20:02:30 <mmcgrath> #startmeeting Infrastructure
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20:03:11 <skvidal> grumbel
20:03:19 <dgilmore> ::sigh::
20:03:33 <mmcgrath> who's here?
20:03:33 * ricky 
20:03:43 * a-k is
20:03:51 <mdomsch> here briefly
20:04:04 <mdomsch> customer presentation in ~10m to leave for
20:04:08 * nirik is around in the back
20:04:29 * Oxf13 
20:04:43 <mmcgrath> Ok, so lets get started.
20:05:46 <mmcgrath> So, we've got a release next week!
20:06:02 <mmcgrath> 3 cheers!
20:06:11 <mmcgrath> So, lets go over the tickets to make sure we're in good shape.
20:06:14 <mmcgrath> ricky: you around by chance?
20:06:25 <skvidal> he said he was
20:06:45 <ricky> mmcgrath: Yup
20:06:51 <mmcgrath> ricky: so lets do this one first
20:06:53 <mmcgrath> .ticket 1788
20:06:55 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #1788 (Websites) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1788
20:07:05 <mmcgrath> What exactly is going to happen come tuesday?
20:07:40 <ricky> There will be a DNS switch for spins.fp.o to point to the proxies in advance (and extra link checking on that site once the torrents come out)
20:07:44 * herlo is here
20:08:18 <ricky> Apart from that, it'll be the normal process for pushing out the new process - syncStatic will be pointed at the f12 branch
20:08:38 <ricky> We'll also be updating http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Websites_Release_SOP as we go this time
20:08:38 <mmcgrath> so http://spins-test.fedoraproject.org/ is 100% completed?
20:09:19 <ricky> I need to ask sijis about the blank download tab, but modulo some last minute browser/link checking, it should be done
20:09:31 <mmcgrath> Ok.
20:09:41 * mmcgrath just wants to make sure no surprises for that since it's the one major difference this round.
20:09:56 <mmcgrath> ricky: anything else on that?
20:10:10 <dgilmore> ricky: are we going to put the desktop[ spin on the spins page?
20:10:42 <mmcgrath> I thought I saw it there once.  Maybe only in a mockup.
20:10:49 <ricky> I didn't think so, but we can double check the initial email that the board sent to the websites team with the requirements
20:10:50 <mmcgrath> I assume if it's not there now it won't be at least by release day?
20:11:00 <ricky> It won't be there on release day
20:11:17 <mmcgrath> k
20:11:30 <mmcgrath> well if it's decided we need it we can always add it later.
20:11:32 <mmcgrath> ricky: thanks
20:11:36 <mmcgrath> Ok
20:11:40 <mmcgrath> .ticket 1787
20:11:41 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #1787 (Change Freeze) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1787
20:11:48 <mmcgrath> We've had a pretty good freeze so far, except for ibiblio1
20:11:52 <mmcgrath> but it's all taken care of now.
20:11:58 <mmcgrath> .ticket 1789
20:12:01 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #1789 (Verify Mirror Space) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1789
20:12:10 <mmcgrath> smooge: you comfortable with this?
20:12:29 <smooge> one sec
20:13:00 <smooge> we will go over until Oxf13 removes alpha/beta
20:13:22 <mmcgrath> k, and we've also got 9 to remove for extra buffer.
20:13:28 <Oxf13> I hope to be removing those today
20:13:34 <mmcgrath> 9 is competely my fault, I forgot to get /pub/archives/ setup during the freeze.
20:13:49 <smooge> ok as soon as 9 goes we are beut
20:13:51 <mmcgrath> but I'd think with all that taken care of, we'll be in our normal window for a normal release.
20:13:59 <mmcgrath> smooge: excellent, go ahead and note that in the ticket and close it.
20:14:03 <mmcgrath> .ticket 1792
20:14:04 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #1792 (RHIS Communication) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1792
20:14:05 <smooge> I thought it was there til this release
20:14:16 <mmcgrath> They know, I'll send another ticket.
