18:08:43 <aeperezt> #startmeeting
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18:09:05 <aeperezt> #meetingname fudcon Panama 2011
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18:09:24 <aeperezt> #chair dgilmore
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18:10:14 <aeperezt> Alejandro Perez - Panama
18:11:04 <dgilmore> Dennis Gilmore
18:12:53 <dgilmore> aeperezt: we should have everyone quickly introduce themselves
18:13:26 <aeperezt> dgilmore, yes I think so
18:13:41 <aeperezt> dgilmore, so will start with me
18:14:20 <aeperezt> Alejandro Perez, Fedora Panama ambassador and fudcon local team leader
18:14:33 <aeperezt> ayaita, think you next
18:15:59 <aeperezt> dgilmore, you then
18:16:11 <ayaita> Monica Mora, from Panama, helping the local team with the fudcon
18:16:36 <aeperezt> thanks ayaita
18:16:43 * dgilmore is Dennis Gilmore, Fedora Release engineer, ambasador in the US  but I have a strong interest in LATAM and APAC
18:17:20 * dgilmore is an Australian living in the US and learning spansih and portugese
18:18:12 <aeperezt> anyone else, abadger1999
18:18:31 <abadger1999> hola
18:19:12 <dgilmore> asalles: danielbruno, geek_cl, gomix you guys going to help organise fudcon LATAM 2011
18:19:20 * abadger1999 is a member of Fedora Infrastructure and a packager living in the US with an interest in seeing our LATAM community grow
18:19:40 <asalles> here
18:19:51 <asalles> yes, of course
18:20:28 <gomix> dgilmore: of course yes
18:20:51 <aeperezt> asalles, gomix, danielbruno , geek_cl please brieft intro of your self
18:21:36 * gomix not so young and not so modest fedora contributor for venezuela
18:21:42 <gomix> eof
18:21:47 * danielbruno is a Brazilian ambassador and recently packer and also contributes to the infrastructure LATAM
18:22:26 * asalles Fedora Ambassador of Chile, work as Red Hat Engineer and now I help in FUDCon Latam 2011 ;)
18:23:27 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok i think thats everyone
18:23:37 <dgilmore> aeperezt: lets go though the topics you have
18:23:44 <aeperezt> dgilmore, yes I think so
18:24:40 <aeperezt> #topic villas housing
18:24:58 <aeperezt> #topic fudcon panama 2011
18:25:20 <aeperezt> topic Villas at Ciudad del Saber
18:25:47 <aeperezt> we requested sponsorship for the villas, but have not anwser yeat.
18:25:54 * geek_cl Fedora Ambassador of Chile, Red Hat VAD Presales and goma
18:26:32 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok,  but even without that sponsorship it is quite cheap per person correct?
18:26:35 <aeperezt> I think we need to go ahead and make reservation for them, the question is how for how many
18:26:44 <dgilmore> aeperezt: do we have documented how to reserve a room?
18:26:55 <aeperezt> dgilmore, yes it is 20 dls por person, per night
18:27:23 <aeperezt> I do have it, have the quote for the villas
18:28:18 <aeperezt> dgilmore, also I think we can use some resources that local sponsor has to reserve the village, ayaita what do you think
18:30:13 <ayaita> aeperezt: sure, the sponsorship from Cidetys is available to make the reservations
18:30:38 <aeperezt> ayaita, thanks
18:31:19 <dgilmore> ok
18:31:36 <geek_cl> dgilmore: can consider two Chileans?  asalles and me?
