08:31:47 <siddhesh> #startmeeting FUDCon Pune travel sponsorship: 2015-04-10
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08:31:58 <amit> .hellomynameis amitshah
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08:32:13 <siddhesh> .hellomynameis siddhesh
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08:32:24 <pjp> .hellomynameis pjp
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08:32:42 <Amita> .hellomynameis amsharma
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08:33:01 <amit> can someone ping huzaifa
08:33:05 <amit> paragan: you around?
08:33:14 <siddhesh> amit: he's in office I think.  let me poke him.
08:33:28 <pjp> amit: just did
08:34:00 <amit> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/report/3
08:34:27 <siddhesh> amit: nice
08:34:44 <siddhesh> huzaifas was waiting in the wrong channel ;)
08:34:57 <amit> haha
08:35:03 <siddhesh> #chair pjp Amita amit huzaifas
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08:35:05 <huzaifas> too many channel
08:35:12 <amit> pjp link your spreadsheet?
08:35:58 <pjp> #link -> https://ethercalc.org/94ee5f3lw3
08:36:46 <amit> for the first topic I'd like to point out Nitesh has backed out, so the budget people can update their sheet
08:36:48 <pjp> There 3 new tickets
08:37:03 <pjp> amit: okay
08:37:12 <siddhesh> also, please update the sheet with the actual amounts people have spent for their tickets
08:37:26 <siddhesh> s/update/add a new column/
08:37:52 <siddhesh> that way we know how much money we actually have left
08:38:40 <amit> also the sheet doesn't have info on how much we're spending on acco
08:38:49 <amit> (and mum-pune travel)
08:39:03 <siddhesh> amit: yeah, those would be good numbers to have
08:39:13 <siddhesh> for accommodation, simply the number of people would be sufficient
08:39:26 <huzaifas> yeah, we just need accomodation numbers
08:39:34 <huzaifas> the actual amount need not be tracked here
08:39:37 <pjp> amit: those are outside of the individual travel budget, no?
08:39:40 <amit> siddhesh: ladies/gents are separate -- i.e.  not always a match
08:39:41 <huzaifas> there is a different sheet for budget
08:39:51 <huzaifas> amit:  we can sort that out later
08:39:55 <huzaifas> lets get travel sorted out first
08:40:04 <amit> basically there's a chance of off-by-one :)
08:40:05 <pjp> amit: mum-pune travel I mean
08:40:27 <huzaifas> amit:  pjp owns the sheet, i am going to let him make the changes
08:40:30 <amit> pjp: no, mum-pune has to be included in our sheet (not in the approved budget numbers, though)
08:40:51 <huzaifas> pjp:  just count the number of people who need mum-pune travel
08:40:58 <amit> huzaifas: as long as you're keeping on top of it
08:41:12 <pjp> huzaifas: amit Yes, we'll do that once we have final approvals in place.
08:41:21 <amit> would also help us if we know if we can accomodate > 1 people for mum-pune and back
08:41:30 <amit> ok - that's it for the generics.
08:41:35 <amit> we can go to tickets now
08:41:36 <pjp> amit: Yes,
08:42:32 <siddhesh> ok, so lets go through the tickets once again from top
08:42:50 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/536
08:42:54 <siddhesh> Sahil Sareen
08:43:20 <siddhesh> My opinion is to defer till the deadline and decide only after the deadline for submitting requests is gone
08:43:30 <amit> +1
08:43:31 <pjp> Same here
08:44:27 <Amita> +1
08:44:46 <pjp> amit: Amita +1 is for defer, right?
08:44:55 <Amita> yes
08:45:09 <Amita> I am sure about amit
08:45:29 <amit> ?
08:45:31 <Amita> for me, it should be deferred
08:46:41 <amit> huzaifas: waiting for you
08:46:53 <huzaifas> one sec
08:47:09 <huzaifas> ok i think defer is the right choice here
08:47:15 <siddhesh> #agreed wait till deadline has passed before we decide
08:47:30 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/538
08:47:33 <siddhesh> Suchakra
08:48:01 <siddhesh> He is asking for cover of about $900 and the rest he'll cover
08:48:11 <amit> +1 for him.
08:48:14 <Amita> and he has purposed 3 talks
08:48:20 <pjp> I think we can go ahead with it
08:48:23 <amit> no point in deferring; his talks and workshops are very highly rated
08:48:26 <Amita> I mean talk + workshop etc
08:48:41 <huzaifas> amit:  highly rated?
