14:01:28 <KageSenshi> #startmeeting
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14:01:35 <KageSenshi> #meetingname fudcon kl 2012
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14:01:47 <KageSenshi> #link agenda is here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:KualaLumpur_2012/Meeting:2012-04-12
14:01:53 <KageSenshi> #topic roll call
14:01:54 <sweemeng> .fas sweemeng
14:01:55 <zodbot> sweemeng: sweemeng 'sweemeng' <sweester@gmail.com>
14:01:56 <KageSenshi> .fas izhar
14:01:57 <MavJS> .fas MavJS
14:01:58 <sweemeng> first
14:01:59 <zodbot> KageSenshi: izhar 'Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail' <kagesenshi.87@gmail.com>
14:02:03 <zodbot> MavJS: mavjs 'Ye Myat Kaung' <mavjs01@gmail.com>
14:02:03 <vinz007> .fas vinz007
14:02:03 <MavJS> sweemeng: heh :)
14:02:07 <zodbot> vinz007: vinz007 'Tee Chin Ka' <teechinka@gmail.com>
14:02:18 * KageSenshi looks around
14:02:19 <kulll> .fas kullll
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14:02:22 <kulll> .fas kulll
14:02:24 <zodbot> kulll: kulll 'khairul anwar' <anwarbaik88@gmail.com>
14:02:27 <kulll> >.<
14:02:48 <KageSenshi> ok :)
14:02:51 <KageSenshi> anyone else
14:02:59 * KageSenshi wonders if rbergeron is here
14:03:21 <KageSenshi> probably not yet :)
14:03:36 <KageSenshi> #topic announcements
14:03:57 <KageSenshi> #info we've decided on the vendor for t-shirt, t-shirt price is at myr17 per unit
14:04:11 <KageSenshi> #info harish is working on the ticket and hotel
14:04:54 <sweemeng> 17 pretty cheap
14:05:12 <KageSenshi> #info visa invitation letter have been sent to applicants who need it through their @fedoraproject.org email .. those who have yet to get it but need it, please buzz KageSenshi , MavJS or harish
14:06:03 <KageSenshi> #info we also have got the prices for banner and swag .. designs to be decided
14:06:08 <KageSenshi> #undo
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14:06:10 * FranciscoD will sit in a corner and listen for a while
14:06:13 <meng> .fas seatux
14:06:14 <KageSenshi> #info we also have got the rough prices for banner and swag .. designs to be decided
14:06:17 <zodbot> meng: seatux 'Meng Shen' <seatux86@gmail.com>
14:06:38 <KageSenshi> anything you guys want to announce/notify ?
14:07:15 * MavJS has none.
14:07:23 <kulll> nope
14:07:24 <KageSenshi> ok .. next topic i guess
14:07:34 <KageSenshi> #topic review actions from last meeting
14:07:39 <MavJS> :|
14:07:46 <KageSenshi> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fudcon-planning/2012-04-05/fudcon_kl_2012.2012-04-05-14.12.html last meeting log
14:08:07 <KageSenshi> decide on t-shirt vendor, done
14:08:14 <KageSenshi> reply to unapproved tickets done
14:08:28 <KageSenshi> MavJS, cwickert/azneita was contacted right?
14:08:30 * rbergeron waves
14:08:40 <KageSenshi> MavJS, whats left is eltermino who are still missing
14:08:50 <KageSenshi> MavJS, am i right?
14:09:01 <MavJS> KageSenshi: yes, only eltermino left.
14:09:02 <KageSenshi> hi rbergeron :)
14:09:09 <KageSenshi> MavJS, ok ..
14:09:12 <MavJS> KageSenshi: can't find a trace of his IRC nick as well..
14:09:20 <MavJS> KageSenshi: apart from that. we're all good :)
14:09:33 * MavJS waves to rbergeron :)
14:10:14 <KageSenshi> hurm .. FranciscoD anybody you think might know eltermino ?
14:10:25 <FranciscoD> uhm, no :/
14:10:27 <MavJS> KageSenshi: since I'm going through the tickets. I'll ping eltermino again. and we shall see if he replies by saturday/sunday?
14:10:32 <KageSenshi> MavJS, ok
14:10:36 * FranciscoD hasnt talked to eltermino ever either
14:10:58 <MavJS> his nick was le_termino or something.
14:11:12 * MavJS goes dig some meeting logs.
14:12:04 <KageSenshi> if he still remains missing, we'll have to consider him MIA i guess ..
14:12:22 <MavJS> yup.
