18:09:48 <igorps> #startmeeting
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18:10:00 <igorps> #meetingname fudcon_panama
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18:10:36 <igorps> #topic FUDCon Panama booklet content
18:10:57 <igorps> aeperezt: any news from xhaksx?
18:12:37 <aeperezt> Booklet, well I have the files but we have some missing information
18:13:03 <igorps> what information more do we need?
18:13:51 <aeperezt> jsmith words, are missing I do recall that he send it to tatica I have send some email to see if she can mail me the files but still no anwser on that
18:14:31 <aeperezt> even send an email to jsmith requesting him to send me the info and the same still waiting for an anwser
18:14:44 <igorps> let's ping her on the mailing list
18:14:56 <igorps> I'll add a comment on the minutes email
18:15:13 <aeperezt> the bad news on this is that the sponsor for the printing of booklet will not be able to make on time so
18:15:26 <aeperezt> if we want to have it we need to pay for the print
18:15:46 <igorps> #info tatica needs to send jsmith words to aeperezt
18:16:05 <igorps> aeperezt: we should have it on the wiki at least
18:16:09 <aeperezt> I also wrote to jsmith rewarding that with no answer
18:16:53 <igorps> I think we can start putting the booklet wiki pages in place
18:17:16 <aeperezt> I have hacks files so we can add it as quick as we get the info and see if we can print it.
18:17:38 <aeperezt> but then we have to pay on it.
18:18:20 <igorps> Probably not in time to to receive budget for that
18:18:40 <igorps> we could work with reimbursement but I don't know if you're able to do that
18:18:53 <dMaggot> aeperezt: what's the cost of the printing?
18:18:57 <igorps> since printing costs might be expensive
18:19:10 <aeperezt> dMaggot, around 500
18:20:06 <aeperezt> I was thinking on having only the first page print in colors the othes on B&W to archive a less that 500
18:20:25 <igorps> if you are willing to pay for it don't forget to keep the receipts
18:20:37 <igorps> aeperezt: sounds good to me
18:20:52 <aeperezt> igorps, yes that is what i'm planning
18:21:40 <dMaggot> aeperezt: probably bluescale instead of B&W, if possible
18:21:46 <dMaggot> aeperezt: that's more fedorian, I think
18:21:55 <igorps> #info sponsor not able to print in time, local team will need to pay for it and get reimbursed
18:21:58 <aeperezt> I will have to check on that
18:22:28 <igorps> it depends of blue scale price
18:22:41 <aeperezt> igorps, yes it may
18:23:24 <igorps> ok, so let's work on getting all the information we need
18:23:25 <dMaggot> aeperezt: well, let's have a meeting on how to share the price among the local team sometime this weekend
18:23:26 <aeperezt> I will update on that over the week as soon as we get the files if no files no printed booklet
18:23:42 <igorps> aeperezt: +1
18:23:58 <igorps> we need the files so there's no booklet
18:24:21 <igorps> ok, next topic
18:24:39 <igorps> #topic Fudcon Panama Design t-shirt
18:24:55 <igorps> aeperezt: did you get a reply from the sponsor?
18:24:57 <aeperezt> the main file is Jsmith message
18:26:00 <aeperezt> igorps, nope I been calling them and send emails to them I think will get a response after my last email, on monday as I got a out of the office replay be back on monday
18:26:03 <aeperezt> this time
18:26:55 <igorps> ok, so still waiting on that
18:27:00 <aeperezt> dMaggot, I got a meet request from them after you deliver the posters but they did not set date so kind of argggg
18:27:12 <aeperezt> igorps, yes
18:27:31 <aeperezt> igorps, what else is on the agenda
18:27:33 <igorps> I hope they can do it on time
18:27:43 <igorps> media distribution
18:27:49 <igorps> and the schedule
18:27:52 <aeperezt> igorps, I think they can
18:27:58 <igorps> ok
18:28:01 <igorps> next topic
18:28:12 <igorps> #topic Media distribution
18:28:24 <igorps> I created a ticket for that:
18:28:36 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/154
18:28:56 <igorps> Unfortunately the Fedora 15 release is too close to the event
18:29:13 <igorps> so we need to figure out a way to distribute media
18:29:16 <aeperezt> igorps, right
18:29:54 <igorps> We can prepare a specific computer to burn medias on the event
18:30:14 <igorps> as well as create usb sticks for those who bring them
18:30:24 <igorps> but is just suggestion
18:30:26 <aeperezt> igorps, i think we can bring some f14 medias and distribute them
18:30:49 <aeperezt> igorps, people who want f15 will have to take burn media
18:31:14 <igorps> aeperezt: sounds good
18:31:18 <aeperezt> dMaggot, do you think the media burner that was on flisol can be at the fudcon
18:31:22 <igorps> I have just few medias with me
18:31:43 <igorps> but we can use them
18:31:43 <dMaggot> aeperezt: lemme check
18:31:50 <aeperezt> igorps, yes bring all the media of f14 to the fudcon and we give that
18:32:28 <igorps> Maybe jsmith and dgilmore could help to bring some more
18:32:39 <aeperezt> igorps, if the media burner that was on flisol can be used on the fudcon then we just need blank dvd to burn
18:32:52 <dgilmore> sorry im in the fedora blocker meeting and not paying much attention here
18:32:55 <aeperezt> igorps, that can burn 10 medias at the time
18:33:07 <igorps> dgilmore: no problem :)
18:33:17 * dgilmore will be releaseing F-15 from panama
18:33:32 <igorps> aeperezt: that should do the trick!
