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01:22:33 <stickster> My lag is horrific!
01:22:45 <stickster> #chair mchua
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01:22:58 <mchua_afk> FUDCon sponsorship meeting, take 1 of N
01:22:58 <stickster> Keystone cops :-D
01:23:10 <mchua> I'm going to go in order of the emails we recieved.
01:23:10 <stickster> OK, this is kind of an ad-hoc meeting
01:23:41 <stickster> For those of you in the home audience,
01:23:50 <stickster> We're going through the applications for travel subsidies
01:24:04 <stickster> So that we can get as many volunteers as possible to the Toronto FUDCon :-)
01:24:57 <mchua> We just reclaimed $900 for the budget from CommArch folks not coming
01:25:01 <mchua> (Karsten, Max, and Greg)
01:25:02 <stickster> I'm editing the wiki as we speak :-)
01:25:12 <mchua> (Greg's ticket being paid for by Other People that he's speaking for that week)
01:25:19 <stickster> Things are a bit sluggish on the wiki tonight :-\
01:25:32 <mchua> Ok. So going through emails - some are "fund me" emails and some are 'take me off the list' emails
01:25:38 <stickster> We apparently are reclaiming big wads of money -- which is good
01:25:47 <mchua> Email #1: Kevin Higgins (release party contest winner) can't make it to this FUDCon
01:25:55 <stickster> We will need a little more for the bus than we had estimated, so that $900 will go to good use ;-)
01:25:57 <mchua> Asks if he can defer his FUDCon
01:26:05 <stickster> I see no reason we can't do that.
01:26:17 <mchua> Okay. #action Kevin Higgins gets sponsored for the next FUDCon instead
01:26:20 <stickster> In my view, he's entitled to a FUDCon pass, whether that happens this time or later.
01:26:22 <mchua> +
01:26:24 <mchua> +1
01:26:32 <mchua> and +$400 to budget.
01:26:41 <stickster> It'd be great if I could edit that in :-D
01:26:46 <mchua> How much do we have so far now, with the $1300 we've just freed?
01:27:03 * mchua waits for the wiki to crawl
01:27:20 <mchua> (for those following along at home, Paul and I are actually sitting next to each other in a hotel in Raleigh, but the connection is just *awful*)
01:27:28 <mchua> (my laptop can't even load wiki pages; his is barely creaking through)
01:27:41 <stickster> Actually, IRC isn't too bad, but the wiki seems to be not very responsive
01:29:26 <stickster> Well, maybe I spoke too soon. :-)
01:29:39 <stickster> OK, we also need to get the lodging amounts for non-attendees out of there
01:29:39 <mchua> We're also reclaiming swaths of budget from the people-who-aren't-coming's hotel.
01:29:49 <stickster> That's $600 coming back to us including Max, Greg, Karsten, and Kevin.
01:29:57 <mchua> So we are now $1900 up.
01:30:03 <stickster> Apparently we do a pretty good job of searching the sofa cushions around these parts ;-)
01:30:07 <mchua> This is the best "how do we spend money" meeting ever.
01:30:20 <mchua> We ANTI-SPEND IT!
01:30:30 <stickster> We just cut all the travel, and that's how we save enough to spend more on travel.
01:30:37 <stickster> We could essentially run the US government at this point.
01:30:49 <stickster> I have a nice printer, we could print up money
01:30:57 <stickster> That seems to work pretty well these days.
01:34:40 * stickster notes there is a lag here while Mel and I resolve some networking problems.
01:40:03 <mchua> The wiki page that tells us what our budget is won't load, basically.
01:40:20 <stickster> (or anything fp.o, for that matter)
01:40:23 <mchua> So we're going to try to figure out the amount of $ we have from email archives, and err on the side of conservatism.
