08:36:22 <siddhesh> #startmeeting FUDCon Pune travel sponsorship meeting 2015-04-24
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08:36:31 <siddhesh> #topic Roll call
08:36:37 <siddhesh> .hellomynameis siddhesh
08:36:38 <zodbot> siddhesh: siddhesh 'Siddhesh Poyarekar' <spoyarek@redhat.com>
08:36:47 <pjp> .hellomynameis pjp
08:36:48 <zodbot> pjp: pjp 'None' <pj.pandit@yahoo.co.in>
08:37:09 <paragan> .hellomynameis pnemade
08:37:10 <zodbot> paragan: pnemade 'Parag Nemade' <pnemade@redhat.com>
08:38:01 <siddhesh> amit: ^^
08:38:23 <siddhesh> pravins: roll call
08:38:39 <pravins> .hellomynameis pravins
08:38:40 <zodbot> pravins: pravins 'Pravin Satpute' <psatpute@redhat.com>
08:39:23 <siddhesh> ok, that's 4 of us.  we'll let amit catch up when he returns
08:39:42 <siddhesh> #topic tickets
08:40:05 <pjp> Start with #577 ?
08:40:27 <siddhesh> yes, lets start with 577
08:40:31 <siddhesh> #undo
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08:40:40 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/577
08:40:48 <siddhesh> Funding request for Kashish Bhatia
08:41:22 * siddhesh looks for is talk submission
08:41:40 <paragan> .fasinfo kbhatia
08:41:41 <zodbot> paragan: User: kbhatia, Name: Kashish Bhatia, email: kashish.bhatia1989@gmail.com, Creation: 2015-02-26, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
08:41:44 <zodbot> paragan: Approved Groups: None
08:41:58 <pjp> I think he created FAS account for the travel expense,
08:42:05 <siddhesh> he has one talk submission: "Linux-IO : Native scsi target implementation in linux kernel"
08:42:11 <siddhesh> pjp: yes
08:42:43 <siddhesh> the talk is on waitlist, i.e. if there are cancellations from the first list, he may get a chance
08:43:28 <pjp> I see, considering he is hardly 2 months into Fedora, let's defer his request till the dead line,
08:43:33 <pravins> in that case, good to defer it. No any other reason for approval.
08:43:40 <siddhesh> agreed
08:44:00 <Amita> hi
08:44:05 <siddhesh> hi Amita
08:44:33 <siddhesh> Amita, mrniranjan: we're talking about #577
08:44:38 <mrniranjan> ok
08:44:49 <siddhesh> pjp, pravins and I think we should defer it till after the deadline
08:44:59 <siddhesh> we're waiting for paragan's response and now yours too
08:45:00 <pjp> siddhesh: Yes,
08:45:24 <paragan> I will be always in favour to sponsor people if there talk is selected
08:45:25 <mrniranjan> pjp: is his talk approved ?
08:45:37 <pjp> mrniranjan: not yet,
08:45:51 <paragan> defer this ticket till decision on his talk happens
08:46:23 <Amita> +1
08:46:28 <Amita> defer
08:46:33 <siddhesh> #agreed defer till deadline
08:46:46 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/578
08:46:56 <siddhesh> Funding request for Somvannda
08:47:13 <siddhesh> Cambodia Fedora ambassador
08:47:50 <siddhesh> Cambodia is bidding for the next FUDCon so he wants to be part of the 'handing over' ceremony if they win
08:48:03 <siddhesh> he also wants to be part of the APAC ambassadors BoF
08:48:09 <paragan> If we have budget then +1 for his sponsorship
08:48:11 <pjp> somvannda is an active Fedora member, an ambassador - >https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Somvannda
08:48:49 <siddhesh> Phnom Penh <-> BOM is at about $550
08:49:05 <amit> .hellomynameis amitshah
08:49:07 <zodbot> amit: amitshah 'Amit Shah' <amit.shah@redhat.com>
08:49:07 <siddhesh> which we had catered for, for APAC members during budgeting
08:49:09 <pjp> +1, as he is an active member, ambassador,  participant in the ambassador's panel discussion
08:50:11 <Amita> .hellomynameis amsharma
08:50:14 <zodbot> Amita: amsharma 'Amita Sharma' <amsharma@redhat.com>
08:50:15 <siddhesh> +1 from me too
08:51:00 <amit> +1
08:51:17 <amit> (root of all my troubles is my isp)
08:51:33 <pjp> amit: same here, :)
08:51:45 <siddhesh> amit: the people who run your ISP you mean? :P
08:51:53 <amit> siddhesh: :)
08:52:07 <amit> yes, it's always the people
08:52:17 <mrniranjan> .hellomynameis mrniranjan
08:52:18 <zodbot> mrniranjan: mrniranjan 'Niranjan Mallapadi' <niranjan@ashoo.in>
08:52:42 <siddhesh> anywa, back to Somvannda's ticket.  pjp, amit and I have voted.  how about others?
