12:00:42 <ndevos> #startmeeting Gluster Bug Triage
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12:00:52 <ndevos> #info Agenda is at
12:00:56 <ndevos> #topic Roll Call
12:01:02 * jiffin is here for 15mins
12:01:04 * Manikandan is here
12:01:04 * kdhananjay is here.
12:01:49 <ndevos> kkeithley mentioned he's probably a little later
12:02:28 <Manikandan> rafi is stuck with another meeting and he will be back in sometime
12:03:49 <ndevos> ok
12:04:40 <ndevos> well, I do not think we actioned any of the items on the list :-/
12:05:03 <ndevos> we'll just skip that part, and move on to the Group Triage
12:05:05 <jiffin> k
12:05:11 <ndevos> #topic Group Triage
12:05:57 <ndevos> #info there are 22 bugs that failed earlier triage, and need to get picked up in this meeting
12:06:17 <ndevos> when triaging a bug, put your name in front of the bug
12:06:26 <Manikandan> ndevos, okay
12:06:32 <ndevos> once done, strije through the line and move on to the next one
12:06:39 <ndevos> we use for tracking :)
12:07:28 <kdhananjay> ndevos: line 44 onwards?
12:09:01 <ndevos> kdhananjay: all of the bugs that are listed on
12:09:11 <kdhananjay> got it
12:09:55 <ndevos> some of the bugs are for nfs-ganesha/gluster, they can be "normal" gluster bugs too, not unique to ganesha
12:10:23 <jiffin> ndevos: should we need to change the component and product to gluster and nfs-ganesha??
12:12:02 <kkeithley_> jiffin: IMO we should not change them.  But we do need to pay attention to the Gluster FSAL bugs, which is why I added them to our triage
12:12:53 <ndevos> jiffin: it depends, change it when the bug is filed against ganesha, but it really is a gluster (not FSAL) bug
12:14:12 * kkeithley_ agrees with ndevos. If it's really a bug in gluster, change it to gluster. If it's a bug in the FSAL, leave it as nfs-ganesha.
12:14:36 <jiffin> ndevos, kkeithley_: thanks
12:19:11 * jiffin leaving for the day
12:22:33 <kdhananjay> looks like we've covered all bugs.
12:22:49 <Manikandan> kdhananjay, yup
12:25:23 * ndevos just finished his last one too now
12:25:41 <ndevos> #topic Open Floor
12:25:53 <ndevos> #info REMINDER: bugs and the status of their patches in Gerrit:
12:26:14 <ndevos> #info Nandaja and Manikandan are inerested in volounteering the project Automated bug work flow
12:26:40 <ndevos> gem, Manikandan: update from your side?
12:27:45 <ndevos> the proposal we discussed earlier in this channel, and on the mailinglist is at
12:27:50 <Manikandan> ndevos, yeah as mentioned we would like to work upon that,  we just got few details through this link :
12:28:40 <ndevos> Manikandan: the tasks start at line 50, where do you guys want to start?
12:29:11 <Manikandan> ndevos, say a bug has many patches to be sent
12:29:28 <Manikandan> when do we move it to POST? after sending one patch itself ?
12:29:50 <ndevos> Manikandan: it should move to POST when all patches have been sent
12:30:16 <ndevos> POST means "proposed fix is under review"
12:30:35 <ndevos> and that is only really correct when all patches have been posted
12:30:41 <Manikandan> okay, hmm
12:31:31 <Manikandan> We will start working from next week :-)
12:31:38 <ndevos> Manikandan: see line 22 - reads this marker and moves the bug to POST if this is indeed the last patch.
12:31:43 * gem is here now
12:32:15 <Manikandan> yeah saw, thanks
12:32:22 <ndevos> Manikandan, gem: please update the task list with your names on what you want to work on first, and tell the original owner of the task
12:33:11 <gem> ndevos, where can we find the existing hooks for gerrit?
12:33:28 <ndevos> gem: link is on line 71 :)
12:33:51 <gem> ndevos, thanks! :)
12:34:00 <ndevos> gem: kshlm knows more about the hooks, I think, so you may want to ask him for details
12:34:22 <Manikandan> ndevos, we will follow up
12:34:25 <gem> ndevos, alright.
12:34:42 <ndevos> thanks guys!
12:34:51 <gem> ndevos, looks like that repo is empty :P
12:35:03 <gem> ndevos, we will get in touch with kshlm
12:35:28 <Manikandan> gem, yeah sure
12:35:32 <ndevos> gem: I see two scripts in that repo?
12:35:57 <Manikandan> gem, yeah there are two scripts
12:36:22 * gem is looking at the wrong places. Ignore :)
12:36:27 <ndevos> okay, so far for automated bug updating
12:36:39 <ndevos> is there anyone else who would like to discuss a topic?
12:36:39 * rafi attending another meeting , apologize for not making in for bug triage meeting
12:37:26 * hgowtham is here, sorry for being late
12:37:39 <ndevos> well, you missed it!
12:38:04 <ndevos> thanks for attending all (except rafi and hgowtham :P)
12:38:12 <ndevos> #endmeeting