18:20:44 <igorps> #startmeeting
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18:20:54 * tatica has a lot of lag :\
18:20:57 <tatica> inkscape has my pc really slow
18:21:01 <igorps> #chair aeperezt
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18:21:18 <igorps> #meetingname fudcon-panama
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18:21:27 <aeperezt> ping tatica
18:21:33 <aeperezt> ping dgilmore
18:21:46 <igorps> #topic Roll Call
18:21:58 <aeperezt> alejandro Perez - Panama
18:21:59 <igorps> Igor Soares - Brasil
18:22:06 <dgilmore> aeperezt: pong
18:22:07 <potty> Abdel Martínez - Panamá
18:22:25 <dgilmore> Dennis gilmore - world :)
18:22:56 * tatica Maria Leandro
18:23:03 <igorps> dgilmore: lucky one :)
18:23:30 <dgilmore> igorps: :)
18:24:31 <geek_cl> Larry Letelier - Chile
18:24:49 <igorps> Today's agenda is here:
18:24:52 <aeperezt> I think all parties are here so lets start
18:25:01 <igorps> https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/report/12
18:25:18 <igorps> #topic Get confirmation for additional rooms
18:25:41 <igorps> aeperezt: Did the university provided a reply?
18:25:57 <igorps> *provide
18:26:03 <aeperezt> well no news on additional rooms yeat
18:27:07 <igorps> Ok, if you have any news during the week let us know via Trac
18:27:45 <igorps> #topic Create content survey to find out local community expectations
18:27:58 <igorps> tatica provided an update on this
18:28:01 <aeperezt> right
18:28:21 <tatica> nushio should finish this weekend the code
18:28:31 <igorps> with artwork for the research
18:28:50 <igorps> #action nushio will finish the code this weekend
18:29:01 <igorps> #link http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Events-Artwork/Fudcon-Panama-11/encuesta-panama.png
18:29:11 <igorps> #link http://tatica.fedorapeople.org/Events-Artwork/Fudcon-Panama-11/datos-panama.png
18:29:25 <igorps> Those look nice
18:29:56 <igorps> Yesterday I also informed LATAM ambassadors on the meeting about our survey
18:30:09 <igorps> and how we will approach it
18:30:54 <igorps> tatica: Do you think tha the survey will be ready by our next meeting on Friday?
18:31:25 <aeperezt> tatica arts look nice but we should add infrastructure
18:31:28 <tatica> I hope so
18:31:44 <tatica> if I push nushio I think can be done this weekend
18:31:59 <tatica> aeperezt, oki +1
18:31:59 * tatica taking notes
18:32:00 <tatica> hmmm I think infra is there
18:32:00 <tatica> let me see
18:32:23 <igorps> He told you something about how he's going to host it?
18:32:35 <tatica> yes, first team, last link
18:32:41 <tatica> igorps, his server for the moment
18:32:48 <tatica> easier for him to develop there
18:32:50 <aeperezt> tatica, right
18:32:54 <tatica> and then we can move it anywhere (or leave it there)
18:33:08 <igorps> ok, that does the trick ;)
18:33:14 <tatica> btw, if you want to do any change, let me know
18:33:23 <tatica> add or remove something
18:33:31 <tatica> if not, I can host it
18:33:32 <tatica> np
18:34:23 <igorps> tatica: ok. I'll take a look when nushio has a prototype
18:34:44 <igorps> so I can have a better idea of questions and what else is needed
18:35:26 <tatica> emm
18:35:27 <tatica> the screens are exactly what nushio will deliver
18:35:27 <tatica> so you can do suggestions starting now
18:35:34 <tatica> there are no questions
18:35:38 <tatica> those teams are the questions
18:35:42 <tatica> simple checkboxes
18:35:46 <igorps> tatica: are you thinking about a list with checkbox for participants?