08:52:59 <mrniranjan> +1 from me
08:53:01 <pjp> paragan: gave +1 too,
08:53:26 <siddhesh> oh right, yes
08:53:29 <pravins> +1
08:53:44 <siddhesh> mrniranjan: your vote
08:54:04 <pjp> siddhesh: <mrniranjan> +1 from me
08:54:29 <siddhesh> eek, something wrong with my vision today I guess :P
08:54:37 <pjp> :)
08:54:39 <amit> siddhesh: don't be that "people"
08:55:11 <siddhesh> #agreed sponsor travel and stay for somvannda.  Travel at about $550.
08:55:14 <siddhesh> amit: :)
08:55:36 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/579
08:55:53 <siddhesh> Funding request for lakshminarayan
08:55:55 <amit> eh?
08:56:00 <siddhesh> Funding request for lakshminarayanan
08:56:08 <siddhesh> what?
08:56:11 <pjp> .fasinfo lakshminarayanan
08:56:12 <zodbot> pjp: User: lakshminarayanan, Name: lakshminarayanan, email: lakshdu@gmail.com, Creation: 2015-04-19, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
08:56:15 <zodbot> pjp: Approved Groups: None
08:56:20 <amit> some tickets seem to have misplaced milestones :(
08:56:37 <pjp> Account was created on 19 Apr, for requesting travel expenses,
08:56:41 <amit> I hate it when people don't just click on links provided -- they alter the milestones too :(
08:57:29 <siddhesh> His request is about $390, including cab fare and airfare
08:57:39 <siddhesh> which raises an interesting question that we hadn't considered before?
08:57:44 <pjp> I'd say defer for now, like Kashish B, till the dead-line
08:57:47 <amit> he works with Dell in Bangalore
08:57:53 * paragan is really sad that we are getting FAS accounts created just for funding, once funded and FUDCon is over, I don't think people will care to contribute Fedora
08:57:53 <siddhesh> do we support cab fares from their home to the airport
08:58:09 <amit> paragan: agreed
08:58:11 <siddhesh> paragan: yes, my concern too
08:58:12 <pjp> paragan: true,
08:58:16 <paragan> I am against paying cab fares
08:58:22 <amit> siddhesh: I say we don't pay any cab fare
08:58:24 <paragan> air fare is fine for approved talks
08:58:30 <amit> siddhesh: we're stretched for budget as it is
08:58:38 <pjp> Yep,
08:58:49 <siddhesh> the request for airfar is also at $240, which is again high
08:58:49 <amit> also, for this ticket, I suggest we ask he check with his company (Dell) first
08:58:56 <amit> any help is appreciated to get more people in.
08:58:59 <pravins> siddhesh: its including hotel.
08:59:21 <siddhesh> pravins: he does not want hotel.  he wants to fly in in the morning and return in the evening
08:59:34 <pravins> " Travel and Hotel together - $ 240 (USD) or around 15000 INR " on ticket.
