21:06:18 <dgilmore> #startmeeting
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21:06:38 <dgilmore> #topic kill dist-cvs
21:09:06 <dgilmore> Hi Jesse
21:09:09 <dgilmore> Killing CVS
21:09:26 <dgilmore> What is dist-cvs
21:09:31 <dgilmore> 1 module per package
21:09:43 <dgilmore> each release is a a branch
21:09:49 <dgilmore> common module
21:09:56 <dgilmore> make driven
21:10:13 <dgilmore> tag is based on the n-v-r before build
21:10:29 <dgilmore> #topic common dir
21:10:41 <dgilmore> Defines Make targets
21:11:23 <dgilmore> defines valuse of ${_dist} for tag
21:11:32 <dgilmore> defines build targets of branches
21:12:11 <dgilmore> used for tag/build steps
21:12:11 <dgilmore> #topic Issues with cvs
21:12:11 <dgilmore> Slow for everything
21:12:13 <dgilmore> Have to be online
21:12:23 <dgilmore> implemented in a hacky way
21:12:43 <dgilmore> tags need translation to CVS "language"
21:12:50 <dgilmore> tagging befoe build
21:12:59 <dgilmore> common dir is a haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
21:14:33 <notting> somewhere, gafton is laughing "you're still using this?"
21:14:46 <dgilmore> #topic  how does git help
21:15:00 <dgilmore> Distributed so it works locally and fast
21:15:08 <dgilmore> Works when you are offline
21:15:15 <dgilmore> can use real branches
21:15:24 <dgilmore> Tags dont have to be translated
21:15:41 <dgilmore> immutable hashes, no need to tag before build
21:16:21 <dgilmore> #topic Lets not just s/cvs/git/
21:16:26 <dgilmore> No tagging before build
21:16:32 <dgilmore> create helper tools
21:16:37 <dgilmore> get rid of common
21:16:53 <dgilmore> allow for exploded source work and patch management
21:19:26 <dgilmore> ajax: no upstream cvs use anymore
21:20:10 <dgilmore> jesse: helper tool will replace make files
21:23:23 <maxamillion> dgilmore: if it wouldn't be too hard, can you expand on what exactly helper tool is?
21:24:05 <dgilmore> maxamillion:its a tool that will replace the Make targets
21:24:20 <dgilmore> so you would do fpkg build rather than make build
21:25:33 <maxamillion> dgilmore: ah, very cool ... thanks :)
21:25:43 <dgilmore> so rather than having things dependent on contents of common. Makefiles. its independent and more flexible
21:25:59 <dgilmore> #topic no tagging (before build)
21:26:08 <dgilmore> Git hashsums are immutable
21:26:17 <dgilmore> git uses hashsums
21:26:22 <jforbes> notting: from <gafton> yeah, git probably would be the most compatible, although for what is needed for the fedora package scm, really, rcs ought to do it
21:26:23 <dgilmore> and they are immutable
21:26:45 <dgilmore> koji understands git
21:27:00 <dgilmore> successful builds can trigger a tagging event
21:27:20 <dgilmore> koji refuses to rebuild n-v-r's
21:27:29 <dgilmore> #topic helper script
21:27:42 <dgilmore> hide the complicated things in git
21:28:08 <dgilmore> Automatically figure out target based on context
21:28:40 <dgilmore> replicate make targets as options but allow for more --foo flags
21:28:50 <dgilmore> Make it much easier to extend
21:29:39 <dgilmore> simple checkout of branch or checkout --full to see familiar setup with module/F-12 module/F-13
21:37:59 <dgilmore> #topic Common go Bye bye
21:38:08 <dgilmore> If we dont have a tag....
21:38:37 <dgilmore> if we automatically determine build target...
21:38:45 <dgilmore> if we dont use make...
21:38:51 <dgilmore> why do we need common
21:39:36 <dgilmore> #topic
21:39:46 <dgilmore> #topic your code a splode
21:40:00 <dgilmore> single command to :
21:40:13 <dgilmore> grab appropriate upstream tarball
21:40:20 <dgilmore> untar it
21:40:26 <dgilmore> create git repo of it
21:40:37 <dgilmore> apply existing patches as git commits
21:40:47 <dgilmore> leave you to do your patch management
21:41:09 <dgilmore> #patch management
21:41:18 <dgilmore> another command to:
21:41:47 <dgilmore> export patches in git-format-patch format
21:41:47 <dgilmore> write patch list out to a 'patches' files
21:42:04 <dgilmore> add/remove patches from package module as necessary
21:42:15 <dgilmore> command to send patches upstream
21:42:45 <dgilmore> Spec file could %include patches file to define and apply them  in one fell swoop
21:44:52 <dgilmore> #timeline
21:44:57 <dgilmore> Start work soon
21:45:04 <dgilmore> go live after F-13 or F-14
21:45:21 <dgilmore> more feedback translated into  a fesco proposal
21:45:34 <dgilmore> publictest systems to play with conversion
21:51:50 <dgilmore> ajax: autofilling changelogs
21:52:36 <dgilmore> #topic Why not SVN/BZR/MTN/YOURMOM?
21:52:44 <dgilmore> Distributed
21:52:52 <dgilmore> used by many many upstreams
21:52:58 <dgilmore> Easy to hack around
21:53:10 <dgilmore> Jesse is doing the work, and he knows git
21:54:09 <dgilmore> #topic Questions
21:59:27 <dgilmore> #endmeeting