18:35:54 <tatica> no
18:36:00 <tatica> remember
18:36:25 <tatica> this is a simple poll to know which teams are more interesting in panama
18:36:36 <tatica> so, is only a list of teams availables, with a short description
18:36:47 <tatica> people click on those who like the most, fill data and that's it
18:36:57 <igorps> you actually answered my question before I ask :)
18:37:00 <tatica> easy, fast and without a long process
18:37:03 <igorps> I get it
18:37:20 <tatica> those 4 teams collapse all talks that has been proposed so far
18:37:21 <igorps> Thanks, for clarifying it
18:37:34 <tatica> :)
18:37:41 <tatica> the idea is that people don't get bored doing a huge poll
18:37:50 <igorps> I agree
18:38:02 <igorps> it's better to keep it short
18:38:09 <tatica> question
18:38:31 <tatica> aeperezt, is there a way that we can talk with teachers, companies, etc - to make people do the poll before class or something like that?
18:40:13 <aeperezt> potty, validate this with me please, I think we can do that on the schools where we are sponsor with no problem
18:40:15 <tatica> omg... 20sec lag...
18:40:52 <aeperezt> but we have to wait until they start new term, and that will be on? potty UTP
18:41:33 <potty> yeah
18:42:05 <potty> we can do it on private universities right now
18:42:18 <potty> Interamericana is one of them
18:42:32 <potty> :)
18:42:40 <igorps> #idea do the pool on private universities
18:43:02 <igorps> potty: but when the new term will start?
18:44:11 <potty> march 21
18:44:20 <potty> public universities will start on that date
18:44:52 <potty> so... in that week
18:44:56 <potty> i think is possible to do that
18:44:58 <potty> but first
18:45:13 <potty> we have to speak it with the administrative
18:45:33 <igorps> I'm afraid that's too late for us to use the survey to decide on travel subsides
18:45:59 <aeperezt> potty, when you have to enroll in classes at UTP
18:45:59 <potty> I think so too... but there´s no other exit
18:46:03 <potty> well
18:46:10 <dgilmore> potty: it would be nice to have a talk at orientation
18:46:11 <potty> enroll is ONLINE
18:46:24 <tatica_> sry
18:46:25 <potty> so people would not be present at university
18:46:35 <dgilmore> oh
18:46:48 <igorps> Yep, we can do it online
18:46:52 <dgilmore> potty: even the public universities?
18:47:09 <potty> yeah public universities enroll online
18:47:11 <aeperezt> potty, dam technology I was thinking to get a bunch of notebook the enroll day and ask people to do the survey
18:47:19 <tatica_> lol
18:47:21 <tatica_> BUT
18:47:22 <potty> jejeje
18:47:33 <dgilmore> potty: do they not do orientation
18:47:38 <tatica_> we can talk with universities and ask them to add a small banner linking to the poll on their websites
18:47:40 <dgilmore> i.e. welcome to uni?
18:47:41 <igorps> we just need a way to communicate them about the survey
18:47:53 <potty> well dgilmore no...
18:48:00 <igorps> tatica: good idea
18:48:08 <potty> but people are on their classrooms w8n for proffessors
18:48:13 <aeperezt> potty,  do they do that for new students right?
18:48:14 <potty> if we talk to administrative
18:48:26 <potty> we can do it on first class day
18:48:40 <dgilmore> potty: if we could get a slot to talk to lots of students about fudcon, that would rock
18:48:43 <tatica> I think we can do a small exchange with universities for the banner (in the worst case)
18:48:46 <igorps> Or we can do that by a classes mailing lists, if there is such a thing
18:48:50 <potty> because on first day they do not do much
18:48:53 <potty> so i think alejandro and i
18:49:01 <potty> have to plan it with the university
18:49:06 <potty> to have a space on first day
18:49:06 <dgilmore> potty: that would be very cool
18:49:15 <potty> to do the survey to everyone
18:49:26 <igorps> potty: that would be nice
18:49:28 <aeperezt> potty, no we can start talking to Monica about it she can get us the access, but we need a staff for the first day to set a stand for a couple of days
18:49:43 <potty> also remember
18:49:45 <potty> there are shifts
18:49:54 <potty> on morning and afternoon, even night
18:50:10 <potty> so... we have to coordinate well with our fedora companions
18:50:12 <potty> and do it!
