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19:06:20 <maxamillion> #Topic - Provice of the Kernel
19:07:18 <maxamillion> Community of upstream Fedora and RedHat developers, who they are and what they do <listing out who is who and what part of the kernel they work on (too quick and brief for me to type fast enough ... sorry)>
19:07:35 <maxamillion> new:
19:08:13 <maxamillion> Perf Counters -> hardware performance counters, events, software events, perf top, inspecting userspace code to support reporting on "how your code is running"
19:08:39 <maxamillion> Allows us to inspect the code at a microscopic and macroscopic level (explanation to come)
19:09:22 <maxamillion> Can also "look at" userspace code and shared libraries
19:09:30 <maxamillion> "Shiny Shiny":
19:09:36 <maxamillion> -> usb3 support
19:09:53 <maxamillion> -> wireless personal networks (not sure what it does, but the kernel supports it now)
19:10:37 <maxamillion> -> kmemcheck and kmemleak, in the debug kernels it reports on different memory issues and will log as well as notify mailing lists upon events and such
19:10:53 <maxamillion> -> fsnotify, will notify upon filesystem events
19:11:34 <maxamillion> -> intel iommu support (out of tree) .... good for virtualization, creating security break up of memory spaces
19:11:42 <maxamillion> "Holy moley KMS":
19:11:58 <maxamillion> -> intel check .... went by too fast, sorry all
19:12:08 <maxamillion> "Whats new in 2.6.32":
19:12:19 <maxamillion> Currently in rawhide, will fork and be put into Fedora 12
19:12:32 <maxamillion> will also be broken out into Fedora 11
19:12:45 <maxamillion> Fedora 12 should be soon, Fedora 11 should be sometime next week
19:12:57 <maxamillion> "Generic changes in 2.6.32":
19:13:39 <maxamillion> -> KSM (kernel same page merging) ---> essentially data deduplication for RAM
19:15:45 <maxamillion> -> hwpoison (fault injection for testing)
19:16:19 <maxamillion> -> trim and discard (for modern SSD, increases filesystem performance)
19:16:36 <maxamillion> -> tracing (perf counters are now perf events)
19:16:45 <maxamillion> --> perf timechart (bootchart)
19:16:57 <maxamillion> --> perf sched (scheduler latency tracing)
19:17:17 <maxamillion> --> tracepoints (syscalls, modules, skb, pagealloc, etc...)
19:17:45 <maxamillion> -> cgroups: soft memory limits
19:18:01 <maxamillion> -> dynamic per cpu scalability
19:18:06 <maxamillion> "Virt":
19:18:23 <maxamillion> -> ioeventfd: performance enhancement for virtual machines for I/O
19:18:33 <maxamillion> -> irqfd: interrupts for hosts
19:18:47 <maxamillion> -> syscall/sysenter emulation
19:19:01 <maxamillion> -> gigabyte pages: permance enhancing for ram
19:19:12 <maxamillion> -> ... missed this one (sorry all)
19:19:18 <maxamillion> "filesystems":
19:19:27 <maxamillion> -> btrfs improvements:
19:19:40 <maxamillion> --> -ENOSPC (Can handle running out of space now)
19:19:45 <maxamillion> --> snapshots
19:19:49 <maxamillion> --> deletion
19:19:54 <maxamillion> --> performance
19:19:59 <maxamillion> -> ext4
19:20:35 <maxamillion> --> writeback improvements
19:20:42 <maxamillion> --> async commit with barrier
19:20:46 <maxamillion> --> fallocate
19:20:50 <maxamillion> -> xfs
19:20:56 <maxamillion> --> performance enhancements
19:20:59 <maxamillion> "drivers":
19:21:18 <maxamillion> -> b43 lpphy (dell netbooks and more for the low power broadcom)
19:21:29 <maxamillion> -> ti wl12xx wireless
19:21:36 <maxamillion> -> broadcom ssb sdio support
19:21:45 <maxamillion> -> r600/r700 modesetting
19:22:05 <maxamillion> -> moorestown/simple firmware interface (sfi) ---> atom based
19:22:30 <maxamillion> -> mac80211 improvement (background scanning, more wet in cfg80211)
19:22:35 <maxamillion> -> vmware vmxnet
19:22:49 <maxamillion> -> ath9k (new chipsets), ath5k (hw crypto)
19:22:59 <maxamillion> -> video4linux2/dvb improvements
19:23:04 <maxamillion> -> acpi4
19:24:48 <maxamillion> "staging"
19:25:04 <maxamillion> -> rt3090/rt3070/rt2870
19:25:13 <maxamillion> -> htc dream (android phone)
19:25:20 <maxamillion> -> hyperv (microsoft virt)
19:26:04 <maxamillion> "staging" refers to drivers that are "questionable" such that they aren't in the kernel upstream project, and as an effort from Greg Kroah-Hartman the staging tree was created for them
19:26:34 <maxamillion> they aren't currently included in Fedora unless there is a maintainer willing to handle wrangling the code
19:26:59 <maxamillion> these drivers are not included in the upstream kernel because their code is "questionable" (just a note for clarity)
19:27:45 <maxamillion> "crystal ball" (upcoming 2.6.24 hopes and dreams):
19:28:05 <maxamillion> -> poulsbo (intel gma500) support
19:28:10 <maxamillion> -> more staging migration
19:28:21 <maxamillion> -> rt2xxx/rt3xxx wifi
19:28:52 <maxamillion> "how to get help?"