20:14:50 <mmcgrath> smooge: naw, that one's kind of a one time thing, verify we have enough space for the release.  If we do.  Go ahead and close it.
20:14:53 <mmcgrath> .ticket 1790
20:14:54 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #1790 (Verify RELENG permissions) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1790
20:15:00 <mmcgrath> smooge: this one though (also to you) has kind of two parts.
20:15:06 <mmcgrath> which should stay open until after the launch.
20:15:13 <mmcgrath> Oxf13: you said you'll be staging pretty soon here?
20:15:20 * mdomsch has to run to a presentation
20:15:25 <mdomsch> 2 things:
20:15:32 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: take it
20:15:36 <mdomsch> 1) how early can we bitflip?  hours early please. :-)
20:15:44 <mdomsch> give mirrors time to catch the bitflip themselves
20:16:03 <smooge> working on that one til it gets over into staging and then check
20:16:03 <mmcgrath> Oxf13: thoughts ^^ ?
20:16:05 <mdomsch> 2) no 'at' installed on bapp1, so someone (me) has to manually run manage-repo-redirects -r -v 12
20:16:24 <Oxf13> mdomsch: we'll do it just like we did Beta, I can bit flip it 4~ hours in advance
20:16:25 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: do you want at?
20:16:26 <mdomsch> to drop the last of the f12 redirects
20:16:29 <mmcgrath> seems reasonable for it to be on bapp1
20:16:40 <Oxf13> mdomsch: oh.
20:16:45 <Oxf13> mdomsch: those redirects will be dropped soon
20:16:51 <Oxf13> I'm going to make the Everything/ tree live early
20:16:57 * dgilmore is ok with at being on bapp1
20:17:00 <Oxf13> so that we can drop the redirects, and move rawhide on to F13
20:17:09 <mdomsch> Oxf13, ok, just say when
20:17:17 <mdomsch> that's all I have
20:17:31 <mmcgrath> mdomsch: thanks, enjoy your presentation!
20:17:46 <mmcgrath> ok
20:17:51 <mmcgrath> .ticket 1793
20:17:52 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #1793 (Modify Template:FedoraVersion) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1793
20:17:59 <mmcgrath> stickster_afk still has this one
20:18:01 <mmcgrath> .ticket 1794
20:18:02 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #1794 (Lessons Learned) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1794
20:18:04 <mmcgrath> not until after the release
20:18:06 <mmcgrath> .ticket 1795
20:18:07 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #1795 (Enable caching wiki) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1795
20:18:15 <mmcgrath> I'll get this setup on monday.
20:18:22 <mmcgrath> .ticket 1796
20:18:23 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #1796 (Disable wiki caching) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1796
20:18:25 <mmcgrath> I'll do that on Wed :)
20:18:31 <mmcgrath> .ticket 1797
20:18:32 <zodbot> mmcgrath: #1797 (Add new release to stats gathering script on log1) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1797
20:18:55 <mmcgrath> smooge: this one's assigned to you, I suspect you can do this even before F12 launches.  I'm not sure if that'd throw an error or divide by zero or something though.
20:19:45 * mmcgrath is looking at this page btw -
20:19:50 <mmcgrath> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/report/9
20:19:54 <mmcgrath> it dawned on me I hadn't sent that.
20:20:19 <mmcgrath> Ok, anyone have any questions or concerns related to the release?
20:20:26 <dgilmore> none
20:20:29 <mmcgrath> I'm happy we got ibiblio1 fixed before the rush
20:20:46 <mmcgrath> reminder to everyone, if you can seed the torrent, do it :)
20:20:56 <mmcgrath> the last few releases (including pre-releases) it's mostly been me, dgilmore and nirik
20:21:17 * nirik will seed.
20:21:21 <mmcgrath> and the downloads via torrent for a primary release are pretty popular.  The more solid seeders we have the better experience it is for the downloader.