01:40:35 * ctyler pokes head in
01:41:22 * ctyler offers to be irc-to-wiki proxy if req'd
01:42:40 <mchua> ctyler: I think we just solved it; seems to be some DNS issue
01:42:44 <mchua> /etc/hosts did the trick
01:42:49 <ctyler> :-)
01:42:52 <mchua> ooookay, now figuring out how much $ we have to spend...
01:44:08 <mchua> $1500 for community air travel already allocated
01:44:13 <mchua> +$1900 we just cleared up
01:44:34 <mchua> +$400 community lodging already allocated
01:45:40 <mchua> whoops, that's $450 community lodging allocated
01:45:55 <mchua> so $1500 + $1900 + $450 =$ 3850
01:46:19 <mchua> Anything else to add to the pot?
01:46:21 <stickster> That's a pretty good kick in the pants.
01:46:56 * stickster notes that there may be a little bit extra coming from the Fedora Engineering budget for Q3, where we've ended up with a small surplus
01:47:04 * mchua will try to make her travel + room <$400 also, so that may clear up an extra ticket.
01:47:07 <mchua> but that's later.
01:47:31 * stickster notes that mchua should expense that gas then :-)
01:47:43 <mchua> Okay. $3850.
01:47:48 <mchua> In order of email...
01:47:50 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Sdz
01:48:47 <mchua> Sebastian has requested $500 for partial plane fare; he is already covering his own hotel
01:48:59 <mchua> and that's plane fare from Germany.
01:49:13 <stickster> There are a lot of EDU bases that Sebastian can cover here
01:49:26 <stickster> Especially with ctyler and gregdek being there
01:49:44 <stickster> We also need some closure/direction on the SoaS issue
01:49:55 <stickster> Plus Moblin + Mini
01:50:24 <stickster> This is a big +1, and Steven Parrish is supposed to hook up with him for some sessions on Sugar
01:50:41 <stickster> Let me wrap up Sebastian and Steven and say, yes, both of these folks should be there.
01:50:47 <mchua> User:StevenParrish#FUDCON_2009_Proposal
01:51:00 <stickster> Steven is a good bargain, too, because he's flying on his own dime
01:51:24 <mchua> Steven has asked for $240.
01:51:39 <mchua> He is presenting 2 topics. Effective Bug Reporting, And Sugar & Fedora.
01:51:46 <mchua> Also running a KDE hackfest
01:51:56 <mchua> and a lot of Sugar/OLPC/education work
01:52:17 <stickster> Because Steven is covering the flight himself, I don't see a problem covering his passport cost.
01:52:27 <mchua> So that is $500 for Sebastian and $240 for Steven
01:54:08 * mchua watches stickster whip open openoffice.org-calc and start The Spreadsheet
01:54:43 <mchua> We have $3110 remaining.
01:54:58 <mchua> Next name up is Adam Miller, who is already sponsored by FAMNA
01:55:09 <mchua> I think that's just a "yay, he's coming" note - doesn't impact our budget here, his justification is already taken care of
01:55:15 <mchua> (FAMNA being the answer for both)
01:55:18 <mchua> but just noting that here.
01:55:24 <stickster> Right. Once again, thank you to FAMNA for that.
01:55:43 <mchua> And we now get to reclaim MORE MONEY
01:55:51 <mchua> because David Nalley has reported that he's going to fund himself
01:57:06 <mchua> ...although I think that may have been because our budget situation used to be far more dire.
01:57:31 <stickster> Hmm, because we are finding some change in the cushions, I would really like to check into that
01:58:40 <stickster> Let's set aside $600 for David.
01:59:07 <stickster> That way, if we get to the end of the list and we're still in the black, we know we're in great shape.
01:59:55 <mchua> Okay. So tentatively we have $2510 remaining.
02:00:49 <mchua> next up is Ian Weller
02:00:50 <mchua> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Ianweller/FUDCon_Toronto_2009_info
02:01:00 <mchua> He has requested $475
02:01:10 <mchua> $275 for a flight to Boston and $200 for hotel
02:01:31 <mchua> Hotel's actually $150, so that's $425.