08:48:42 <siddhesh> he has proposed 4 talks/workshops/hackfests and we'll likely be accepting most of them
08:48:55 <amit> huzaifas: rated by talk reviewers
08:49:03 <huzaifas> ah by you folks
08:49:09 <Amita> and defer will make tickets more costly
08:49:19 <siddhesh> huzaifas: yes :)
08:49:28 <huzaifas> honestly i am not convinced we should spend 900 $ to get him here
08:49:36 <huzaifas> i would spend that much on ausil
08:50:03 <huzaifas> assuming there was no other source of fund for him
08:50:12 <Amita> siddhesh, he is the one who helped us with logo .. right?
08:50:26 <siddhesh> Amita: him and prima yogi, yes
08:50:42 <pjp> I think it's fine, considering we are quite within budge too,
08:50:51 <Amita> yes
08:51:06 <pjp> +1, as Suchakra is an active Fedora member since long and a prospective speaker,
08:51:08 <amit> huzaifas: we're not at a situation where it's either-or, I think
08:51:30 <huzaifas> amit:  we are bound by the amount of cash we have though
08:51:35 <amit> plus suchakra's active, and from the apac region
08:51:52 <siddhesh> amit: I guess if you look at it from huzaifa's viewpoint, we should be deferring till we have a conclusion on ausil's ticket
08:52:08 <siddhesh> i.e. decide both of them near the end
08:52:19 <huzaifas> yeah, kinda
08:52:36 <pjp> siddhesh: Last week we did cover them all, we'd be quite okay to get them both,
08:52:46 <amit> huzaifas: did the mail asking for sponsorship for ausil go out?
08:53:02 <siddhesh> pjp: the deadline is not closed yet and we'll likely get more requests near the end of the month
08:53:08 <huzaifas> amit:  nope, but its on my todo list for today
08:53:12 <huzaifas> so hopefully i will reach to that
08:53:23 <pjp> siddhesh: Oh, okay
08:53:57 <siddhesh> IMO suchakra deserves this regardless of the timing, but if there is no consensus, we don't have a choice but to defer it till the end
08:54:23 <pjp> That'll increase the ticket coses further high
08:54:27 <Amita> siddhesh, I think we should get +1 and -1 and decide?
08:54:38 <Amita> agree with pjp
08:54:48 <pjp> s/coses/costs
08:55:06 <siddhesh> we're still 3 months clear, so I still think we have enough buffer in terms of time
08:55:18 <siddhesh> under 2 months and we have to hurry
08:55:40 <pjp> siddhesh: After April end we'll be there
08:55:53 * siddhesh nods
08:55:55 <pjp> As in, if we wait till the deadline
08:56:32 <siddhesh> ok then how about this: we approve a minimum amount now (say $600) and then cover the balance near the end?
08:56:49 <siddhesh> provided of course, suchakra agrees to this
08:56:50 <huzaifas> what is not going to help
08:56:56 <huzaifas> he cant book with 600
08:57:04 <siddhesh> we're not giving an advance
08:57:18 <huzaifas> what i  meant is, we cant expect him to book
08:57:18 <siddhesh> he's going to have to pay upfront anyway
08:57:19 <amit> siddhesh: no, he's indicated $900 minimum
08:57:23 <huzaifas> if we dont promise the rest
08:57:24 <amit> so we either agree to that or defer
08:58:22 <siddhesh> lets take this ticket again at the end of the meeting
08:58:28 <pjp> Okay
08:58:30 <Amita> In https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/report/3 - his ticket is under Travel subsidies decided  milestone ?
08:58:44 <siddhesh> yes
08:59:22 <siddhesh> so next ticket coming up
08:59:23 <Amita> so what is pending?
08:59:37 <Amita> I mean what we are debating on?