18:33:41 <dMaggot> dgilmore: yes, there are discotecs with wifi here :P
18:34:48 <igorps> #idea Use an automatic media burner to burn F15 and bring some F14 discs
18:34:58 <aeperezt> igorps, I think we can do that
18:35:11 <igorps> I'll update the ticket later with this information
18:35:17 <aeperezt> dMaggot, please help me with the media burner for then
18:35:25 <igorps> aeperezt: nice
18:35:33 <dMaggot> aeperezt: yes, I'm asking my friend right now
18:35:47 <igorps> when I get to Panama I can help you guys to set it up if needed
18:35:58 <dMaggot> #action dMaggot will find out if there's a media burner available for FUDCon
18:36:02 <aeperezt> igorps, let me introduce to you our newest member of Fedora Ambassadors Panama LoKoMurdoK so he is working on the Fudcon now
18:36:23 <aeperezt> dMaggot, perfect
18:36:28 <igorps> LoKoMurdoK: Hi! Nice to meet you!
18:36:34 <LoKoMurdoK> hello people
18:36:35 <aeperezt> igorps, another topic
18:36:43 <LoKoMurdoK> hi igorps
18:36:48 <igorps> good to see new Panamanian folks
18:37:02 <igorps> #topic Create FUDCon Panama barcamp and hackfest schedule
18:37:15 <aeperezt> igorps, you make me feel like old Panamenian jeje
18:37:44 <igorps> aeperezt: Wow! That was not my point! :)
18:37:49 <igorps> last meeting I talked to Jared about a closing session
18:37:51 <aeperezt> lolo
18:38:25 <igorps> it would be nice to have a closing session with everyone together
18:38:53 <aeperezt> igorps, well thinking on that we I should say LoKoMurdoK were working on getting the fudPub a nice touch
18:39:08 <aeperezt> igorps, yes
18:39:26 <igorps> but I'm not sure if the rooms support it
18:39:52 <igorps> but having a final work from the FLP and the local organizers will be nice to end the event
18:40:13 <aeperezt> igorps, we are kind of on the same page
18:40:42 <igorps> I added it to the schedule
18:41:12 <igorps> about the lightning talks probably one session is enough, what do you think?
18:41:13 <aeperezt> we have quote 130 people at a local bowling place, that will include drinks, and meals on saturday
18:41:24 <aeperezt> thinking that we can do the close there
18:41:26 <igorps> I like bowling!
18:41:40 <aeperezt> LoKoMurdoK, please give the info
18:41:42 <igorps> aeperezt: that might work as well!
18:42:12 <LoKoMurdoK> ok
18:42:59 <igorps> #idea Do the closing session during FUDPub
18:43:29 <igorps> can we move to the other topics?
18:43:37 <LoKoMurdoK> xtreme bowling (4 hours of play)
18:43:43 <LoKoMurdoK> dj
18:43:58 <LoKoMurdoK> drinks
18:44:11 <igorps> LoKoMurdoK: sounds like a good party
18:44:23 <LoKoMurdoK> from 8 pm to 12 midnight
18:44:45 <igorps> Although drinking can affect my bowling skills :)
18:44:50 <LoKoMurdoK> jajaja
18:45:09 <igorps> #topic FUDPub
18:45:36 <igorps> #info FUDPub will be xtreme bowling
18:45:42 <LoKoMurdoK> xD
18:45:53 <igorps> really nice guys
18:46:09 <igorps> anything else to add here?
18:46:44 <aeperezt> LoKoMurdoK, please mention how much for how many people
18:47:12 <LoKoMurdoK> ok
18:47:38 <LoKoMurdoK> 150
18:48:11 <aeperezt> all that for around 1500 dls
18:48:24 <aeperezt> igorps, so I think we are on the budget
18:48:35 <aeperezt> dMaggot, what do you think
18:48:57 <igorps> #info place capacity: 150 people - Cost: $1500
18:49:16 <igorps> aeperezt: I think so
18:49:38 <igorps> it will depend on the airfare purchase
18:49:40 <dMaggot> aeperezt: looks good to me
18:49:44 <dMaggot> aeperezt: that's albrook?
18:49:45 <aeperezt> LoKoMurdoK, that include dinner?
18:49:49 <aeperezt> dMaggot, el dorado
18:49:53 <dMaggot> aeperezt: ok
18:50:14 <aeperezt> dMaggot, still close
18:51:14 <igorps> sounds really good to me
18:51:21 <aeperezt> igorps, yes
18:51:30 <igorps> #topic Open Floor
18:52:01 <igorps> aeperezt: do we need any information for the villas accommodation?