02:01:48 <mchua> Oh - wait, nm, he's taking the bus, so that is an extra day of hotel.
02:01:49 <mchua> $475.
02:01:53 <stickster> Statistics 2.0 + event-splash + Moksha stuff == yes.
02:02:05 <mchua> He's also offered to run a user track...
02:02:12 <mchua> (on offlineimap)
02:03:39 <stickster> I wouldn't mind seeing him do a user track class that wasn't offlineimap
02:03:51 <mchua> What user track classes are we in most need of that he can do?
02:04:06 <stickster> We have to reach a consensus on the user track classes before we can answer that :-)
02:04:12 <stickster> That's for another thread, I think :-)
02:04:13 <mchua> Okay. Thursday's meeting, perhaps
02:04:16 <stickster> Exactly
02:04:26 <mchua> oh, wait. meetbot...
02:04:34 <mchua> #action $500 for Sebastian Dziallas approved
02:04:39 <mchua> #action $240 for Steven Parrish approved
02:04:44 <stickster> Yay meetbot!
02:04:48 <mchua> #action $600 set aside for David Nalley
02:05:11 <mchua> #action $475 for Ian Weller approved conditional on the addition of the running of a user track (to be specified later with us) to his plans
02:05:19 <stickster> *nod
02:05:35 <mchua> We've got about $2k left.
02:05:36 <mchua> next:
02:05:37 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:danielsmw
02:05:40 <mchua> Matthew Daniels
02:05:51 <stickster> Matthew's name was suggested to me by a few people
02:06:02 * mchua notes that all funded attendees will also be expected to blog about FUDCon on Planet ;)
02:06:19 <stickster> A community vouch like that makes me immediately inclined to say yes :-)
02:06:25 <mchua> Matthew needs $600 to come but would ideally like $700
02:07:03 <stickster> We can do $700
02:08:25 <mchua> For a student, I know that $100 is quite a bit to pony up.
02:08:56 <stickster> The two things that jump out at me on danielsmw's list are:
02:08:58 <stickster> Zikula
02:09:05 <stickster> Reorg of packaging guidelines
02:09:14 <stickster> The first is a really hot need; the second is less hot but terribly important
02:09:19 <mchua> I've seen Matthew trying to get into zikula; I think he'd do a great job here.
02:09:19 <stickster> And really needs someone to drive it
02:09:23 <stickster> I'm sure of it.
02:09:27 <stickster> I approve.
02:09:37 <mchua> I'd like to see him run a session or two here, actually.
02:09:53 <mchua> He noted that he'd like to use this FUDCon to learn how to run a session at future FUDCons, but I think he's ready to jump in;)
02:10:05 <mchua> in particular, if he'd like to take planning for the Teaching Open Source session off my hands...
02:10:30 <mchua> (I think it'll be more a panel/roundtable anyhow)
02:10:30 <stickster> I think he should just jump in.
02:10:30 <mchua> Yeah.
02:10:34 <stickster> I agree, a session is a great way to get started.
02:10:43 <stickster> If he has any teaching experience or even just a yen, it's a no-brainer.
02:10:44 <mchua> User track?
02:10:48 <stickster> Hey, that's a great idea.
02:11:17 <stickster> #agreed ianweller -- tap for a user track session
02:11:24 <stickster> #agreed danielsmw -- tap for a user track session
02:11:33 <mchua> So approval conditional on teaching of a user track session, and we'll work with him to figure out that that is, and the TOS stuff will be shiny/optional and I will follow up on that.
