20:02:02 <dgilmore> #startmeeting
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20:02:09 <dgilmore> #chair aeperezt
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20:02:23 <dgilmore> #meetingname FUDCon LATAM
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20:02:38 <dgilmore> #topic meeting init.
20:02:43 <dgilmore> ok who is here?
20:03:02 <aeperezt> Alejandro Perez - Panama
20:03:12 * jsmith lurks (still in a Fedora Board meeting)
20:03:15 <potty> Abdel Martínez - Panama
20:03:27 <amonthoth> Ricardo Chung - Panama
20:03:30 <dgilmore> Dennis Gilmore
20:04:05 <dgilmore> ok lets get started
20:04:13 <dgilmore> #topic Current status
20:04:25 <aeperezt> !
20:04:30 <dgilmore> aeperezt: can you please give us a status update on where things are
20:04:42 <dgilmore> whats been happening on the ground since our last meeting
20:05:41 <aeperezt> well, we have meet with Dell Panama and they agree to sponsor fudcon latam, we stil have to see how but they will give somethings
20:06:17 <haks> Juan Barba - Panama
20:07:21 <aeperezt> Ciudad del Saber finally said that they will not sponsor hosting, but we can use the villa at 20 dls per night, we do have 2 villa that is 12 persons that are sponsor from cidetys
20:07:37 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok
20:08:04 <aeperezt> I have quotes from hotel for the meals but I'm waiting from other providers to value those
20:08:05 <dgilmore> aeperezt: thats $20 per person, with villas holding up to 12 people?
20:08:48 <dgilmore> aeperezt: do we know exactly how much space we have at the university?
20:08:53 <aeperezt> we have 2 villas two person per room, each villa have 3 rooms
20:09:32 <dgilmore> ok
20:10:43 <aeperezt> Ciudad del saber has the space we have one day on the conference center at CdS (Ciudad del Saber) about 150 to 200 people and 2 rooms of 50 people each for the other tw days
20:10:58 <dgilmore> ok
20:11:03 <aeperezt> *two
20:11:12 <dgilmore> so we only have 1 room?
20:11:35 <aeperezt> the fist day yes
20:11:38 <dgilmore> ideally we would have 3-4 rooms
20:11:45 <dgilmore> thats not going to work well
20:12:25 <dgilmore> we want to have especially the first day a bar camp day with at least 3 different tracks going on
20:12:25 <aeperezt> dgilmore, how much people per room
20:12:38 <dgilmore> aeperezt: probably only need to be 20-30
20:12:52 <dgilmore> depends greatly on how many locals come
20:13:41 <dgilmore> the big room is great for opening things
20:13:48 <dgilmore> talk pitches etc
20:14:00 <dgilmore> and we can have the more poppular talks there
20:14:36 <dgilmore> it would also be good for day end wrapup
20:14:39 <aeperezt> dgilmore, we were thinking on having one room for openning day with around 200 people that room can go up to 500
20:15:07 <dgilmore> aeperezt: thats good for some things
20:15:23 <dgilmore> aeperezt: but we need to have multiple tracks going on
20:15:25 <aeperezt> then 2 rooms for the workshops and more
20:15:31 <dgilmore> and the requires multiple rooms
20:16:00 <dgilmore> remeber this is not a typicla conference where people just come and sit and listen to the same thing
20:16:10 <aeperezt> I think we has or get sponsor for two aditional rooms
20:16:13 <dgilmore> it is dynanamic and vibrant
20:16:26 <dgilmore> and there should be partipication from everyone
20:16:33 <aeperezt> ok
20:16:36 <dgilmore> not everyone wants the same thing
20:17:12 <aeperezt> let me take note on that I, they have the space the only thing we need is to ask
20:17:15 <dgilmore> aeperezt: are you or anyone from the organising group going to the fudcon in phx?
20:17:47 * dgilmore notes that we are getting close to when fudcon actually is on and there is alot to do yet
20:18:11 <aeperezt> dgilmore, no one from panama
20:18:20 <dgilmore> aeperezt: :(
20:18:24 <dgilmore> that makes me sad
20:18:53 <jsmith> dgilmore: Wasn't for lack of trying
20:18:56 <aeperezt> dgilmore, well I could not make it
20:19:22 <amonthoth> no phx,  at this moment
20:19:55 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I will explaing a bit after the meeting
20:20:24 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok
20:20:30 <haks> not at this time
20:20:32 <dgilmore> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_organization_process
20:20:33 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I think we could get the rooms specially if they are smaller size
20:20:59 <dgilmore> aeperezt: smaller size  is fine
20:21:13 <dgilmore> ok so we are 5 months out now
20:21:37 <dgilmore> do we have a rough budget from commarch?