18:50:15 <potty> :)
18:50:54 <igorps> It would be great to have people on three shifts
18:51:07 <dgilmore> yep
18:51:12 <aeperezt> potty, yes we will need a team and shift to work that, will email Monica, she has direct access to the school president
18:51:14 <igorps> if it's not possible at least on the two more crowded
18:51:31 <tatica> hmmm
18:51:34 <tatica> question
18:51:44 <tatica> can we use a -gift- as incentive to do the pool?
18:51:52 <tatica> brb
18:52:22 <potty> aeperezt: ok! email her please....
18:52:25 <igorps> #action aeperezt to mail Monica since she has direct access to the school president
18:52:55 <igorps> ok, let's wait for her reply
18:53:05 <igorps> and we'll get back to this topic on next week
18:53:13 <igorps> ok?
18:53:26 <aeperezt> potty, at UP we can ask the people from Zion but they can colaborate a bit
18:53:38 <aeperezt> ok
18:54:03 <igorps> so, moving on
18:54:31 <igorps> #topic FUDCon Panama booklet content
18:55:12 <igorps> For this one I still need a notion of the available space to expand the hackfest description
18:56:08 <tatica> back
18:56:30 <igorps> I'll keep writing in English since we will have an English version anyway
18:56:44 <igorps> so you guys can translate to Spanish
18:56:45 * tatica will finishi booklet this weekend (at least the artistic part)
18:57:13 <igorps> tatica: do you have an idea of the space available for each section?
18:57:14 <amonthoth> tatica, hello did you find 07b page with hackfest included
18:57:33 <tatica> not yet. I will check all this weekend from home
18:57:41 <tatica> I dedicate almost all week to F15 wallpaper :S
18:58:32 <igorps> tatica: ok, when you have news post on the task, please
18:58:50 <tatica> yup
18:58:53 <igorps> next topic
18:58:53 <amonthoth> i did translate the hackfest part available but it needs new text
18:59:24 <amonthoth> it was a small hackfest description
18:59:34 <igorps> amonthoth: yep, that's what tatica and I are looking into
18:59:37 <amonthoth> i think it was too simple
18:59:43 <igorps> to see what fits
19:00:06 <igorps> but I'm not willing to make a complicated description
19:00:17 <igorps> I'll expand it but keeping it simple ;)
19:00:33 <amonthoth> ok, i will check the hackfest page description and make a new translation with those features included
19:00:58 <igorps> amonthoth: than you! :)
19:01:10 <amonthoth> igorps, welcome
19:01:16 <igorps> #topic Fudcon Panama Badges
19:01:34 <amonthoth> all i need is where can i get the cantarell fonts
19:01:49 <igorps> That is the following task:
19:01:56 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/117
19:02:15 <igorps> amonthoth: for the badges or for the booklet?
19:03:31 <amonthoth> igorps, to make fix the tranlation in the booklet
19:04:20 <amonthoth> so we can know how much space is available to hackfest and barcamp content
19:04:58 <igorps> maybe ianweller knows about it
19:05:42 <igorps> so about the badges
19:05:59 <igorps> aeperezt: printing badges will also be sponsored?
19:06:29 <aeperezt> we need to define how are we going to print the badges
19:07:39 <aeperezt> potty,  has seen the script that was used on Tempe
19:07:47 <tatica> aeperezt, you already have set who will print the flyers?
19:07:48 <potty> yeah
19:07:48 <amonthoth> wich software do you use for badge building
19:07:53 <aeperezt> potty it generate the images it self or how that works
19:07:55 <potty> i have it
19:08:07 <aeperezt> tatica, yes fliers and posters
19:08:10 <tatica> kk
19:08:15 <igorps> potty: have you tried it out?
19:08:20 <potty> and i have modified it (logo and so on)
19:08:27 <potty> i already asked
19:08:32 <potty> ianweller
19:08:33 <potty> about that
19:08:38 <potty> and he had explained me
19:08:50 <potty> i understand it :)
19:09:12 <igorps> so it's already working good with FUDCon Panama logo, right?
19:09:16 <aeperezt> potty, it generate an image or it can print directly?