02:11:49 * stickster notes that our conditionals are "lightly conditional"
02:12:32 <stickster> The conditions that are "heavy" are blogging and getting involved in hackfest; and submission of receipts to CommArch for payment
02:12:34 <mchua> #action $700 for Matthew Daniels conditional on teaching of a user track TBD
02:13:15 <mchua> by "submission of receipts to CommArch for payment" we mean "give them to Mel"
02:14:05 <stickster> :-)
02:14:18 * stickster thinks Mel loves her new spending *POWER*
02:14:33 <mchua> Not really. I hate expense reports. Just trying to get stuff of your back, o fearless leader. :P
02:14:44 <mchua> Last request so far
02:14:46 <mchua> Rex Dieter
02:14:57 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Rdieter/FUDCon/
02:15:39 <stickster> I think there may be a few that are on the pre-reg list that haven't filled the request we made
02:15:41 <stickster> But
02:15:47 <stickster> Let's at least close these out :-)
02:16:35 <stickster> Rex == big yes. Rex is a member of the KDE SIG and has been instrumental in a number of ongoing discussions about spins, targets, and so forth.
02:16:50 <mchua> Rex has requested $350 for airfare and a hotel room for himself and Aaron Seigo.
02:16:59 <mchua> Which would be $150 each (should we consider Aaron separately?)
02:17:56 <stickster> That seems manageable.
02:18:18 <mchua> I'd like to ask Aaron to submit a request for hotel funding, because I'd like to make sure we have notes for each individual ew fund.
02:18:21 <mchua> er, we fund.
02:18:25 <stickster> I agree.
02:18:38 <stickster> Let's ask him to do that, and assuming he does, we can cover his half of that hotel room.
02:18:40 <mchua> But we can earmark those funds in the same way we did for David.
02:18:52 <mchua> Because they've both pseudo-requested.
02:19:19 * stickster is interesting in finding out what might be keeping some of the other requesters from providing the information for which we asked earlier
02:19:30 <stickster> Maybe they haven't seen our announcements?
02:19:42 <mchua> I'll email them individually again.
02:19:43 <stickster> Uncertain -- I think we sent email to each individual
02:19:53 * stickster notes "again" and sees confirmation
02:19:57 <stickster> Thanks to mchua :-)
02:20:04 <mchua> #action mchua to email each pre-reg individual that hasn't applied, once more
02:20:40 <mchua> Rex approval for his funding, and we'll earmark $150 for Aaron's hotel.
02:20:40 <mchua> #action Rex Dieter approved for $500
02:20:49 <mchua> #action $150 earmarked for Aaron Seigo on condition of application
02:21:11 <mchua> We now have $685 and then whatever Spot's budget kicks in.
02:21:35 <mchua> We're now going to go through the list and see who needs to still apply
02:21:53 <mchua> ...wait, Pascal Calarco put his in
02:22:03 <stickster> Yes, his is in the pre-reg ara
02:22:06 <stickster> *area
02:22:09 <mchua> in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Toronto_2009
02:22:12 <stickster> He asks for $120 for car rental.
02:22:25 <stickster> He will be participating in Fedora Insight from the FWN team
02:22:41 <mchua> He has already been instrumental in getting FWN's workflow together and happening.
02:22:41 <stickster> and also Ambassador work scheduled for FUDCon.
02:23:10 <stickster> I think this is a great value -- he's staying with family in the YYZ area
02:23:24 <mchua> We really need someone to do the content/workflow stuff during the FI/zikula/docs hackathon
02:23:33 <stickster> Yes, someone who's actually tried it already
02:23:39 <stickster> And has a definite application in mind
02:24:31 <stickster> I think the deliverable for pcalarco would be a finalized FWN workflow that resolves any problems that have cropped up in the test runs he's presently doing (and will continue to do over the next weeks).
02:25:02 <mchua> #action Pascal Calarco $120 approved conditional on deliverable of finalized FWN workflow in zikula.
02:25:18 <mchua> And now we have $565.
02:25:24 <mchua> Plus Spot's budget.
02:25:28 <mchua> (Of unknown quantity.)
02:25:47 <stickster> The other thing we need to keep in mind is that the bus cost is likely higher than projected
02:25:58 <stickster> So that $565 + Spot's money needs to cover the overage, which I think it will do, and then some.
