23:06:12 <aeperezt> #startmeeting
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23:06:12 <alexove> :-)
23:06:27 <aeperezt> #chait alexove echevemaster
23:06:31 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
23:06:32 <zodbot> echevemaster: echevemaster 'Eduardo Javier Echeverria Alvarado' <echevemaster@gmail.com>
23:06:36 <alexove> .fas alexove
23:06:38 <zodbot> alexove: alexove 'Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis' <alleinerwolf@gmail.com>
23:06:38 <aeperezt> #chair echevemaster alexove
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23:06:51 <aeperezt> .fas aeperezt
23:06:52 <zodbot> aeperezt: aeperezt 'Alejandro Perez' <alejandro.perez.torres@gmail.com>
23:06:53 * echevemaster Venezuela
23:07:41 <alexove> Perú
23:08:11 <jsmith> .fas jsmith@
23:08:12 <zodbot> jsmith: 'jsmith@' Not Found!
23:08:22 * aeperezt Panama
23:08:25 * jsmith vive en los Estados Unidos
23:08:30 <cevillacorta_> Per�
23:08:55 <aeperezt> jsmith, helo
23:09:04 <jsmith> Hello aeperezt -- long time, no chat
23:09:25 <aeperezt> jsmith, yes sir
23:10:37 * itamar-br gracias mr. Ruan
23:10:40 <aeperezt> cevillacorta, helo
23:11:03 <cevillacorta_> hi aeperezt
23:11:09 <aeperezt> #topic ticket #423
23:11:22 <aeperezt> alexove, what is new on that area
23:12:06 <alexove> we have a two proposals
23:12:23 <alexove> one of these from Tatica
23:12:23 <aeperezt> alexove, we need to voto to choose one
23:12:46 <aeperezt> but tatica has two, right
23:12:58 <aeperezt> or we discarted one of them
23:12:58 <alexove> yes
23:13:01 <alexove> #link http://www.flickr.com/photos/tatadbb/8631611624/in/photostream/
23:13:50 <echevemaster> I vote for right logo
23:13:59 <alexove> the left use a trademark image
23:14:05 <alexove> wait
23:14:09 <alexove> echevemaster
23:14:22 <echevemaster> ok alexove :)
23:14:42 <alexove> we have a Xhaksx proposal
23:14:54 <alexove> #link https://www.box.com/s/ulpyctn9s5jtcu3z76p8
23:15:14 * echevemaster must be absent, personal commitments I'm sorry for that.
23:15:57 <jsmith> I'm fine with either
23:17:37 <aeperezt> alexove, like both so
23:17:53 <aeperezt> alexove, what we do
23:18:26 <alexove> choose one of these
23:18:54 <alexove> Cesar is someone who is helping me a lot with the organization of FUDCon, is aspiring ambassador and now also replace the head of marketing at the University
23:19:03 <alexove> cevillacorta is Cesar
23:19:12 <aeperezt> helo cesar
23:20:13 <cevillacorta__> nice to meet you
23:20:38 <alexove> we must have his vote too
23:20:39 <aeperezt> alexove,  I think the two proposal are good what do you think will work best for Peru Market, cevillacorta
23:21:41 <aeperezt> so you want vote ?
23:21:56 <cevillacorta__> I think the two
23:22:43 <cevillacorta__> xhaks
23:23:24 <alexove> He means the second image of Xhaksx proposal
23:23:52 <JEAN_> cevillacortaa
23:24:47 <aeperezt> cevillacorta, as you know markiting, lets vote but basically Xhaksx get my vote
23:24:49 <aeperezt> then
23:25:25 <alexove> Me too but the above image
23:25:36 <aeperezt> to choose fudcon cusco logo
23:25:39 <ce_villacorta> sorry that my signal is failing
23:25:45 <aeperezt> xhaks proposal
23:25:47 <aeperezt> +1
23:25:52 <alexove> +1
23:25:55 <ce_villacorta> +1
23:26:54 <aeperezt> itamar-br, ping
23:27:01 <aeperezt> sergiodj, ping
23:27:09 <sergiodj> aeperezt: pong
23:27:38 <aeperezt> vote please
23:27:57 <sergiodj> I don't know what you are voting, sorry.  I just joined in the channel
23:28:15 <itamar-br> +1
23:28:42 <sergiodj> I can take a look at whatever you are discussing, or I can vote in the next topic
23:29:10 <aeperezt> sergiodj, https://www.box.com/s/ulpyctn9s5jtcu3z76p8
23:29:19 <alexove> we have not a other topic
23:29:21 <aeperezt> sergiodj, http://www.flickr.com/photos/tatadbb/8631611624/in/photostream/
23:30:44 <aeperezt> alexove, ok so xhaxhs i the one
23:31:03 <sergiodj> do I have to choose which logo I think is better?
23:31:19 <sergiodj> I thought we already discussed it...
23:31:47 <sergiodj> anyway, I liked the left version of <https://secure.flickr.com/photos/tatadbb/8631611624/in/photostream/>
23:32:33 <ce_villacorta> ok
23:32:40 <alexove> but this logo use a trademark image (Peru word)
23:32:48 <aeperezt> #agreed haks 3 agains 1 vote tatica version
23:32:55 <sergiodj> well, then why are we voting?
23:33:16 <sergiodj> if I cannot choose it because of copyright issues, then it should not be even proposed for voting
23:34:49 <alexove> the right logo of Tatica proposal and the Xhaksx proposal
23:35:04 <ce_villacorta> of Tatica only the second proposal is valid
23:35:24 <sergiodj> where is her second proposal?
23:35:33 <sergiodj> is it the right version?
