23:04:48 <echevemaster> #startmeeting
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23:05:22 * alexove porque con tanta rapidez, no me dejan ni respirar...
23:05:22 <echevemaster> #topic roll call
23:05:26 <alexove> .fas alexove
23:05:27 <zodbot> alexove: alexove 'Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis' <alleinerwolf@gmail.com>
23:05:30 <tatica> .fas tatica
23:05:31 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
23:05:31 <zodbot> tatica: tatica 'Maria Gracia Leandro Lombardo' <tatadbb@gmail.com>
23:05:34 <zodbot> echevemaster: echevemaster 'Eduardo Javier Echeverria Alvarado' <echevemaster@gmail.com>
23:05:35 * echevemaster Venezuela
23:05:43 * tatica - venezuela
23:05:58 * alexove -> Peru
23:06:09 <firemanxbr> .fas firemanxbr
23:06:10 <zodbot> firemanxbr: firemanxbr 'Marcelo Barbosa' <mr.marcelo.barbosa@gmail.com>
23:06:27 * firemanxbr Brazil
23:06:54 <echevemaster> alexove: What we will discuss today?
23:07:00 <echevemaster> #chair alexove
23:07:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: alexove echevemaster
23:07:07 <mayorga> .fas mayorgalinux
23:07:07 * mayorga Nicaragua
23:07:07 <zodbot> mayorga: mayorgalinux 'Eduardo Mayorga Téllez' <mayorgalinux@gmail.com>
23:07:10 <echevemaster> #chair tatica
23:07:10 <zodbot> Current chairs: alexove echevemaster tatica
23:07:25 <alexove> we adjust the belt :-)
23:07:41 <echevemaster> oh :)
23:07:49 <alexove> and have $ 1600  more
23:07:54 <echevemaster> #topic Budget
23:08:10 <echevemaster> everything is paid?
23:08:20 <alexove> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsN66rqNotoIdFBmWE1tRW1CY0VEY0cxMWxKSGJnT3c#gid=0
23:08:25 <echevemaster> We can revise together?
23:09:57 <echevemaster> ok, all is reviewed? missing something
23:09:58 <echevemaster> ?
23:10:32 * alexove yo si :-D
23:11:14 <echevemaster> I see much fields "Solved" = no? What means?
23:11:52 <echevemaster> alexove?
23:12:26 <alexove> All "no" are those that affect the budget
23:12:40 <echevemaster> ok, understood!
23:12:48 <alexove> all "yes" were removed
23:13:00 <echevemaster> Then we have $1600, we can invite other persons, right?
23:13:51 <echevemaster> or is for other things?
23:13:56 <alexove> which have zero should have been removed, but for some magic reason  these reappear
23:14:00 <alexove> Yes
23:14:19 <alexove> i want to invite 2 people more
23:14:34 <echevemaster> ok in whom you thought?
23:15:03 <alexove> Ticket 430
23:15:22 <alexove> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/430
23:15:57 <echevemaster> #topic ticket 430 Sponsor Request for FUDCon Cusco - Abdel Mart�nez (potty)
23:16:11 <echevemaster> the link is above, guys
23:16:26 <echevemaster> please see the ticket, a give your commentaries
23:18:23 <echevemaster> not all both, please!
23:18:51 * alexove jajajajaja
23:20:13 <firemanxbr> you want to select 2 more people to FUDCon?
23:20:22 <alexove> yes
23:20:25 * mayorga is interested on FAS hackfest
23:20:33 <tatica> I would say yes, however, I would like to see variety on the countries people come from
23:20:42 <tatica> however, i would like to see what alexove 2 candidates are
23:20:46 * firemanxbr is interested on oVirt
23:20:49 * mayorga agrees whit tatica
23:21:11 <alexove> .topic
23:21:24 <alexove> Ticket 430
23:21:31 <tatica> I think potty is simply terrific
23:21:43 <echevemaster> why?
23:22:48 <tatica> terrific = really good
23:23:04 * alexove lo sospeche desde un principio...
23:23:06 <firemanxbr> i talked about ovirt(all-in-one) in FISL14
23:23:07 <echevemaster> ah ok...
23:23:19 <tatica> terrific = estupendo (traducción literal)
23:23:38 <echevemaster> ok tatica I understand. sorry :)
23:23:49 <echevemaster> then, please vote
23:23:54 <echevemaster> from me potty +1
23:23:56 <tatica> jejeje
23:23:59 <mayorga> +1
23:24:07 <alexove> +1
23:24:26 <tatica> now; if this extra money comes from the cheaper flights that I found for the venezuelan people; we cannot be sure to count on that money until the tickets are bought
23:24:29 <firemanxbr> +1
23:24:31 <tatica> flight prices always change
23:24:45 <tatica> if that was already considered, then it's a huge +1 from me
23:25:10 <echevemaster> no tatica, the money out from the budget of peru
23:25:24 <tatica> ahhh, then perfect; as I said, huge +1 :)
23:26:01 <echevemaster> firemanxbr: ?
