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02:36:26 <mchua> Seemed like a good idea to log.
02:36:57 <mchua> dgilmore, jds2001: rossand is one of the folks working on freeseer, an open source events recording project
02:37:00 <mchua> #link http://github.com/fosslc/freeseer/
02:37:15 <mchua> rossand: dgilmore and jds2001 are our infrasturcture gurus for the event
02:37:29 <rossand> Hi dgilmore, jds2001. Nice to meet you.
02:37:38 <jds2001> rossand: same :)
02:37:51 <jds2001> needing rpmfusion sorta makes this a nogo
02:38:03 <jds2001> is there a way to record in open formats? (ogg)?
02:38:08 <rossand> freeseer in a nutshell... captures vga output and microphone sound, mixes them to produce a video capture of any vga signal.
02:38:17 <jds2001> awesome
02:38:35 <rossand> they use mencoder, ffmpeg so we can get to ogg (theora/vorbis/whatever)... just not directly.
02:38:39 <mchua> rossand: and herlo is "He Who Records Tons Of Stuff At Events"
02:38:51 <rossand> cool. Hi herlo
02:38:57 <zxiiro> hello everyone
02:39:09 <rossand> zxiiro is the lead developer of freeseer.
02:39:36 <rossand> We created it in October to drop the cost of recording by an order of magnitude.
02:39:38 <jds2001> hey zxiiro - me and dgilmore are fedora infrastructure guys :)
02:40:24 <rossand> The extend-a-mix version of the history is here: http://www.fosslc.org/drupal/node/596
02:40:52 <dgilmore> hi rossand
02:40:57 <rossand> Thus far, we must have recorded about 250 hours/275 talks with it.
02:41:03 <rossand> Hi dgilmore
02:41:24 <zxiiro> hi jds2001, dgilmore
02:41:31 <dgilmore> hi zxiiro
02:41:50 <dgilmore> I agree with jds2001 we cant use things from rpmfusion
02:42:13 <mchua> So the situation - rossand, feel free to jump in and correct me here - is that we might actually want to have the freeseer folks sprint remotely, because (1) plane tickets are incredibly expensive, and (2) development is basically done, and what's needed is testing, making sure docs are good, etc. I'm not sure exactly what infra would be needed to make this work for events - just bandwidth/space capacity?
02:42:20 <mchua> so development is done, EXCEPT that the "need rpmfusion" bit is a blocker... And solving that problem would be *incredibly* valuable, let us package it for Fedora (aiui - I think that's the only blocker?) make it use all free/unencumbered/yay/etc stuff... but I'm not sure how we tackle that in a 3-day sprint.
02:42:55 <herlo> rossand: hi, sorry I can't participate more...
02:42:56 <jds2001> yeah, exactly
02:43:10 <jds2001> i have looked at licensing, but that's generally another big area
02:43:17 <rossand> mchua: spot on.
02:43:56 <rossand> freeseer is gplv3. the components (mencoder, ffmpeg) are likely to cause a bit of heartburn. We're open minded to options/suggestions of course.
02:44:30 <mchua> So the question is "do we spend 3 days working on this, and if so, how, and what/who would we need to do it?" If we need to find an ogg guru, etc.
02:44:46 <herlo> I'd really like to contribute to this conversation...
02:44:49 <rossand> herlo: thanks. No worries. We're pretty easy going of course.
02:45:08 <dgilmore> rossand: if we could convince ffmpeg upstream to support plugins then we could ship with unencumberd codecs in fedora and the patent encumbered ones could ship in rpmfusion and be added in
02:45:12 <VileGent> so it cant go into the fedora repos can it in rpmfusion ??