08:59:51 <pjp> Amita: It's not decided yet,
09:00:03 <siddhesh> Amita: the milestone means that the ticket has to be resolved by that milestone
09:00:24 <Amita> ah ok
09:00:27 <siddhesh> the milestone has a deadline
09:00:33 <Amita> got it
09:00:49 <siddhesh> #info bring up again at the end of the meeting
09:00:52 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/541
09:01:00 <siddhesh> Mosaab Alzoubi
09:01:04 <siddhesh> We have accepted one talk
09:01:11 <siddhesh> seems to be an active contributor
09:02:03 * amit wonders if the present situation in yemen permits him to travel and actually come here
09:02:23 <siddhesh> he has given ticket prices to Mumbai, they're at about $600
09:02:37 <amit> it's quite sad there
09:02:41 * pjp notes it in the expenses sheet
09:02:45 <huzaifas> those prices are pretty high
09:02:55 <siddhesh> yes, that is a concern.  However, that is a risk he'll have to take not us, since I don't think we're going to risk paying for the tickets upfront.
09:03:09 <huzaifas> i bet yemenia airways is much cheaper, if it still exists
09:03:28 <siddhesh> huzaifas: he's using yemenia airways as a reference
09:03:54 <Amita> no QATAR AIRWAYS
09:04:08 <huzaifas> last time i was there, it costs me like 14k return
09:04:17 * paragan just back from lunch
09:05:15 <amit> huzaifas: can you get rates from whichever site you use?
09:05:20 <siddhesh> yes, it's very expensive.
09:05:23 <amit> we can vote for those rates.
09:05:31 <siddhesh> cleartrip shows the cost at about $900
09:06:49 <Amita> it is costly
09:06:56 <amit> so there's a chance rates have gone up because of the situation there
09:07:03 <Amita> very costly :0
09:07:05 <amit> are flights actually operating?
09:07:09 <amit> huzaifas: any idea?
09:07:09 <Amita> yes many breaking news
09:08:17 <siddhesh> yemenia is still at $600
09:08:59 <huzaifas> amit:  i can get rates
09:09:17 <huzaifas> amit:  rather lets ask him, if we can come?
09:09:22 <huzaifas> because of the current situation
09:09:26 <amit> right
09:09:28 <huzaifas> if he says yes, we see what to do
09:09:34 <siddhesh> ok
09:09:35 <huzaifas> rather than wasting time, looking for rates
09:09:41 <huzaifas> i can ask him
09:09:43 <amit> also ask him to enquire with visa embassy?
09:10:02 <amit> is the embassy still open?
09:10:12 <amit> and are they allowing travel?
09:10:14 <huzaifas> we are evacuating indians from tehre
09:10:19 <huzaifas> but no clue
09:10:24 <siddhesh> ok, should I mark this as agreement?  pjp, amita, paragan
09:10:25 <amit> huzaifas: let's ask him
09:10:27 <huzaifas> if it is, i doubt it will be for long
09:10:35 <huzaifas> amit:  yeah, i can
09:10:41 <Amita> siddhesh, yes
09:10:45 <amit> huzaifas: and also tell him it'll be his risk if he can't come (ie no reimbursement)
09:11:27 <pjp> siddhesh: Yep, sounds okay
09:11:39 <huzaifas> amit:  we re-imberse after he comes
09:12:06 <siddhesh> #agreed ask about travel feasibility given the current situation in Yemen
09:12:07 <paragan> ok
09:12:30 <siddhesh> I propose we skip the remaining tickets and go straight to the new ones, i.e. sarup, etc.
09:12:46 <huzaifas> sure
09:13:03 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/561
09:13:06 <siddhesh> Sarup
09:13:09 <siddhesh> +1
09:13:26 <amit> that's a weird request
09:13:28 <siddhesh> oh wait, I take that back
09:13:34 <siddhesh> yes, for that reason ^^
09:13:49 <amit> siddhesh: btw you skipped a few tickets
09:13:56 <huzaifas> he needs 200
09:13:57 <huzaifas> _1
09:13:58 <huzaifas> +1 rather
09:14:15 <huzaifas> looks like he travelling
09:14:18 <siddhesh> amit: that is what I meant by "I propose we skip the remaining tickets and go straight to the new ones, i.e. sarup, etc."
09:14:19 <huzaifas> but does not know where he will be
09:14:30 <amit> siddhesh: ah I missed that
09:14:48 <siddhesh> huzaifas: I think the more likely case is that he'll be living somewhere else
09:15:00 <huzaifas> strange though
09:15:01 <Amita> I'd like to request a max of 200 USD; if my expenses are higher, I'll cover the remaining.
