20:00:41 <mmcgrath> #startmeeting Infrastructure
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20:00:44 <mmcgrath> Who's here?
20:00:48 <rigeld2> Me
20:00:53 <CodeBlock> me
20:00:59 * Infern4us 
20:01:00 <mmcgrath> #topic who's here
20:01:02 <mmcgrath> there we go
20:01:35 * jsmith lurks
20:02:12 <mmcgrath> Ok, well lets go through the F13 tickets
20:02:16 <mmcgrath> #topic F13 final tickets -
20:02:22 <mmcgrath> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/report/9
20:02:34 <rigeld2> (shoot - away for a bit - work)
20:02:41 <mmcgrath> rigeld2: k
20:02:58 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2137
20:02:59 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2137 (New website) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2137
20:03:09 <mmcgrath> sijis: Are you primary contact for this or is ricky for F13?
20:03:32 * sijis is looking
20:03:41 * skvidal is in the meeting now
20:03:47 <sijis> me
20:03:51 <mmcgrath> sijis: we talked last time about removing this ticket from the Infra queue altogether but didn't decide totally.
20:04:01 <smooge> gere but kate
20:04:23 <sijis> mmcgrath: short term is probably better in infra..
20:04:32 <sijis> you guys are much more organized. :)
20:04:39 <mmcgrath> sijis: k, on release day are you going to nab that or is ricky?
20:04:53 <sijis> i cna do it
20:04:53 <mmcgrath> ricky: around?
20:05:00 <mmcgrath> sijis: k, go ahead and accept that ticket.
20:05:35 <sijis> accepted.
20:05:36 <mmcgrath> next one
20:05:38 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2138
20:05:39 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2138 (Verify Mirror Space) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2138
20:05:50 <mmcgrath> smooge: this one you've got, you been working with Oxf13  on it?
20:05:57 <smooge> doing it in a bit
20:06:06 <smooge> checking to see how RC? is built
20:06:08 <mmcgrath> smooge: remember epel + Fedora needs to stay under 1T after the release, with room for updates.
20:06:14 <smooge> and seeing how it fits.
20:06:19 <smooge> yep
20:06:31 <Oxf13> I estimate F13 at 90G
20:06:34 <Oxf13> since we dropped PPC
20:06:39 <Oxf13> it may be even smaller thanthat
20:07:03 <mmcgrath> k.
20:07:13 * mdomsch here
20:07:20 <mmcgrath> smooge: anything else on that?
20:07:54 <smooge> wow. ok we will fit that thenm
20:08:00 <smooge> I will have final numbers this afternoon
20:08:06 <smooge> du is slow
20:08:08 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2139
20:08:09 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2139 (Release day ticket.) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2139
20:08:33 <mmcgrath> that one's me.  I'll accept it
20:08:58 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2140
20:08:59 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2140 (Verify releng permissions) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2140
20:09:09 <mmcgrath> smooge: still good on that one?  I guess nothing to be done at the moment :)
20:09:20 <smooge> yep
20:09:47 <smooge> wait til we are ready and then find . -type d
20:09:53 <mmcgrath> coolz
20:09:54 <mmcgrath> next
20:09:58 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2141
20:09:59 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2141 (Mirrormanager redirects) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2141
20:10:00 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: ^^
20:10:05 <mmcgrath> You want to get that?
20:10:08 <mdomsch> yep
20:10:12 <mmcgrath> k
20:10:14 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2142
20:10:15 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2142 (communication with IS) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2142
20:10:47 <mmcgrath> I'll get this one.  They know it's coming but not know about the slip
20:11:01 * mmcgrath will send that one out after the meeting.
20:11:43 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2144
20:11:44 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2144 (Template modification (FedoraVersion) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2144
20:11:48 <mmcgrath> ke4qqq: you're still good on doing that one?
20:13:06 * mmcgrath assumes yes and moves on for now.
20:13:10 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2145
20:13:11 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2145 (Lessons Learned) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2145
20:13:14 <mmcgrath> that's not until after.
20:13:17 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2146
20:13:21 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2146 (Enable wiki caching.) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2146
20:13:25 <mmcgrath> smooge: you still good on this one?  Any questions on what it takes?
20:14:04 <smooge> lots of questions.. oging through records on that. basically I turn it on before we release and turn it off 48 hours later
20:14:52 <mmcgrath> smooge: yeah, see proxy3:/etc/httpd/conf.d/fedoraproject.org/cache.conf
20:14:59 <mmcgrath> specifically the /wiki/ line that's commented out.
