17:31:45 <gwelkind> #startmeeting
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17:32:03 <gwelkind> #meetingname RepoManagementRepo
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17:32:12 <gwelkind> :00-:05 New members introduce themselves, moderators outline the structure and standards of the meeting
17:32:12 <gwelkind> :05-:25 Review the conclusions of the last meeting, devs report relevant progress, update project Trello board accordingly
17:32:12 <gwelkind> :25-:45 Discuss the project at a higher level. The work that needs to be done between now and the next meeting. Also time to evaluate the progress of the previous week and ask clarifying questions.
17:32:12 <gwelkind> :45-1:00 Make conclusions and delegate workpieces for all members to do before next meeting.
17:32:34 <gwelkind> #topic Introductions
17:33:25 <gwelkind> Hello, I'm gwelkind! We are now meeting to discuss centralization of OSE's project data
17:33:52 <gwelkind> Please try to maintain focus during the meeting and be respectful to all present
17:33:56 <gwelkind> Anyone new here?
17:35:11 <gwelkind> pers, would you like to discuss data centralization with us?
17:35:55 <gwelkind> kashyap, you here?
17:35:59 <pers> Of, cource. I'm here at Factor E Farm.
17:36:07 <gwelkind> Oh, nice. Will?
17:36:16 <pers> Yes
17:36:54 <gwelkind> Great! I presume that victormacul has shown you the trello?
17:37:29 <victormacul> I just did it!
17:37:43 <gwelkind> tnx
17:39:25 <gwelkind> pers, our primary goal right now is to segment OSE's project data into sovereign github repos, each commanded by small groups of branch managers
17:39:39 <gwelkind> that sound like something you can get into?
17:39:50 <pers> Sure.
17:41:01 <gwelkind> Sweet. Really glad to have you aboard for this, I'm sure your expertise will be invaluable here
17:41:11 <gwelkind> #ProgressUpdate
17:41:18 <gwelkind> I mean,
17:41:23 <gwelkind> #topic ProgressUpdate
17:41:41 <gwelkind> Any luck contacting Elifarley, victormacul?
17:42:31 <victormacul> I talked with him yestarday and ask him to participate of our meetings a talk with you by skype
17:42:58 <victormacul> Now, I sent a mesange to him again to remember about the meeting
17:44:11 <gwelkind> Hm. Alright, well, moving forwards.
17:44:31 <gwelkind> I put together the project charter here:
17:45:05 <gwelkind> and put some serious thought into what the next step is here
17:45:11 <gwelkind> no more progress to report
17:45:21 <gwelkind> How are things on your end victormacul?
17:46:46 <victormacul> I finished to organize the board. So I remove the old cards and add some new cards related with the phases that we did.
17:47:18 <victormacul>
17:48:49 <victormacul> could you talk with someone else of the advisors list?
17:49:09 <gwelkind> Nice
17:50:08 <gwelkind> Yes, good idea, I'll set up meetings with folks from the kicad project and contact some of the alumni.
17:51:19 <gwelkind> #PlansForNextMeeting
17:51:45 <gwelkind> I think we're ready to begin Phase II: implementation
17:52:43 <victormacul> Gabe, remember to copy us in the emails that you will send
17:52:55 <gwelkind> Will do!
17:53:08 <victormacul> ok
17:53:39 <gwelkind> The tasks I see in the immediate future are: Adding local githooks, writing deployment bots (and defining instructional standards) and formalizing github workflow
17:54:06 <gwelkind> pers, I could really use your help with these things, I think they're mostly fairly straightforward
17:55:18 <pers> Yea. I can help you with git and irc.
17:55:44 <gwelkind> Doap. How about this: I can add some task cards in the backlog, add full descriptions and just feel free to assign yourself to any of them you have time/interest for?
17:55:57 <pers> Sounds good.
17:56:17 <victormacul> perfect
17:56:23 <pers> You guys know where you want to go. Just sick me at some tasks.
17:57:22 <pers> Doap?
17:57:37 <gwelkind> Like dope, but soapy
17:57:54 <pers> Gotcha.
17:58:13 <gwelkind> OK, great. I think your knowledge of github likely exceeds my own, so definitely feel free to throw out your own ideas if you think there's a better way for us to do something.
17:58:36 <pers> Yea. I've been using git since before github.
17:58:59 <gwelkind> woah...
17:59:07 <gwelkind> I'll update the project cards now, and we can divvy them up. They will all be blue.
17:59:49 <gwelkind> pers, do you have any idea if there's a more elegant way to make local githooks pulled with clones besides having the user run a script to populate their .git/hooks dir?
17:59:50 <pers> I'll get familiar with Trello and pitch in.
18:02:07 <pers> What do you envision hooks being used for?
18:03:04 <gwelkind> We've been searching for an elegant solution for storing and presenting CAD data for the past few weeks.
18:03:56 <gwelkind> The STEP 242 specification should be the holy grail of Open source CAD design, serving as a universal format interchangeable between different CAD programs
18:04:01 <gwelkind> but unfortunately it does not exist yet
18:04:29 <gwelkind> we have looked to open source CAD programs to meet our needs, but unfortunately none of them are sufficiently developed to meet our needs
18:04:37 <pers> Yea. Dealing with a bunch of binary filed with github is probably not going to work well, if at all.
18:04:43 <pers> s/files/filed/
18:05:03 <gwelkind> Right, exactly
18:05:32 <pers> The bigest problem being the explosion of the repo size as everything is kept.
18:05:55 <gwelkind> Exactly, it's a serious hurdle
18:06:03 <gwelkind> So, one solution I've thought of would be to use proprietary binary formats, but implement a githook that stores them on a separate cloud service
18:06:52 <gwelkind> allowing one to clone the repo quickly, and ask git to grab the CAD versions they need automatically when a new commit is checkout'd
18:06:58 <gwelkind> Also
18:07:11 <gwelkind> github has a very useful utility known as visualdiff
18:07:24 <gwelkind> which superimposes .stl models and shows you the difference between them
18:07:57 <pers> Thats not bad. We store the metadata in the repo and use S3 or some other cloud drive. With scripts to push/pull.
18:08:15 <pers> Haven't seen visualdiff yet, but I'll investigate.
18:08:20 <gwelkind> So, if every commit, we store the binary file externally and remind the user to export an .stl file, we can track changes and keep a reasonably sized repo
18:09:05 <gwelkind> I've never used it before, but my understanding is it can be easily activated so long as there are tracked .stls in our repo
18:09:48 <gwelkind> I'm very open to any ideas that you have, it's the best I've got so far
18:10:15 <pers> Its a start. Best to get cracking at a 0.1 and start eating our own dogfood.
18:10:57 <gwelkind> hahaha, agreed
18:11:16 <gwelkind> I'll hit these cards now. Anyone have anything to add before endmeeting?
18:11:28 <pers> Thanks for this.
18:11:51 <gwelkind> :) thank you
18:12:24 <gwelkind> OSE won't reach escape velocity unless we can make sure our work is transcending factor e farm
18:12:47 <gwelkind> the power of open source is in massive collaboration, the power of massive collaboration is in the clouds
18:12:55 <gwelkind> Cheers, everyone
18:13:01 <gwelkind> #endmeeting