18:52:35 <aeperezt> igorps, yes I have an idea of who with who on the villas
18:52:56 <igorps> I wrote a blog post asking for people to post that on the wiki
18:53:19 <igorps> I will reinforce that by sending an email to the mailing lists
18:53:23 <aeperezt> but I need arraivals time for all that come so we can arrange some pick up at the airport or something
18:53:40 <igorps> that is also very important
18:53:52 <aeperezt> I have only got that info from tatica, salles letalier and gomix
18:53:59 <igorps> jsmith still need to update the tickets
18:54:14 <LoKoMurdoK> we have to add the dinner
18:54:15 <igorps> I will add this to the minutes mail as well
18:54:44 <rbergeron> you guys do have airfares purchased already, right?
18:54:48 <aeperezt> igorps, also I need to know who will be comming in advance
18:55:06 <aeperezt> like salles and letelier the will arrive on sunday
18:55:24 <igorps> rbergeron: It seems that jsmith bought them but did not had time to update the tickets
18:55:27 <LoKoMurdoK> we have to add the dinner in the package
18:55:29 <aeperezt> so I need to make arrangements so they can stay on a villa from starts
18:55:34 <rbergeron> ahh, okay
18:56:11 <igorps> aeperezt: ok, this information should come along with the tickets update
18:56:13 <aeperezt> rbergeron, many of the people are asking for their tickets
18:56:43 * dgilmore hopes that he has a bed booked
18:56:46 <rbergeron> oh, they do'nt have the info yet?
18:57:01 <igorps> we also need the update because people need to coordinate with their family and employers
18:57:04 <rbergeron> yeah
18:57:08 <aeperezt> rbergeron, yes they don't have it
18:57:29 <aeperezt> rbergeron, only 4 confirmation on that
18:57:46 <igorps> rbergeron: If you see the jsmith around can you ping him about that?
18:57:47 <rbergeron> only 4 people have gotten their information?
18:57:56 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I have a villa for all redhat people so you are cover
18:58:00 * dgilmore arrives on May 23 and leaves may 29
18:58:02 <rbergeron> igorps: absolutely. i know he's leavning from summit this afternoon
18:58:07 <rbergeron> but i'll track him down
18:58:19 <aeperezt> dgilmore, that is what i need
18:58:29 <igorps> rbergeron: Thank you so much!
18:58:32 <aeperezt> dgilmore, any idea of arrival time
18:58:39 * rbergeron is picking up hte phone to call him now
18:58:51 <aeperezt> rbergeron, thatnks
18:58:54 <aeperezt> *thanks
18:59:02 <rbergeron> aeperezt: is it that 4 people have the information, or 4 people don't have their information?
18:59:12 <igorps> For FUDCon Tempe we put this information on a specific wiki page
18:59:12 <tatica> aeperezt, you also have Richzendy information
18:59:18 * tatica catching up but leaving right now too
18:59:21 <aeperezt> rbergeron, only 4 people has that information
18:59:29 <tatica> and oliver rivas too (Terra)
18:59:34 <rbergeron> aeperezt: okay
18:59:46 <dgilmore> aeperezt: 7:40pm
18:59:46 <aeperezt> tatica, oliver I don't have when he arrive
19:00:10 <tatica> I can send that info tonight or tomorrow (ask them to send it)
19:00:12 <aeperezt> dgilmore, excelent is abadger1999 comming with you
19:00:33 <tatica> bbl
19:00:35 <dgilmore> aeperezt: he arrives at a simmiliar time. but is flying a different airline and route
19:00:56 <aeperezt> tatica, thanks I need to make the teams to pick them up on the airport
19:01:13 <igorps> I suggest to do something like this:
19:01:14 <igorps> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Tempe_2011_travel_planning
19:01:19 <aeperezt> dgilmore, ok I will count on that
19:01:26 <dgilmore> aeperezt: actually he arrives at 6pm
19:02:00 <aeperezt> dgilmore, ok still then we can wait for you at the airport
19:03:02 <dgilmore> :)
19:04:03 <igorps> anything else to add guys?
19:04:05 <aeperezt> igorps, I'm working on a spreadsheet with all the info I have to start making schedule the pickups
19:04:21 <aeperezt> igorps, I will create the wiki page
19:04:31 <dMaggot> igorps: I'd like to add a reminder on the talk descriptions
19:04:43 <dMaggot> igorps: there are 8 descriptions missing
19:05:00 <dMaggot> igorps: not extremely high priority but it would be good to count on that next  week for media
19:06:04 <igorps> dMaggot: I will send a reminder
19:06:14 <dMaggot> igorps: thanks
19:06:22 <igorps> we should send direct emails this time
19:06:26 <igorps> I can do that
19:06:38 <dMaggot> igorps: ok
19:07:19 <igorps> aeperezt: I just created a template for you
19:07:27 <igorps> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Panama_2011_travel_planing
19:07:54 <igorps> so people can start to put information in there
19:08:09 <aeperezt> igorps, ok
19:08:46 <igorps> anything else, people?
19:09:17 <igorps> ok
19:09:26 <igorps> thank you all for attending!
19:09:32 <igorps> #endmeeting