14:12:31 <KageSenshi> ok
14:12:56 <KageSenshi> lets see whether he responds in the next 2/3 weeks ..
14:13:15 <KageSenshi> anything beyond that is already too close to the event
14:13:33 <KageSenshi> dinner in sri petaling
14:13:50 * FranciscoD suddenly wakes up at the mention of food
14:13:58 <MavJS> :D
14:13:59 <KageSenshi> #info eric have responded , fudpub dinner will be done at hotel sri petaling, myr45 per head .. we're going for 50 heads max ..
14:14:33 <KageSenshi> thats all the action items from last meeting
14:14:47 <KageSenshi> next topic
14:14:50 <KageSenshi> #topic Questions/Decisions
14:15:20 <KageSenshi> from several meetups we had this week, we're looking for producing fedora button badges in bulk
14:15:30 <KageSenshi> and perhaps a simple laptop sticker
14:16:08 <KageSenshi> but i'm wondering if we can get that fedora logo sticker jsmith brought to fudcon pune previously shipped to KL
14:16:29 <KageSenshi> that sticker is very good, and it works nice as a car sticker too ..
14:16:35 <MavJS> yup. :)
14:16:50 <KageSenshi> rbergeron, any idea if we can get the fedora logo stickers shipped over?
14:17:29 <rbergeron> If we had some to ship over. I don't know that anyone has more than a few on hand.
14:17:35 <KageSenshi> i still have some extra from the amount i took from pune, but too little for fudcon ..
14:17:47 <rbergeron> I don't know if harish happens to have additional on hand or not.
14:18:06 <FranciscoD> and the Pune folks don't have anything left over either apparently
14:18:09 <FranciscoD> :/
14:18:12 <KageSenshi> (i remembered jsmith brought a big bag of it)
14:18:17 <FranciscoD> aye
14:19:29 <KageSenshi> anyway, if theres none, we'll figure out something .. :) .. right now from discussion everyone agrees to produce button badges
14:19:42 <KageSenshi> how about ppl here?
14:19:56 <KageSenshi> *by everyone i mean , the kl team
14:20:02 <jsmith> KageSenshi: I think we'd have to manufacture more -- we made one batch for each of NA/LATAM/APAC/EMEA
14:20:22 <jsmith> KageSenshi: We could certainly get more made if FAmSCo wants to do it again
14:20:36 <jsmith> KageSenshi: (the idea was that that batch would last for the entire year for the region)
14:20:58 <KageSenshi> jsmith, ah .. so i guess theres no more extra .. ok then :)
14:21:07 <KageSenshi> jsmith, thanks
14:21:34 <jsmith> KageSenshi: Not that I know of
14:21:56 <KageSenshi> #action KageSenshi to check out what sticker design to produce for fudcon kl from existing sticker designs .. and check up the prices
14:22:13 <KageSenshi> harish said he will be bringing over keychains
14:22:32 <KageSenshi> so button badges + sticker + keychain should be enough for fudcon imo
14:22:42 <KageSenshi> (or is that too many? :P)
14:23:38 <KageSenshi> no comments?
14:23:49 <sweemeng> think it is o
14:23:51 <sweemeng> think it is ok
14:23:57 <MavJS> i say; button badges + stickers :)
14:24:10 <MavJS> do we still want the cubes? :D
14:24:46 <KageSenshi> MavJS, ah the cheat cubes .. erm .. i think we just buy some hard paper for that and print a few using ucti's printer
14:25:03 <KageSenshi> MavJS, and only give it for ppl who interested :)
14:25:18 <sweemeng> cutter keeper!!!!
14:25:24 <MavJS> KageSenshi: ah, UCTI does not allow other papers to be used in the printers :|
14:25:40 <MavJS> KageSenshi: that's what I heard.
14:25:46 <MavJS> KageSenshi: will ask gurdip about it.
14:25:53 <KageSenshi> MavJS, ah .. ok then .. then no cheat cubes i guess .. unless we have extra funds + time
14:26:07 <MavJS> KageSenshi: ok. :)
14:26:14 <KageSenshi> sending it to printing shop would mean mass printing .. i doubt we want to print 1000 of those
14:26:15 <KageSenshi> XD
14:26:30 <MavJS> right. :D
14:26:53 <KageSenshi> perhaps after fudcon we try to get a budget for it from famsco :P
14:27:06 <KageSenshi> and distribute around the region
14:27:23 <MavJS> ok XD
14:27:33 <kulll> +1
14:27:38 <sweemeng> aye
14:27:48 <KageSenshi> btw MavJS , is it possible to get goodie bags from ucti ?
