20:02:02 <mmcgrath> #startmeeting Infrastructure
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20:02:07 <mmcgrath> #topic Role Call
20:02:08 <mmcgrath> who's here?
20:02:12 * a-k is
20:02:40 <yawns1> Here
20:03:01 <wzzrd> here
20:05:02 <mmcgrath> well, this is going to be a short meeting :)
20:05:06 <mmcgrath> #topic Infrastructure -- Tickets.
20:05:13 * Oxf13 here
20:05:33 <mmcgrath> Looks like no tickets
20:05:39 <mmcgrath> #topic PHX Network outage this morning
20:05:56 <mmcgrath> the outage seems to be over.  I've not heard of the root cause yet.  We were seeing a 25% packet loss.
20:06:13 <mmcgrath> #topic Search Engine
20:06:18 <mmcgrath> a-k: want to talk about the latest?
20:06:25 <a-k> Sure
20:06:38 <a-k> The additional memory allocated for publictest3 helped Xapian a lot
20:06:47 <a-k> #link http://publictest3.fedoraproject.org
20:06:58 <a-k> ... now has about 40k documents indexed to depth 5, instead of 15k documents to depth 4
20:07:07 <a-k> I haven't tested the new limits for how deeply I can crawl before things break again
20:07:08 <mmcgrath> excellent.
20:07:18 <a-k> I'm in the process of installing Nutch
20:07:30 <a-k> I really do expect Nutch to be disk bound, because it makes a copy of everything it indexes
20:07:41 <a-k> I'll see how fast it eats space probably later today
20:07:43 <mmcgrath> a raw copy or does it have some sort of compression it does?
20:07:52 <a-k> Do we know how much disk the wiki uses?
20:08:00 <a-k> I don't know about compression
20:08:13 <mmcgrath> well
20:08:17 <a-k> I can find out though ...
20:08:19 <mmcgrath> I can give you an estimate, one sec.
20:10:02 <mmcgrath> a-k: k, I'm running a job to see how big an uncompressed version of the db dump is
20:10:09 <a-k> OK
20:10:10 <mmcgrath> looks like it's about 920M
20:10:26 <a-k> M, not G ?
20:10:30 <mmcgrath> correct
20:10:36 <mmcgrath> that excludes images and things
20:10:41 <mmcgrath> that's just the text from the wiki
20:10:46 <a-k> OK
20:10:50 <a-k> Oops
20:11:05 <a-k> #link http://publictest3.fedoraproject.org/cgi-bin/omega
20:11:18 <a-k> left off the important part in the last #link
20:11:29 <a-k> I think that's about it for now
20:11:39 <mmcgrath> a-k: excellent thanks.
20:11:50 <mmcgrath> I think that's really it for the moment.
20:11:59 <wzzrd> pretty fast
20:12:01 <mmcgrath> it's been a slow week.
20:12:05 <mmcgrath> #topic Open Floor
20:12:10 <mmcgrath> Anyone have anything they'd like to discuss?
20:12:41 <yawns1> mmcgrath: i'd like talk to you about how I can help out.
20:12:49 <yawns1> mmcgrath: maybe after the meeting
20:12:51 <Oxf13> I'd like to test doing simultaneous composes on /mnt/koji
20:12:55 <mmcgrath> yawns1: sure, we can chat in #fedora-admin after the meeting.
20:13:00 <Oxf13> to see if we can get no frozen rawhide activated for F13
20:13:08 <yawns1> mcgrath: great
20:13:12 <mmcgrath> what will that entail?
20:13:34 <Oxf13> mmcgrath: we'll need to use a second releng box that has write access to /mnt/koji
20:13:48 <mmcgrath> <nod>
20:13:50 <Oxf13> we may already have that, lmacken was testing some bodhi stuff
20:13:57 <mmcgrath> releng1 should be up and ready for it.
20:14:17 <mmcgrath> Oxf13: is everything that should be on alt already there for the work you were doing today?
20:14:17 <dgilmore> Oxf13: hopefully it will go soothly with the new storage
20:14:17 <Oxf13> ah goot.
20:14:23 <Oxf13> mmcgrath: yes
20:14:38 <dgilmore> reminds me i need to follow up on getting a tracking number
20:14:45 <Oxf13> dgilmore: yeah, but the timing is kinda bad.  need to have NFR ready in like 2 weeks
20:14:54 <dgilmore> Oxf13: right
20:15:02 <mmcgrath> Oxf13: has it already made it to serverbeach1.fedoraproject.org ?
20:15:06 <Oxf13> if it works with current storage, we can expect it just gets faster
20:15:28 <Oxf13> mmcgrath: does not appear to have
20:15:37 <Oxf13> mmcgrath: it was on alt. within a few minutes of when I pinged you about it
20:15:53 <mmcgrath> Oxf13: k, its schedule dto run every hour at 15 past
20:15:56 <mmcgrath> which is in like 15 seconds :)
20:16:02 <mmcgrath> lets see if it starts pickign it up and how long it takes.
20:16:07 <Oxf13> k
20:16:16 <Oxf13> it's a fairly small amount of content this time
20:16:24 <mmcgrath> bingo, there it goes.  lets see how it goes.
20:16:28 <Oxf13> 862M
20:16:50 <mmcgrath> alrighty
20:17:08 <mmcgrath> Oxf13: anyone have anything else they'd like to discuss?  if not we can close the meeting early today.
20:17:17 <Oxf13> "releng1" has a hostname of "koji01"
20:17:33 <Oxf13> mmcgrath: i don't think I have anything else, we can keep talking about releng1 in #fedora-admin
20:17:45 <mmcgrath> Oxf13: heh, quality.  yeah I'll get that all figured out today.
20:18:06 <Oxf13> k
20:18:19 <mmcgrath> Alrighty, I'll close the meeting in 30 if no one has anything else.
20:25:29 <mmcgrath> Sorry guys, forgot to actually end the meeting
20:25:30 <mmcgrath> #endmeeting