22:11:54 <herlo> #startmeeting pulp
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22:12:06 <herlo> #meetingname pulp
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22:12:21 <herlo> #info create, delete, update pulp repos
22:12:41 <herlo> #info synchronize content immediately or at scheduled intervals
22:13:03 <herlo> can have multiple feed types, Yum, RHN, local
22:13:22 <herlo> has custom repos and package upload
22:13:36 <herlo> Global package search
22:13:48 <herlo> Consumer management
22:13:55 <herlo> accessible through yum
22:14:02 <herlo> can also do remote install through pulp
22:14:36 <herlo> profile tracking: keep track of consumer's package list
22:15:04 <herlo> operation history auditing, tracks all actions for every consumer
22:15:23 <herlo> q, are there any other package managers that work with pulp?
22:16:00 <herlo> a, currently, no, but plans are in the works for apt in some fashion
22:16:54 <herlo> q, why pulp v spacewalk
22:17:05 <herlo> a, lighter weight than spacewalk
22:17:20 <herlo> a, pulp footprint and config greatly simpler
22:17:29 <herlo> a, more integrateable
22:17:55 <herlo> a, easy to work with config mgmt tools...
22:18:10 <herlo> Demo 1: Repo management
22:19:36 <herlo> yum install pulp
22:19:50 <herlo> edit /etc/pulp/client.conf & /etc/gofer/agent.conf
22:19:59 <herlo> change hostname
22:20:01 <herlo> or IP
22:20:10 <herlo> service pulp-server init
22:20:41 <herlo> pulp-admin auth login
22:20:53 <herlo> man pulp-admin will likely help here
22:21:46 <herlo> pulp-admin repo create --id=name-of-repo --arch=arch --feed=yum:someyumrepo
22:22:09 <herlo> will upload into pulp repo
22:22:45 <herlo> pulp-admin repo list
22:23:45 <herlo> shows registered repos
22:24:03 <herlo> pulp-admin repo sync --id repo-name -F
22:24:13 <herlo> grabs rpms from yum repo
22:24:26 <herlo> pulp-admin repo content --id my-themes
22:24:39 <herlo> shows package in repo, including errata and other useful info
22:25:16 <herlo> Once the pulp repo is synced, consumer can grab data
22:25:28 <herlo> yum install pulp-client
22:25:50 <herlo> edit /etc/pulp/client.conf & /etc/gofer/agent.conf
22:26:00 <herlo> service goferd restart
22:26:08 <herlo> create a consumer with
22:26:24 <herlo> pulp-client -u admin -p admin consumer create --id=consumer
22:26:30 <herlo> then bind it
22:26:55 <herlo> pulp-client consumer bind --id consumer --repoid repo-name
22:27:12 <herlo> then just run yum
22:27:45 <herlo> so, this isn't much cooler than yum, yET
22:27:59 <herlo> the real power of pulp is to remotely tell consumers to update packages
22:28:04 <herlo> scheduled, or on-demand
22:28:24 <herlo> client doesn't have a package installed
22:28:41 <herlo> on server we run a command to install the package on consumer(s)
22:29:27 <herlo> pulp-admin package install -d package --consumerid=consumer --consumerid=consumer1
22:32:20 <herlo> when a package is the same across repos, symbolic links are used to keep the disk space down...
22:33:55 <herlo> doesn't currently support syslog with the audit logs
22:34:00 <herlo> in the plans, however
22:35:48 <herlo> q, yum history is useful, can pulp support this?
22:36:00 <herlo> a, not yet
22:36:18 <herlo> a, we're already hooked into the yum api, so it shouldn't be too hard, good idea
22:36:24 <herlo> Advanced features of pulp
22:36:27 <herlo> Batch operations
22:36:32 <herlo> Repo groups
22:36:45 <herlo> Testing repos by cloning
22:36:52 <herlo> Consumer groups
22:36:57 <herlo> LDAP Integration
22:37:40 <herlo> Distribution support specific to a particular distro (RHEL vs Fedora)
22:37:55 <herlo> Appropriate Errata management
22:38:00 <herlo> Consumer key/value pairs
22:38:04 <herlo> REST API
22:38:09 <herlo> RoadMap
22:38:17 <herlo> - Maintenance Windows
22:38:24 <herlo> - Scheduled Consumer Installs
22:38:33 <herlo> - External Content Delivery Servers
22:38:41 <herlo> - Repo Clone Filters
22:38:53 <herlo> - High Availability and Fail Over
22:38:57 <herlo> - Internationalization
22:39:13 <herlo> Clone filters are regex of what to or not to, include
22:39:38 <herlo> 10s of thousands of servers is the goal
22:39:58 <herlo> refining down to a simple list of proper systems/packages without mining down manually
22:40:50 <herlo> Tell the pulp guys about your situation, they want to have as many use cases as possible
22:41:12 <herlo> irc.freenode.net #pulp
22:41:20 <herlo> http://pulpproject.org/ug
22:41:35 <herlo> jdob/linear
22:41:56 <herlo> q, is Pulp something that might happen in RHEL?
22:42:03 <herlo> a, well it will be in Fedora for sure
22:42:16 <herlo> a, several engineers have been evaluating it and there are discussions
22:42:23 <herlo> a, however, we're not sure...
22:44:22 <herlo> a, tell us what you want
22:44:28 <herlo> q, how long has pulp been going
22:44:48 <herlo> a, since about march/april
22:44:52 <herlo> a, blogging only recently
22:46:25 <herlo> #endmeeting