08:31:13 <siddhesh> #startmeeting FUDCon Pune 2015: Travel Sponsorship requests
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08:31:32 <siddhesh> #topic Roll call
08:31:41 <siddhesh> .hellomynameis siddhesh
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08:31:53 <huzaifas> .hellomynameis huzaifas
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08:32:01 <pjp> .hellomynameis pjp
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08:32:10 <huzaifas> pjp:  you name is None? :)
08:32:31 <pjp> huzaifas: yep, ;)
08:32:35 <pravins> .hellomynameis pravins
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08:33:43 <kushal> .hellomynameis kushal
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08:34:29 <siddhesh> amit: yoohoo, around?
08:34:29 <amita> .hellomynameis amsharma
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08:34:41 <kushal> huzaifas, pjp is just too secure :)
08:35:11 <pjp> kushal: Heh..I've set my name, I wonder why zodbot don't see it, :)
08:35:30 <kushal> pjp, because you kept that checkbox to keep the information private.
08:36:10 <pjp> kushal: How does it see email then?
08:36:17 <siddhesh> ok, looks like amit got stuck somewhere. lets proceed.
08:37:06 <siddhesh> welcome all to the first meeting to decide on travel sponsorships
08:37:20 <kushal> siddhesh, woohoo
08:38:08 <siddhesh> we have about 9K budgeted for travel that we want to use to assist travel for as many contributors and speakers aspossible
08:38:37 <huzaifas> 9K usd, just to be clear :)
08:38:46 <siddhesh> also, we don't want to finish all of the money right now :)
08:38:49 <siddhesh> huzaifas: yes, USD
08:38:56 <kushal> huzaifas, haha :)
08:39:31 <siddhesh> in this meeting lets decide on tickets that we know for sure we don't want to sponsor and tickets that we know for sure that we do
08:40:03 <siddhesh> for everything else, I propose we wait till the deadline to allow everyone to get their applications in
08:40:11 <siddhesh> does that sound sane?
08:40:51 <amita> siddhesh, yupp
08:40:54 <kushal> siddhesh, it will still be first come, first serve, correct?
08:41:17 <huzaifas> kushal:  that is fair
08:41:35 <siddhesh> kushal: as much as possible, yes.  but when we have set a deadline, we have to expect that there will be valid requests coming in near the end
08:41:46 <kushal> huzaifas, I mean, we always did this first come first serve basis.
08:41:59 <huzaifas> kushal:  so we look at the tickets we have currently
08:42:08 <kushal> siddhesh, yup.
08:42:10 <huzaifas> and then set a later date, where we look at people who file their requests later on
08:42:14 <pravins> we have to sponsor to some of our speakers as well and we don't have exact list yet. speakers first, right?
08:42:20 <siddhesh> I propose FCFS in case of two applications where both are equally valid and neither can accommodate a partial sponsorship
08:42:20 <huzaifas> assuming there is a deadline
08:42:43 <kushal> pravins, we know from the names, if they have submitted a talk or not.
08:43:21 <siddhesh> pravins: not really.  in general speakers get a priority, but so do long time fedora contributors
08:43:37 <siddhesh> and I don't really want to choose between them.
08:43:55 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  i guess we choose on case to case basis, rather then generalize
08:43:59 <siddhesh> huzaifas: deadline to submit travel sponsorship requests is 30 April
08:44:03 <kushal> huzaifas, yes.
08:44:05 <siddhesh> huzaifas: yes
08:44:13 <siddhesh> so lets begin with the first ticket?
08:44:21 <huzaifas> yes
08:44:26 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/536
08:44:40 <siddhesh> funding request for sahil sareen
08:44:56 <huzaifas> is anyone going to discuss pros/cons or we just shoot at will?
08:45:28 <siddhesh> huzaifas: we discuss pros and cons of course :)
08:45:29 <kushal> Anyone knows Sahil ?
08:45:34 <siddhesh> I don't
08:45:41 <kushal> Or any connection to Fedora?
08:45:47 <huzaifas> so not a contributor, no talk
08:45:52 <siddhesh> he doesn't have any talk submissions
08:46:00 <huzaifas> -1 from me :)
08:46:09 <siddhesh> likewise.