02:45:30 <dgilmore> VileGent: it can but we cant use it in fedora
02:45:36 <jds2001> but we wouldnt be willing to use it in infra that way
02:45:43 <VileGent> ok
02:45:47 <jds2001> but for a general thing, yes
02:45:51 <herlo> so, the problem is going to be the issues with the tools you are suggesting...but I have quite a bit of experience with gstreamer on the command line.  I'm working on learning the python bindings atm and have a desire to use it as the way we get those things done
02:45:57 <dgilmore> this is something we want in fedora to use in fudcons and other events
02:46:00 <rossand> dgilmore: that's a great idea. ffmpeg has a very strong culture if you know what I mean. ;-)
02:46:11 <herlo> since most everything in gstreamer is not restricted by patent or licensing issue
02:46:14 <herlo> s
02:46:39 <dgilmore> rossand: :)  yeah.  when i was at olpc some of the guys i worked with took that idea to ffmpeg  and they flat out rejected it
02:47:12 <rossand> dgilmore: like most suggestions brought to them. It's almost charming in the certainty. :)
02:48:30 <dgilmore> rossand: how hard would it be to use gstreamer or xine?
02:49:02 <rossand> dgilmore: I was taking a look as you typed. zxiiro, are you ahead of me and have any thoughts there?
02:49:46 <mchua> stickster_afk: in case you become afk in the near future, read the scrollback right around here (2:45:00).
02:49:50 <mchua> er, non-afk that is.
02:50:16 <zxiiro> i'm not too familier with gstreamer or xine, but i know the hardware we use vga2usb needs to be used with something that supports v4l input
02:50:33 <mchua> while y'all are talking I'm trying to see if we have any gstreamer ninjas at the RDU office or nearby.
02:51:05 <rossand> zxiiro: I see evidence it might be able to do so.
02:51:32 <dgilmore> herlo: looking at the code now if we came up with the right gstreamer command line options i bet we could make it work
02:51:49 <herlo> zxiiro: v4l is supported in gstreamer
02:51:51 <rossand> dgilmore: yep. The beauty of freeseer is there ain't much to it.
02:52:02 <herlo> dgilmore: I've done it
02:52:06 <herlo> I have the right options
02:52:15 <herlo> the command line is simple now...
02:52:18 <rossand> freeseer itself is a QT gui leveraging the video software to do the heavy lifting.
02:52:43 <zxiiro> i'm open to anything, the reason mencoder was chosen was mainly it was what was suggested by vga2usb's README file
02:52:52 <herlo> rossand: yeah, I'm writing in pygtk atm
02:52:56 <zxiiro> if we can get the same thing working with any other backend i'd love to try it
02:53:04 <herlo> I'm guessing there's going to be a bit of conversation regarding those things...
02:53:04 <rossand> ditto
02:53:48 <mchua> Any guesses on the scope of the work needed for this? Would this be something we'd want to try sprinting on at the FAD?
02:54:12 <mchua> Should that be our technical goal, and to get that to the same level of usability/packaged-up-ness/documentation as we want for the current freeseer release?
02:54:13 <herlo> zxiiro: rossand I think we can do both/either easily
02:54:16 <rossand> mchua: if herlo doesn't mind priming us with some cli examples, we can take a swipe at moving it over.
02:54:33 <mchua> well if we can do it pre-FAD that's even better ;)
02:54:36 * dgilmore likes that its qt based :)
02:54:39 <herlo> rossand: I can give you some of those this week probably.  I'll get my examples working again...
02:54:42 <rossand> regarding usability, it's transparent.
02:54:43 <herlo> :)
02:54:46 <mchua> but the FAD is dedicated hackin' time, so if we need it, we've got it.
02:54:48 <rossand> herlo: awesome, thank you
02:55:13 * herlo does think that we can do a sprint
02:55:18 <herlo> there should be enough time
02:55:22 <rossand> the user won't notice what's doing the video slurping under the covers.
02:55:25 <mchua> Right.
02:55:25 <herlo> problem is, I don't think there's enough time to do both
02:55:42 <herlo> but I'm not opposed to doing both...
02:56:24 <herlo> just don't know how feasible it would be in 3 days
02:56:44 <mchua> it sounds like we might want to reconvene tomorrow or monday to figure the engineering gameplan out.
02:57:01 <herlo> either works for me
02:57:08 <mchua> since this meeting was *totally* random and ad-hoc and we might want to tinker a bit, do background research, etc. before we go "YEAH! 3 DAY SPRINT!"