08:59:56 <mrniranjan> i think 150$ is fair enough
09:00:00 <mrniranjan> for travel
09:00:23 <paragan> pravins, he mentioned he want to return back if he will be getting shared room
09:00:24 <siddhesh> pravins: that was his initial request
09:00:37 <siddhesh> he doesn't want to stay if he's goingg to be asked to share a room
09:01:10 <pravins> aha, thanks paragan siddhesh.
09:02:13 <pjp> Let's defer for now till the deadline,
09:02:14 <siddhesh> lets defer this one till the end.  the talk is selected, but we have a lot more qualified Fedora contributors awaiting sponsorship and I personally want them to get first dip in the travel funds.
09:02:39 <mrniranjan> my suggestion to cap this request to 150$
09:02:48 <pjp> siddhesh: same here,
09:02:54 <amit> how about we ask him to ask his company?
09:02:57 <mrniranjan> else defer
09:03:01 <pjp> mrniranjan: but he is not an active contributor,
09:03:01 <amit> (and defer till then)
09:03:16 <amit> if Dell help, it'll be great.
09:03:20 <mrniranjan> ok
09:03:25 <amit> freeing up funds for others
09:03:51 <paragan> defer this till end
09:03:57 <pravins> we can tell him, we are short of funds and if dell can help that will be great.
09:04:07 <mrniranjan> okay lets defer then,
09:04:17 <siddhesh> #agreed defer till the deadline
09:04:32 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/581
09:04:39 <pjp> .fasinfo parmeshwr
09:04:40 <zodbot> pjp: User: parmeshwr, Name: parmeshwr prasad, email: parmeshwr_prasad@dell.com, Creation: 2015-04-20, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
09:04:43 <zodbot> pjp: Approved Groups: cla_done cla_fpca
09:04:52 <pjp> Another account created for funds request
09:05:06 <siddhesh> pjp not this one
09:05:09 <amit> pjp: wrong name
09:05:13 <siddhesh> Funding request for Sujith Pandel
09:05:25 <siddhesh> but yeah, your conclusion will likely persist
09:05:33 <siddhesh> .fasinfo sujithpandel
09:05:34 <zodbot> siddhesh: User: sujithpandel, Name: Sujith Pandel, email: sujith_pandel@dell.com, Creation: 2015-04-21, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
09:05:37 <zodbot> siddhesh: Approved Groups: None
09:05:55 <siddhesh> The talk is on waitlist IIRC
09:06:00 <pjp> siddhesh: Ah yep, 580 is closed,
09:06:00 <siddhesh> isn't that right amit?
09:06:14 * amit checks
09:06:31 <siddhesh> confirmed, it is on waitlist
09:06:41 <siddhesh> in fact paragan had asked me about it earlier today
09:06:52 <amit> siddhesh: waitlisted.
09:06:55 <siddhesh> IMO defer till deadline
09:06:58 <amit> siddhesh: also, from Dell
09:07:04 <siddhesh> yeah :/
09:07:35 <amit> defer.
09:07:47 <amit> plus ask if company can give assistance
09:07:58 <pravins> defer, same request if possible get funding from Dell.
09:08:24 <paragan> yes defer as talk selection not confirmed yet
09:09:00 <paragan> but good to have that talk selected :)
09:09:05 <siddhesh> #agreed defer till deadline:)
09:09:10 <pjp> Yep,
09:09:13 <siddhesh> #undo
09:09:13 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: AGREED by siddhesh at 09:09:05 : defer till deadline:)
09:09:31 <siddhesh> Amita, mrniranjan ^^ vote?