08:46:31 <praveenkumar> As per ticket he contribute to gnome-game but no fedora contributor as such and no talk submission.
08:46:53 <praveenkumar> s/no/not a
08:46:56 <siddhesh> the amount is pretty low ($60), but I'd rather reserve that for later
08:47:05 <kushal> His first contribution to gnome games is on December 16, 2014
08:47:06 <huzaifas> praveenkumar:  i dont see too much contribution to gnome-chess as well
08:47:11 <kushal> huzaifas, yup.
08:47:22 <kushal> -1 from me.
08:47:38 <pjp> -1 from me.
08:47:46 <kushal> rather gnome chess
08:47:50 <kushal> https://github.com/GNOME/gnome-chess/blob/master/NEWS
08:48:03 <siddhesh> ok, anybody in favour?  If not, I'll mark it as rejected
08:48:20 <siddhesh> going once.
08:48:20 <pjp> siddhesh: or deferred,
08:48:21 <amita> -1
08:48:38 <siddhesh> pjp, ok. that is the safest route
08:48:46 <amita> deferring makes sense as amount is low
08:49:02 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  maybe ask him to help around ? :)
08:49:04 <huzaifas> if we sponsor him
08:49:33 <pjp> huzaifas: help around?
08:49:35 <kushal> siddhesh, but that way many others can ask for low amount.
08:49:39 <siddhesh> IMO we have better uses for $60.  I don't see any value for the Fedora project or the event from this.
08:49:39 <huzaifas> pjp:  volunteer
08:49:43 <kushal> siddhesh, should be rejected.
08:49:44 <pjp> huzaifas: ah okay,
08:50:14 <huzaifas> well defer for now, maybe rejected later, but lets get it our of our @actions queue
08:50:15 <kushal> huzaifas, $60 is a lot of money for volunteering.
08:50:26 <siddhesh> huzaifas: ok
08:50:45 <siddhesh> kushal: ok with that?  defer, but will most likely reject.
08:51:09 <kushal> siddhesh, I would still suggest for reject now, but feel free.
08:51:48 <amit> .hellomynameis amitshah
08:51:49 <zodbot> amit: amitshah 'Amit Shah' <amit.shah@redhat.com>
08:52:06 * amit returns from lunch
08:52:13 <huzaifas> ok, next
08:53:07 <siddhesh> #info Defer for now, but will most likely be rejected since applicant is neither a Fedora contributor nor a speaker
08:53:20 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/538
08:53:32 <siddhesh> Funding request for Suchakra
08:53:49 <kushal> +1 from me.
08:54:01 <siddhesh> kushal: haha, let me at least put in the numbers :)
08:54:12 <kushal> siddhesh, I already read that in the ticket :D
08:54:31 <huzaifas> the bigest problem is see is around
08:54:41 <siddhesh> suchakra has been a long time fedora contributor, fedora design team member and was also part of the arganizer team in FUDCon Pune 2011
08:54:43 <huzaifas> even if he spends 300, we still need to shell out 900
08:54:56 <huzaifas> remember, initial budget had no provision of getting anyone from US
08:54:56 <siddhesh> s/arganizer/organizer/
08:55:04 <siddhesh> huzaifas: ack
08:55:33 <siddhesh> suchakra also has 3 (IIRC) talk submissions and is hence a potential speaker as well
08:55:33 <kushal> huzaifas, also he is still contributing to various parts of the project.
08:55:42 <kushal> siddhesh, +1
08:55:59 <siddhesh> additionally, he has been actively working with prima yogi on artwork for this fudcon
08:56:05 <huzaifas> kushal:  i agree with that, but we also have budget constraints
08:56:21 <amit> +1 from me
08:56:23 <huzaifas> actually if we dip into our reserve pool, we may be able to afford him, but i am not sure at this point
08:56:33 <pravins> considering budget requirement ($1.2K) , i will give -1.   May be partially we can sponsor.
08:56:40 <pravins> we have only 9K budget.
