12:00:03 <Saravanakmr> #startmeeting Gluster Bug Triage
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12:00:19 <Saravanakmr> #info agenda:
12:00:28 <Saravanakmr> #topic Roll Call
12:00:45 * jiffin is here
12:00:49 * Manikandan is here
12:01:04 <post-factum> o/
12:01:47 <Manikandan> post-factum, welcome :)
12:02:02 <Saravanakmr> anyone else?
12:02:16 <post-factum> Manikandan: thanks
12:02:35 * jiffin is around for half an hour
12:02:55 <jiffin> rafi, ggarg, hgowtham: ?
12:03:08 * hgowtham here
12:03:10 <jiffin> skoduri: ?
12:03:23 <ggarg> ggarg here
12:03:45 <Saravanakmr> hagarth, msvbhat ?
12:03:56 <Manikandan> hagarth is busy in another meeting
12:04:08 <Saravanakmr> ok
12:04:21 <Saravanakmr> ok..lets start
12:04:26 * msvbhat is present partially
12:04:42 <Saravanakmr> #topic kkeithley_ will come up with a proposal to reduce the number of bugs against "mainline" in NEW state
12:05:24 <Saravanakmr> seems kkeithley is not around..moving on.
12:05:36 <Saravanakmr> #topic     hagarth start/sync email on regular (nightly) automated tests
12:06:15 <post-factum> it is too quiet today :(
12:06:25 <Saravanakmr> yup
12:06:35 <Manikandan> Saravanakmr, since he is not around, I guess we can carry the AI
12:06:41 <Saravanakmr> moving on this to next week
12:06:57 <Saravanakmr> #topic     msvbhat  will look into using nightly builds for automated testing, and will report issues/success to the mailinglist
12:06:59 <Manikandan> You can do #action <topic> to move it to next week
12:07:17 <Saravanakmr> ok, thanks
12:07:26 <Manikandan> Saravanakmr, np :)
12:07:27 <msvbhat> This is done last week itseld
12:08:12 <msvbhat> Saravanakmr: We have nightly builds done in CentOS CI infra and are running tests there. But we don't have *all* the tests possible there yet. But that's w WIP
12:08:22 * rafi is here being late
12:08:30 <msvbhat> This was completed last week itself
12:09:19 <Saravanakmr> msvbhat, ok..Thanks.will remove this.
12:09:41 <Saravanakmr> #topic msvbhat            will look into lalatenduM's automated Coverity setup in Jenkins         which    need assistance  from an admin with more permissions
12:10:03 <msvbhat> Saravanakmr: This isn't done yet. He isn't in office, Is he?
12:10:23 <Saravanakmr> msvbhat, you mean lala?
12:10:29 <lalatenduM> msvbhat: I am here :)
12:10:39 <msvbhat> lalatenduM: Are you in office?
12:10:56 <lalatenduM> msvbhat: nope, but is that a prerequisite :)
12:11:04 <Saravanakmr> lalatenduM, :) hidden lala
12:11:20 <lalatenduM> msvbhat: what about a bjn session?
12:11:35 <msvbhat> lalatenduM: Let's see. How long till you come to office?
12:12:37 <lalatenduM> msvbhat: I will come tomorrow , but I am planning to become a remote :)
12:13:05 <msvbhat> lalatenduM: Ah, We'll do a Bluejeans session, if we can't get time tomorrow then
12:13:13 <lalatenduM> msvbhat: cool
12:13:18 <msvbhat> Saravanakmr: Please move it to next week
12:13:23 <Saravanakmr> msvbhat, ok
12:13:42 <Saravanakmr> #action     msvbhat            will look into lalatenduM's automated Coverity setup in Jenkins         which    need assistance  from an admin with more permissions
12:13:55 <Saravanakmr> #topic     msvbhat  and ndevos need to think about and decide how to provide/use debug builds
12:14:24 <msvbhat> Saravanakmr: We have a means to build a debug build
12:14:45 <msvbhat> Saravanakmr: I discussed this with ndevos yesterday.
12:15:00 <msvbhat> But this question needs to be answered first.
12:15:39 <msvbhat> Having a job which does the debug build is easy, but that question needs to be answered.
12:15:50 <Saravanakmr> msvbhat, ok .. as it is still under discussion I will move it to next week , ok ?
12:16:05 <msvbhat> Since *think*ing part is done, this AI can be considered done :)
12:16:06 <msvbhat> :)
12:16:40 <msvbhat> Saravanakmr: Yeah, But please mark it on ndevos :)
12:16:51 <Saravanakmr> msvbhat, sure
12:17:02 <Saravanakmr> #action  ndevos need to think about and decide how to provide/use debug builds
12:17:15 <Saravanakmr> #topic     ndevos to propose some test-cases for minimal libgfapi test
12:17:48 <msvbhat> Saravanakmr: Thinking part is done, just needs to be done. (The debug build part)
12:18:16 <Saravanakmr> msvbhat, ok, updating it.
