18:15:00 <igorps> #startmeeting
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18:15:12 <igorps> #meetingname fudcon_panama
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18:15:47 <igorps> Today's agenda is here:
18:15:57 <igorps> https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/report/12
18:16:09 <igorps> So, to the first topic
18:16:33 <igorps> #topic Get confirmation for additional rooms
18:16:50 <igorps> Today is the deadline for this one
18:16:57 <igorps> aeperezt: any news?
18:17:28 * gomix here
18:19:13 <aeperezt> well I was on the phone, there was small miss place, we have 6 villas available for the fudcon, but only 2 paid for
18:20:16 <igorps> aeperezt: I meant for the additional rooms
18:20:18 <aeperezt> igorps, when we were asking for sponsorship for the villas they separated them and I was not aware of that.
18:21:16 <igorps> Good to know! But I was refereeing to the rooms for the event in the university :)
18:21:27 <aeperezt> aditional room still on hold, but like I said when we got that posibility we could work with out them and if we have them use them
18:22:22 <igorps> ok, I'll close the task them, so we can prepare the schedule with what we have confirmed by now
18:22:58 <igorps> if we get the rooms later we can prepare some additional activities
18:23:34 <igorps> aeperezt: about the rooms we have available and confirmed by now
18:23:45 <igorps> we have a big room for the first day
18:24:01 <igorps> and two rooms for the other two days, right?
18:24:04 <aeperezt> yes
18:25:04 <igorps> #info Bigger room available for the first day and other two rooms available for the following two days
18:25:52 <igorps> ok, so let's think the schedule of what we have right now
18:26:08 <igorps> I'll open a new task for the schedule organization
18:26:35 <igorps> #action igorps to open a task for the schedule organization
18:26:58 <igorps> I'm wiling to help with the schedule organization on the wiki
18:27:23 <igorps> since we have several names confirmed we can start working on a draft
18:28:25 <igorps> aeperezt: any ideas for the schedule?
18:30:25 <aeperezt> igorps, well I think we need to have the list of people comming and what the can talk about so we can take advantage of the first day room, so talks that people like will be then
18:31:55 <igorps> aeperezt: sure, the survey will also help us to define what talks are more suitable to for the first day room
18:32:24 <jsmith> It wouldn't hurt to send out an email encouraging people to submit talks for the first day as well
18:33:03 <aeperezt> jsmith, right
18:33:11 <igorps> Some subsidized folks don't have talks on the wiki either
18:33:24 <aeperezt> specially to people sponsored
18:33:28 <igorps> I can ask them to propose some
18:34:48 <igorps> I'll open the task and work on this announcement. And we get back to this item on next meeting.
18:35:01 <jsmith> Perfecto!
18:35:09 <igorps> next topic:
18:35:24 <igorps> #topic FUDCon Panama booklet content
18:35:56 <igorps> aeperezt we need some updates from Xhaksx on this one
18:36:17 <igorps> I added more information about hackfests but didn't get a reply
18:37:42 <aeperezt> igorps, that task was pickup by tatica as he was not able to finish that part
18:38:26 <aeperezt> igorps, also we need to finish the book let to send to print that means that we need to check what is missing
18:39:05 * jsmith can help out as well, if needed
18:39:16 <aeperezt> on my head jsmith message on it is one of the things, the list of restaurants on the area I got them by email from jcsniper
18:39:26 <igorps> aeperezt:  ok, I'm reassign the ticket to her
18:39:39 <jsmith> I sent my message to tatica, so she should have it
18:39:47 * jsmith can send it again, or re-write it
18:40:40 <aeperezt> can you send me a copy of it tatica is going to be full with flisol so we need to check what she have and see who can finish it
18:41:01 <igorps> jsmith: If can post it somewhere and link it on the task would be nice as well
18:41:13 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/116
18:42:37 <aeperezt> igorps, we need to be able to send it to print before april 15
18:42:58 <aeperezt> igorps, any other info can be added on a addon page
18:43:19 <igorps> #info we need to be able to send it to print before April 15th
18:44:07 * tatica will be free after apr-9 - She is sorry for be so bussy with flisol :\
18:44:19 <igorps> aeperezt: Hackfest information and Jared's message are ready, if we don't need to change anything
18:44:57 <igorps> so I guess we're good, we need to put the content together now
18:45:22 <aeperezt> igorps, ok then we need the files so we can check them and add the information on the restaurants, computers store and sponsors
18:46:41 <igorps> hackfest information is on the task, and I remember that we have everything else translated from Tempe's booklet
18:47:16 <igorps> Everyone who has files to share can post on the ticket
18:47:28 <igorps> so we can have everything there together
18:50:03 <igorps> let's work on update the ticket with the files we have, so tatica can have everything she need when she´s available to work on the booklet
18:50:38 <igorps> ok, next topic
18:51:02 <igorps> #topic FUDCon T-shirt
18:51:27 <igorps> we agreed on the production of 150 T-shirts
18:51:45 <igorps> aeperezt: do we have sponsorship for this amount?