20:15:22 <smooge> ah np thats too easy
20:15:40 <mmcgrath> it's puppet controlled so it's really just a matter of enabling that line, then pushing it out and making sure it's all working properly
20:15:49 <smooge> yep yep
20:16:04 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2147
20:16:05 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2147 (Disable wiki caching) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2147
20:16:09 <mmcgrath> and with that disablign it is just as easy :)
20:16:14 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2148
20:16:15 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2148 (Add new release for stats gathering on log1) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2148
20:16:21 <mmcgrath> smooge: were you going to get that one too or should I?
20:17:40 <smooge> one sec
20:17:47 <smooge> oh I was going to do that
20:17:55 <smooge> I think I had already gotten most if it done
20:18:04 <smooge> because I got the ones for F13-beta wrong :/
20:18:07 <mmcgrath> oh you may have.
20:18:19 <mmcgrath> Go ahead and accept it and make the relevant comments.
20:18:53 <mmcgrath> Ok, so that's the last of the listed tickets.
20:18:58 <mmcgrath> I did find one earlier today that was missing
20:19:00 * mmcgrath prepares it
20:19:23 <mmcgrath> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Infrastructure_SOP#Step_4_.28Preupgrade_releases.txt.29
20:19:29 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: do you know who's been doing that?
20:20:12 <mdomsch> mmcgrath, jlaska asked about it
20:20:25 <mmcgrath> yeah, at the rediness meeting
20:20:26 <mdomsch> I have on occasion
20:20:28 <mmcgrath> who's done that in the past?
20:20:40 <mdomsch> ricky did once
20:20:50 <mdomsch> looks like me and ricky are all that's actually done it
20:20:56 <mdomsch> anyone in sysadmin-web could though
20:21:07 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2166
20:21:08 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2166 (mirrors.fp.o/releases.txt) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2166
20:21:09 * mmcgrath just created that.
20:21:17 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: ok, I'll go ahead and accept it this time around.
20:21:50 <mmcgrath> Ok, and with that.  I think we have the release tickets done.
20:21:55 <mmcgrath> Anyone have any questions, comments or concerns?
20:22:14 <mdomsch> Oxf13, you'll hardlink development/13 and releases/13 together, right?
20:22:22 <Oxf13> yes
20:22:24 <mdomsch> and leave development/13 until after the release?
20:22:27 <Oxf13> yes
20:22:45 <Oxf13> which should be a much nicer experience for mirrors
20:22:49 <Oxf13> and for our repo users
20:22:55 <mdomsch> ok, then .ticket 2166 and the redirects ticket can both be done when you do so
20:23:16 <mdomsch> moving on
20:24:00 <mmcgrath> Ok, if that's that we'll move on!
20:24:05 <mmcgrath> #topic Search Engine
20:24:16 <mmcgrath> a-k mentioned he'd be unable to make it to the meeting today so we can skip this.
20:24:22 <mmcgrath> #topic Fedora Hosted Automation
20:24:34 <mmcgrath> CodeBlock's a new volunteer working on this.
20:24:38 <mmcgrath> CodeBlock: you want to give a quick round up?
20:25:21 <CodeBlock> Sure, we're planning on making Hosted projects be created automatically, using a script that parses a template that a user fills out on the infra Trac
20:25:32 <CodeBlock> the script will run on a cron, and if it finds parse errors, it will comment on the ticket
20:25:51 * CodeBlock finds the ticket number
20:26:04 <mmcgrath> anyone have any comments on the general approach here?
20:26:21 <rigeld2> (back - caught up)
20:26:37 <CodeBlock> Also I committed what I have so far on the script to the infra git, but..don't count on it working for the time being :)
20:26:43 <smooge> who approves that a group gets created?
20:26:47 <sijis> is it going to be 100% automated?
20:27:02 <mmcgrath> smooge: no one does at the moment, anyone asking for a repo gets one.  The automated version will to.
20:27:05 <mmcgrath> sijis: as much as can be automated.
20:27:58 <sijis> yeah, that's better than nothing
20:27:59 <smooge> mmcgrath, well not really. I mean there is a manual step so if I ask for "Genitilia Enlargement Project" someone has to go "WTH?"
20:28:28 <mmcgrath> smooge: naw, I don't think so.  We can fix that after the fact if it becomes a problem.
20:28:31 <CodeBlock> here's the ticket for it, it explains it in a bit more detail: https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2131 though doesn't mention the parse error-> comment on ticket idea that mmcgrath gave me last night
20:28:54 <CodeBlock> I will update that later/when I get home, and throw that on there
20:29:05 <mmcgrath> CodeBlock: thanks for the work so far on this.
20:29:12 <mmcgrath> Anyone have anything else?  If not we'll move on.
20:29:19 <CodeBlock> mmcgrath: no problem, glad I can be a part of the Team :)
20:29:26 <mmcgrath> The A-Team.
20:29:34 <CodeBlock> ;)
20:29:36 <sijis> we'll all get an email for a hosting request, no?
20:29:45 <sijis> so we should be able to catch it then.