20:21:49 <aeperezt> dgilmore, one thing do on the fudcon organization docs there i no infrastructure define
20:21:52 <dgilmore> have we engaged the marketing team yet
20:22:03 <aeperezt> how many rooms, etc
20:22:24 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok, that definetly will avry per event
20:22:34 <aeperezt> dgilmore, no we have notting from commarch
20:22:35 <dgilmore> but there really should never be only one room
20:22:41 <dgilmore> aeperezt: have we asked?
20:22:59 <aeperezt> dgilmore, nop
20:23:14 <dgilmore> aeperezt: well lets ask
20:23:25 <aeperezt> dgilmore, sorry my ignorance but don't have idea who to ask
20:23:37 <dgilmore> spevack: ill send you an email to request a rough budget for fudcon LATAM
20:23:54 <dgilmore> aeperezt: the wiki says ask max
20:24:06 <aeperezt> ok
20:24:14 <dgilmore> aeperezt: so now we are 5 months out the next phase is kicking in
20:24:28 <dgilmore> aeperezt: we need to open up registration
20:24:32 <aeperezt> dgilmore, right what we need to get there
20:25:25 <dgilmore> aeperezt:  2 things i can see we need to do now
20:25:28 <aeperezt> registration is open on the wiki, page we have two news small news paper metions on the event and we have poster next month
20:25:38 <dgilmore> #info contact marketing for assistance
20:25:50 <dgilmore> #info contact design team for assistance
20:26:02 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok thats great
20:26:54 <dgilmore> aeperezt: one thing that you and the other local people can do is start to look for food for lunches
20:27:01 <aeperezt> dgilmore, haks is from design group and has all things done, he is working on the t-shirt design now but I think is almost done
20:27:03 <dgilmore> and for FUDPub
20:27:14 <dgilmore> aeperezt: thats excellent
20:27:25 <dgilmore> #info  haks is from design group and has all things done, he is working on the t-shirt design now but I think is almost done
20:28:03 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I have created tickets for him on design track
20:28:13 <haks> dgilmore: https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/172
20:28:39 <dgilmore> haks: thanks
20:28:48 <dgilmore> #link https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/172
20:29:06 <dgilmore> so it sounds like we are in pretty good shape
20:29:25 <aeperezt> dgilmore, food is what I'm working now with some providers
20:29:27 <dgilmore> but because there has been no communications on the fudcon planning mailing list i was not aware
20:29:52 <dgilmore> aeperezt: as things happen please send an email to the list
20:30:02 <dgilmore> in the subject include [latam]
20:30:06 <aeperezt> dgilmore, ok
20:30:10 <amonthoth> what should be the food budget per person
20:30:12 <jsmith> aeperezt: Yes, please be vocal on the fudcon-planning list, so that people know what's happening :-)
20:30:18 <dgilmore> so that way its easily definable
20:30:43 <dgilmore> amonthoth: well it should be reasonable
20:30:44 <jsmith> amonthoth: You can look at the budget for FUDCon Tempe as an approximation... obviously food will be slightly cheaper in Panama, but
20:30:44 <aeperezt> becouse holydays things were really slow around here so we have to wait but still we work on
20:31:04 <dgilmore> amonthoth: we would want to give people a typical panamanian lunch
20:31:50 <dgilmore> just for my information what is a normal lunch in panama
20:31:52 <dgilmore> ?
20:32:05 <aeperezt> jsmith, I have been using Tempe as follow line
20:32:19 <jsmith> :-)
20:32:32 <aeperezt> *base line
20:33:32 <aeperezt> for the t-shirts do we look for local quotes
20:33:49 <dgilmore> aeperezt: yes
20:34:13 <aeperezt> ok
20:35:06 <aeperezt> dgilmore, all art are going to be worked by haks, we need some help from marketing
20:35:43 <aeperezt> dgilmore, also people from dell panama agree on the sponsor but they do not underestand the event so we may need help on that
20:35:52 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok
20:36:01 <dgilmore> aeperezt: well im happy to help any way i can
20:36:27 <dgilmore> aeperezt: lets talk to rbergeron after the meeting to get started with marketing
20:36:33 <aeperezt> Matt Domsch give us a hand
20:36:48 <dgilmore> aeperezt: great Matt is a good guy
20:37:30 <aeperezt> dgilmore, our target was for them to bring Matt, but he cannot make it
20:37:40 <spevack> Rough budget for every fudcon is between $15k - $20k USD.
20:37:46 <amonthoth> dell wants to know what are the benefits and advantages to sponsor an event like fudcon latam
20:37:55 <dgilmore> aeperezt: oh well.
20:38:09 <spevack> that's the budget that comes from Red Hat, via the Community team.
20:38:20 <dgilmore> amonthoth: a benefit to them is brand recognition in the latam fedora community.