09:15:06 <Amita> so based on this +1
09:15:32 <amit> obviously if it's < 200 we'll cover on-actuals
09:15:35 <siddhesh> huzaifas: not really. he's graduating, so it's likely that he'll move because of his job
09:15:58 <paragan> +1 for Sarup
09:16:01 <siddhesh> right, this probably also means that he'll be booking his ticket quite late
09:16:11 <amit> but $100 is normal for blr-pun; which means we'll be freezing 100 for him an we can't spend it on anyone else if he ends up spending on 100
09:16:20 <Amita> but he mentioned that he will cover rest
09:16:27 <siddhesh> Amita: that's fine I think
09:16:32 <siddhesh> s/amita/amit/
09:16:42 <Amita> yes
09:16:55 <siddhesh> I don't think we're going to freeze our budget with just a $100 granularity
09:17:10 * amit wonders if he can't make it in the end due to changing circumstances
09:17:11 <siddhesh> I expect to spend more than $100 over the budget (i.e. dip into our reserves)
09:17:20 <amit> anway I think I'm ok with this sa of now
09:17:21 <siddhesh> Amita: his liability again
09:17:22 <amit> so:
09:17:23 <amit> +1
09:17:28 <siddhesh> sheesh
09:17:31 <siddhesh> s/amita/amit
09:17:38 <siddhesh> one of you change your names :/
09:17:55 <Amita> :0
09:17:58 <siddhesh> given that we've talked it out, +1 from me too
09:18:08 <pjp> +1, as he is an active member and have proposed interesting talks
09:18:13 <amit> Amita: use /nick and type something after that
09:18:22 <Amita> why donlt you
09:18:22 <siddhesh> lol
09:18:30 <pjp> :)
09:18:54 <siddhesh> #agreed cap sponsorship at $200 as per request
09:19:13 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/562
09:19:29 <siddhesh> Ashutosh Bhakare
09:19:46 <siddhesh> he did a release party recently in Aurangabad
09:19:54 <Amita> amount is less
09:20:00 <amit> just hotel
09:20:01 <amit> +1
09:20:02 <Amita> only accommodation
09:20:05 <Amita> +1
09:20:27 <paragan> +1
09:20:33 <huzaifas> +1
09:20:38 <pjp> +1
09:20:53 <huzaifas> pjp:  are you updating the spreadsheet?
09:20:57 <siddhesh> amount is not a concern for me, but my question would be: why?
09:21:10 <pjp> huzaifas: Yes,
09:21:17 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  i hoping he attends an event and decides to contribute more
09:21:31 <pjp> siddhesh: encouraging new contributors
09:21:39 <siddhesh> huzaifas: sure, but you'll be spending about $200 for that
09:21:52 <pjp> siddhesh: he asked for $ 100
09:22:10 <siddhesh> pjp: our hotel arrangements would cost us about $200 for 4 nights stay
09:22:21 <Amita> and look..
09:22:30 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  we are spending 25K to get people to contribute :)
09:22:32 <Amita> what he has wriiten under What will you accomplish by being at FUDCon? (Please be as specific as possible, since this is the most important factor in granting requests.)
09:23:18 <pjp> siddhesh: If we expense his accommodation, do we still provide him the speaker facilities?
09:23:31 <siddhesh> huzaifas: yes, but we have the fun task of deciding who deserves it more
09:23:43 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  in case that defer till deadline then
09:23:48 <amit> why?
09:23:59 <huzaifas> lets see how much cash we have left
09:23:59 <amit> huzaifas: you changing your vote?
09:24:14 <huzaifas> amit:  no i am responding to what siddhesh said earlier
09:24:17 <huzaifas> "why?"
09:24:45 <siddhesh> pjp: ok, so you're suggesting that he books accommodation on his own and expense it?
09:25:07 <pjp> siddhesh: Yes,
09:25:13 <siddhesh> even in that case, $100 is something I would set aside and pool in to get in gues like suchakra
09:25:22 <siddhesh> s/gues/guys/
09:25:36 <Amita> $100 can't help suchakra
09:25:42 <siddhesh> $300 can
09:25:57 <siddhesh> with this $100, we're closing the gap to just $200
09:25:58 <Amita> and we dn't have 3  	ashutoshbhakare
09:26:04 <pjp> siddhesh: if we go partial sponsorship, he can do with $ 50
09:26:18 <Amita> yes, that makes sense
09:26:26 <Amita> if he is serious about fudcon
09:26:35 <Amita> he can do with partial
09:26:42 <siddhesh> pjp: my point is that of deserving the sponsorship.  I believe they need to do more than just a release party to deserve being sponsored to come to an event
09:26:44 <huzaifas> pjp:  partial with accomodation , how?
