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  1. TOPIC:welcome (@tflink:fedora.im, 16:31:34)
    1. LINK: https://board.net/p/fedora-pytorch-meeting (@tflink:fedora.im, 16:32:13)
  2. TOPIC:HW need/wants for Fedora infra (@tflink:fedora.im, 16:37:04)
    1. LINK: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/datacenter-hardware-needs-for-ai-in-fedora/119116 (@tflink:fedora.im, 16:38:55)
    2. INFO: the immediate priority for AI/ML hardware is AMD for ROCm since that's what we've been making progress with (@tflink:fedora.im, 16:50:32)
    3. INFO: intel is another longer term priority since we're looking at a year minimum before any of this is online (@tflink:fedora.im, 16:51:34)
    4. INFO: nvidia is something we can also look at but it might be better (and more easily) handled with public cloud resources. it's also an issue due to its proprietary nature and distribution restrictions (@tflink:fedora.im, 16:52:45)
  3. TOPIC:future meeting location and name (@tflink:fedora.im, 17:04:00)
    1. INFO: we will continue the current schedule for the next meeting in 2 weeks which will be on google meet. in the mean time, tflink will start a topic on discourse to get more input on which meeting method is preferred and if we make other changes (@tflink:fedora.im, 17:13:35)
  4. TOPIC:open floow (@tflink:fedora.im, 17:14:47)
  5. TOPIC:open floor ( now with fewer typos) (@tflink:fedora.im, 17:15:04)

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