09:10:02 <mrniranjan> siddhesh: defer from me
09:10:30 <amit> let's move on
09:10:41 <siddhesh> #agreed defer till deadline
09:10:56 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/582
09:11:07 <siddhesh> Funding request for parmeshwr
09:11:08 <pjp> .fasinfo parmeshwr
09:11:09 <zodbot> pjp: User: parmeshwr, Name: parmeshwr prasad, email: parmeshwr_prasad@dell.com, Creation: 2015-04-20, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
09:11:12 <zodbot> pjp: Approved Groups: cla_done cla_fpca
09:11:14 <pjp> Same defer for now
09:11:20 <siddhesh> +1, defer
09:11:28 <amit> his talk is wait-listed
09:11:35 <amit> +1 defer
09:11:41 <paragan> +1 to defer
09:11:50 <mrniranjan> +1 to defer
09:11:58 <siddhesh> #agreed defer till deadline
09:12:05 <pravins> +1 to defer
09:12:05 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/583
09:12:15 <siddhesh> Balaji Singh
09:12:22 <siddhesh> .fasinfo balaji1234
09:12:23 <zodbot> siddhesh: User: balaji1234, Name: balaji singh, email: b.balajisingh@gmail.com, Creation: 2015-04-21, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
09:12:26 <zodbot> siddhesh: Approved Groups: None
09:12:34 <pjp> Defer for now, account created for funds request
09:12:45 <amit> has a submission: "Integrating docker with Openstack & its benefits."
09:12:47 <siddhesh> he has a talk on the docker track
09:12:54 <amit> it will be considered for the containers track
09:12:54 <siddhesh> defer from me too
09:13:00 <amit> +1 defer
09:13:08 <paragan> +1 defer
09:13:11 <mrniranjan> +1 defer
09:13:17 <Amita> +1 defer
09:13:21 <amit> plus blr-pune in $400?
09:13:30 <siddhesh> #agreed defer till deadline
09:13:37 <siddhesh> amit: heh, yeah well...
09:13:41 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/584
09:13:46 <siddhesh> Shubhra Rana
09:13:53 <siddhesh> no talk submissions
09:14:00 <siddhesh> not a contributor in any project
09:14:06 <siddhesh> .fasinfo shubhra28
09:14:07 <zodbot> siddhesh: User: shubhra28, Name: Shubhra Rana, email: shubhra_rana@dell.com, Creation: 2015-04-23, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
09:14:10 <zodbot> siddhesh: Approved Groups: cla_done cla_fpca
09:14:12 <pjp> siddhesh: he/she has talk submitted I think, but may be not selected
09:14:23 <paragan> yes
09:14:34 <pjp> siddhesh: Also, in the speaker's bio, name is of Vinay Patkar instead of Shubhra
09:14:40 <amit> "Ansible – For Automation in IT and Docker Provisioning"
09:14:48 <siddhesh> oh right, yes
09:14:58 <amit> pjp: multiple speakers
09:15:05 <amit> pjp: her bio is there as well
09:15:13 <pjp> Either way, defer for now, account crated for funds request
09:15:21 <siddhesh> I asked again for clarification on why she believed she should be funded, but she did not respond with 'I submitted a talk'
09:15:27 <amit> Shubhra Rana is a software development engineer at Dell India R&D, working in windows server OS automation. Her areas of interest include security, open source technologies and data mining.
09:15:40 <Amita> they can ask Dell to fund
09:15:43 <siddhesh> just something about networking with like-minded people
09:15:50 * siddhesh agrees
09:15:50 <pjp> Yeah,
09:15:58 <siddhesh> defer for now from me too
09:16:11 <amit> +1 defer
09:16:12 <siddhesh> and not reject outright, since she does in fact have a submission
09:16:36 <paragan> +1 defer now
09:16:48 <amit> siddhesh: co-speaker, but hey
09:17:01 <siddhesh> #agreed defer till deadline
09:17:05 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/586
09:17:14 <siddhesh> The last ticket of the day (that was fast!)
09:17:22 <siddhesh> .fasinfo krishnaprasadk
09:17:25 <zodbot> siddhesh: User: krishnaprasadk, Name: Krishnaprasad K, email: krishnaprasad_k@dell.com, Creation: 2015-03-09, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
09:17:26 <amit> siddhesh: no, sinny's is misfiled
09:17:28 <zodbot> siddhesh: Approved Groups: cla_done cla_fpca
09:17:30 <amit> siddhesh: pls correct that
09:17:44 <pjp> siddhesh: https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/585
09:18:12 <amit> let's discuss 586 first
09:18:13 <siddhesh> amit, pjp ok, we'll take that after this one
09:18:36 <paragan> for BLR travel $300 budget is more right?