09:27:03 <Amita> huzaifas, half bed
09:27:12 <Amita> like urs in Singapore :P
09:27:15 <pjp> huzaifas: If we expense it, it's upto them to arrange for thei accommodation,
09:27:25 <pjp> siddhesh: Yes, true
09:27:40 <pjp> s/thei/their
09:27:59 <pjp> Does anyone know Ashutosh ?
09:28:15 <Amita> pjp, I think Satpute does
09:28:30 <siddhesh> pjp: I believe pravins does; he had asked for DVDs for the aurangabad release party
09:28:40 <Amita> http://ashutoshbhakare.blogspot.in/2015/03/fedora-21-release-party.html
09:28:56 <pjp> siddhesh: Amita I see, let's check with Pravin S then
09:30:02 <siddhesh> ok, I don't mind deferring till the end to then decide what we want to do
09:30:44 <Amita> <ami> we need your inputs for https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/562
09:30:44 <Amita> <ami> do you think ashutoshbhakare is a good candidate to get subsidy for fudcon?
09:30:44 <Amita> <pravins> yes
09:30:44 <Amita> <pravins> he is even going to help us in outreach
09:30:57 <siddhesh> pravins: o/
09:31:05 <pravins> Amita: thanks for ping.
09:31:18 <Amita> yw pravins
09:31:47 <pravins> he is going to help us in giving advertisement in local newspaper.
09:32:09 <siddhesh> pravins: sure, but sponsorship cannot be usd as a payback for that
09:32:16 <pravins> he is working/owning training institute.
09:32:52 <siddhesh> my point for opposing a decision right now (I don't mind reconsidering the ticket at the end) is that in terms of contribution, he hasn't done enough to deserve a sponsorship right away
09:33:12 <pravins> agree, we can defer his ticket.
09:33:20 <pravins> he said he is going to help us in outreach.
09:34:35 <pravins> "2) Should i ask my students to attend the same ? I am having 100+ students data with me;"
09:34:59 <siddhesh> that's not very useful
09:35:05 <siddhesh> but that's not the point
09:35:15 <siddhesh> lets defer it and move on to the next ticket
09:35:24 <pravins> yeah, good to defere
09:35:31 <pravins> defer
09:35:39 <siddhesh> #info defer for now
09:35:59 <siddhesh> we're at the top of the hour.  is everybody OK with continuing or should we stop here?
09:36:16 <siddhesh> there is just one ticket and then suchakra's ticket
09:36:33 <siddhesh> or maybe just one ticket and we take suchakra's ticket next week
09:36:35 <amit> huzaifas: did you contact prima yogi with the new info?
09:36:54 <huzaifas> amit:  not yet  :)
09:36:56 <Amita> siddhesh, lets take one more
09:36:58 <Amita> last
09:37:00 <huzaifas> but i am working on a template
09:37:12 <huzaifas> we can send the same one to make sure we dont miss on anything
09:37:21 <huzaifas> there is a long list of docs needed to get ruth to book tickets
09:37:44 <amit> huzaifas: template?
09:37:51 <siddhesh> amit, huzaifas, pjp, paragan, pravins ok with continuing for one more ticket?
09:37:51 <pjp> siddhesh: let's continue with the last one,
09:37:52 <amit> huzaifas: don't we need to just fwd the list to him?
09:37:58 <amit> siddhesh: sure
09:38:00 <pravins> yes
09:38:00 <Amita> siddhesh, ticket#
09:38:04 <paragan> sure
09:38:10 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/563
09:38:10 <huzaifas> amit:  i want to paste that in the ticket
09:38:13 <huzaifas> to keep things public
09:38:21 <siddhesh> Charul
09:38:42 <siddhesh> No talk submissions
09:38:50 <siddhesh> active fedora infra contributor
09:38:51 <pjp> She looks to be an active contributor, and has requested for accommodation, no travel
09:39:01 <huzaifas> hmm, never heard of him
09:39:04 <huzaifas> looking
09:39:06 <siddhesh> her
09:39:14 <siddhesh> pjp: yes
09:39:18 <Amita> If in case funding is not possible, it would be helpful if you can help me find a descent and safe place to stay.  *****
09:39:39 <pjp> Is she from Pune? How is travel cost 0 ??
