chatzilla, etc.
00:51:25 <gpollice> diamond: Did you install it on the hard disk after logging on? If so, it will be able to persist the state.
00:51:51 <diamond-> yeah, but how will i ever get rid of it at the end of the week?
00:52:39 <mchua> diamond-: If you're installing it on the VM, it should just install into the VM.
00:53:04 <mchua> diamond-: And run faster that way, too. Then you can remove the liveCD, and just run the virtual image in VirtualBox - and at the end of the week, just delete the virtual machine.
00:53:50 <gpollice> That's what I did. It works great. I hadn't installed it properly in VirtualBox earlier today,but it's working great now.
00:54:11 <diamond-> Hi Mel, I can give that a try, but it's taken Gary all night to figure that out.  Maybe I'll get some advice from him tomorrow in class.
00:54:34 <gpollice> My only gripe is that the size of the display.
00:54:53 <gpollice> diamond-: Hang on. I canpoint you at a great video for it on YouTube.
00:55:32 <diamond-> Gary:  that would be great - I'll give it a try.
00:56:24 <gpollice> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad_-yV-Dw04
00:57:53 <gpollice> Instead of downloading an iso image, you just use the CD/DVD drive on your system and the rest of the stuff just works.
00:58:59 <diamond-> OK - I'm off to give that a try
00:59:11 <gpollice> Good luck. I'll be on for a while.
01:02:03 <walterbender> mchua: is the video gpollice shared linked to from the SoaS pages anywhere?
01:05:28 <mchua> walterbender: Not yet, unless someone makes the edit. ;)
01:05:49 * mchua is actually exhausted - closing logs right now so I can reopen them and send the current version to the list
01:05:53 <mchua> #endmeeting