08:56:46 <siddhesh> huzaifas: IIRC we had budgeted around 1k for european participants
08:56:56 <kushal> pravins, as siddhesh wrote he wants $890
08:57:06 <kushal> pravins, rest he will pay from his own pocket.
08:57:06 <siddhesh> but I don't remember how many european participants we had accounted for
08:57:15 <kushal> siddhesh, at least 2.
08:57:27 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  2
08:57:33 <huzaifas> US = 0
08:57:33 <huzaifas> EU = 2 x 1000
08:57:33 <huzaifas> Asia = 10 x 500
08:57:33 <huzaifas> Rest of india = 15 x 100
08:57:34 <pravins> yes, max 2.
08:57:35 <huzaifas> was our intiial plan
08:57:49 <pjp> I think let's defer for now, considering the budget constraints.
08:57:52 <amit> I'd say those were guidelines
08:57:58 <kushal> amit, +1
08:58:02 <amit> pjp: deferring won't help; those are the expensive travels
08:58:03 <huzaifas> amit:  correct, but its too early to decide
08:58:15 <huzaifas> i think the initial goal, was not to finish our budget in this meeting
08:58:15 <amit> pjp: let's decide either way today so he gets best rate if he is to go ahead
08:58:16 <pravins> i think we need to see how many participants planning to join from Europe, then we can choose 2 out of that.
08:58:18 <kushal> huzaifas, I think no, they took time to submit early.
08:58:19 <huzaifas> wait till the deadline?
08:58:20 <amit> and deferring doesn't help
08:58:25 <siddhesh> huzaifas: also, since his budget request fits in the EMEA cost I don't think budget is a constraint
08:58:33 <amit> I say let's get him; he's an asian contributor and has been helping us
08:58:39 <pjp> amit: Let's go through all the tickets to see current budget needs
08:58:43 <kushal> siddhesh, whose?
08:58:49 <huzaifas> kushal:  sure, but we did impose the deadline, we did not mention anywhere FCFS
08:59:05 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  imo too early to decide, till we look at all the requests
08:59:16 <kushal> huzaifas, every event in Fedora land was always FCFS iirc.
08:59:18 <amit> huzaifas: we have a deadline, but FCFS is always the way this works
08:59:31 <huzaifas> kushal:  we dont have to follow every event :)
08:59:40 <kushal> huzaifas, I think we should.
08:59:49 <huzaifas> amit:  correct, but if we exhaust our budget on the first 5 tickets, its silly
08:59:57 <pravins> unfortunately we dont have the (speakers+fedora contributor) list yet. It can give us better picture.
09:00:14 <amita> pravins, +1
09:00:22 <kushal> pravins, We already said he submitted 3 talks
09:00:35 <pravins> kushal: but those are not shortlisted yet :)
09:00:39 <amita> but we dn't have full list
09:00:42 <kushal> pravins, and have real potential to become a speaker.
09:01:03 <amit> "speakers" is fuzzy in the fudcon context; let's focus on contributors -- because barcamp is as valid as anything else
09:01:03 <siddhesh> ok, since there clearly isn't full agrement on this ticket, let us leave it as undecided and move on to the next one
09:01:16 <amit> siddhesh: but we visit it today itself?
09:01:19 <kushal> :(
09:01:25 <kushal> amit, we should.
09:01:31 <siddhesh> amit: I would love to, but clearly everyone does not agree with that
09:01:31 <amit> let's bring this up as the last item today, and decide either way
09:01:39 <kushal> amit, yup.
09:01:50 <siddhesh> I think suchakra will still get a good price by 30th April, so we can wait till then
09:02:22 <siddhesh> lets move on to the next one for now
09:02:27 <pjp> Let's go through all the tickets and list the required budget on a pad some place,
09:02:27 <pravins> and he is strong candidate for sponsorship.