18:31:42 <ayaita> just to clarify, I work for Cidetys and I am in charge of following the sponsorship committed for the fudcon, and I am also helping the local team with the organization
18:32:14 <dgilmore> geek_cl: we can have all Chileans :)
18:32:25 <asalles> haha
18:32:29 <dgilmore> ayaita: excellente
18:34:58 <aeperezt> dgilmore, so how many do we reseve we have around 25 people listed  from out side panama, so I think not all of them will come but we are on early stage, so many more can join
18:35:47 <dgilmore> aeperezt: normally its left up to the people to book thier own accomodations
18:36:18 <dgilmore> aeperezt: if its going to be provided then we should have it requested via trac
18:36:25 <dgilmore> that way it can be tracked
18:36:41 <dgilmore> along with funding requests for travel assistance
18:37:19 <aeperezt> dgilmore, ok, then we have wait
18:39:18 <aeperezt> dgilmore, or we can just reserve 10 to start
18:39:27 <dgilmore> aeperezt: if people can book it them selves,  and it gets paid for by some sponsorship would probably be the best way to do it
18:39:45 <dgilmore> aeperezt: how many people per room again?
18:39:58 <aeperezt> two people per room
18:40:05 <aeperezt> 6 people per villa
18:40:12 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok
18:40:27 <dgilmore> so we need to find groupings of 6 people willing to share a villa
18:41:28 <dgilmore> aeperezt: anyway lets take this to the list
18:41:32 <dgilmore> and move on for now
18:41:50 <aeperezt> dgilmore, ok
18:42:49 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I need some help organizing talks, we have two rooms of 50 to 60 people for them
18:43:17 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok,
18:43:36 <dgilmore> aeperezt: so a typical fudcon organises the talks on the first day
18:43:58 <dgilmore> though we did have a dedicated user track at the fudcon in Toronto that was pre planed
18:44:41 <dgilmore> aeperezt: I think we should do the barcamp style preperation.  which would mean we wait until we are all their
18:44:47 <dgilmore> pitch our talks
18:44:54 <dgilmore> and organise the schedule there
18:45:26 <dgilmore> aeperezt: we could have say a couple of pre planned user talks for one room for say the first 3 sessions
18:46:04 <asalles> !
18:46:10 <asalles> Question: Who will evaluate the expositors of the event? I say this because there should be a basic filter. I offer myself as an evaluator.
18:46:17 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I have a space for first day of talks for around 200 people, the next tow days we have the rooms form work shops of 50 people each
18:46:56 <dgilmore> aeperezt: is that multiple rooms for up to 200 people
18:46:57 <dgilmore> or one
18:47:43 <aeperezt> dgilmore, it is a multiple room up to 500 people I ask it to be 200
18:47:52 <dgilmore> asalles: we should allow all to propose there talks in the barcamp style.  without prefiltering,  however if we have a dedicated user track we should ahve a few people to go over some proposals for that
18:47:53 <geek_cl> dgilmore, asalles, i can be a expositor ?
18:48:05 <geek_cl> ok
18:48:32 <asalles> I see. Ok.
18:48:53 <dgilmore> #info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp some basic barcamp info
18:50:25 <aeperezt> dgilmore, other think are fudpub
18:50:35 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok
18:50:46 <dgilmore> aeperezt: where do we stand with that?
18:51:15 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I have talk to small bowling arena that is on Ciudad del Saber They said that they can host it on friday
18:51:24 <danielbruno> aeperezt, have labs on the place?
18:51:46 * gomix think bowling would be nice...
18:52:00 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok, i imagine we will have 100 or so people
18:52:06 <dgilmore> maybe more
18:52:24 <dgilmore> aeperezt: how big is small?
18:52:46 <aeperezt> danielbruno, labs ? sorry don't understood
18:53:14 <itamarjp> dgilmore: will you go to fudcon-panama ?
18:53:29 <dgilmore> itamarjp: im planning on being there
18:53:43 <danielbruno> aeperezt, laboratories
18:53:54 <aeperezt> dgilmore, it has 8 bowling lines a bar and small room with some nintendo wii to play around and tables
18:53:55 <danielbruno> with computers
18:53:56 <dgilmore> danielbruno: computer labs?
18:54:01 <danielbruno> dgilmore, yes
18:55:06 <aeperezt> danielbruno, computer labs on Ciudad del Saber there are that i know that is a big place with many things, ayaita do you know if there is one
18:55:09 <danielbruno> or is it better each one with their laptops?