23:35:36 <alexove> https://www.box.com/s/ulpyctn9s5jtcu3z76p8
23:36:09 <sergiodj> ok, so I have to choose between "PERÚ" and "CUSCO", basically?
23:36:29 <ce_villacorta> second picture
23:36:59 <sergiodj> I vote for the "PERÚ" version
23:39:08 <ce_villacorta> PROPOSE CUSCO - PER�
23:39:37 <alexove> put these words in the logo is posible?
23:41:23 <alexove> ping echevemaster aeperezt itamar-br
23:42:01 <ce_villacorta> three options:
23:42:02 <ce_villacorta> 1) Cusco
23:42:02 <ce_villacorta> 2) Peru
23:42:02 <ce_villacorta> 3) Cusco - Peru
23:42:31 <sergiodj> if it is possible, my vote goes for option (3).  otherwise, I vote in option (2)
23:43:20 <aeperezt> so vote from Hakhs logo Cusco or Peru
23:43:23 <aeperezt> +1 Cusco
23:45:45 <alexove> is posible to put "CUSCO-PERÚ" in the logo?
23:47:41 <aeperezt> alexove, not sure but normally we use the name of the city
23:48:15 <alexove> Ok
23:48:18 <alexove> then
23:48:20 <alexove> +1 Cusco
23:49:32 <ce_villacorta> ok
23:49:55 <ce_villacorta> all right!
23:50:00 <ce_villacorta> +1 Cusco
23:51:15 <alexove> ping itamar-br
23:53:13 <itamar-br> pong
23:53:35 <itamar-br> for me whatever you choose is ok
23:53:54 <aeperezt> #agreed cusco
23:53:54 <alexove> Ok :-D
23:54:12 <aeperezt> alexove, next topic
23:54:13 <itamar-br> fudcon cusco is ok
23:54:21 <ce_villacorta> yes
23:54:40 <alexove> we have not more topics
23:54:55 <alexove> by now
23:55:04 <aeperezt> ok
23:55:30 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 420
23:56:03 <aeperezt> letter as been sent to the university will be arriving next week
23:56:31 <aeperezt> alexove, when you know about the letter please close the ticket
23:57:04 <alexove> Ok
23:57:40 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 418
23:58:11 <aeperezt> alexove, how many people do you think we will cober lunch?
23:58:54 <alexove> the capacity of the restaurant is approximately 80 people
23:59:13 <alexove> for now we do not have funding for this
00:00:20 <aeperezt> alexove, that is nice but how many people do we cover lunch?
00:02:13 <aeperezt> I mean how many people we pay lunch for 30 50 60 90
00:03:15 <alexove> 90 people aprox
00:03:44 <alexove> 30 teachers of the university
00:03:53 <alexove> and aprox 30 students
00:04:45 <aeperezt> ok are you planning to have sponsor for this?
00:04:48 <alexove> On Monday define the exact number of students who participate
00:04:53 <aeperezt> or that is un explore yeat
00:06:08 <alexove> the students can eat at home or in the university restaurant
00:06:11 * jsmith points out that his company is doing a $1000 USD sponsorship -- use that for whatever makes the most sense -- lunch, travel, FUDPub, etc.
00:06:12 <aeperezt> we can left that part for next meeting
00:06:47 <aeperezt> jsmith, we are counting with that money
00:06:52 <jsmith> :-)
00:07:07 <alexove> we want to save money for plane tickets
00:07:29 <aeperezt> alexove, setting the hope there is comnplicated
00:07:45 <aeperezt> #topic ticket 417
00:08:10 <aeperezt> alexove, how are we doing about hotel
00:08:39 <aeperezt> ae we talking with some one what are our options so far
00:09:28 <alexove> We are in search for a comfortable, nice and cheap hotel
00:09:58 <alexove> but most have reservations until December
00:10:17 <aeperezt> alexove, that is critical point
00:10:28 <alexove> yes we know it :-/
00:10:34 <aeperezt> we need to work around that
00:10:54 <ce_villacorta> will confirm in two weeks
00:11:28 <aeperezt> ce_villacorta, that sounds good
00:11:37 <ce_villacorta> the requirement is that you pay the 50% reserve
00:12:07 <aeperezt> ce_villacorta, ok we can do that
00:12:48 <aeperezt> we need to confirm the place and how we do the payment normally we work with credit card
00:13:08 <aeperezt> as soon as you have the information we can check that part
00:13:18 <aeperezt> ce_villacorta, still sounds good
00:13:43 <aeperezt> alexove, you can close ticket 423
00:14:04 <ce_villacorta> the price range is from $ 30 to $ 60 for person
00:14:25 <aeperezt> we can work with that
00:14:54 <aeperezt> 30 dls person sounds great
00:15:08 <aeperezt> #topic open floor
00:15:22 <aeperezt> any other detail you want to talk
00:16:03 <ce_villacorta> but the problem is that it is triple room
00:16:23 <aeperezt> ce_villacorta, that is not a problem for us
00:16:27 <ce_villacorta> ok
00:16:52 <ce_villacorta> ripping
00:18:29 <aeperezt> if nothing else
00:18:34 <aeperezt> we can close the meeting
00:18:42 <alexove> I request a payoneer card
00:18:50 <ce_villacorta> depend on how many rooms triples have the hotel, ok
00:19:04 <alexove> eso me llega el 14 mayo
00:19:17 <alexove> So I get it on May 14
00:19:19 <itamar-br> alexlove try netspend.com
00:19:42 <alexove> Ok
00:19:46 <itamar-br> or neteller.com
00:19:49 <aeperezt> #endmeeting