02:26:18 <stickster> I'm thinking we should hold about $1200 for the bus.
02:26:24 <stickster> Spot has something like $1500 total left over
02:26:45 <stickster> Which is what, $865 if we figure to the dime?
02:27:01 <mchua> Yeah, though when the bus item comes in we'll hopefully find that we've got more money than we thought, once again.
02:27:04 <stickster> yes
02:27:16 <stickster> The benefit of conservative financial planning :-D
02:27:35 <stickster> We probably have a margin that lets us get a couple more people in under the wire if we receive some more applications.
02:27:44 <mchua> Let's go through and list the people who still need to submit funding apps (who have stated that they want funding on the pre-reg page but have not gotten proposals in)
02:27:54 <mchua> #topic People who ought to ask us for monies
02:28:22 <mchua> Clint savage
02:28:28 <mchua> Jon Stanley
02:28:33 <mchua> Xavier Lamien
02:28:36 <mchua> Ben Boeckel
02:28:51 <mchua> Jaroslav Reznik
02:30:02 <mchua> (Those are the people listed as "want $" in pre-reg who have not submitted proposals)
02:30:42 <mchua> In addition to that list, there are several people with whom we've discussed FUDCon attendance/funding but aren't listed in pre-reg)
02:30:56 <mchua> Eric Christiansen
02:31:07 <mchua> Simon Birtwistle
02:31:37 <mchua> and then people from https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/64
02:32:04 <mchua> John Rose
02:32:09 <mchua> Brian Powell
02:32:15 <mchua> Ricky Zhou
02:32:41 <mchua> We're now going through and seeing if we can get requests for any of these people now.
02:32:50 <mchua> Note that if you are not on this list, you can *still* ask for funding.
02:35:45 <mchua> Oh, Jaroslav has put a funding request up, but not emailed myself and Paul
02:35:48 <mchua> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JaroslavReznik#FUDCon_2009_Toronto
02:39:03 <mchua> He's asked for $700 plane + $150 hotel = $850
02:39:15 <mchua> he is a Red Hat engineer from Brno working on the Base OS dev team
02:39:29 <stickster> The only issue that I see with this application is that for what we'd pay for this attendance, we could cover 2 or 3 more North American attendees.
02:39:41 <stickster> And we still have a significant number of people on the list
02:39:45 <mchua> Does system configuration in fedora/RHEL as well as involvement in the KDE SIG
02:40:03 <stickster> And we don't have any word from whether his team will cover his attendance.
02:40:12 <mchua> If we can get his RH team to cover his attendance, that's great.
02:40:15 <stickster> I can email the team manager and ask about that.
02:40:31 <stickster> But I would say that it would be a wiser use of our funds to try and get more North American folks to the event if possible.
02:40:43 <mchua> Brno already has a number of Fedora events happening locally.
02:41:27 <mchua> It's a wise use of our funds to fund local people to attend local events; so we should send NA folks to NA FUDCon and EMEA folks to EMEA events.
02:41:44 <mchua> whenever possible, unless they're 100% vital for a FUDCon to happen (such as Simon for the zikula hackfest.)
02:43:20 <mchua> #action stickster to advocate for Jaroslav Reznik's RH team to fund his travel to FUDCon
02:46:44 <stickster> I think we've rounded up the bulk of slated folks at this point
02:46:47 <mchua> I'll go and email everyone we need to ping right now.
02:46:56 <mchua> #action mchua email people with approvals, begin plane/hotel booking process
02:47:04 <stickster> Right, and we'll monitor budget carefully over the next week or so to see if we have some more wiggle room
02:47:08 <mchua> #action mchua email people who have not applied and encourage them, once again, to submit proposals
02:47:12 <stickster> We'll also know more when the bus costs are finalized
02:48:07 * stickster has nothing further
02:48:10 <mchua> Okay. This is your FUDCon planning team, signing off.
02:48:14 <mchua> #endmeeting