15:00:24 <jpena> #startmeeting RDO meeting - 2019-11-27
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15:00:41 <amoralej> o/
15:00:42 <jpena> Remember that you can add any last-minute topic to the agenda at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/RDO-Meeting
15:00:45 <jpena> #topic roll call
15:00:48 <jpena> #chair amoralej
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15:00:50 <leanderthal> o/
15:00:52 <jcapitao> o/
15:01:02 <jpena> #chair leanderthal jcapitao
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15:01:08 <leanderthal> aw, shucks
15:01:10 <tosky> o/
15:01:23 <jpena> #chair tosky
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15:01:23 <openstack> Current chairs: amoralej jcapitao jpena leanderthal tosky
15:04:04 <jpena> let's start with the agenda
15:04:09 <jpena> #topic CentOS8 Updates, still no ETA for centos8 buildroot in CBS.
15:04:38 <jpena> amoralej: ^^
15:05:03 <amoralej> #info projects started removing support for python2
15:05:34 <amoralej> pressure to move to centos8 is growing as some projects are not longer running with python2
15:05:57 <amoralej> and we still don't have buildroot for centos8 in cbs so we've started plan B
15:06:08 <amoralej> which is building dependencies in a copr
15:06:26 <amoralej> #info Started deps bootstrap in copr https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/g/openstack-sig/centos8-deps
15:07:00 <leanderthal> who is responsible for the buildroot? is there something i can do to follow up?
15:07:17 <amoralej> #info deps bootstrap is using latest fedora builds in f32 and enabling automatic dependencies in python to match fedora behavior
15:07:28 <amoralej> leanderthal, it's task for centos infra team
15:07:33 <leanderthal> gotcha.
15:07:44 <amoralej> they report status in cbs meeting on mondays
15:07:45 <leanderthal> amoralej, okay, i'll nudge
15:08:04 <amoralej> currently there is no ETA
15:08:14 <leanderthal> ok
15:08:21 <leanderthal> move forward on plan b and i'll nudge as well
15:08:28 <amoralej> ack
15:08:46 <amoralej> yeah, plan b is just temporary until we can start doing proper cbs builds
15:09:13 <leanderthal> okay
15:09:50 <amoralej> but i expect it will help us to bootstrap a rdo trunk repo and bootstrap faster in cbs
15:10:03 <amoralej> that's it from my side
15:10:09 <jpena> ack, moving on
15:10:13 <jpena> #topic Meeting time update
15:10:44 <jpena> so we got one more response in the email thread (thanks leanderthal!), that's a total of 5 people in favor of meeting one hour earlier
15:10:49 <jpena> that's 14:00 UTC on Wednesdays
15:10:52 <leanderthal> :-)
15:10:58 <leanderthal> earlier? or later?
15:11:02 <jpena> earlier
15:11:04 <leanderthal> i'd LOVE earlier.
15:11:07 <leanderthal> i can totally do earlier.
15:11:32 <leanderthal> so an hour and eleven minutes ago?
15:11:36 <leanderthal> it would've started?
15:11:39 <rdogerrit> rdo-trunk created openstack/kuryr-kubernetes-distgit rpm-master: openstack-kuryr-kubernetes: failed to build b56581c  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/23857
15:11:41 <leanderthal> ended eleven minutes ago?
15:11:42 <jpena> yep
15:11:46 <leanderthal> #YESSSSS
15:11:53 <jpena> so, unless someone complains in the next few minutes, can we agree on that?
15:11:58 <leanderthal> yuppers
15:12:07 <leanderthal> let's give people a few minutes to reply here, though?
15:12:12 <jpena> yes, just in case
15:12:16 <leanderthal> exactly.
15:12:18 <amoralej> +1
15:12:22 <jcapitao> +1
15:12:27 <leanderthal> +1
15:12:38 <jpena> tosky: I think you're the only one in the meeting who did not reply to the thread. Are you ok with having the RDO meeting 1 hour earlier?
15:13:23 <leanderthal> so my only hesitation is that it'd be at 0600 for west coast united states.
15:13:31 <leanderthal> but... we don't have anyone hard core over there?
15:13:36 <tosky> jpena: I'm usually passively following anyway, and I'm around
15:13:46 <leanderthal> the furthest over off the top of my head is in central us time zone.
15:13:51 <leanderthal> tosky, nice
15:13:54 <tosky> so I thought it was better to leave the decision to the people who follow more actively
15:13:57 <tosky> but thanks for asking :)
15:14:42 <leanderthal> also, for example, in china it'd be 2200 instead of 2300
15:14:55 <jpena> it's a more manageable time for India, too
15:15:01 <leanderthal> exactly.
