18:16:23 <igorps> #startmeeting
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18:16:33 <igorps> #meetingname fudcon_panama
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18:17:21 <igorps> #topic Introduction
18:17:42 <igorps> Today's agenda is available here:
18:17:46 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/report/12
18:18:05 <igorps> dMaggot: we are using a ticketing system to track our activities
18:18:43 <igorps> so we can share tasks in public, notifying everyone of what has been going on
18:19:16 <igorps> the top level link is this one:
18:19:20 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning
18:19:45 <dMaggot> igorps: got it, thanks for the info, I'm catching up on the items
18:20:05 <igorps> Nice
18:20:15 <igorps> let's move to our first topic
18:20:32 <igorps> #topic FUDCon Panama booklet content
18:21:08 <igorps> We have been trying to put all parts together
18:21:38 <aeperezt> tatica and haks are putting it together now so next week we should be have it done
18:22:01 <igorps> #info tatica and haks are putting it together now so next week we should be have it done
18:22:26 <igorps> aeperezt: Do we still have time to print it?
18:23:12 <aeperezt> igorps, yes but need to be send to print next week
18:24:01 <igorps> #info The booklet need to be sent to printing next week
18:24:38 <igorps> aeperezt: if you guys need something from me regarding the hackfest description please let me know
18:25:24 <igorps> We have a related topic on today's agenda
18:25:33 <aeperezt> igorps, will do
18:25:44 <aeperezt> yes
18:25:52 <igorps> #topic Collect restaurants and other venues information in City of Knowledge
18:26:19 <igorps> This is assigned to jcsniper
18:26:23 <aeperezt> jcsniper, has collect the information and send it to me
18:26:50 <igorps> aeperezt: so is it done already?
18:27:09 <aeperezt> now that hacks is working on the booklet will send it to him so we can add it
18:27:15 <aeperezt> that one is ready
18:27:32 <igorps> great
18:27:53 <igorps> so can I close ticket #120?
18:28:06 <aeperezt> yes please
18:28:58 <igorps> Thanks, I will update it accordingly after the meeting.
18:29:15 <igorps> next topic
18:29:32 <igorps> #topic FUDCon T-Shirt
18:30:08 <igorps> aeperezt: any news from the sponsor?
18:30:51 <aeperezt> we talk this week and they are closing details on this next week we have new for sure
18:31:30 <igorps> #info sponsor is closing details about the production
18:32:11 <igorps> I'll keep this item in the agenda for next meeting then
18:32:42 <igorps> last topic:
18:32:57 <igorps> #topic Create FUDCon Panama barcamp and hackfest schedule
18:33:26 <igorps> I updated the schedule structure according to what we discussed on last meetings
18:33:53 <igorps> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Panama_2011#General_schedule
18:34:33 <igorps> This is a skeleton of the final schedule
18:35:04 <igorps> I'm thinking if we could leave the Lightning talks only for the last day
18:35:25 <igorps> so we could have two more talks on Friday
18:37:06 <igorps> aeperezt: sounds good to you?
18:38:46 <aeperezt> seems ok,  how ever we need to add more information the talks and hack labs them self
18:38:59 <aeperezt> igorps, specially for the press
18:39:23 <dMaggot> aeperezt: you mean an abstract describing the contents of the talks/.
18:39:25 <dMaggot> ?
18:39:43 <aeperezt> I'm holding information to a local news paper that wants to cover the event and get an article one month before the event
18:40:09 <aeperezt> dMaggot, right
18:40:20 <igorps> aeperezt: Are there rooms names or numbers to put on the schedule?
18:40:54 <aeperezt> nope, yeat
18:41:58 <aeperezt> dMaggot, my friend from La Prensa wants to do her column on Fedora Fudcon so I need to feel some gaps, that will be free advertising and almost a full page add
18:42:15 <dMaggot> #info We should get abstracts about the talks for press and promotion
18:42:42 <dMaggot> I'm afraid abstracts will clutter the wiki page, which is already full of info
18:42:55 <igorps> dMaggot: for sure
18:43:00 <dMaggot> maybe having those apart would be better
18:43:00 <aeperezt> dMaggot, also I was thinking that we may get her in contact with jsmith so he do the interview, that will be better than me I guess
18:43:22 <igorps> we can identify a few key talks and ask the owner to send it to aeperezt
18:43:28 <dMaggot> aeperezt: you mean a written interview we send to jsmith? or a podcast or what?