02:58:22 <mchua> herlo, rossand, zxiiro: what would we need to know to scope both options out and decide on one, the other, or both (and know what resources, etc. we need to do it well, and boil it into a buncha tickets to whale on at the end of the month?)
02:58:42 <herlo> may I make a suggestion?
02:58:51 <rossand> mchua: once we have the cli from herlo, we're enabled to do some testing.
02:59:02 <rossand> herlo: please do
02:59:26 <herlo> I think it's not feasible for fedora to ffmpeg, so I want to suggest that we work toward two guis (one qt, one gtk) to manage the same libs
02:59:44 <herlo> making it easy to just write a good library to work with because gst libs are *fun*
03:00:35 <rossand> herlo: I understand the concerns about ffmpeg/mencoder. Are there reservations about qt? Look and feel consistency with Gnome?
03:00:44 <dgilmore> qt is fine
03:01:16 <rossand> I guess I'm confused about the 2 gui part.
03:01:18 <herlo> rossand: I'm not familiar with qt
03:01:20 <herlo> that's one
03:01:43 <herlo> another is that there are plenty of people who want the choice of both qt and gtk because they like one over the other
03:02:10 <jds2001> right, but that's more of a long term goal
03:02:35 <herlo> jds2001: so my big concern there is that I'd spend the entire weekend learning qt
03:02:37 <dgilmore> i think a gtk gui option down the road is fine
03:02:43 <rossand> herlo: may I suggest we focus on qt for now, being mindful of being skinnable in the future?
03:02:45 <herlo> and waste time doing that...
03:03:06 <zxiiro> if we can get a commandline to do the video recording
03:03:10 <zxiiro> you shouldn't need to learn qt at all
03:03:12 <herlo> I guess I could work on a library or something...but... I kind of already have a good mockup in glade...
03:03:20 <rossand> zxiiro: agreed
03:03:25 <herlo> zxiiro: that's like a bash commandline
03:03:53 <zxiiro> freeseer actually just calls a commandline to do the video recording
03:04:01 <herlo> oh?
03:04:03 <zxiiro> the rest of it is just gui to make it easy to configure
03:04:04 <herlo> interesting
03:04:21 <dgilmore> herlo: checkout the code
03:04:25 <dgilmore> its very small
03:04:25 <herlo> I don't know, the python api is simple enough we could make that clean...
03:04:34 <herlo> dgilmore: yeah, I was working on checking it out atm
03:05:55 <zxiiro> the only code we need to change really to make it use a different video recording backend is
03:05:56 <zxiiro> CMD_MENCODER = ("mencoder -tv driver=%(VODRIVER)s:outfmt=bgr24:device=%(VODEVICE)s:forceaudio:alsa -fps 10 tv:// -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:keyint=100:vbitrate=8000:vhq:acodec=vorbis -o \"%(FILENAME)s\"")
03:06:13 <zxiiro> assuming whatever recording backend we use is commandline of course
03:06:34 <herlo> oh, wow, yeah
03:06:36 <herlo> I just saw that
03:06:47 <zxiiro> the rest of the code is just a pretty gui that figures out what to fill in
03:06:47 <herlo> let me get you a command line that I think works...
03:07:12 * dgilmore will make sure that he brings his webcam with him
03:07:13 <rossand> herlo: cool. We should be able to test that pretty quick.
03:07:44 <herlo> gst-launch istximagesrc name=videosource startx=0 starty=0 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! theoraenc ! oggmux ! filesink location=test.ogg <-- this does video only from your desktop
03:07:48 * rossand likes the idea of fewer dependencies and codec hopping.
03:08:06 <herlo> gst-launch ximagesrc name=videosource startx=0 starty=0 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! theoraenc ! oggmux ! filesink location=test.ogg <-- this does video only from your desktop (if you don't have istanbul installed, use this)
03:08:18 <herlo> note that the ffmpegcolorspace is not ffmpeg
03:08:54 <rossand> herlo: do you know if gstreamer will mix in the audio as well?
03:09:00 <rossand> That's important.