14:28:11 <KageSenshi> just the bag, like the ones they provided for FOSS.my 2008 iirc ..
14:28:26 <MavJS> KageSenshi: I think it's possible. I've seen such bags on Open Days.
14:28:42 <KageSenshi> MavJS, can you check it up?
14:28:47 <MavJS> KageSenshi: that bag with lots of UCTI fliers in it? :D
14:28:50 <KageSenshi> MavJS, yeap
14:29:01 <KageSenshi> MavJS, we'll allow them to put their flyers in :)
14:29:10 <MavJS> KageSenshi: yeah, sure. I'll ask one of the marketing folks. :)
14:29:14 <KageSenshi> ok neat
14:29:22 <KageSenshi> #action MavJS to poke UCTI for goodie bag
14:29:32 <vinz007> if possible..
14:29:35 <KageSenshi> MavJS, im looking for around 150 pieces only
14:29:43 <vinz007> ask them to provide small one,,,
14:29:47 <MavJS> KageSenshi: ok. noted.
14:29:54 <KageSenshi> vinz007, theres a small one?
14:30:10 <vinz007> no, but i think the current one is kinda big..
14:30:25 <MavJS> vinz007: dude, it's like the "normal" size :)
14:30:26 <KageSenshi> vinz007, take whatever we can take ;)
14:30:32 <MavJS> KageSenshi: aye!
14:30:33 <MavJS> XD
14:30:36 <vinz007> haha:)
14:31:05 <KageSenshi> ok
14:31:19 <KageSenshi> another one ..
14:31:33 <KageSenshi> with myr17 per t-shirt . what amount should we produce?
14:31:48 <KageSenshi> we have around 167 registrants right now ..
14:32:00 <MavJS> 200?
14:32:31 <kulll> +1 200
14:33:04 * KageSenshi goes check the budget doc
14:34:07 <sweemeng> can we afford 3400?
14:34:08 <KageSenshi> our budget earlier was using a t-shirt price which was more expensive than this
14:34:23 <sweemeng> but the budget if for 75 people
14:34:24 <KageSenshi> iirc it was myr30 something
14:34:50 <KageSenshi> how about we set it to usd950 ?
14:34:55 <KageSenshi> which is around ..
14:35:10 <sweemeng> 2859
14:35:13 <sweemeng> 2850
14:35:43 <KageSenshi> which is around 170 t-shirts
14:35:53 <KageSenshi> sounds good?
14:35:57 <MavJS> ok. that works as well.
14:36:29 <sweemeng> good enough
14:36:35 <sweemeng> first come first serve then
14:36:36 <KageSenshi> doesnt increase much on our budget (which we have a bit buffer now)
14:36:40 <MavJS> even if we printed 200 we'd still be left with 720USD :D
14:37:46 <KageSenshi> MavJS, i think we should have around 900-1000 usd buffer for emergencies
14:38:00 <MavJS> KageSenshi: yup, of course.
14:38:34 <KageSenshi> and we havent calculate the proper cost for badges and stickers yet
14:38:42 <MavJS> indeed.
14:38:58 <KageSenshi> so everyone agrees with 170 for t-shirt?
14:39:12 <MavJS> +1
14:39:43 <sweemeng> +1
14:39:45 * MavJS waits for the others.
14:39:59 <vinz007> +1
14:40:37 <MavJS> ok. I think "everyone" agrees with 170 then ;)
14:40:41 <KageSenshi> ok :)
14:40:52 <KageSenshi> #info we'll be producing 170 t-shirts
14:41:10 <KageSenshi> next one lanyard .. i have 1 question
14:41:26 <KageSenshi> should we do generic fedora, or should we do fudconkl specific
14:41:51 <KageSenshi> advantage of generic fedora -> we can produce more (cheaper per-item price) and use for future events if theres extra
14:42:03 <sweemeng> i go for generic
14:42:07 <KageSenshi> advantage of fudconkl specific -> gives some sort of uniqueness for the design
14:42:33 <MavJS> this is going to be a tough one :|
14:42:43 <KageSenshi> i'm kindof leaning toward of having it specific
14:43:11 <KageSenshi> at least for those who didnt get t-shirt, they get some lanyards that say hey attended fudconkl
14:43:22 <MavJS> yup.