18:43:42 <dMaggot> igorps: that sounds good, who's picking the key talks?
18:43:59 <dMaggot> I can volunteer on making the contacts and compiling the info
18:44:15 <igorps> dMaggot: I'd like the Panamanian team to define what they are
18:44:22 <aeperezt> igorps, that is what we need the key ones the ones that may drive more people for instance geek_cl spacewalk and 389 talks plus others
18:44:32 <dMaggot> igorps: fine, I'll sit with aeperezt and see that then
18:44:57 <aeperezt> dMaggot, I think and email interview can be posible wha do you think will drive more attention?
18:45:03 <jsmith> dMaggot, aeperezt: I'm happy to do an interview
18:45:04 <igorps> We have good talks coming from Toshio and Kanarip too
18:45:20 <dMaggot> #action dMaggot and aeperezt will check the list of talks, select key talks and ask for abstracts about them from the owners
18:45:52 <igorps> sound good to me
18:46:15 <igorps> I will send an email to the mailing lists in order to people register their talks on the wiki
18:46:31 <igorps> so we can have a better landscape of the topics
18:46:51 <aeperezt> jsmith, will send your email account to her so she can ask you the questions, but keep room so she can Interview you better when you are here
18:47:14 <jsmith> aeperezt: Sounds great!
18:47:20 <jsmith> Me parece muy bien :-)
18:47:34 <aeperezt> jsmith, and the interview should be about fudcon and latam or fedora in general, think we should focus on Fudcon and Latam
18:47:36 <dMaggot> igorps: one way I think we can get visibility of the abstracts without cluttering the wiki page is through trac tickets for the key talks
18:48:12 <aeperezt> dMaggot, what do you think, jsmith will drive better attraction to the fudcon with and interview on La Prensa?
18:48:22 <igorps> dMaggot: Do you mean by creating tickets for key talks?
18:48:26 <dMaggot> igorps: yes
18:48:46 <igorps> dMaggot: That would be great
18:49:19 <dMaggot> aeperezt: yes, as long as it is correctly focused... so I'm thinking if we should be writing the interview questions or if we should let the journalist do those
18:49:22 <aeperezt> dMaggot, yes ticket entries with key talks info sounds good
18:49:49 <igorps> #idea Create track tickets with abstracts for keynotes
18:49:59 <aeperezt> dMaggot, that is what I'm thinking focused on fudcon latam and panama
18:50:26 <dMaggot> #idea After creating the tickets for keynotes, link the wiki entries to those tickets to have the abstracts publicly available
18:50:54 <igorps> We also need to add some information on the wiki about the living room availability at the villas
18:51:11 <dMaggot> aeperezt: yes, I think we should be writing the questions up, communicationg those to the journalist to get agreement, sending those to jsmith and letting him reply directly to her
18:51:15 <aeperezt> I will talk to her first so we set this up and the interview can be on the paper for april 24 just one month before the fudcon
18:51:52 <aeperezt> dMaggot, not sure she will like that but we can try
18:52:03 <igorps> #action aeperezt to contact the press for an interview with jsmith
18:52:31 <dMaggot> aeperezt: ok, we can define the method tonight and let jsmith know
18:52:41 <jsmith> Sounds great
18:52:53 <aeperezt> jsmith, thanks
18:53:06 <dMaggot> jsmith: we'll make you famous :)
18:53:11 <aeperezt> dMaggot, great idea
18:53:17 <igorps> :)
18:53:21 * jsmith doesn't care about fame -- he just cares about Fedora
18:54:14 <aeperezt> dMaggot, he is already famous, within fedora
18:54:48 <igorps> Now he can be famous in whole Panama! :)
18:55:04 <aeperezt> igorps, that is the goal
18:55:07 <dMaggot> igorps: nvm, he said he's not interested, so I'll be impersonating him
18:55:23 <aeperezt> lol
18:55:36 <igorps> dMaggot: Hahaha fair enough!
18:55:55 <igorps> anything else to add guys?
18:56:18 <aeperezt> nop
18:56:50 <igorps> ok
18:57:01 <igorps> Thank you all for attending!
18:57:08 <igorps> #endmeeting