14:24:23 <stickster> #startmeeting
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14:24:53 <stickster> #topic Budget sync
14:25:16 <stickster> Simon's plane ticket was $826.12
14:26:05 * mchua back
14:26:19 <mchua> stickster: just sent an email update with a "how I generated that list in order" to fudcon-planning
14:26:24 <stickster> #info stickster just fixed the budget wiki to show Simon's plane ticket, bought by FE Q3 funds
14:26:29 * mchua has a spreadsheet in hand, updates Simon's plane ticket number
14:26:37 <mchua> (openoffice.org-calc does math faster and more accurately than I do)
14:26:59 <loupgaroublond> did this meeting get rescheduled?
14:27:04 <stickster> mchua: Correct me if I'm wrong, but the way that the funding is working out, I think I just lowered the subtotal for CA Q3 by ~$800 or whatever Simon was listed at.
14:27:10 <stickster> loupgaroublond: Yes, see my note to the list last night
14:27:27 <loupgaroublond> ah, haven't had a chance to read my mail yet
14:27:32 * stickster will be afk at 4pm but the meeting was pretty vital to get our purchasing finished
14:27:46 <loupgaroublond> understandable
14:27:47 <mchua> biertie: ping; funding discussion happening now due to last-minute stickster rescheduling, I know you wanted to be here
14:28:10 <mchua> stickster: Lowered the subtotal for CA Q3?
14:28:19 * stickster is looking at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:FUDCon_Toronto_2009_budget#Execution
14:28:31 <stickster> I just edited it, which moved Simon's cost out of the subtotal for CA Q3 budget.
14:29:02 <stickster> Yup, that's right.
14:29:05 <mchua> stickster: oh. nice! so that's a "does not impact FUDCon budget" thing?
14:29:18 <stickster> The subtotal for airfares from CA Q3 should now be $2791
14:29:22 <mchua> stickster: in that case we get $600 back into the commarch budget
14:29:23 <stickster> mchua: Exactly
14:29:42 <mchua> stickster: yes, that's what my spreadsheet shows now too. excellent.
14:29:56 <mchua> stickster: also should we remove the David Nalley earmark since he  requested to give that back?
14:30:25 * stickster invites him
14:30:51 <mchua> we are currently spending $14,891 which leaves us with $4,109
14:30:59 <stickster> mchua: He did that back when we thought we'd be much lower on funds.
14:31:01 <mchua> (after the Simon update)
14:31:03 * mchua nods
14:31:07 <stickster> mchua: Leave him in for now.
14:31:17 <mchua> Okay. We have a lot of funding requests to get through, though.
14:31:29 <stickster> Jaroslav: I would prefer his manager fund his travel.
14:31:48 <mchua> Right, so formally leaving out of FUDCon funding.
14:32:29 <stickster> mchua: Sorry I'm slow, I have so many tabs open in FF they're confusing.
14:32:31 <mchua> #info Jaroslav Reznik: no funding from the FUDCon budget, but hoping that he will get funding from work.
14:32:35 <mchua> stickster: no worries.
14:32:47 <mchua> stickster: I'll just crank through the requests in order
14:33:00 <mchua> Clint Savage, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Herlo#Deliverables_for_FUDCon_Toronto_2009
14:33:03 <mchua> Requests $500
14:33:10 <stickster> #topic Subsidy requests
14:33:14 <stickster> #chair mchua
14:33:14 <zodbot> Current chairs: mchua stickster
14:33:31 <stickster> mchua: I updated the agenda page here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:FUDCon_Toronto_2009_Planning_meetings#this_week.27s_agenda
14:33:39 <stickster> I've added some amounts at the end.
14:33:53 <mchua> proposes fedora-event-splash hackfest (vital), willing to run a user track session.
14:33:56 <stickster> I see $2260 in total requests in the first group.
14:34:04 * mchua nods
14:34:09 <stickster> I looked at all the pages already before we started
14:34:28 <stickster> And I thought all of them were in line with (1) strategic items with which we want to make headway
14:34:30 <stickster> and
14:34:45 <stickster> (2) ROI (i.e. cost reasonable for what people would be doing)
14:35:02 <stickster> My inclination is to approve all of these, do you have any objection or issue with that?
14:35:27 <mchua> stickster: just one note I wanted to clear (though I have no problems with sponsoring everyone for the amount requested)
14:35:39 <stickster> mchua: Sure, go ahead
14:35:44 <mchua> if we want to do the "local people, local FUDCon" thing
14:36:08 <mchua> and (except in extenuating, "only this person can do X" circumstances) fund non-local folks as if they were local
14:36:36 <mchua> that might change the amounts for Xavier Lamien and Ben Boekel
14:36:48 <mchua> wait, sorry
14:36:55 <mchua> Xavier Lamien and Bert Desmet
14:37:13 * stickster looks and sees Bert, ah
14:37:29 <stickster> OK -- Xavier is a strategic choice because he'll be working with mmcgrath on cloud stuff.