23:26:08 <echevemaster> you're ambassador, not?
23:26:34 <firemanxbr> yes, i'm ambassador and packager
23:26:45 <echevemaster> ok, then see the ticket and vote
23:27:11 * alexove echevemaster tienes tantos pupilos que no reconoces a uno?
23:27:17 <firemanxbr> i voted
23:27:19 <firemanxbr> +1
23:27:35 * firemanxbr lol echevemaster+
23:27:43 <echevemaster> alexove: only i'm asking if him is ambassador
23:27:45 <echevemaster> LOL
23:27:56 * alexove pero es empaquetador tambien :-D
23:28:12 <tatica> alexove, do you have anyone else in mind?
23:28:19 <echevemaster> #agreed Potty goes to Peru ticket 430
23:28:36 <alexove> I need suggestions for last
23:29:01 <alexove> i don't know who choose
23:29:25 <tatica> alexove, how much do we have left?
23:30:09 <alexove> 828,27
23:30:37 <mayorga> well, i'm thinking about wolnei
23:30:47 <echevemaster> wolnei or Juan Barba?
23:30:52 <echevemaster> what do you say?
23:30:58 <tatica> so either Joel, wolnei or Juan
23:31:15 <tatica> budget only match those 3 :/
23:31:29 <echevemaster> I'm agree with you...
23:32:05 <echevemaster> so?
23:32:28 <mayorga> wolnei seems to be a good seed, IMHO
23:33:27 <mayorga> i am interested on a talk he'll give as well
23:33:45 <tatica> ujum
23:34:04 <echevemaster> I think that Wolnei is good from me, but i want  know other opinions?
23:34:04 <firemanxbr> I believe we should give opportunities to individuals who do not receive support in last year
23:34:22 <aeperezt> helo sorry been late
23:34:23 <echevemaster> +1 firemanxbr
23:34:27 <echevemaster> aeperezt: hi
23:34:50 <echevemaster> then, wolnei, joel or juan
23:35:04 <firemanxbr> Who else on this list? we see and sponsor who has not received support
23:35:25 <firemanxbr> wolnei received to FISL ? yes or no ?
23:35:26 <echevemaster> wolnei seem more active
23:35:56 <echevemaster> firemanxbr: yes, wolnei received support to FISL
23:36:01 <aeperezt> I think Juan Barba
23:36:03 <firemanxbr> echevemaster, hummmm
23:36:09 <tatica> from the list, those are the only 3 that could be found due the remaining funds
23:36:28 <firemanxbr> my vote to others peoples has not received
23:36:46 <echevemaster> aeperezt: of three, who is more active?
23:37:13 <echevemaster> wolnei, juan barba or joel?
23:37:21 <echevemaster> same question for all
23:37:32 <aeperezt> echevemaster, Johel is active as ambassador he is 15 years old, so not sure how we deal with a minor on the traveling
23:38:10 <firemanxbr> and Juan ?
23:38:12 <aeperezt> Juan does lots of works on the local community
23:38:23 <echevemaster> then, Juan?
23:38:32 <echevemaster> please vote for one person :)
23:38:37 <echevemaster> wolnei or juan?
23:38:52 <aeperezt> wolnie already had a sponsor ship this year
23:38:54 <firemanxbr> +1 for Juan
23:38:59 <echevemaster> ok, then juan
23:39:02 <alexove> +1 for Juan
23:39:37 <firemanxbr> we give opportunity to all, my voted Juan
23:39:49 <echevemaster> #topic ticket 443 Funding Request for FUDCON Cusco 2013 - Juan Barba (xhaksx)
23:40:00 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/443
23:40:27 <echevemaster> $642, alexove, is well?
23:40:28 <tatica> :)
23:40:50 <alexove> Nno
23:40:52 <alexove> No
23:41:03 <alexove> 829,08
23:41:12 <firemanxbr> hummm
23:41:18 <echevemaster> Air ticket Panama lima Copa 515.15 dls Air ticket Lima Cusco 126.93 dls.
23:41:23 <alexove> include food and hotel to
23:42:50 <echevemaster> ok 829 enter in our budget?
23:43:05 <aeperezt> alexove, he modify his ticket and say he only need to cove the air ticket Panama Lima
23:43:06 <alexove> yes
23:43:13 <alexove> ??
23:43:33 <echevemaster> is a partial, aeperezt ?
23:43:39 <aeperezt> alexove, maybe you can ask him to clarify
23:43:46 <aeperezt> but seems like it is partica
23:44:06 <aeperezt> *partial
23:44:39 <echevemaster> then, vote for partial
23:44:53 <alexove> Ok
23:45:06 <mayorga> +1
23:45:06 <echevemaster> tatica: ?