03:09:06 <rossand> I know istanbul can do that.
03:09:07 <herlo> rossand: absolutely
03:09:07 * mchua has to pop out in the next few minutes; battery is making angry red blinky lights
03:09:09 <herlo> I have another
03:09:12 <mchua> I'll chair you folks so you can keep the meeting going just in case.
03:09:14 <mchua> Is this a "hack over the weekend, reconvene sometime on Monday to figure out what to do before and during the FAD to finish this" thing?
03:09:14 <rossand> herlo: ok cool.
03:09:14 <herlo> rossand: istanbul uses gstreamer
03:09:29 <herlo> I've been looking at the code for a while
03:09:30 <rossand> herlo: ah, that explains it then. ;-)
03:09:36 <mchua> #chair rossand zxiiro herlo dgilmore jds2001
03:09:36 <zodbot> Current chairs: dgilmore herlo jds2001 mchua rossand zxiiro
03:10:07 <dgilmore> #note we need to work with options in fedora only
03:10:27 <zxiiro> can gstreamer let you both record, and preview the video your recording at the same time?
03:10:27 <herlo> dgilmore: I believe all of the ones I put up are in fedora only
03:10:29 <rossand> dgilmore: yep. This should enable us to get there.
03:10:34 <herlo> zxiiro: yes, it will
03:10:38 <herlo> there's a tee option
03:10:42 <dgilmore> herlo: just recording it in the meeting notes
03:10:44 <herlo> the ! implies like a | in shell
03:10:57 <zxiiro> ok
03:11:12 * rossand steps away for a moment... packing for a flight that's far too early in the morning
03:11:25 <herlo> so you can ! tee filesink location=afile.ogg ! shout2send ...
03:13:30 <zxiiro> gst-launch is part of what package?
03:14:05 <jds2001> gstreamer-tools
03:15:27 <zxiiro> oh i do have it, for some reason archlinux calls it gst-launch-0.10
03:15:39 <herlo> yeah, it's named differently in different distros
03:15:51 <herlo> I think the -0.10 is what it is called in the upstream
03:16:12 <mchua> note: next FAD check-in meeting is Monday, 1700-1800 UTC (noon-1pm EST) in this channel, so I'll read backlog when I get to a building later tonight (writing this from now-extremely-freezing car) and try to catch folks before the Monday meeting to find out where we stand, but it sounds like we're assuming remote sprinting for the freeseer folks atm.
03:16:17 * mchua battery on verge of death, heading out
03:16:17 <mchua> (thanks, folks - this is awesome to watch... if we can get around the codecs issue, it's a huge win all around)
03:16:37 <jds2001> sounds like it's really easy to fix
03:18:54 <zxiiro> herlo: can you explain your gst-launch parameters a bit? i'm not too sure how it works
03:19:21 <herlo> zxiiro: sure
03:19:44 <herlo> so the way that it works, is you have to think about it similar to pipes in bash
03:19:59 <herlo> so each component is either a source, a filter, or an output
03:20:08 <herlo> so the istximagesrc name=videosource startx=0 starty=0
03:20:33 <herlo> says, grab the x screen and call it videosource.  Start the video at the top left of the screen
03:21:03 <herlo> the next one says, convert the video from yuv to rgb iirc, I can't recall, but I know it's required
03:21:23 <herlo> then you encode the video in theora, then put it in the ogg container
03:21:31 <herlo> finally, write it ot the file test.ogg
03:21:36 <herlo> zxiiro: make better sense?
03:22:03 <dgilmore> herlo: so if i run it should it capture my dekstop?
03:22:10 <herlo> dgilmore: I think so
03:22:21 * herlo has a python program that does the same on the commandline atm
03:22:32 <zxiiro> a bit, so if i want to record from /dev/video0
03:22:34 <herlo> it's really basic and doesn't control the timeframe...
03:22:42 <herlo> zxiiro: what is /dev/video0?
03:22:53 <herlo> you have to think about it slightly differently...
