20:05:39 <mmcgrath> #startmeeting Infrastructure
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20:05:41 <mmcgrath> Who's here?
20:05:46 * a-k is
20:05:53 <dgilmore> sim sehnor
20:06:32 * mdomsch 
20:06:41 * lmacken 
20:06:58 <mmcgrath> Ok, lets get started
20:07:02 <mmcgrath> #topic F13 final
20:07:12 <mmcgrath> lets go through the tickets
20:07:17 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2137
20:07:19 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2137 (New website) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2137
20:07:35 <mmcgrath> ricky: you around?
20:08:25 <mmcgrath> Ok, well we'll go back to that.
20:08:27 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2138
20:08:28 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2138 (Verify Mirror Space) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2138
20:08:46 * nirik is lurking
20:08:59 <mmcgrath> I'll get the mirror space verification
20:09:02 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2139
20:09:03 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2139 (Release day ticket.) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2139
20:09:06 * skvidal is here
20:09:07 <mmcgrath> I'll get this one too, it's just a tracking ticket.
20:09:08 <skvidal> sorry for the lateness
20:09:41 <mmcgrath> Sorry I'm typing slow, I'm entering these tickets as we go
20:09:45 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2140
20:09:46 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2140 (Verify releng permissions) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2140
20:09:49 <mmcgrath> smooge: you want to get that one ^^ ?
20:10:02 <smooge> yes
20:10:05 <smooge> sorry
20:10:16 * ke4qqq is here
20:10:20 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2141
20:10:21 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2141 (Mirrormanager redirects) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2141
20:10:24 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: ^^ ?
20:10:28 <smooge> hey wait I get mirror sapce verification I thought
20:11:01 <mmcgrath> smooge: you can take either one.
20:11:01 <mdomsch> mmcgrath, there are no redirects, but I need to be sure MM catches the move from development/13 to releases/13.  it should, but that codepath is untested yet. :-)
20:11:05 <mdomsch> but I got it
20:11:09 <mmcgrath> or both, doesn't matter to me.
20:11:13 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: k,
20:11:33 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2143
20:11:34 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2143 (Change freeze) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2143
20:11:45 <mmcgrath> this one's in effect already.  So far only one "change" went through and it wasn't really a change :)
20:12:12 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2144
20:12:15 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2144 (Template modification (FedoraVersion) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2144
20:12:26 <mmcgrath> This is one that just about anyone can take.  The only requirements are they have to have signed the CLA and be around on release morning.
20:12:30 <mmcgrath> any takers?
20:12:51 <ke4qqq> I will
20:12:57 <ke4qqq> if noone else wants it
20:13:07 <mmcgrath> ke4qqq: have at it, just log in to the ticket and accept it as yours.
20:13:13 <ke4qqq> k
20:13:21 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2145
20:13:22 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2145 (Lessons Learned) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2145
20:13:34 <mmcgrath> I'll get this one, it's for after the release.
20:14:07 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2146
20:14:08 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2146 (Enable wiki caching.) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2146
20:14:12 <mmcgrath> Anyone want this one?
20:14:18 <mmcgrath> it's easy, everything's in the config already just commented.
20:14:36 <mmcgrath> This enables more agressive caching of the wiki.  It also means that changes on the wiki won't show up right away.
20:14:52 <smooge> ok
20:15:01 <mmcgrath> .ticket 2147
20:15:02 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #2147 (Disable wiki caching) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2147
20:15:09 <mmcgrath> this is the brother of that ticket, disabling the cache :)
20:16:04 <dgilmore> lets cache the cache
20:16:11 <mmcgrath> mega cache!
20:16:20 <mmcgrath> Ok, how's this look to everyone - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/report/9
20:16:23 <mmcgrath> anything missing?
20:16:47 <dgilmore> maps?
20:17:12 <sijis> do we track the wiki number change?
20:17:22 <mmcgrath> sijis: we do, ke4qqq actually has that.
20:17:25 <mmcgrath> dgilmore: ahh good one.