09:02:53 * pjp collating the budget requirements,
09:03:35 <siddhesh> pjp: thanks, please share the etherpad/doc so that we can see it as well
09:03:40 <siddhesh> next ticket
09:03:47 <pjp> siddhesh: Yes,
09:03:50 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/539
09:03:59 <siddhesh> Aditya Patawari
09:04:18 <siddhesh> He has proposed talks and is an active Fedora contributor as well
09:04:25 <huzaifas> contributor, speaker, needs only accomodation
09:04:26 <huzaifas> +1
09:04:29 <pravins> +1
09:04:29 <siddhesh> but interestingly, I don't see the amount :/
09:04:29 <praveenkumar> +1, he only need accommodation.
09:04:34 <kushal> And he wants only accommodation
09:04:35 <kushal> +1
09:04:44 <siddhesh> oh, ok
09:04:51 <siddhesh> +1
09:04:53 <amita> +1
09:04:59 <kushal> Lets get our first approval :)
09:05:03 <amit> +1
09:05:13 <kushal> Sadly no travel involved :p
09:05:22 <siddhesh> to be clear, we're agreeing to arrange for his accommodation even if his talk is not selected
09:05:23 <amita> :)
09:05:28 <kushal> siddhesh, yes.
09:05:39 <praveenkumar> siddhesh: agreed.
09:05:44 <pravins> Accommodation in the hotel we decided, right? that is also on sharing basis
09:05:44 <amit> huzaifas: do you have a spreadsheet where you're tracking this?
09:05:46 <amita> he has purposed talk and a workshop too
09:06:09 <huzaifas> amit:  yeah, one sec
09:06:16 <huzaifas> preparing onw
09:06:18 <siddhesh> amita: but it is not unlikely that both get rejected :)
09:06:35 <amita> hmm point to be noted siddhesh :)
09:06:54 <siddhesh> #agreed sponsor stay for aditya.  No travel involved.
09:07:05 <siddhesh> next ticket
09:07:23 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/540
09:07:31 <siddhesh> Rizky Ariestiyansyah
09:07:41 <amita> huzaifas, you can use ethercalc
09:07:42 <amit> have we nominated someone who is updating tickets?
09:07:46 <huzaifas> amit:  https://ethercalc.org/94ee5f3lw3
09:07:59 <siddhesh> amit: I nominate huzaifas :D
09:08:06 <amit> siddhesh: good idea
09:08:40 <siddhesh> great, so anybody knows Rizky?
09:08:47 <kushal> .fasinfo ariestiyansyah
09:08:50 <zodbot> kushal: User: ariestiyansyah, Name: Rizky Ariestiyansyah, email: ariestiyansyah.rizky@gmail.com, Creation: 2012-09-28, IRC Nick: ariestiyansyah, Timezone: Asia/Jakarta, Locale: en, GPG key ID: , Status: active
09:08:52 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  i can, after the meeting is done
09:08:53 <zodbot> kushal: Unapproved Groups: marketing openshift-origin
09:08:56 <zodbot> kushal: Approved Groups: cla_fpca cla_done
09:09:07 <pravins> i am not much clear on funding we are going to provide for Accommodation.
09:09:14 <kushal> siddhesh, seems like he just stated.
09:09:15 <amit> huzaifas: I added a couple of columns so it's easier
09:09:17 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  did we +1 for aditya?
09:09:21 <kushal> huzaifas, yes.
09:09:31 <siddhesh> pravins: it means we book a room for him on a twin sharing basis, like other speakers
09:09:40 <siddhesh> huzaifas: yes
09:09:51 <pravins> siddhesh: thank you :)
09:09:59 <siddhesh> so back to rizky.  he has submitted a talk
09:10:31 <kushal> This is why the speakers should attend the meetings :(
09:10:43 <siddhesh> Mobile and Desktop Development in Fedora with ionic framewok
09:11:04 <amita> USD 700  :0
09:11:34 <huzaifas> and partial accepted is like 680?
09:11:42 <pravins> i think if  ariestiyansyah  select flight to Mumbai it will be bit cheaper. Need to check though.
09:11:43 <praveenkumar> he is asking about $680 USD ( partial subsidy )
09:12:04 <praveenkumar> pravins: yes,
09:12:05 * kushal goes to check his activity.