12:18:36 <post-factum> Saravanakmr: also, do not forget about kkeithley_ and hagarth AIs to move them for next week
12:18:42 <Saravanakmr> #action  ndevos need decide on how to provide/use debug builds
12:18:56 <Saravanakmr> post-factum, sure, planning to do at end :)
12:19:16 <Saravanakmr> #topic     Manikandan and Nandaja will update on bug automation
12:19:42 <Manikandan> Saravanakmr, we still did not get access to gerrit hooks, waiting for it :-/
12:19:55 <Saravanakmr> you mean from gluster-infra?
12:19:58 <Manikandan> Also, we are a bit held up with other works, please move it
12:20:03 <Manikandan> Saravanakmr, yep
12:20:04 <Saravanakmr> ok
12:20:17 <Saravanakmr> #action  Manikandan and Nandaja will update on bug automation
12:20:44 <Saravanakmr> Manikandan, will host next week bug triage - just a reminder
12:20:59 <Manikandan> post-factum, interested in hosting?
12:21:06 <Manikandan> Saravanakmr, cool :)
12:21:18 <post-factum> Manikandan: I'm not dev — just a reminder :D
12:21:47 <Manikandan> post-factum, It's fine, bug triage meetings are quite generic and anyone would be able to host
12:22:05 <Manikandan> You are just going to moderate and drive the meeting :)
12:22:12 <Manikandan> No technical works :)
12:22:38 <Manikandan> post-factum, you can always opt to host anytime if you are interested :)
12:22:40 <post-factum> Manikandan: lets have me as a replacement if you won't be able to do that
12:22:53 <Manikandan> post-factum, cool, thanks :)
12:22:57 <skoduri> sorry am late
12:23:02 <post-factum> Manikandan: I'm not sure I will have time for that next Tuesday
12:23:21 <post-factum> skoduri: welcome
12:23:24 <Manikandan> post-factum, no problem, I will host, you could say when you are available any time in future :)
12:23:35 <Manikandan> I meant I will host next week
12:23:46 <Saravanakmr> Manikandan, cool
12:23:53 <Saravanakmr> #action     kkeithley_ will come up with a proposal to reduce the number of bugs against "mainline" in NEW state
12:23:58 <post-factum> Manikandan: deal
12:24:03 <Saravanakmr> #action     hagarth start/sync email on regular (nightly) automated tests
12:24:36 <Manikandan> post-factum, :-)
12:24:52 <Saravanakmr> moving to next topic..
12:24:55 <Saravanakmr> #topic Group Triage
12:25:04 <Saravanakmr> #link
12:25:19 <Saravanakmr> Please follow the guidelines mentioned in the etherpad while triaging bugs!
12:25:37 <Saravanakmr> etherpad is updated
12:26:37 <Manikandan> #info
12:26:46 <Manikandan> Bug triage guidelines can be found here ^^
12:27:32 <Saravanakmr> Thanks Manikandan
12:27:39 <Manikandan> Saravanakmr, np :)
12:28:17 <Manikandan> post-factum, you can pick any bug, write your name against the bug, triage it, strike out the bug once you finished triaging
12:29:06 <post-factum> Manikandan: in fact, I'm doing regression tests for our setup against 3.7.9+extra patches. so I've already picked all of them :)
12:29:48 <Manikandan> post-factum, cool
12:36:14 * Saravanakmr waiting for the last bug to be striked out :)
12:36:32 <skoduri> done :)
12:36:33 <post-factum> at this step, all the bugreports mentioned in pad should be checked?
12:36:51 <Saravanakmr> skoduri, cool
12:37:08 <skoduri> I have put need_info on reported hence haven't added triaged keyword
12:37:24 <Saravanakmr> skoduri, ok
12:38:07 <Saravanakmr> post-factum, yes all bugs needs to be striked out (as they are done).
12:38:55 <Saravanakmr> so, bug triaging is done.. thank you all
12:38:56 <hgowtham> post-factum, it would be better if we explicitly check them.
12:39:10 <hgowtham> Saravanakmr, :)
12:39:37 <Saravanakmr> #topic Open Floor
12:40:06 <Saravanakmr> Any updates?
12:40:11 <skoduri> so who would be hosting next week?
12:40:16 <Saravanakmr> Manikandan
12:40:16 <Manikandan> skoduri, me :)
12:40:58 <skoduri> okay :)
12:41:07 <Saravanakmr> ok..will end the meeting..then
12:41:17 <Manikandan> Saravanakmr, thanks for hosting
12:41:18 <Saravanakmr> Thank you all! :)
12:41:20 <Manikandan> Saravanakmr++
12:41:21 <glusterbot> Manikandan: Saravanakmr's karma is now 3
12:41:32 <Saravanakmr> :)
12:41:49 <Saravanakmr> #endmeeting