19:10:17 <potty> it generate an image
19:10:23 <potty> pdf to be more precisely
19:11:07 <igorps> Maybe you guys can print it on the same place of fliers and posters
19:11:33 <aeperezt> it generate a pdf file for each badge or can generate a full page 8.5 by 11 with more than one badge, what is the size of the badges
19:12:19 <aeperezt> igorps, I think we can print the badges on a laser color printer, but not sure if our sponsor have that
19:12:41 <aeperezt> so we need to see how it will be printed to ask them about it
19:13:01 <potty> full page
19:13:07 <potty> with 6 badges
19:13:32 <igorps> aeperezt: We can use event budget for that if sponsorship is not available
19:14:32 <igorps> this is something we will have todo near the event date
19:14:48 <igorps> in order to have all attendee listed
19:15:03 <igorps> for instance two week earlier
19:15:07 <aeperezt> potty the full page is 8x11, if so we can ask and see how they can print it, fastest way will be a laser color printer
19:15:28 <igorps> so it's also good to figure out how long it takes for get ready
19:15:40 <potty> yeah
19:15:43 * gomix-fricky-afk here
19:15:49 <aeperezt> igorps, we can check availability and disposability for a printer like that
19:15:53 <igorps> #idea print badges on a laser color printer
19:16:47 <igorps> #action aeperezt to check availability and disposability of  laser color printer for printing the badges
19:17:07 <igorps> aeperezt: that's nice
19:17:28 <igorps> I do think it's a good way to go
19:17:41 <amonthoth> can we use inkjet colo brite ?
19:18:07 <igorps> probably laser is more suitable than inkjet
19:18:15 <amonthoth> it is photo quality and water proof too
19:18:34 <igorps> +1
19:18:55 <amonthoth> just as an alternative in case laser is not possible at all
19:19:29 <igorps> on the worst case we print ourselves :)
19:20:19 <tatica> o0
19:20:38 <igorps> let's keep those formats and specifications in mind so we can figure out the best way to print the badges
19:20:51 <igorps> moving to last topic
19:21:09 * gomix-fricky-afk tatica en paralelo ajustes ortográficos (s/Cuentanos/Cuéntanos s/Cual con cual/Con cuál)
19:21:20 <igorps> #topic quote Coffee/danish for thuesday, friday and Saturday
19:21:42 <igorps> aeperezt: do we have partial sponsorship for this, right?
19:22:18 <aeperezt> amonthoth, do you have one?
19:22:41 <aeperezt> igorps, we are working on that
19:22:48 <tatica> gomix-fricky-afk, uh?
19:22:48 <aeperezt> actually potty is
19:23:00 <igorps> here is the task:
19:23:02 <tatica> ahhh ok ok
19:23:02 * gomix-fricky-afk tatica === ¡ < open exclamation close exclamation > !
19:23:11 <igorps> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fudcon-planning/ticket/77
19:23:11 <potty> hi
19:23:13 * gomix-fricky-afk tatica ;)
19:23:30 <potty> oh
19:23:36 <potty> yeah coffee/danish
19:23:38 <aeperezt> we have one sponsor that has agree to help on that and we should have a list of what can be sponsor later next week
19:23:41 <amonthoth> aeperezt. one ?
19:23:44 <igorps> potty: sponsorship is for all days?
19:23:57 <igorps> ah ok
19:24:01 <potty> For everything we need
19:24:11 <potty> i would have a meeting
19:24:13 <potty> with the chef
19:24:31 <potty> at universidad interamericana on tuesday
19:24:34 <potty> 9 am
19:24:52 <igorps> #info potty is taking care of sponsorship for coffee/dinner
19:25:03 <potty> :)
19:25:24 <igorps> #action potty will have a meeting with the chef on tuesday
19:25:33 <igorps> potty: nice job!
19:26:13 <igorps> so anything else guys?
19:26:27 <potty> thx igorps
19:26:38 <igorps> this was our last topic for today
19:26:48 <potty> :)
19:27:08 <igorps> Thank you all for putting your hard efforts on FUDCon
19:27:25 <igorps> and thanks for coming once again
19:27:39 <igorps> #endmeeting