18:56:03 <igorps> aeperezt: are you still there? :)
18:56:59 <aeperezt> yes
18:57:21 <aeperezt> we talk with Dell
18:57:45 <aeperezt> of 150 but we need to check again with them
18:58:29 <igorps> great, if they give an ok this something we can start to produce
18:58:41 <igorps> now about the villas
18:58:55 <igorps> #topic Find out if more villas are available
18:59:07 <igorps> aeperezt already updated the ticket
18:59:22 <aeperezt> there are 6 villas available,
18:59:30 <igorps> #info There are 6 villas available
18:59:42 <igorps> This is really great
18:59:49 <jsmith> Woot!
18:59:54 <gomix> :-D
19:00:17 <igorps> so next we can finish the subsidies meetings
19:00:35 <igorps> we can have the last one on Tuesday, same time as the last one
19:01:19 <aeperezt> right
19:01:27 <jsmith> That works for me
19:01:41 <igorps> ok, agreed
19:02:25 <igorps> #agreed Third subsidy meeting will be on Tuesday, 22:00 EST
19:02:50 <igorps> I'll send a reminder before
19:03:20 <igorps> aeperezt: do we need some process for making room reservations?
19:03:39 <igorps> For instance providing names and passport numbers
19:06:39 <igorps> if we need that information we can start putting it together
19:06:53 <igorps> so we can organize room sharing and so on
19:07:56 <igorps> aeperezt: depending of the information needed it's better to do that on private
19:09:44 <igorps> moving on
19:09:48 <igorps> #topic Airfare purchase
19:10:24 <igorps> jsmith: How do you intend to approach the purchase?
19:11:19 <igorps> I remember an email from Max that he said that some Red Hat employees would help with that
19:12:54 <aeperezt> brb
19:14:13 <jsmith> igorps: Yes, either Max or I will pay for it
19:17:02 <igorps> jsmith: when will we be able to start the purchase process?
19:17:49 <jsmith> igorps: As soon as I contact Max and figure out how he wants to proceed
19:17:56 <jsmith> igorps: Most likely we can start on Monday
19:19:26 <aeperezt> sorry
19:19:40 <aeperezt> back
19:20:14 <igorps> jsmith: nice! I sent an email earlier this week with some information. It's a good reference.
19:20:19 <aeperezt> jsmith, good
19:21:32 <igorps> #info Airfare purchase process most likely to get started on Monday
19:22:12 <igorps> aeperezt, jsmith: anything else to add here?
19:22:24 <aeperezt> yes
19:22:59 <aeperezt> I have a talk to a couple of people and they need letters to got the fudcon, jsmith can you help me with that
19:23:05 <aeperezt> also
19:23:36 <jsmith> aeperezt: I'm happy to
19:23:50 <aeperezt> there are people from outside panama city that want to come but do not have were to stay in panama city
19:24:06 <jsmith> aeperezt: Please have them send me an email with their full name, address, and details, and I'll write them a letter
19:24:26 <aeperezt> can they ask for sponsorship for villas
19:24:37 <jsmith> They can always ask!
19:25:14 <aeperezt> great will talk to them, so they create account to create tickets.
19:25:21 <igorps> I remember that Paul made a nice invitation letter for me to attend at FUDCon Tempe :)
19:25:49 <jsmith> I'm not sure if we'll have money left in the budget to sponsor them, but they can always ask  :-)
19:26:11 <aeperezt> jsmith, will send your email to them so they can send their information to get the letter
19:26:21 <jsmith> aeperezt: Perfect
19:27:06 * potty saluda a todos.
19:28:18 * geek_cl idem
19:28:35 <igorps> potty geek_cl: Hola!
19:28:40 <geek_cl> :)
19:28:51 <potty> :)
19:29:12 <igorps> Unfortunately we're just finishing :)
19:29:26 <igorps> aeperezt: anything else?
19:30:36 * gomix got to run...
19:31:18 <aeperezt> igorps, nops
19:32:02 <igorps> ok!
19:32:06 <igorps> Thank you all for attending!
19:32:12 <igorps> #endmeeting