20:17:31 <mmcgrath> I'll add that to the log1 scripts
20:17:34 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: how hard is that to do?
20:17:48 <smooge> can we do backups of the backups too
20:18:03 * sijis has done that before :)
20:18:06 <mmcgrath> dgilmore: ok, I just added that to ticket 2148
20:18:06 <mdomsch> looking
20:18:13 * mmcgrath edits the wiki page to include that.
20:18:14 <mdomsch> what about maps?
20:18:16 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: ;) awesome
20:18:48 * mdomsch is missing something...
20:18:56 <mdomsch> how hard is what to do?
20:19:04 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: to add f13 to the maps?
20:19:09 <mmcgrath> or does that happen automatically?
20:19:12 <mdomsch> oh, trivial; isn't it there already?
20:19:19 * mmcgrath has no idea
20:19:25 <mdomsch> oh, no.  The clients are requesting f13-Beta or somesuch
20:19:29 <mmcgrath> http://fedoraproject.org/maps/f13/
20:19:30 <mdomsch> that's why they don't appear
20:19:34 <mmcgrath> ah, it seems something is there.
20:19:47 <mdomsch> yeah, a few
20:20:08 <mdomsch> maps.sh is looking for specifically 'repo=fedora-13'
20:20:10 <smooge> oh sorry I can change it to the different name
20:20:13 <smooge> sorry
20:20:15 <mdomsch> and not 'repo=fedora-13-Beta'
20:20:27 <smooge> I will clarify and fix
20:20:58 <mmcgrath> coolz.
20:20:58 <smooge> should I do that for older releases too to see how many F6 beta's are still running?
20:21:30 <smooge> or lump them in with the main release
20:21:32 <mmcgrath> http://fedoraproject.org/maps/fc2/ <-- hilarious
20:21:44 <mmcgrath> a single, unique IP.
20:22:25 <mmcgrath> smooge: it's probably ok to ignore the f6 betas :)
20:22:30 <mmcgrath> OK, anyone have anything else to discuss on this?
20:22:45 <mdomsch> mmcgrath, for the record, maps.sh needs to be updated for each release
20:22:49 <dgilmore> next week
20:22:54 <mdomsch> to add the new release string into the list it looks for
20:23:01 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: k, I've added it to the wiki page so we won't forget next time.
20:23:16 <mmcgrath> #topic Next week (mmcgrath in PHX2)
20:23:24 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: quick run over what you will be doing in phx next week
20:23:24 <mmcgrath> Ok, so I'm leaving on Sunday night, and coming back on Wed.
20:23:29 <mmcgrath> here's my game plan
20:23:38 <mmcgrath> 1) move all the QA hosts out of their current rack, into the cloud rack.
20:23:42 <smooge> drinking, carousing and gambling?
20:23:56 <mmcgrath> that's mostly so we can utilize the IP space given to us by the cloud.
20:23:58 <dgilmore> smooge: mexican hotdogs and hard work
20:24:05 <mmcgrath> oh, and to make room for the new blade center.
20:24:16 <dgilmore> mmmm blade centre
20:24:22 <mmcgrath> which brings me to 2)
20:24:34 <mmcgrath> 2) install new blade center which has all this fancy new power in that rack.
20:24:54 <mmcgrath> 3) install the new ibm server which will serve as a backup for /mnt/koji.
20:25:03 <mmcgrath> 4) move xen2 into the build rack to be bxen4
20:25:15 <mmcgrath> 5) re-verify all inventory is correct, cyclades and pdus.
20:25:32 <mmcgrath> I'm hoping to do all of this without any actual downtime.
20:25:37 <mmcgrath> but we'll see how that goes.
20:25:40 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: blade centre is all build hardware correct?
20:25:45 <mmcgrath> dgilmore: yeah
20:26:01 * dgilmore is going to install RHEL6 on them all
20:26:08 <mmcgrath> at the end of this year our current blade center is EOLed.
20:26:16 <mmcgrath> but for a time, we'll have quite a bit of build power.