18:55:13 <aeperezt> danielbruno, why you ask
18:55:29 <aeperezt> danielbruno, laptops is the work best
18:56:18 <dgilmore> danielbruno: i hope we have people with their own laptops
18:56:25 <danielbruno> i hope
18:56:33 <dgilmore> but a computer lab we can use would be very useful
18:56:58 <aeperezt> danielbruno, #link  http://picasaweb.google.com/alejandro.perez.torres/MiniDebConfPanama#
18:57:08 <danielbruno> because in the last two fudcons had no specific locations for hackfests...
18:57:28 <danielbruno> guys i need to leave for 15 minutes
18:57:47 * dgilmore will need to leave soon also
18:58:32 <aeperezt> dgilmore, that link was the minidebcon that was there it show the rooms and the villas, and beer, etc
19:00:17 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok
19:00:41 <ayaita> aeperezt, danielbruno: I think it is better for people to bring their own laptops, I am not sure there are labs with computers on Ciudad del Saber
19:01:55 <gomix> even so, most of us would not like to crash our own laptops for experimenting... so, if theres some pcs... then so much could be done withuth fear
19:02:26 <aeperezt> gomix, do you plan to chash pc, hum..
19:02:33 <gomix> not really
19:02:38 <gomix> but if its yours.. i could
19:02:39 <gomix> :)
19:02:41 <aeperezt> let me see what we can do for it
19:02:47 <gomix> thats the point
19:02:58 <gomix> maybe 2 to 4 would be just enough
19:03:01 <gomix> i think
19:03:19 <gomix> coding dojos would need unleast one
19:03:29 <aeperezt> gomix I have two that can be crashed
19:03:52 <gomix> well just note in "resources available"
19:03:57 <aeperezt> ok then will see how we can get those resources maybe dell can help with that
19:03:57 <gomix> :)
19:04:20 <gomix> of course we will bring our own laptops
19:05:12 <aeperezt> we are talking to other sponsors and will be setting them on the fudcon page as they agree
19:05:45 <aeperezt> dgilmore, what else do you think we need to start working on here
19:05:57 <dgilmore> aeperezt: catering
19:06:32 <dgilmore> coffee, food for lunches, breakfast
19:06:44 <dgilmore> we need to nail down costs
19:06:54 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I have that on the list I have quote from holiday in for it, but we are working with others providers to get a better choise
19:07:10 <dgilmore> we need to work on local advertising as well as online advertsing on blogs, fedora lists etc
19:07:17 <dgilmore> aeperezt: ok
19:08:11 <aeperezt> dgilmore, local adversising we are working on buttons for web sites like we are goin to fudcon and banner I have two local web sites that will use them
19:08:21 <dgilmore> aeperezt: great
19:08:59 <aeperezt> dgilmore, also need to write, I have been lazy with that, to get a local newspaper article on the fudcon
19:10:15 <aeperezt> dgilmore, we are planning to do a local visit to UTP ( Universidad Tecnologica de Panama) to the campus out site panam city
19:10:23 <dgilmore> aeperezt: great
19:10:32 <dgilmore> we should try put up posters there also
19:10:36 <ayaita> dgilmore: on local advertising, I also work for the Universidad Tecnologica de Panama and will ask for support to the public relations department on radio and newspaper announcements, but that will be closer to the event
19:10:40 <aeperezt> dgilmore, I think we need ambassadors to promote fudcon in central america
19:11:18 <aeperezt> dgilmore, poster are will be send to print before dic 12 so they will be ready on january, that is also sponsor by UTP
19:12:06 <dgilmore> aeperezt: fantastico
19:12:52 <aeperezt> I think that is about it, unless it is another matter
19:13:09 <dgilmore> aeperezt: sounds like we have made a good start
19:13:27 <dgilmore> aeperezt: we should send out an agenda next thursday for the friday meeting
19:13:47 <aeperezt> dgilmore, yes I think so, I need to put things in order
19:13:58 <aeperezt> and get and agenda for next meeting
19:15:01 <aeperezt> so lets end the meeting
19:15:09 <aeperezt> #endmeeting