03:22:58 <zxiiro> either a v4l device or a v4l2 device
03:23:04 <herlo> there are a million sources
03:23:10 <herlo> zxiiro: check out v4lsrc
03:23:14 <herlo> or something like that
03:23:20 <herlo> you'll want to learn gst-inspect :)
03:24:43 <herlo> zxiiro: start with this http://www.cin.ufpe.br/~cinlug/wiki/index.php/Introducing_GStreamer
03:25:18 <dgilmore> herlo: /dev/videox is what you get for webcams, tv tuner cards etc
03:25:55 <herlo> dgilmore: yeah, but it's not called /dev/videox in gstreamer, and thus you have to kind of extrapolate a little...
03:26:33 <jds2001> speaking of v4l and all this stuff, what piece(s) of hardware are required to make this solution work?
03:26:52 <jds2001> a camera, obviously
03:27:10 <jds2001> connected via firewire or usb or whatnot is my guess
03:28:08 <zxiiro> jds2001: we've been using this to record fosslc events http://www.epiphan.com/products/frame-grabbers/vga2usb/
03:29:21 <zxiiro> basically, 2 way vga splitter, plug one end into presenter's laptop, 1 into projector for audience, and 1 into recording laptop to record the slides
03:30:00 <zxiiro> and this device tags the vga, turns it into a usb signal, and outputs it using v4l
03:30:14 <zxiiro> s/tags/takes
03:31:17 <zxiiro> and for audio we use wireless mics, plug one into the mic jack on the recording laptop, and the other on the presenter
03:31:37 <dgilmore> zxiiro: are we planning to stream this video or just capture it to make it available via download later?
03:32:29 <zxiiro> the software just records, it does not currently stream
03:32:34 <dgilmore> ok
03:33:55 <herlo> zxiiro: I want to see the vga2usb device thing, that looks cool
03:34:15 <dgilmore> will we have one at the fad?
03:34:24 <jds2001> not if they dont come
03:34:26 <jds2001> :)
03:34:37 <jds2001> though i guess we could buy one or something
03:35:30 <zxiiro> we would be bringing these with us if we attend so that we could show you it in action
03:36:06 <zxiiro> it's actually pretty cool, i thought it was pretty amazing the first time i saw it
03:40:46 <herlo> yeah, I've seen framegrabbers ...
03:41:18 <herlo> in fact, my buddy has this exact one.  I just asked him
04:08:00 <zxiiro> ok i figured out how to use gstreamer a bit and can record my desktop
04:08:15 <zxiiro> now to the real problem, getting it to work with the framegrabber
04:08:56 <zxiiro> i know it needs specific settings set, like in mencoder i needed to set the image format with outfmt=bgr24
04:09:19 <zxiiro> how would i do that with gst-launch
04:15:19 * dgilmore goeas and grabs a web cam to try work it out
04:22:36 <dgilmore> zxiiro:  gst-launch v4l2src ! xvimagesink
04:22:45 <dgilmore> that opened up my webcam
04:23:58 <zxiiro> unfortuantely that does not open up the vga2usb device, i actually get this error "Not enough buffers. We got 1, we want at least 2"
04:24:07 <dgilmore> herlo: can you bring it
04:28:28 <dgilmore> gst-launch v4l2src ! ffmpegcolorspace ! theoraenc ! oggmux ! filesink location=test.ogg
04:28:35 <dgilmore> zxiiro: does that work?
04:29:15 <zxiiro> no, but i figured it out :)
04:29:25 <dgilmore> :) awesome
04:29:29 <dgilmore> what was it?
04:29:52 <zxiiro> the vga2usb module needs to be loaded with num_frame_buffers=2 option
04:30:01 <dgilmore> ahh
04:30:24 <zxiiro> just did a quick test with gst-launch v4lsrc ! xvimagesink and i see video so it looks promising
04:32:26 <zxiiro> anyway i need to get some sleep.  I'll play with this some more tomorrow.
04:33:51 <zxiiro> good night all
04:33:53 <zxiiro> o/
04:35:11 <dgilmore> cool
04:35:18 <dgilmore> ahhs end the meeting
04:35:24 <dgilmore> #endmeeting