20:29:56 <mmcgrath> sijis: yeah the ticket creation still generates an email.
20:30:17 <mmcgrath> CodeBlock: for version 1 on this it might be worth it to call the ticket by ticket number for testing.
20:30:39 <mmcgrath> So, for example, I could find ticket number 322 and say "./create_project -ticket 322" or something.
20:30:44 <mmcgrath> and it'd go out, get the ticket and do it.
20:30:54 <mmcgrath> then when we're comfortable with that we can have it search the tickets automatically?
20:30:55 <CodeBlock> mmcgrath: sure, I can do that :)
20:30:58 <mmcgrath> cool.
20:31:03 <mmcgrath> Ok, if there's nothing else we'll move on.
20:31:08 <smooge> one thing
20:31:46 <smooge> are the scripts via sudo or the apache user? sorry just going down my checklist of things
20:32:11 <mmcgrath> smooge: probably as the 'nobody' user with sudo access to the things it needs
20:32:14 <mmcgrath> like chgrp
20:32:28 <smooge> ok cool.
20:32:29 <mmcgrath> unless we do some other method of ownership there (xattr)
20:32:42 <mmcgrath> Ok, anyone have anything else?
20:33:32 <mmcgrath> alrighty
20:33:36 <mmcgrath> #topic The PHX move stuff
20:33:45 <mmcgrath> So the PHX2 work I did this week is mostly done.
20:33:51 <mmcgrath> Some outstanding concerns but I think we're in good shape.
20:34:24 <mmcgrath> I'm worried particularly about the koji backup server
20:34:27 <mmcgrath> but we'll see how that goes
20:34:38 <mmcgrath> There's one box missing, it contained another 1T drive and a SAS controller.
20:34:45 <mmcgrath> I'm currently working with our shipping people to find it.
20:34:48 * dgilmore is here
20:35:04 <mmcgrath> dgilmore: hey
20:35:12 <mmcgrath> dgilmore: how's the BC been treating you?
20:35:18 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: i have 2 of the builder boxes installed with EL-6
20:35:28 <dgilmore> been hitting anaconda bugs
20:35:42 <dgilmore> and working on migrating scripts etc to LE-6
20:35:46 <rigeld2> mmcgrath: Did you ever get that SAS controller box error figured out?
20:35:57 <dgilmore> we have some packages we need from epel not yet built
20:36:01 <mmcgrath> rigeld2: I might have, still some work to do yet.
20:36:05 <rigeld2> mmcgrath: k
20:36:16 <mmcgrath> dgilmore: If you have a minute, could you get me the serial numbers of the HS22's?
20:36:30 <mmcgrath> if not I'll get them, our vendor is asking for them to enable the warranties.
20:36:31 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: one thing i found that we are going to need to redo and do better is
20:36:44 <dgilmore> we assume rhel has rhel 5's behaviour
20:36:54 <dgilmore> which is no longer true
20:37:22 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: ill grab them all when i get them all installed
20:37:25 <mmcgrath> yeah it's hard to predict the future when writing scripts and making puppet stuff :)
20:38:26 <dgilmore> yep
20:38:33 <dgilmore> lots of things say if fedora do this
20:38:36 <dgilmore> if rhel do that
20:38:45 <dgilmore> we want rhel6 to do the fedora thing
20:39:03 <mmcgrath> <nod>  we'll take a closer look and get it all figured out.
20:39:10 <mmcgrath> Anyone have any questions or concerns with any of that?
20:39:29 <mmcgrath> Ok, well with that
20:39:32 <mmcgrath> #topic Open Floor
20:39:36 <dgilmore> i have dhcp and pxeboot setup on bxen02 right now
20:39:37 <mmcgrath> anyone have anything they'd like to discuss?
20:39:51 <dgilmore> i hacked it up after the move so i could install the x86 compose box
20:40:15 <mmcgrath> <nod>
20:40:19 <dgilmore> i should build up a box on bxen04 for it
20:40:29 <dgilmore> and puppetise it etc and make it permanent
20:40:43 <mmcgrath> Anyone have anything else they'd like to discuss?
20:40:49 <mmcgrath> if not we'll close in 30.
20:40:52 <dgilmore> anyone want to chime in on it?
20:41:12 <mdomsch> thanks to everyone for reviewing my change requests this week, and keeping me honest
20:41:19 <mdomsch> app* are much happier now
20:41:33 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: thank you for being so on top of all of that.
20:41:42 <mmcgrath> dgilmore: chime in on bxen04?
20:42:00 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: well setting up a dhcp/pxeboot guest
20:42:17 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: ignore me
20:42:39 <mmcgrath> oh, yeah we do need a pxe presence on the build network.
20:43:52 <mmcgrath> Ok, if no one has anything else, we'll close in 30
20:44:59 <mmcgrath> #endmeeting