09:18:46 <siddhesh> so the good thing is that he's at least signed the CLA :)
09:18:46 <pjp> paragan: Yes,
09:18:46 <Amita> yes it is too much
09:18:59 <siddhesh> we have approved about $120 in the previous rounds
09:19:09 <amit> "Case study of Docker in Cloud Computing environment"
09:19:22 <Amita> why they need 20,000 rs to come from Bangalore
09:19:24 <siddhesh> they're all asking for cab fare too I think
09:19:32 <amit> "Intelligent Datacenter Rack Manager " (rejected)
09:19:47 <amit> "An overview of Open Linux Management Infrastructure (OpenLMI) and LMIShell" (rejected)
09:20:06 <pjp> Oh, no talks selected?
09:20:07 <amit> "Hypervisor agnostic physical to virtual conversion " (rejected)(
09:20:26 <siddhesh> the docker talk is in the docker track
09:20:28 <amit> several submissions
09:20:32 <pjp> But he says he'll present them at barcamp sessions
09:20:37 <amit> though all of them are multiple speakers for same session
09:20:45 <amit> pjp: barcamp cannot be pre-selected
09:20:51 <amit> pjp: so ignore that always :)
09:20:52 <pjp> amit: Right, true
09:21:01 <paragan> If no talk is selected or on waitlist, I am -1 for sponsorship
09:21:09 <pjp> same here,
09:21:14 <amit> also, Dell
09:21:19 <siddhesh> there is 1 talk in the docker track
09:21:26 <pjp> -1, as he is not an active member for long, not a speaker too
09:21:38 <siddhesh> pjp, he is a speaker
09:21:40 <Amita> let's ask them to get it from Dell
09:21:44 <amit> siddhesh: dunno if that talk will make their track.  it's not yet decided, is it?
09:21:53 * siddhesh checks
09:22:04 <siddhesh> neependra had put out a tentative list last week
09:22:23 <amit> siddhesh: I think that just included all the 'merge' topics
09:22:30 <amit> dunno if they curated the list
09:22:58 <siddhesh> amit: the talk is there
09:23:09 <siddhesh> amit: either way, he is technically a speaker
09:23:31 <amit> siddhesh: let's get neependra or adimania here next week, and defer now?
09:23:36 <siddhesh> so defer
09:23:54 <mrniranjan> banglore to pune the maximum cost to and from is 6000
09:23:54 <siddhesh> amit: yes, I agree with the conclusion of deferring :)
09:24:08 <pjp> Yep, okay
09:24:10 <paragan> let's defer for now
09:24:19 <mrniranjan> okay defer
09:24:48 <siddhesh> #agree defer till deadline
09:24:58 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/585
09:25:01 <siddhesh> the last ticket
09:25:03 <siddhesh> sinny
09:25:16 <Amita> 80 USD
09:25:22 <siddhesh> .fasinfo sinnykumari
09:25:25 <zodbot> siddhesh: User: sinnykumari, Name: Sinny Kumari, email: ksinny@gmail.com, Creation: 2012-09-10, IRC Nick: ksinny, Timezone: Asia/Kolkata, Locale: en, GPG key ID: , Status: active
09:25:28 <zodbot> siddhesh: Approved Groups: fedorabugs packager cla_fpca cla_done
09:25:41 <Amita> +1
09:25:43 <mrniranjan> +1
09:25:45 <amit> her talk is wait-listed
09:25:51 <Amita> she has asked for reasonable prize
09:25:58 <amit> +1 for getting her here
09:26:00 <Amita> also, she helped spread the news
09:26:01 <paragan> +1
09:26:03 <pjp> +1, as she is an active contributor,
09:26:25 <siddhesh> +1 for her air tickets.  She's an active KDE contributor and also contributes to some tools projects
09:27:09 <amit> well the milestone might actually not need adjusting :)
09:27:09 <Amita> cool :)
09:27:23 <siddhesh> amit: now pjp will have to change it back :)
09:27:37 <siddhesh> nobody against sponsoring this I assume?
