18:33:00 <igorps> #startmeeting
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18:33:15 <igorps> #meetingname fudcon_panama
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18:33:37 <igorps> #topic Get confirmation for additional rooms
18:34:01 <igorps> Aeperezt_movil: Any news on that?
18:34:28 <Aeperezt_movil> Nop
18:34:48 <igorps> Next meeting is the deadline for this one
18:35:11 <igorps> if we can't get the rooms we must follow our original plan
18:35:15 <Aeperezt_movil> Yes
18:35:58 <igorps> #agreed Deadline for confirmation on April 1st
18:36:37 <igorps> #topic Print Fudcon Panama Poster, and place it on Mayor Universities and send to other Panama cities
18:37:15 <igorps> Aeperezt_movil: Did you guys get the posters printed already?
18:38:40 <igorps> #chair jsmith Aeperezt_movil
18:38:40 <zodbot> Current chairs: Aeperezt_movil igorps jsmith
18:38:44 <Aeperezt_movil> We have it and fliyers an it is on 3 mayor colege already
18:39:29 <igorps> That's good to know!
18:39:59 <igorps> So we can close this task, ok?
18:40:23 <Aeperezt_movil> Yes
18:40:43 <igorps> #action igorps to update ticket #118
18:41:23 <igorps> #topic Find out if more villas are available
18:41:49 <igorps> This one came from a necessity of our last subsidy meeting
18:42:30 <igorps> Aeperezt_movil: Did you manage to get some initial conversation already?
18:42:54 <Aeperezt_movil> They requested will get anwser next week
18:43:33 <igorps> #info Answer coming next week
18:44:42 <igorps> Aeperezt_movil: we also need to get a better grasp of the budget we still need to spend
18:45:09 <igorps> It would be nice to have a spreadsheet of what has been sponsored and what we need budget for
18:46:51 <Aeperezt_movil> Think the is somthin i a wiki page later will send url
18:47:26 <igorps> Aeperezt_movil: thanks
18:47:34 * gomix asks gently to mention his nick if needed (really busy)
18:47:57 <igorps> so we can figure out how much money we can spend on next subsidy meeting
18:48:57 <igorps> #action aeperezt will provide a wiki page with budget information
18:50:15 <igorps> #topic Fudcon Panama t-shirt
18:50:49 <igorps> Aeperezt_movil: Will T-shirt production also be sponsored?
18:51:32 <Aeperezt_movil> Desing done
18:53:22 <Aeperezt_movil> Think yes but need quantity to validate that
18:54:54 <igorps> So far we have 68 people pre-registered
18:55:53 <igorps> we might need some more for other who will also attend and have not registered yet
18:56:23 <jsmith> In previous FUDCons, we've said something like "We'll provide t-shirts for the first 80 people" (where 80 is a number we can decide)
18:56:30 <jsmith> Same thing for lunches, etc.
18:57:51 <igorps> At least a hundred would be good
18:58:05 <igorps> It would be nice to have the price per unity
18:58:24 <igorps> so we can have a better idea of the final price
18:59:14 <Aeperezt_movil> We plam 150
18:59:41 <igorps> on the ticket is saying something about 6 dolars each
19:00:27 <Aeperezt_movil> Yes
19:00:55 <igorps> That would be something like 900 dolars
19:01:28 <igorps> this is something we should put on the budget wiki page
19:01:33 <dgilmore> the more thats donated the more we can give
19:03:02 <igorps> In FUDCon Chile they sold some T-shirts for the general public
19:03:02 <Aeperezt_movil> Right
19:03:30 <igorps> this could help with costs
19:04:19 <igorps> our time is up
19:04:36 <igorps> Aeperezt_movil: anything else to add?
19:06:08 <Aeperezt_movil> Need to go
19:06:20 <igorps> ok
19:06:35 <igorps> I'm closing the meeting now
19:06:43 <igorps> #endmeeting