19:22:47 <loupgaroubl0nd> #startmeeting
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19:22:52 <loupgaroubl0nd> #topic how to use IRC in XChat
19:23:19 <loupgaroubl0nd> bert: normally i never use package kit, i do it from console
19:23:24 <loupgaroubl0nd> for that you need a console, of course
19:25:19 <loupgaroubl0nd> question about vlc and mp3
19:25:26 <loupgaroubl0nd> and now we're at the RPM fusion website
19:26:09 <loupgaroubl0nd> at the moment, bert is giving a demo of installing a rpm from a website via packagekit
19:26:52 <loupgaroubl0nd> on the console you run a command 'su -c 'rpm -Uvh <url to rpmfusion>''
19:27:01 <loupgaroubl0nd> then you can run 'yum search vlc'
19:27:27 <loupgaroubl0nd> and now a demo of packagekit, to search for VLC
19:28:06 <loupgaroubl0nd> question about how to uninstall
19:29:49 <loupgaroubl0nd> there is a question about conflicts between various multimedia players
19:30:03 <loupgaroubl0nd> yaakov: you can install as many as you want, but your desktop environment will pick a per default player
19:30:23 <loupgaroubl0nd> #info you can always right click and click on open with to choose your media player, to pick a different one than the default
19:30:29 <loupgaroubl0nd> #topic media players
19:30:55 <loupgaroubl0nd> once you pick the package, say a media player, you check it in packagekit and click apply
19:31:07 <loupgaroubl0nd> #link http://rpmfusion.org/
19:31:14 <loupgaroubl0nd> question about other programs you need
19:31:18 <loupgaroubl0nd> #topic email clients
19:32:15 <loupgaroubl0nd> searching 'email client' in packagekit yields a list of email clients
19:33:53 <loupgaroubl0nd> if you want to search for codecs, bert recommends installing gstreamer
19:35:00 <loupgaroubl0nd> in kde the package is xine-freeworld, and gnome can find the right package for you, via totem or another application
19:35:28 <loupgaroubl0nd> there's a question about drivers
19:35:35 <loupgaroubl0nd> #topic video card drivers
19:35:50 <loupgaroubl0nd> bert: these can be found in rpmfusion
19:38:59 <loupgaroubl0nd> there was a demo of how to install nvidia drivers
19:39:03 <loupgaroubl0nd> #topic multilib package setup
19:39:33 <loupgaroubl0nd> there is a question about multilib packages
19:39:53 <loupgaroubl0nd> there is a difference set of codes for 32 and 64 bit packages, and the 64bit can be faster because it can fit more codes at once
19:41:33 <loupgaroubl0nd> there's also the ability to install both sets of packages on a 64 bit system so you can install both kinds of programs
19:41:49 <loupgaroubl0nd> there is a question about if one linux system picks up a driver, can another use it?
19:42:05 <loupgaroubl0nd> it really depends on whether a distro picks it up
19:44:56 <loupgaroubl0nd> this lead to a conversation about why ubuntu offers a quick installer for nvidia and we don't
19:47:11 <loupgaroubl0nd> the answer is that fedora cares more about encouraging the development of a free and open source driver
19:49:33 <loupgaroubl0nd> bert showed a demo of how to configure multimonitor with nouveau, and how you have to use a seperate program for switching
20:01:24 <loupgaroubl0nd> #endmeeting