14:43:45 <sweemeng> i am ok with either
14:43:54 <MavJS> anyways, whatever design a lanyard has, people still use it everywhere ;)
14:44:06 <MavJS> so..I say for this time go for FUDCon KL specific
14:44:10 <MavJS> :D
14:44:20 <kulll> +1 specific
14:44:20 <KageSenshi> hehe ..i'm still using pycon apac lanyard from 2 years ago :P
14:44:33 <MavJS> KageSenshi: yup. exactly, my point ;)
14:44:55 <KageSenshi> ok .. even specific for lanyard
14:44:57 <KageSenshi> ok .. amount
14:45:03 <KageSenshi> 200? 300 ?
14:45:08 <MavJS> 170 ? ;D
14:45:21 <KageSenshi> MavJS, lol .. have it more than the t-shirt count :)
14:45:29 <MavJS> KageSenshi: ok.
14:45:42 <KageSenshi> 250 ?
14:46:13 <MavJS> KageSenshi: i think sounds good.
14:46:38 <vinz007> the lanyard is for everyone rite?
14:46:55 <MavJS> vinz007: yes it is. but limited :p
14:47:08 <udinnet> Hello guys, quick interruption :)
14:47:27 <KageSenshi> price per lanyard is about myr3.70 per unit if its 200 .. and myr3.00 per unit if its 500 (from the price check i did last week)
14:47:32 <udinnet> What is the base color of lanyard?
14:47:38 <KageSenshi> udinnet, white
14:47:55 <KageSenshi> thats the current design ..
14:48:02 <udinnet> If it is white, It get dirty quickly if it is black, it is ok
14:48:26 <udinnet> oh it is white?
14:48:35 <KageSenshi> udinnet, thats the current design we have
14:48:42 <udinnet> ok.
14:48:49 <KageSenshi> but if theres ppl think we should change, and everyone agrees, then we change :)
14:49:11 <udinnet> My suggestion is to go for a black one. So it can be used for a long time :)
14:49:30 <KageSenshi> i'm ok with it
14:49:36 <KageSenshi> the rest?
14:49:46 <kulll> +1 black
14:50:03 <MavJS> yeah, +1 black ;)
14:50:06 <KageSenshi> (might increase a bit of the price btw .. which i dont think will be much)
14:50:28 <KageSenshi> ok black it is .. gotta update the design :)
14:50:42 <udinnet> Can you remember the mozilla party pack lanyard?
14:50:49 <KageSenshi> udinnet, i didnt get it :)
14:50:54 <udinnet> I'm still using that one.
14:51:02 <udinnet> KageSenshi: That is really cool
14:51:12 <udinnet> and it is black ;)
14:51:16 <KageSenshi> hehe ok :)
14:51:36 <udinnet> I'm just suggesting. You can take a decision.
14:51:37 <udinnet> :)
14:51:42 <KageSenshi> back to discussion .. lanyad count -> 200,250,300
14:51:49 * KageSenshi leaning towards 250
14:51:55 <vinz007> +1 250
14:51:57 <MavJS> +1 on 250
14:52:18 <KageSenshi> ok
14:52:31 <KageSenshi> #info lanyard will be using black background, will be producing 250 units
14:52:31 <MavJS> ok. "everyone" agrees again :p
14:53:27 <KageSenshi> ok
14:53:40 <KageSenshi> another one
14:54:19 <KageSenshi> theres sugestion to just scrap the mugs .. as its difficult to differentiate who we should give it to .. originally it was meant for speakers, but in a barcamp event, who actually are speakers? :)
14:54:38 <KageSenshi> scrap the mug, and use the money for other swags
14:54:44 <MavJS> KageSenshi: yup. should scratch that off the budget doc ;)
14:54:53 <KageSenshi> eg: increase numbers of swags
14:54:55 <meng> like more drinks?
14:55:32 <KageSenshi> everyone ok with scrapping the mug from the budget?
14:56:01 <MavJS> +1 on the "remove the mugs"
14:56:13 <sweemeng> we got mug?
14:56:15 * KageSenshi +1 in removing too
14:56:21 <sweemeng> +1
14:56:26 <sweemeng> logistical nightmare
14:56:31 <MavJS> sweemeng: heh ;)
14:56:34 <KageSenshi> sweemeng, yeah that too :)
14:56:35 <vinz007> +1for remove and focus some unique swag:)
14:56:51 <KageSenshi> ok
14:57:05 <KageSenshi> #info remove mug souvenir from budget .. use the money for something more useful
14:57:54 <KageSenshi> ok
14:58:08 <KageSenshi> thats it on this topic
14:58:18 <KageSenshi> anybody have questions/decisions to ask ?