09:27:45 <Amita> no
09:27:51 <pjp> Nope,
09:27:53 <mrniranjan> no
09:28:09 <siddhesh> #agreed Sponsor air ticket between bangalore and Pune, approx $100
09:28:22 <siddhesh> #topic Open floor
09:28:27 <siddhesh> and that is all for tickets
09:28:41 <siddhesh> all remaining tickets are contended, so will have to wait till deadline
09:28:48 <pjp> Yep,
09:28:48 <amit> we haven't discussed 557 I think
09:28:55 <amit> siddhesh: we were waiting for you and kushal for that one
09:29:13 <siddhesh> amit: arpita roy?
09:29:18 <amit> siddhesh: yep
09:29:35 <siddhesh> I don't know her TBH, so can't vouch for it
09:29:40 <siddhesh> .fasinfo arpita
09:29:41 <zodbot> siddhesh: User: arpita, Name: Arpita Roy, email: arpita.rockx6@gmail.com, Creation: 2015-03-17, IRC Nick: None, Timezone: UTC, Locale: C, GPG key ID: None, Status: active
09:29:44 <zodbot> siddhesh: Approved Groups: cla_done cla_fpca
09:29:54 <pjp> amit: We did discuss her request, it was deferred till later
09:30:06 <siddhesh> there doesn't seem to be a lot going for her, except that she submitted a talk that we rejected
09:30:09 <kushal> amit, I know her, a complete newbie, but starting with great enthusiasm
09:30:30 <kushal> siddhesh, yup
09:30:43 <amit> her talk is rejected: "A LIFE I NEVER IMAGINED OF"
09:31:20 <siddhesh> yes, we commented about the possibility of sponsoring her travel anyway, but given that we're not really overflowing with funds, lets defer and then see how much we can set aside
09:31:29 <amit> yep
09:31:32 <pjp> Yep
09:31:34 <kushal> siddhesh, +1
09:31:37 <amit> defer
09:31:51 <kushal> Btw, we will also have to make a decision for suchakra's travel
09:31:55 <siddhesh> and there needs to be something to demonstrate the enthusiasm, like bugzapping activity, commits, etc.
09:32:09 <siddhesh> kushal: yes, after the deadline
09:32:15 <kushal> siddhesh, as I said, a complete newbie
09:32:25 * siddhesh nods
09:32:39 <amit> open floor?
09:32:46 <siddhesh> next week this day, the deadline will have passed
09:32:55 <siddhesh> amit: yes, I changed the topic already
09:33:01 <pjp> Next meeting we are to have on Tuesday, right?
09:33:01 <amit> ah ok
09:33:05 <kushal> I do not except much from someone who started learning programming couple of months back :)
09:33:06 <amit> right
09:33:10 <pjp> As in, Tuesday after 1'st May
09:33:28 <amit> informal poll: next fri is 1st may, a holiday.
09:33:28 <siddhesh> however, it being a holiday, we were thinking of having the meeting on the Tuesday after, i.e. 5th May
09:33:35 <amit> defer it to tuesday?