09:39:39 <Amita> so lets do that for her
09:39:41 <siddhesh> Amita: that is actually just a request to find her accomodation that she will pay for
09:39:57 <Amita> yeah, so she does not require funds
09:40:10 <siddhesh> Amita: wait, don't get confused :)
09:40:41 <siddhesh> she has requested for accommodation sponsorship, but if we cannot manage that, she has requested us to help her find a place
09:40:59 <Amita> and she has nay talk?
09:41:02 <Amita> any*
09:41:08 <siddhesh> no
09:41:40 <siddhesh> https://github.com/fedora-infra/shumgrepper
09:41:43 <siddhesh> this is what she works on
09:41:53 <siddhesh> https://github.com/charulagrl
09:42:07 <amit> it was a gsoc  project
09:42:18 <amit> is she still active?
09:42:19 <huzaifas> a web interface of summershum
09:42:22 <huzaifas> that is not helpful :)
09:42:22 <siddhesh> amit: yes
09:42:29 <siddhesh> https://github.com/fedora-infra/summershum/commits/develop
09:42:43 <amit> ok
09:43:03 <amit> I think she can propse a session in barcamp / lightning talk
09:43:12 <pjp> Right,
09:43:14 <paragan> If she is going to give talk on summershum then I am +1
09:43:20 <pjp> Same here
09:43:20 <Amita> we can give accommodation, in case we have some one to share with her
09:43:30 <paragan> its ongoing development project
09:43:35 <siddhesh> yes, in fact I think that is what she meant by "I am looking forward to get reviews from fedora developers and what features they would like to have in it."
09:43:46 <siddhesh> +1 from me for accommodation
09:43:48 <amit> there's arpita roy
09:43:54 <Amita> so +1
09:44:09 <amit> is someone else from fedora-infra coming?
09:44:11 <siddhesh> Amita: that's a different ticket.  lets vote on this one first :)
09:44:12 <pjp> +1 as she is a new & active contributor
09:44:15 <pravins> +1
09:44:17 <amit> +1 from me
09:44:31 <Amita> yeah, +1 for this only :)
09:44:52 <siddhesh> shees s/amita/amit/
09:45:08 <Amita> siddhesh, he is telling that arpita roy gonna share room with her :)
09:45:25 <siddhesh> ahh ok, but we haven't decided on arpita roy's ticket
09:45:48 <Amita> we will do that in next meeting
09:45:49 <siddhesh> I'll mark this one as agreed
09:45:52 <Amita> yupp
09:46:04 <siddhesh> #agreed sponsor stay
09:46:35 <siddhesh> so that was the last ticket.  Do we want to revisit suchakra's ticket or call it a meeting?
09:46:51 <pjp> siddhesh: ie speaker facilities or we expense it later?
09:47:11 * pjp needs to update the spreadsheet
09:47:17 <siddhesh> pjp: so what do you mean by speaker facilities?
09:47:28 <siddhesh> she doesn't get the goodie bag if that's what you're asking ;)
09:48:05 <pjp> siddhesh: no-no, if we provide speaker accommodation, she does not have to expense it,
09:48:12 <Amita> speaker facilities means she will get it paid in advance I guess
09:48:36 <pjp> siddhesh: if she finds an accommodation, we expense it upto $100,
09:48:52 <pjp> As requested
09:48:54 <siddhesh> pjp: ahh, that.  no, lets just handle it through our vendor
09:49:13 <pjp> siddhesh: okay, so it remains 0 in that case
09:49:14 <siddhesh> oh and sorry, it won't cost us $200 per speaker
09:49:22 <siddhesh> for stay
09:49:34 <siddhesh> it is $100 since they'll be twin sharing
09:49:41 <Amita> yes
09:49:58 <siddhesh> pjp: oh ok, yes.  it won't go from the travel budget
09:50:06 <pjp> Right
09:50:31 <siddhesh> so back to my question: suchakra's ticket or end of meeting?
09:50:49 <amit> end it
09:50:55 <amit> no consensus anyway
09:50:59 <siddhesh> ok
09:51:12 <siddhesh> thank you all for coming.  see you next week
09:51:15 <siddhesh> #endmeeting