18:22:36 <gwelkind> #startmeeting
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18:23:03 <gwelkind> #meetingname RepoManagement
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18:23:17 <gwelkind> #meetingtopic TaskDelagation
18:23:27 <gwelkind> oh, sorry
18:23:28 <VictorMacul> In think that we need to finish the project charter before our next meeting to put all our thoughts in the paper and everybody in the same page
18:23:37 <gwelkind> #topic TaskDelagation
18:24:29 <gwelkind> Sure, good idea. I can pull that together tomorrow, I think it will be mostly a stitching together of previously defined task cards
18:25:59 <gwelkind> VictorMacul, I think we can work in parallel on this. Could you go through phase II? Taking measurements and developing current state of communication? After this, I think we have a pretty good idea of what actually needs to be created
18:26:17 <VictorMacul> I think too! I am very busy this week with the microcar prototyping,but I will try to spend some time in to organize the board and create a template to the project  charter
18:26:54 <gwelkind> Also, we can send this project charter to kashyap for addressing the RedHat team.
18:27:01 <gwelkind> Anything else before next meeting?
18:27:58 <VictorMacul> contact lucidchart for a paid features for free
18:28:35 <gwelkind> Ok, let's update the Trello board accordingly
18:28:44 <gwelkind> Anything to add before close kashyap?
18:29:07 <kashyap> gwelkind, I don't have anything to add right away.
18:29:23 <kashyap> Just to note, there's a lot of things going on for me personally for the next couple of months,
18:29:54 <kashyap> So, if I don't respond quickly, you know why :-)
18:30:27 <gwelkind> Good personal things I hope! No worries, for me as well. We proceed at a casual pace and appreciate every bit of help. Meet again Friday at 12:30 !
18:30:44 <gwelkind> #endmeeting