14:37:30 <mchua> $850 for Xavier coming from France
14:37:52 <loupgaroublond> xavier's also an old hat at fudcons, i'm not sure how much that should influence things though
14:37:54 <mchua> $710 plane + $150 hotel = $860 for Bert coming from Belgium
14:37:55 <stickster> So this is a choice to not have to send mmcgrath and a few other people to EMEA next year
14:38:30 * mchua nods; sounds totally reasonable
14:39:06 <loupgaroublond> biertie, funding discussion in progress
14:39:08 <stickster> Yaakov is paying his own airfare, so his cost is quite low
14:39:23 <loupgaroublond> i'm as good as local :)
14:39:50 <mchua> stickster: right, no worries with loupgaroublond's cost since it's on par with what we'd pay to fund local travel
14:39:55 <stickster> mchua: I believe biertie is asking only for the airfare.
14:40:12 <stickster> biertie: Is that correct?
14:40:54 <mchua> biertie: I wasn't sure how to read your email request for funding
14:40:57 <mchua> I could have a book a flight with air france for 479.92euro, about
14:40:57 <mchua> 710USD. I want to share the hotel with someone else that is sponsored,
14:40:57 <mchua> or wants to cover for the whole room (although, I can pay for a part of
14:40:57 <mchua> the hotel)
14:41:08 * mchua winces at copy-paste - sorry for the formatting
14:41:49 <mchua> even if we assume $710 for airfare, that's a lot; it could cover the airfare of 2 local attendees
14:41:59 * SMParrish_mobile waves at rdieter_work
14:42:23 <rdieter_work> :)
14:42:37 <mchua> what we've done for other folks coming from far away (Germany) is to fund them for the amount it would cost us to bring a local person over
14:42:47 <mchua> so far we've used $500 as that amount
14:42:57 <mchua> ($350 plane, $150 hotel)
14:43:34 * stickster wants to make sure that people understand that the reason we took FUDCon global is so that one geographic FUDCon doesn't have to cover everyone
14:43:38 * mchua notes that she does not actually want to deny biertie funding, but wants to lay out the various options + tradeoffs here before we decide
14:43:44 <mchua> Right.
14:43:45 <mchua> So options:
14:43:58 <mchua> 1. fund full $710 (ish) plane ticket
14:44:20 <mchua> 2. fund $500 (equivalent to what we'd fund a local person) - $150 hotel, and $350 for partial plane
14:44:43 <mchua> 3. request that biertie apply for FUDCon funding for the next EMEA one nearer him
14:44:52 <mchua> with #3 as a fallback to #2 not working out
14:45:01 <mchua> (but also as an option on its own)
14:45:09 <stickster> biertie: Thoughts?
14:45:09 <mchua> stickster: I think that's it... what do you think?
14:45:16 <stickster> mchua: I think that's a fine summary, thank you
14:46:02 <mchua> stickster: do we want to go ahead and approve the rest, in the meantime?
14:46:11 <stickster> mchua: Let's, while we're waiting for biertie
14:46:22 * mchua writes out action items for that
14:46:30 <mchua> #action Clint Savage approved for $500
14:46:38 <mchua> #action Xavier Lamien approved for $850
14:46:44 <mchua> #action Jon Stanley approved for $150
14:46:54 <mchua> #action Yaakov Nemoy approved for $200
14:47:13 <mchua> #action Ben Boekel approved for $360
14:47:20 <mchua> #action John Rose approved for $200
14:47:23 <stickster> #info Approvals are based on estimates provided -- we're flexible on overages
14:47:47 <stickster> OK mchua, can you add those into your spreadsheet and tell me where we are for our remaining funds?
14:48:09 * stickster is assuming that mchua's spreadsheet includes everything on the current budget page, incl. bus, tshirts, etc.
14:48:25 <mchua> #info We have just approved $2,260 worth of funding
14:48:44 <mchua> #info We have $1,849 of funding remaining (not just for scholarships, though)
14:48:53 <mchua> stickster: it does
14:50:06 <stickster> All right, so if we approved biertie, that would come out of the $1849, correct?
14:50:09 <mchua> stickster: Yes.
14:50:56 <mchua> stickster: there are 3 other funding requestors right now without dollar amounts
14:51:01 <mchua> however, 2 are coming from Boston and could take the bus
14:51:03 * stickster would like to go ahead and approve Bernie and Brennan for hotel costs
14:51:10 <mchua> so I would guess $200 each for... yeah, exactly
14:51:14 <stickster> hee hee
14:51:30 <mchua> #action Bernie Innocenti approved for $200 (hotel)
14:51:39 <mchua> #action Brennan Ashton approved for $200 (hotel)
14:51:50 * stickster still can't believe we discovered so much extra money in the sofa cushions
14:52:10 <stickster> I think the "one lunch provided" rule may be a winner for future FUDCons.