09:12:17 <huzaifas> we have proviison of 500 usd x 10
09:12:52 <siddhesh> I don't see a lot of fedora involvement, so I think we consider this if his talk gets selected
09:12:58 <kushal> Can not find much activity
09:13:00 <siddhesh> i.e. defer till next meeting
09:13:05 <kushal> siddhesh, yup.
09:13:08 <amita> yes
09:13:37 <amit> praveenkumar: can you quickly check price for mumbai travel?
09:13:55 <amit> if it's a good price, we can use that
09:13:58 <praveenkumar> on it.
09:14:13 <siddhesh> it will be around 400 I think
09:14:34 <pravins> i see cost is quite less if tried from Jakarta to Mumbai roundtrip. 22,893 = $370
09:14:52 <siddhesh> there you go
09:14:56 <kushal> pravins, the flight timings has to be practical also.
09:15:02 <kushal> s/has/have
09:15:18 <amit> so given this data, how do we feel about it?
09:15:22 <praveenkumar> pravins: right, it it 21190 INR
09:15:36 <siddhesh> amit: same IMO.  wait till we know if his talk is selected and then decide
09:15:46 <siddhesh> as a fedora contributor I don't see much point in sponsoring
09:16:00 <amit> ok; defer then, but update ticket with this info.
09:16:08 <kushal> +1 for defer.
09:16:11 <amit> huzaifas: you're in charge of updating all tickets, I see :)
09:16:13 <pravins> kushal: yeah, still it should be around $400.
09:16:22 <siddhesh> amit: we can wait till next week to update tickets for which we haven't made a decision.
09:16:33 * huzaifas runs
09:16:40 <siddhesh> i.e. update only those tickets that we agree or disagree outright
09:16:53 <huzaifas> yes, no response to deferred ones
09:16:56 <pravins> lets defer ticket by asking him to update budget requirement from Mumbai airport. We are planning to provide CAB from Mumbai to Pune.
09:17:18 <pjp> Please see -> http://piratepad.net/19PLK8zNff
09:17:29 <siddhesh> #info defer till selected talk list is out
09:17:31 <amit> since we're quite close to the end of the meeting, I suggest we pick up tickets out of order, and get to the ones we know we will sponsor
09:17:45 <huzaifas> pjp:  no
09:17:48 <huzaifas> use the spread sheet please
09:18:02 <kushal> amit, we should go in order.
09:18:13 <siddhesh> amit: that would be biased on my judgement of which ticket is more important :)
09:18:20 <kushal> siddhesh, yup.
09:18:20 <pjp> huzaifas: ?
09:18:30 <kushal> siddhesh, go ahead to the next ticket.
09:18:32 <amita> pjp, https://ethercalc.org/94ee5f3lw3
09:18:32 <amit> hm ok
09:18:35 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/541
09:18:38 <amita> this is more clear pjp
09:18:45 <huzaifas> pjp:  use the spreadsheet i created earlier
09:18:46 <siddhesh> Mosaab Alzoubi
09:18:59 <siddhesh> two talk submissions and a helluva lot of badges :)
09:19:34 <kushal> .fasinfo moceap
09:19:34 <siddhesh> request is $900 but it is to Pune (via Goa no less!)
09:19:35 <zodbot> kushal: User: moceap, Name: Mosaab Alzoubi, email: moceap@hotmail.com, Creation: 2010-10-29, IRC Nick: moceap, Timezone: Asia/Aden, Locale: ar, GPG key ID: 1A57076E, Status: active
09:19:37 <huzaifas> if he coming from yemen?
09:19:38 <zodbot> kushal: Approved Groups: cla_fedora cla_fpca cla_done fedorabugs packager
09:19:43 <amit> praveenkumar: can you check this flight from sanaa to mum?
09:19:47 <huzaifas> i dont think airports are operational
09:20:11 <siddhesh> amit: lets just ask mosaab to get that info and decide in the next meeting
09:20:11 <kushal> badges should not be accounted for.
09:20:25 <kushal> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/packager/moceap/ is a good list.
09:20:29 <kushal> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/packager/moceap/
09:20:33 <siddhesh> kushal: sure, I just found that funny :)
09:20:40 <kushal> siddhesh, yeah :)
09:20:55 <kushal> siddhesh, wanted to mention so that no one gets confused.