19:29:49 <maxamillion> -> the fedora mailing lists and bugzilla are popular but the best way is on #fedora-devel or #fedora-kernel
19:30:47 <maxamillion> this is just due to raw volume of bugs and other aspects of rawhide that make developers inboxes very bloated
19:32:11 <maxamillion> "please test rawhide" -> rawhide is often difficult to run, wrangle, and survive but it is very helpful for kernel developers to have more hands in the testing world, often times you can just take the rawhide kernel build from koji and install it on a "fedora stable" system
19:32:28 <maxamillion> #topic State of X
19:32:47 <maxamillion> radeon:
19:32:57 <maxamillion> -> kms for r600+
19:33:05 <maxamillion> -> r600+ 3d
19:33:14 <maxamillion> -> r800 support coming soon
19:33:17 <maxamillion> -> displayport
19:33:22 <maxamillion> -> hdmi audio
19:33:47 <maxamillion> -> xvmc for r300 through r500, 600+ soon
19:33:52 <maxamillion> -> future
19:34:02 <maxamillion> --> sideport scanout
19:34:09 <maxamillion> --> page flipping
19:35:02 <maxamillion> A lot of this (mainly output setup and memory management) is related to getting a block of memory in the kernel, and these are now being integrated (KMS - kernel mode setting)
19:36:58 <maxamillion> the r800 chips were just recently released and this support is being worked on and the upstream kernel already has the commit of the code to implement that
19:40:44 <maxamillion> #topic State of X - intel
19:40:49 <maxamillion> -> displayport
19:41:22 <maxamillion> -> pch changes (periferal(sp?) control hub)
19:41:38 <maxamillion> -> future
19:41:45 <maxamillion> --> gpu scheduling
19:41:56 <maxamillion> --> zone rendering
19:42:04 <maxamillion> --> per process context and gtt
19:42:10 <maxamillion> -> poulsbo
19:42:14 <maxamillion> -> larrabee
19:44:35 <maxamillion> Working on having a GPU scheduler such that its not "competing" with the kernel scheduler (such that the kernel wants to get everything done as fast as possible all the time, but displays often have situations like "I want to guarantee 60 frames per second at all times
19:44:39 <maxamillion> )
19:46:41 <maxamillion> #topic State of X - nvidia
19:46:59 <maxamillion> -> nouveau with KMS (kernel mode setting)
19:47:07 <maxamillion> -> 3d support (kinda)
19:48:36 * nirik notes 3d support will be very welcome for lots of people who currently resort to the nonfree driver.
19:48:42 <maxamillion> #topic State of X - Core DRM (Digital Rights Management)
19:48:51 <maxamillion> -> ddc handwaving
19:49:08 <maxamillion> -> better multi-master (X server is an example of a master)
19:49:54 <maxamillion> -> usb device support? --> couple of usb video devices (one end of cable is usb and the other is a vga or dvi connector)
19:51:27 <maxamillion> usb devices is a difficulty of deciding design of how to make the native graphics card communicate with the usb device
19:51:33 <maxamillion> #topic State of X - Xserver
19:51:40 <maxamillion> -> xi2
19:51:47 <maxamillion> -> randr and xinerama changes
19:51:55 <maxamillion> -> multiseat
19:52:01 <maxamillion> -> presentation and sync apis
19:52:06 <maxamillion> -> devel model changes
19:52:14 <maxamillion> -> even more embedded focus
19:57:50 <maxamillion> #topic State of X - Mesa and Misc.
19:58:03 <maxamillion> -> OpenGL3 support is being worked on
19:59:02 <maxamillion> -> gallium? different build process that some devices have both gallium and classic drivers (which one do we pick?)
19:59:36 <maxamillion> -> KMS plan for non-big-3 chips (AMD/nVidia/Intel) ... "What do we do with them?"
19:59:44 <maxamillion> -> panic messages in X
19:59:50 <maxamillion> -> headless polish
20:01:35 <maxamillion> #endmeeting