14:52:15 <mchua> #info we have now approved $2,660 of funding
14:52:24 <mchua> #info we now have $1,449 of funding remaining (not just for sponsorships though)
14:52:59 <mchua> stickster: should we set next Thursday as the funding cutoff and announce this very very loudly on lists/blogs?
14:53:05 <mchua> that way we only have to do this one more time.
14:53:07 <stickster> Yes
14:53:10 <stickster> I agree completely.
14:53:36 <stickster> #action mchua and stickster to announce funding cutoff for next Thursday
14:53:53 <stickster> mchua: In the interest of time, let's save fcami and biertie for now
14:54:14 <mchua> stickster: I'll post an agonizingly detailed "how to make a *complete* FUDCon funding application" walkthrough on the wiki
14:54:21 <stickster> We have user track topics, JBoss folks, and t-shirts next up
14:54:25 <stickster> Shall I topic ahead?
14:54:26 <mchua> stickster: and blog it to Planet, and send to... which lists?
14:54:38 <mchua> stickster: Yes, and I'll sync with people in the meeting later today
14:54:39 <stickster> fedora-devel-announce and fedora-advisory-board
14:54:44 <stickster> (and fudcon-planning)
14:54:47 * mchua notes that she will have to run in 5m to do feature profile interviews
14:54:54 <stickster> mchua: OK
14:54:57 <stickster> real quicklike
14:54:58 <mchua> #action mchua write HOWTO apply for FUDCon funding
14:55:05 <mchua> #action mchua blog "CUTOFF IS NEXT WEEK!"
14:55:21 <mchua> #action mchua send cutoff announcement to fedora-devel-announce, fedora-advisory-board, fudcon-planning
14:55:31 <stickster> #topic user track
14:55:57 <stickster> #action stickster to round up user track topics to fudcon-planning list, with proposed instructors for each as shown on wiki and in funding proposals
14:56:04 <stickster> Cool?
14:56:19 <mchua> +1
14:56:24 <stickster> #topic JBoss folks
14:56:30 <stickster> Not sure what this one is about. Some might be there.
14:56:53 <mchua> Just wanting to make sure that someone is in touch with them and there to be their guide through the FUDCon experience
14:56:56 <stickster> Max and I met personally via phone with a couple of the JBoss guys to brief them on FUDCon and how it works.
14:56:57 <mchua> since they are there for a different reason than most
14:57:01 <stickster> That was several weeks ago,
14:57:20 <stickster> but I think for them this is an information-gathering event and not a "let's participate like everyone else" event.
14:57:28 <stickster> I'd say this is NFA
14:57:46 <stickster> Cool?
14:57:49 <mchua> Cool.
14:57:53 <stickster> #topic T-shirts
14:58:04 <stickster> #info ctyler has put a hand up to help, once FSOSS is over.
14:58:05 <mchua> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/fudcon-planning/2009-October/000198.html
14:58:10 <mchua> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/fudcon-planning/2009-October/000198.html
14:58:29 <mchua> Aye, and fixing the design something we can do at this afternoon's meeting.
14:58:36 * mchua inserts rogue "is" in previous sentence
14:58:37 <stickster> mchua: That would be great, are you OK leading that?
14:58:40 <mchua> Yup.
14:58:57 <stickster> So there will be a 4pm?
14:59:01 <stickster> i.e. 2000 UTC
14:59:07 <mchua> I'll summarize what we've done here; aside from shirts, anything else we should get started on?
14:59:21 <mchua> I might just turn it into a worksprint session if we don't have other things to do/decide after I sync folks up with what just happened now
14:59:29 <stickster> Nope, I think we're caught up to where you're not blocking on me for an afternoon meeting.
14:59:41 <stickster> Does it look that way from where you sit?
14:59:48 * mchua thinks so, too.
14:59:50 <stickster> Cool
15:00:01 <mchua> if you send minutes to the fudcon-planning list I'll catch it when I do another sweep pre-4pm.
15:00:02 <stickster> #info 2000 UTC meeting will touch remaining items and possibly worksprint.
15:00:07 <mchua> hi-YAH!
15:00:08 <stickster> I'm going to end in 10
15:00:13 <stickster> 5
15:00:14 * mchua flees to interview
15:00:15 <stickster> 4
15:00:16 <stickster> 3
15:00:16 <stickster> 2
15:00:17 <stickster> 1
15:00:19 <stickster> #endmeeting