23:45:12 <echevemaster> +1 from me
23:45:43 <firemanxbr> +1 me too
23:45:53 <alexove> +1
23:45:58 <aeperezt> if we approved for all do no need to vote for partial
23:46:02 <aeperezt> +1
23:46:32 <aeperezt> alexove, how is the budget if it is partical
23:47:38 <echevemaster> partial*
23:47:48 <echevemaster> :)
23:47:59 <aeperezt> *partial
23:48:32 <firemanxbr> *partial
23:48:34 * alexove me perdi
23:48:38 * alexove :-(
23:48:42 * firemanxbr lol
23:48:44 <echevemaster> hahahaha
23:48:52 <aeperezt> what is left of the budget after this ticket
23:49:02 <echevemaster> alexove: ^
23:49:40 <alexove> With the partial subisidy 363,74
23:49:55 * alexove mi problema era con la formula en la hoja de calculo
23:50:00 <aeperezt> not enought to bring wolnie
23:50:46 <echevemaster> so, partial or complete?=
23:51:07 <aeperezt> lets settle it partial
23:51:46 <aeperezt> in any case the rest can be used on the event or if some other money is found we may bring wolnie
23:52:08 <echevemaster> #agreed ticket 443 Juan Barba goes to peru
23:52:09 <aeperezt> but local budget is pretty tight now
23:52:38 <echevemaster> #topic Development and Marketing work in Fudcon
23:52:45 <echevemaster> we have to do a plan for documentation of the installation guide of Fedora and packaging and translations, i will to do a wiki for this things.
23:53:07 <tatica> sorry, had to go for a moment
23:54:08 <echevemaster> Some idea, or we have to do a next  meeting
23:54:23 <mayorga> !
23:54:40 <echevemaster> I have a list of packages for packaging in Fudcon, and dbruno have another
23:54:46 <echevemaster> mayorga please
23:55:18 <mayorga> is there any possibility to record the talks?
23:55:36 <echevemaster> mayorga: I don't see problem for that
23:55:58 <aeperezt> if the bandwidth allow we should stream it if not record them so we can publish later
23:56:00 <mayorga> I won't have to chance to go so i'd like to be able to access to all stuff
23:56:02 * alexove mayorga no puede venir
23:56:37 <echevemaster> or record the talk and we bring to Fudcon
23:57:09 <echevemaster> firemanxbr self-proposed as package reviewer on Fudcon
23:57:28 <firemanxbr> echevemaster, humm
23:57:47 <echevemaster> and we have to help with the installation guide, is very important to do production in this Fudcon
23:57:54 <firemanxbr> i can
23:57:58 <echevemaster> eof.
23:58:30 <echevemaster> Someone else, or we talk about that in a next meeting?
23:58:32 <mayorga> ok, it's nice to hear that
23:58:54 <aeperezt> alex do you have a plan for the blue host budget
23:59:28 <alexove> Plane fares may go up in price
23:59:46 <firemanxbr> i can create presentation about fedora-review and position about review
00:00:21 <alexove> I think the bluehost's budget should be kept as safe
00:00:57 <echevemaster> +1000 firemanxbr
00:01:09 * firemanxbr lol
00:01:23 <alexove> after that with the remaining can be assigned to wolnei or someone else
00:01:24 <echevemaster> #topic open floor
00:01:30 <echevemaster> !
00:01:54 <echevemaster> I want to talk about something, venezuelan tickets should be bought together by the arrival, yohan and me,  we not known Colombia and tatica and richzendy have a different itineray of departure
00:02:24 <echevemaster> is very important get out together
00:02:34 <tatica> as I said
00:02:41 <aeperezt> echevemaster, that needs to be enter on the ticket all specific details
00:02:51 <tatica> there is a cheaper flight on 414usd, however is only 4 tickets left
00:03:14 <tatica> and as I expressed to alexove ; Richzendy and i would like to stay a couple of extra days
00:03:26 <aeperezt> since suehle and rbergeron are the ones who buy tickets they need all that information unless
00:03:33 <echevemaster> tatica i know , I'm just making sure that they are bought together
00:03:38 <tatica> in case the flights can't be arranged together; I already spoke with both local lug (cucuta and san cristobal) to pick everyone of us
00:03:49 <echevemaster> aeperezt: the information is in the ticket
00:03:55 <aeperezt> you can pay for the ticket so it can be reimburst you later
00:04:24 <aeperezt> echevemaster, that is how the game is play
00:04:47 <tatica> I wish I could pay the ticket in advance; but I'm paying a wedding and I will definitely need to wait for someone to do it :/
00:05:11 <tatica> echevemaster, once again; in case we don't have flights together, the trip back is already organized
00:05:30 <echevemaster> ok.
00:05:39 <tatica> echevemaster, besides, people picking you up you alread know :)
00:05:51 <tatica> (they are our friends from firefox that we all meet at fudcon valencia :D )
00:06:15 <echevemaster> oh, ;). good
00:06:51 <echevemaster> someone else?
00:07:28 <aeperezt> no
00:07:53 <echevemaster> then
00:08:05 <echevemaster> thank you for attend guys
00:08:10 <echevemaster> #endmeeting