20:26:20 <mmcgrath> anyway, anyone have any questions on that?
20:27:27 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: nope
20:27:47 <dgilmore> I need to send out a change request and outage notice
20:28:06 <dgilmore> disable pkgdb and cvs for mass EL-6 branching
20:28:19 <mmcgrath> dgilmore: cool
20:28:25 <mmcgrath> ok, that's all I have on that so
20:28:28 <mmcgrath> #topic search engine
20:28:31 <mmcgrath> a-k: what do you have?
20:28:53 <a-k> It's back to slogging throught the candidate list for something worthy of public test
20:28:56 <a-k> Nothing yet
20:29:09 <a-k> That's about it
20:29:47 <mmcgrath> a-k: sounds good
20:29:54 <mmcgrath> #topic trafficserver
20:30:04 <mmcgrath> So Apache announced a new TLP, trafficserver.
20:30:18 <mmcgrath> I've been testing it (well... trying to get it to build properly in an RPM form)
20:30:28 <mmcgrath> it has some nice featuers that may make it worth our while to look at.
20:30:33 <mmcgrath> in particular I'm thinking about using it for our CDN.
20:30:49 <mmcgrath> Of which I still have much research to do and we'll likely have some geoip decisions to make.
20:31:17 <mmcgrath> anyone have any questions or comments on this?
20:31:19 <mmcgrath> concerns?
20:32:06 <mmcgrath> alllrighty
20:32:07 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: none yet, but ive not looked into what it gives us
20:32:10 <mmcgrath> #topic openfloor
20:32:12 <mmcgrath> dgilmore: <now>
20:32:17 <mmcgrath> anyone have anything they'd like to discuss?
20:33:01 <a-k> I have a question: What was the traffic I saw about the fedoraproject.org web site?
20:33:37 <a-k> Ricky mirrored the main page, but it was gone by the time I went to look at it
20:33:45 <mdomsch> a-k, you mean fedorproject.org (missing a)
20:33:51 <mdomsch> that's under investigation by legal
20:34:02 <smooge> mmcgrath, could you make sure things are plugged in correctly
20:34:27 <mmcgrath> a-k: yeah some jerk grabbed a typo version of fedoraproject.org and was doing nefarious things with it.
20:34:35 <mmcgrath> smooge: give everything the wiggle test :)  sure
20:34:37 <a-k> Ah, I missed the typo
20:34:50 <a-k> That's why I was confused
20:34:50 <smooge> if you smell ozone or hear crackling is what I am worried about
20:34:56 <smooge> mmcgrath, what did you fix?
20:35:08 <smooge> mmcgrath, on that site
20:35:27 <mmcgrath> smooge: I basically did a referer based redirect to mmcgrath.fedorapeople.org/spam.html
20:35:33 <mmcgrath> ricky gave me some javascript voodoo to add too.
20:35:41 <smooge> ah cool
20:36:03 <smooge> You have been redirected from a spam/malware site. Please get a new computer
20:36:32 <smooge> mmcgrath, only other thing is that xen13 is mostly disabled.. and xen06 took over for it
20:37:12 <dgilmore> smooge: did you get EL-6 installed?
20:37:19 <smooge> no. I need to set up a tree
20:37:37 <dgilmore> smooge: set up in what way?
20:37:37 <smooge> I was looking to see why fi-repo was taking 136 GB and making sure I didn't go over quota
20:37:55 <dgilmore> smooge: EL-6 is fully mirrored there
20:38:03 <dgilmore> including isos
20:38:56 <smooge> dgilmore, the iso gets broken out to /mnt/fedora/app/fi-repo/rhel/RHEL6-x86_64/
20:39:25 <mmcgrath> we can chat about that after the meeting :)
20:39:28 <mmcgrath> anyone have anything else to discuss?
20:39:51 <smooge> mmcgrath, ok no
20:39:55 <smooge> my brain full
20:40:14 <mmcgrath> :)
20:40:19 <mmcgrath> k, we'll close in 30
20:45:44 <mmcgrath> #endmeeting