17:10:14 <mchua> #startmeeting
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17:10:24 <loupgaroubl0nd> mchua, cheers
17:10:24 <mchua> Andrew Overholt is presenting Eclipse.
17:10:29 <mchua> #topic Agenda
17:10:33 <mchua> 1. tools for packagers
17:10:39 <mchua> 2. tools for c/c++ developers
17:10:47 <mchua> 3. ...argh, the slide moved on and I forgot - will get to this in turn
17:10:51 <mchua> #topic tools for packagers
17:11:06 <mchua> Andrew is showing how to edit a specfile in eclipse.
17:11:49 <mchua> Eclipse, when you open a spec file in it, has a window called Package Explorer that can show you the source files and such inside the package you're trying to make.
17:12:05 <mchua> It also has an outline view so you can easily get to the various sections of a specfile you're trying to edit.
17:12:13 <mchua> (%prep, %build, %install, etc)
17:12:30 <mchua> There's also a history tab that shows you the changelog of a specfile.
17:13:34 <mchua> You can also compare different versions of the ssame specfile; it'll show you a color-coded diff.
17:13:43 <mchua> There is a diffk-like view being actively developed now.
17:14:27 <mchua> Andrew is displaying the basic specfile editor - it has syntax coloring, basic text editing stuff.
17:14:42 <mchua> If you hover over the variables, it will show you the values the macros have been defined as.
17:15:21 <mchua> (for instance, hovering over the "%{name}" part of a "Requires: %{name}--rcp <stuff goes here>" line will give you the value of %{name}
17:15:24 <mchua> )
17:15:39 <mchua> Also when you're typing out a Requires: line - there's autocomplete.
17:15:56 <mchua> It will show you a list of packages that list the things you've started typing.
17:16:23 <mchua> You can import srpms and interact with repositories from within Eclipse.
17:17:17 <mchua> For instance, you can see the outstanding bugs filed against a package.
17:18:10 <mchua> You can see the comments on a bug, and comment directly on a bug within Eclipse.
17:20:43 <mchua> Eclipse keeps track of everything you do for a bug - what files you opened, what comments you entered, etc.
17:20:57 <mchua> it keeps track of relationships between the stuff you do on a bug.
17:22:03 <mchua> Hey - can someone take over transcribing? I have to go welcome our lunch caterer to FUDCon.
17:22:35 <mchua> jds2001: ^^
17:22:48 <mchua> (or really anyone, I should be back in <15 I think)
17:52:04 <mchua> (sorry about the lag folks, I had to go take care of our lunch)
17:52:16 <mchua> Jeff is now presenting about... C/C++ tools
17:52:25 <mchua> (still in Eclipse)
17:56:34 <mchua> #topic integration of systemtap and eclipse
17:56:43 <mchua> Roland and Charley presenting
17:57:07 <mchua> originally making a tool for systemtap developers, but turned it into something you can use to profile any program.
17:57:32 <mchua> (file) > profile as > (MENU!)
17:57:40 <mchua> options in the menu are things like probe/profile
17:58:02 <mchua> They pulled up a very small C++ program as an example.
17:58:10 <mchua> And have just profiled it; there is a graph on the screen
17:58:36 <mchua> it looks like a finite state machine, with a line between two functions if one calls the other during execution.
17:58:53 <mchua> next to each block labeled with a function name is the percentage of the calls that function got.
17:59:02 <mchua> for instance if function main() called function foo() once and bar() twice
17:59:23 <mchua> it would be foo-33%<---main-100%--->bar-66&
17:59:26 <mchua> er, 66%
17:59:45 <mchua> (is it function calls or memory? I'm having a hard time typing and listening simultaneously.)
18:00:03 <mchua> Can show it in various graphical output modes - bar graphs, etc.
18:00:08 <mchua> it's basically a general purpose code profile
18:00:10 <mchua> profiler
18:00:14 <mchua> (for C++?)
18:03:41 <mchua> Presentation ended - probably worth asking presenter to post slides
18:03:45 <mchua> #endmeeting