15:16:44 <jpena> alright, we have a deal
15:17:02 <jpena> #agreed Meeting time moves to 14:00 UTC on Wednesdays (1 hour earlier than before)
15:17:23 <jpena> #topic Questions about RDO CI/Software Factory
15:17:28 <jpena> tosky: ^^
15:18:07 <tosky> so, during the Cinder PTG and now during the Virtual Cinder PTG, the issue of 3rd party CIs popped up
15:18:22 <tosky> cinder has many of them, and several are struggling to switch to zuulv3
15:18:45 <tosky> so I though about proposing the usage of software factory, because it's what I've seen used by you
15:19:42 <tosky> now, I almost know nothing about it, and I may have looked more around, but the question is: do you have some documentation on the way you set up the RDO CI? Some guidelines,
15:19:48 <tosky> some documents that could be shared
15:19:59 <jpena> there's some documentation on https://www.softwarefactory-project.io/docs/3.3/operator/quickstart.html?highlight=third%20party#third-party-ci-quickstart
15:20:08 <jpena> (don't worry about the ssl certificate, we'll solve that soon)
15:21:01 * tosky looking
15:22:48 <tosky> those are the instructions for connecting the 3rd party CI; but before that, is the basic software factory documentation enough to set a "production" system? Is there some trick or issue you found and it's not documented?
15:23:04 <amoralej> tosky, so, iiuc you are proposing them to deploy their instances or sf to run it
15:23:06 <amoralej> right?
15:23:32 <jpena> the basic documentation should be enough to deploy. Most of the tricks are in the user setup for review.opendev, and then all the zuul job setup
15:24:03 <tosky> yes, the idea is to have the cinder team document something know to work for the 3rd party CIs
15:24:04 <jpena> a basic setup is really 3-4 commands (install repo rpm, install sfconfig, edit yaml file, run sf-config)
15:24:26 <amoralej> they'll also need to configure nodepool
15:24:37 <tosky> that's the thing about documentation :)
15:24:38 <amoralej> and to have a openstack tenant for it
15:25:00 <tosky> I guess they can rely on the standard zuul documentatin for the nodepool part, or is there something that helps on the sf side?
15:25:31 <amoralej> i think it's quite standard nodepool config
15:26:00 <jpena> there's documentation from the sf side to automate the setup. Basically, add the nodepool provider info (URL for cloud provider, user, password, tenant, etc) to the sfconfig.yaml file, and let the installer do its magic
15:26:56 <jpena> tosky: feel free to ping me or tristanC for any details, we'd be happy to help
15:27:05 <tosky> jpena: this one: https://www.softwarefactory-project.io/docs/3.3/operator/deployment.html#installation ?
15:27:19 <jpena> right
15:27:47 <jpena> I wrote a blog post some time ago with all details, but it was using an earlier version (with zuul v2 and jenkins)
15:27:49 <tosky> do you prefer if we act as a filters, or can we unleash the 3rd party CI admins directly towards you and tristanC? :)
15:28:30 <jpena> if you want to set up an initial guide, we'd be more than happy. After that, there's the #softwarefactory channel on Freenode where you can unleash the beast
15:28:50 <tosky> perfect, thanks!
15:29:04 <tosky> I will report this back to the cinder people and see how to move forward
15:29:27 <tosky> no other questions for now
15:29:53 <jpena> thanks tosky!
15:30:28 <jpena> #topic Chair for next meeting
15:30:32 <jpena> any volunteers?
15:31:02 <leanderthal> I can totally do it now! with the earlier time, i'm online for the entirety!
15:31:17 <jpena> #action leanderthal to chair the next meeting
15:31:19 <jpena> thx :o)
15:31:36 <jpena> #topic open floor
15:33:18 <jpena> Any other topics to discuss?
15:34:16 <tristanC> tosky: we'd be happy to help you setup a third party ci, the doc is pretty light on that subject but you can start with https://softwarefactory-project.io/docs/operator/quickstart.html#third-party-ci-quickstart
15:35:40 <tosky> all magic in the quickstart, that's good
15:40:14 <rdogerrit> Ronelle Landy proposed rdo-jobs master: DNM: Testing add_repos for component promotion  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/23841
15:43:26 <leanderthal> jpena, i think we're good for the meeting if you wanna close out
15:43:27 <rdogerrit> Merged rdoinfo master: Bump Ussuri to OVS/OVN 2.12  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/23355
15:43:32 <jpena> yes, let's close
15:43:34 <jpena> #endmeeting