09:20:58 <huzaifas> so he is defer as well
09:21:11 <siddhesh> so lets ust ask him to get updated price cost to mumbai and back
09:21:36 <huzaifas> ok
09:21:46 <amita> why he wants to land in Goa?
09:21:49 <kushal> siddhesh, next ticket.
09:21:51 <siddhesh> #action huzaifa to ask mosaab to get updated flight cost to mumbai and back
09:21:55 <kushal> amita, haha :D
09:22:08 <siddhesh> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/542
09:22:16 <siddhesh> Prima Yogi
09:22:20 <huzaifas> +1
09:22:33 <pravins> i think on all international travel related request we should ask to provide estimates from Mumbai (BOM) airport.
09:22:36 <kushal> +1
09:22:39 <siddhesh> =1, but he needs to give us an updated cost to Mumbai
09:22:41 <amita> huzaifas, please write in ticket that he should come directly to mumbai - for last ticket :)
09:22:43 <siddhesh> +1 even
09:22:49 <amita> Prima Yogi +1
09:23:08 <siddhesh> anybody -1 for prima yogi?
09:23:14 <praveenkumar> +1
09:23:17 <amita> should not be siddhesh
09:23:20 <amita> :)
09:24:21 <siddhesh> KL<-> Mum is around $450, so we can just ask him to get that updated price and approve if it is under $500
09:24:22 <pravins> +1 with with flight from his start point to Mumbai.
09:24:39 <siddhesh> all agreed?
09:24:55 <amita> KL-Delhi-Pune ??
09:24:59 <kushal> siddhesh, +1
09:25:01 <amita> it will be cheaper for Mumbai
09:25:13 <praveenkumar> amita: ^^ we already discussed.
09:25:17 <siddhesh> amita, yes, that is what I said
09:25:41 <amita> hmm praveenkumar siddhesh kushal I may be still thinking about last ticket -- why GOA
09:25:48 <amita> sorry :P
09:25:59 <praveenkumar> amita: don't think, it's already differ.
09:26:06 <kushal> praveenkumar, +1
09:26:13 <siddhesh> so quickly, anybody opposed to the plan for prima yogi?
09:26:15 <amita> not diiffer praveenkumar its deffer
09:26:33 <amita> siddhesh, no .. +1 from me too
09:26:38 <praveenkumar> siddhesh: I think everyone agreed
09:26:41 <amit> siddhesh: agreed on sponsoring, but let's wait till he comes up with numbers?
09:27:05 <siddhesh> amit: we put a cap of $500 on it.  the current tickets AFAICT are at $430
09:28:13 <siddhesh> amit: does that sound ok or would you still like to defer till he comes up with the numbers?
09:28:17 <amit> siddhesh: depending on what time he lands, it might be alright to sponsor pune travel too?  (ie if there's no one in mumbai around then)
09:28:25 <amit> siddhesh: as even pune is within budget
09:28:59 <siddhesh> amit: that can be seen later.  What we're looking for now is consensus on whether we approve this or not
09:29:42 <siddhesh> amit: that way we move on and discuss one more ticket before we close this meeting
09:29:47 <amita> siddhesh, amit lets do it and move on?
09:29:49 <amit> siddhesh: I understood that we're approving, and will ask him to book tickets if they're < 500
09:30:05 <amit> siddhesh: that doesn't leave space for him to try pune
09:30:16 <amit> siddhesh: pune-mum cab will be $50, so we're not saving much really in this
09:30:18 <pravins> agree with amit good to approve with updated quote, defer till that.
09:30:40 <kushal> amit, yup.
09:31:02 <amit> current quote is $490 for pune travel
09:31:06 <amit> I'd say we just accept it
09:31:18 <siddhesh> amit: that is one quote and that is under $500
09:31:26 <pravins> amit: but we are planing to combine some travellers into single cab, right?
09:31:27 <siddhesh> amit: the other quote is $650, which is $150 over
09:31:33 <pravins> offcourse if possible :)
09:31:40 <amit> pravins: right - if they land at the same time.