09:33:40 <amit> +1 to defer :)
09:33:45 <pjp> +1
09:33:54 <pjp> for meeting on Tue, 5'th May
09:33:59 <amit> we've deferred so many tickets we're even deferring the meeting
09:34:09 <pjp> Heh..:)
09:34:09 <siddhesh> it will be at 15:00, just before the weekly meeting
09:34:14 <siddhesh> heh
09:34:15 <pjp> siddhesh: Okay
09:34:17 <paragan> +1
09:34:22 <kushal> I hope, it will be still first come, first serve
09:34:32 <pjp> +1 for meeting on 5'th May 15:00 hrs IST
09:34:43 <Amita> +1 for meeting on 5'th May 15:00 hrs IST
09:34:45 <siddhesh> kushal: not exactly, but lets fight it out in that meeting ;)
09:34:47 <amit> kushal: I think that means for the deadline; not in terms of ticket number
09:35:04 <amit> kushal: i.e. all who file before 30 apr are prioritised equally
09:35:14 <amit> and if we have funds left, we might consider more tickets later
09:35:19 <amit> obviously I don't see that happening
09:35:32 <amit> I have another thing
09:35:33 * siddhesh agrees
09:35:38 <kushal> siddhesh, amit Okay, I do not have much input.
09:35:50 <amit> some people are asking if they will get special rate for the hotel
09:35:56 <amit> and whether we have an arrangement with a hotel
09:36:03 <amit> we do have an arrangement with cocoon
09:36:18 * pjp is hungry, going off for lunch
09:36:28 <amit> now we'll need to contact them, get someone's email addr, and get a code which our invitees can give them for the special rate
09:36:31 <amit> pjp: wait, pls
09:36:42 <pjp> okay
09:37:03 <amit> pjp: ie some way to have speakers or self-funded people directly contact cocoon with our special code for the discounted rate
09:37:15 <amit> er, I meant this for all, not just pjp
09:37:18 <pjp> amit: Oh,
09:37:24 <siddhesh> amit: yeah, that is a good idea.  Please talk to Rupali about it
09:37:36 <pjp> amit: couldn't we give cocoon folks list of guests?
09:37:54 <siddhesh> pjp: that is more work for us
09:38:26 <pjp> siddhesh: We'll anyway have that list prepared
09:39:08 <siddhesh> pjp: it's not just about the list.  It is about communicating the list, coordinating with the hotel folks to make sure they get the rate, etc.
09:39:28 <kushal> What happened to keynote speakers?
09:39:29 <siddhesh> much more work than just getting a promo code from them that we give to whoever asks us for it
09:39:33 <pjp> siddhesh: Right
09:39:35 <siddhesh> kushal: not decided yet
09:39:47 <kushal> Just a side note, Remi is still trying to come down.
09:39:58 <amit> kushal: Remi?
09:40:01 <siddhesh> couple of folks have volunteered to do the schedule: mrniranjan and pjp
09:40:14 <pjp> Yep,
09:40:25 <amit> I'll volunteer myself too
09:40:44 <amit> kushal: ah, the new outreach/council dude?  (I forget the title :)
09:40:49 <kushal> Fedora Community Action and Impact Lead
09:40:49 <siddhesh> amit: yes
09:41:05 <amit> nice
09:41:08 <mrniranjan> yep, myself and pjp decided to have a meeting on Monday , amit do you want to join
09:41:24 <kushal> If he manages to come down, we should get him a keynote
09:41:26 <amit> kushal: you had also mentioned talking to someone else for keynote?
09:41:27 <siddhesh> we can get away with not announcing keynotes till a couple of weeks before I think
09:41:49 <amit> mrniranjan: not sure this monday - I'll join later.
09:41:55 <kushal> amit, yup, and never managed to send that email out due to PyCon, will do that by tomorrow
09:41:56 <amit> mrniranjan: keep me in emails
09:41:57 <siddhesh> kushal: depends on what he is talking about, but I assume it will be something insightful, so I'll agree with you provisionally ;)
09:42:03 <pjp> siddhesh: Maybe a month before is better
09:42:21 <siddhesh> pjp: yeah, basically whenever we have decided.
09:42:23 <mrniranjan> amit: ok
09:43:44 <siddhesh> ok, we've gone OT.  Anything else on the travel front?
09:43:52 <siddhesh> or else I'll #endmeeting
09:44:14 <pjp> Yep, endmeeting :P
09:44:25 <siddhesh> #endmeeting