20:38:30 <aeperezt> still they will sponsor I think we can them to sponsor the t-shirts
20:38:35 <dgilmore> spevack: thank you
20:39:08 <aeperezt> spevack, thanks
20:39:56 <dgilmore> aeperezt: they would get space on all the marketing things
20:40:01 <dgilmore> tshirts etc
20:40:01 <aeperezt> dgilmore, people at dell panama, are human resources the don't even know what red hat is so you can imagen what we are dealing with
20:40:14 <dgilmore> amonthoth: ^
20:40:48 <dgilmore> the big benefit for them is cheap limited marketing, goodwill with the fedora community
20:43:08 <aeperezt> they do not sell linux on personal computers on latam so we want to get them to show that but that linux si ubuntu so not sure
20:43:30 <amonthoth> as far i know dell wants to get involved beyond just this event but need an attractive statement for they bit the bait
20:44:37 <dgilmore> well the fedora community include people who are developers, people who are systems administrators, people who are just end users
20:45:59 <amonthoth> so they can recruit people from fedora community for system admin ?
20:46:14 <aeperezt> dgilmore, that is what we are selling
20:46:16 <aeperezt> to them
20:46:58 <aeperezt> dgilmore, what will be the pending task for nex meeting
20:46:59 <dgilmore> amonthoth: well there are people in the fedora community who have a say in what hardware is purchased in their workplace
20:47:17 <aeperezt> *next
20:47:19 <dgilmore> and by working with the community they may recommened Dell
20:47:46 <dgilmore> aeperezt: tasks i think we need to get done in the next week
20:48:07 <dgilmore> work on quotes for food, and for fudpub
20:48:08 <amonthoth> dgilmore: i love that approach. i will try a mix ot both
20:48:57 <aeperezt> dgilmore, we have small bowlling area on CdS I think we can use that, will check prices
20:49:09 <dgilmore> aeperezt: do we have a venue in mind for fudpub?
20:49:28 <dgilmore> aeperezt: great, so lets find out some costs
20:49:47 <dgilmore> aeperezt: lets email the information to the list
20:49:56 <dgilmore> so it can be discussed
20:50:14 <aeperezt> dgilmore, nop, and there is a place that offer panamenia tipical dances that we can go and eat dinner
20:50:14 <dgilmore> aeperezt: we need to start working with marketing
20:50:52 <dgilmore> aeperezt: id really appreciate an email to the list with a status update.
20:50:58 <dgilmore> mostly what we talked baout today
20:51:05 <aeperezt> dgilmore, ok who on marketing and how, I don't know anything about marketing
20:51:17 <dgilmore> we should also look at making sure we have at least 3 rooms for day 1
20:51:35 <aeperezt> dgilmore, ok I will work on that
20:51:38 <dgilmore> aeperezt: rbergeron will be our first point of call
20:51:50 <aeperezt> perfect.
20:51:54 <dgilmore> she can redirect us as needed
20:52:03 <rbergeron> hm? what
20:52:08 <rbergeron> oh marketing
20:52:28 <aeperezt> rbergeron, helo
20:52:39 <dgilmore> we need to look as sponsorship requests soon.
20:53:00 <jsmith> dgilmore: Not until we can really start paying for them
20:53:09 <dgilmore> maybe we should get with jsmith and spevack and make sure we have the correct processes in place for that
20:53:22 <aeperezt> rbergeron, right
20:53:24 <dgilmore> jsmith: ok.  just need to keep it in mind
20:53:44 <aeperezt> jsmith, when will be that
20:54:34 <jsmith> aeperezt: I'm assuming it'll be March 1st, but I'll talk to the Community Architecture team to see if we can front-load some of those into the 4th quarter of this fiscal year
20:54:58 <aeperezt> ok
20:56:09 <dgilmore> overall i think we are doing ok, and are about where we should be
20:56:50 <dgilmore> does anyone else on the fudcon latam team have anything they want to say or ask?
20:57:17 * dgilmore would like to know if any of the on site people have been to a fudcon before?
20:57:22 <aeperezt> I'm ok
20:58:45 <potty> I'm ok too
20:59:04 <aeperezt> dgilmore, from panama no one has been on fudcon before, and the people who has gone on latam normally goes to latam fudcon, we want to do it as close as US fudcon as posible
20:59:11 <amonthoth> not me. this will be my first time
20:59:37 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok. we are taking steps and doing ok
20:59:56 <dgilmore> amonthoth: i hope that you will learn from it and find it fun
21:00:47 <amonthoth> dgilmore: sure it will be a very good experience with a lot of fun ;-)
21:01:55 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I think we can close the meeting so we can start talking with rbergeron if he is available
21:02:07 <dgilmore> aeperezt: :) i think so to
21:02:13 <dgilmore> Thank you to everyone
21:02:27 <aeperezt> thanks to you
21:02:31 <amonthoth> do we need badges to identify the attendees and country
21:02:38 * dgilmore hopes to have reasonable basic spanish down by fudcon
21:02:39 <potty> thank you dgilmore
21:02:55 <potty> that's a good one amonthoth
21:02:57 <dgilmore> amonthoth: yes thats something thats in the last month
21:03:28 <potty> aeperezt: may i participate with you and dgilmore at the reunion with rbergeron
21:03:29 <dgilmore> #endmeeting