09:31:57 <siddhesh> amit: lets not think about cab coordination and all that now.
09:32:14 <siddhesh> or we won't get to booking tickets for anyone till everyone has booked their tickets :/
09:32:46 <amit> well only point here is since pune is within budget, we shouldn't think about mumbai at all -- more convenience for the traveler
09:33:00 <kushal> amit, +1
09:33:16 <siddhesh> amit: sure, and my point is that the pune budget is also within the $500 cap :)
09:33:20 <amit> huzaifas: I suggest you don't put numbers in the 'travel' column in the spreadsheet; we should use that column only for approved travel amount.
09:33:50 <amit> i.e. that spreadsheet should be a 'what we've agreed to' rather than mirror of the tickets
09:33:50 <siddhesh> and if we set a $500 budget, we can obviously cater for a slight deviation of about $20-50 if that gives us an advantage
09:33:53 <huzaifas> amit:  huh?
09:33:55 <huzaifas> i did not put them
09:33:57 <amit> pjp: ^ if you've done that
09:34:10 <kushal> siddhesh, yup
09:34:39 <amit> I didn't get what siddhesh is saying, but let's just go one way or the other.
09:34:57 <pjp> amit: Arre, I'm collating required ticket budget information in once place, decision could be a column in that
09:35:00 <siddhesh> *sigh* :)
09:35:21 <amit> (i.e. ignore me :)
09:35:36 <amit> because I see kushal agreeing with both of us, and I'm confused
09:35:49 <siddhesh> amit: lets ask him to check for prices to mumbai and if it is not significantly cheaper (i.e. > $50) then just book the pune ticket
09:35:57 <amit> siddhesh: right.
09:36:00 <kushal> <amit> well only point here is since pune is within budget, we shouldn't think about mumbai at all -- more convenience for the traveler
09:36:00 <kushal> <kushal> amit, +1
09:36:13 <siddhesh> kushal: +1 ;)
09:36:14 <amit> siddhesh: basically don't ask him to book right away, as was mentioned previously.
09:36:15 <kushal> pune is better than any airport.
09:36:33 <amit> so we're decided then
09:36:41 <huzaifas> amit:  how about we get both the quotes and then decide later?
09:36:42 <siddhesh> amit: no, not "book mumbai ticket".  "check prices for mumbai and then decide"
09:36:56 <siddhesh> huzaifas: you're going to do this, so I hope you're not confused about it :)
09:37:00 <amit> siddhesh: perfect.
09:37:21 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  i am, but i am also multi-tasking
09:37:30 <pravins> huzaifas: agree.
09:37:33 <huzaifas> siddhesh:  amit anyways, you guys own those tickets, so if something happens, i can blame you
09:37:59 <huzaifas> :)
09:38:05 <amit> pjp: the spreadsheet is now confused; create columns if you like but I think the data there isn't of much use right now
09:38:06 <siddhesh> #agreed sponsor travel for prima yogi and check for most reasonable option
09:38:15 <amit> pjp: we just need the approved amount; not what's in the ticket
09:38:32 <siddhesh> and that was the last ticket for the day
09:38:32 <amit> pjp: for budgeting, obviously... that data is not useful.
09:39:04 <amit> pjp: so I suggest you have a separate sheet if you want to track that
09:39:16 <siddhesh> #info 6 tickets, 2 approved, 4 deferred
09:39:30 <siddhesh> we'll start from the top next week
09:39:31 <pjp> amit: Earlier in the meeting we were deferring tickets because the requested amount was close to $ 1k, we need to know total required budget amount as of now
09:40:22 <amit> huzaifas: and pjp can sort the sheet out :)
09:40:53 <kushal> pjp, the mega sort algo.
09:41:20 <siddhesh> ok, can I endmeeting now?  we can continue discussion after that
09:41:42 <amita> siddhesh, no more tickets?
09:41:43 <siddhesh> I will send the minutes to fudcon-planning list
09:41:51 <siddhesh> amita: time's up
09:41:57 <amita> siddhesh, ok
09:42:07 <kushal> siddhesh, endmeeting :)
09:42:13 <siddhesh> #endmeeting