14:59:09 <meng> the lanyard and sticker thing enough ;a
14:59:31 <meng> I prefer saving a small portion for emergencies
14:59:34 <KageSenshi> #action KageSenshi to get invoice of t-shirt, lanyard, and badges and get some cash from harish so that we can start producing it
14:59:57 <KageSenshi> #action KageSenshi to also check up price for producing stickers
15:00:27 <KageSenshi> another trip to bts this weekend i guess :)
15:00:37 <KageSenshi> next one
15:00:40 <KageSenshi> #topic open floor
15:00:41 <KageSenshi> ok
15:00:48 <KageSenshi> any other random stuff?
15:00:59 <KageSenshi> rbergeron, i guess theres no 20k ? :)
15:01:11 <MavJS> hehe :D
15:02:07 <KageSenshi> not that we really need it at this point, but maybe can produce extra generic swags to pass the extras to regional ambassadors who came over
15:03:23 <KageSenshi> (we're beyond 1 hour mark)
15:03:30 <KageSenshi> guess rbergeron not around
15:03:37 <KageSenshi> anyone else want to raise anything?
15:03:39 <MavJS> KageSenshi: ah, anything from MDec? ;)
15:03:41 <KageSenshi> ok another one
15:04:11 <KageSenshi> #info rtnpro didnt get his invitation letter for visa , he asked to send to his gmail address instead
15:04:35 <KageSenshi> for some reason his @fp.o address doesnt work
15:04:44 <KageSenshi> MavJS, no news
15:04:50 <MavJS> KageSenshi: ok. :\
15:04:51 <KageSenshi> MavJS, and i didnt see dinesh online neither
15:04:59 <KageSenshi> another one ..
15:05:21 <KageSenshi> #info Madam Tan of OSCC-MAMPU want to meet up with some of us, to ask what OSCC can help out
15:05:24 <rbergeron> KageSenshi: not ahtat i know of at this point
15:05:27 <rbergeron> sadly
15:05:33 <KageSenshi> anybody want to go ?
15:05:37 <KageSenshi> rbergeron, ok then :)
15:05:43 <MavJS> KageSenshi: time and place?
15:05:46 <MavJS> ;)
15:05:53 <KageSenshi> MavJS, we decide the time .. place is OSCC
15:06:04 <MavJS> KageSenshi: ok. :)
15:06:06 <KageSenshi> MavJS, but at latest 5:30pm  ..
15:06:20 * KageSenshi thinking of meeting her on next wednesday
15:06:29 <kulll> +1
15:06:31 <MavJS> KageSenshi: noted. I think we should drop that to the fedora-my ml?
15:06:38 <KageSenshi> MavJS, yeah i think so
15:06:42 <KageSenshi> ok
15:06:47 * MavJS assumes not "everyone" reads IRC logs ;)
15:06:50 <KageSenshi> anything else to add ?
15:06:53 <KageSenshi> MavJS, lol
15:07:09 <KageSenshi> if theres nothing else, we'll endmeeting
15:07:17 * MavJS has nothing ;)
15:07:23 <meng> OSCC to help fudcon?
15:07:26 <sweemeng> +1
15:07:46 <KageSenshi> meng, OSCC have contacts in governments .. we can get .gov ppl to come :)
15:07:51 <sweemeng> a few guys in oscc knows, heard from yesterdays meeting
15:07:54 <meng> ah
15:08:02 <sweemeng> KageSenshi: fomca guys?
15:08:13 <sweemeng> the consumer group
15:08:22 <MavJS> sweemeng: you got their mailing list? might wanna drop a mail there.
15:08:31 <KageSenshi> sweemeng, i didnt have their contacts
15:08:32 <sweemeng> they don't
15:08:40 * MavJS heard they did.
15:08:49 <sweemeng> got malcom's facebook page
15:08:50 <MavJS> anyways, i think this can go to #fedora-my ;)
15:08:55 <sweemeng> ok
15:08:55 <KageSenshi> yeah :)
15:09:00 <KageSenshi> endmeeting?
15:09:04 <sweemeng> +1
15:09:05 <MavJS> +1
15:09:06 <MavJS> \o/
15:09:14 <sweemeng> o\
15:09:16 <KageSenshi> ok ending meeting in 10
15:09:18 <KageSenshi> 9
15:09:19 <KageSenshi> 8
15:09:20 <KageSenshi> 7
15:09:21 <KageSenshi> 6
15:09:22 <KageSenshi> 5
15:09:24 <KageSenshi> 4
15:09:25 <KageSenshi> 3
15:09:25 <sweemeng> 1
15:09:26 <KageSenshi> 2
15:09:27 <KageSenshi> 1
15:09:35 <KageSenshi> thanks all for attending the meeting
15:09:37 <KageSenshi> #endmeeting