20:21:25 <dgilmore> as will I
20:21:34 <mmcgrath> alrighty
20:21:41 <mmcgrath> #topic some new sponsors
20:22:01 <mmcgrath> One thing I wanted to mention is we might be getting sponsorship soon by someone providing servers in the UK and canada.
20:22:17 <smooge> I will have that ticket closed by tomorrow
20:22:23 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: that would be cool
20:22:24 <mmcgrath> the details are still all up in the air but I like to be transparent about stuff like that so keep an eye out!
20:22:27 <smooge> ooooh
20:22:33 <smooge> I want to do site installs
20:22:36 <dgilmore> mmcgrath: as would some boxes in apac
20:22:38 <mmcgrath> hehehe
20:23:12 <mmcgrath> indeed.
20:23:19 <mmcgrath> so that's all I've got on that.
20:23:19 <mmcgrath> oh
20:23:22 <mmcgrath> #topic ibiblio1
20:23:26 <skvidal> what fun
20:23:36 <skvidal> anything else wrong, now? or is it fine?
20:23:37 <mmcgrath> I guess if you weren't paying attention you might have missed this and just known a bunch of downtime was scheduled.
20:23:42 <mmcgrath> skvidal: thanks to you and don, all is well
20:23:51 <dgilmore> skvidal: you rock
20:23:57 <mmcgrath> basically we had some memory issues.  reported it to IBM, they had us do the swap game.
20:24:01 * skvidal is the master of 'xm con; login; sudo halt -p'
20:24:01 <mmcgrath> then had us do the swap game again
20:24:13 <skvidal> dgilmore: hardly - I was playing monkey with a keyboard
20:24:19 <mmcgrath> then shipped the memory out and we got it replaced.
20:24:26 <mmcgrath> but now all is well
20:24:29 <mmcgrath> knock
20:24:30 <mmcgrath> on
20:24:31 <mmcgrath> wood
20:24:37 <skvidal> dgilmore: don and mmcgrath did the real work - don for actually doing the memory swapping, mmcgrath for dealing with ibm
20:24:41 <skvidal> mmcgrath: no kidding knock on wood
20:24:42 <dgilmore> skvidal: but you play it really really well
20:24:59 <skvidal> mmcgrath: do you have ibm on speed dial?
20:25:09 <dgilmore> im pretty sure he does
20:25:18 <mmcgrath> skvidal: I do for my soft phone, It's only got 2 speed dial numbers :)
20:25:26 <skvidal> :)
20:25:31 <mmcgrath> interestingly I have to call their toll line as the toll free line doesn't work with RH's voip setup.
20:25:34 <mmcgrath> as strange as that is.
20:26:02 <mmcgrath> it doesn't actually ring, it goes straight to 'press blah for blah' and for some reason our setup doesn't realize that so I just keep hearing ringing :)
20:26:05 <mmcgrath> anyway
20:26:05 <mmcgrath> that's it on that
20:26:09 <mmcgrath> #topic Open Floor
20:26:14 <mmcgrath> anyone have anything else they'd like to discuss?
20:26:57 <smooge> I am working on getting various hosting today done.
20:26:59 <skvidal> what are we doing about the weather? It's way too cold and rainy here
20:27:09 <smooge> I need some help on altering groups I messed up with.
20:27:12 <skvidal> - oh - you meant anything relevant to discuss
20:27:15 <smooge> we are going to have snow today
20:27:16 <mmcgrath> skvidal: well, I've been letting my car run to at least try to warm things up :)
20:27:26 <skvidal> mmcgrath: nice
20:27:35 <mmcgrath> smooge: sure, I can help with the group alteration
20:27:50 <smooge> I will try to SOP it up if needed
20:27:58 <smooge> s/try//
20:28:19 <mmcgrath> oh hey, and looks like openSuSE 11.2 is out for those looking to try it :)
20:28:38 <mmcgrath> Ok, if no one has anything else we'll close early today in 30s.
20:29:41 <mmcgrath> #endmeeting