01:08:15 <camm> #startmeeting
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01:08:47 <camm> I'm watching my email for other Ushahidians
01:09:02 <camm> So we have Rob, Josh, Lori and me
01:09:22 <camm> Joe Welch and Alan Rea won't join us
01:09:53 <camm> Rather than roll-call I've gathered everyone's Ushahidi use-case
01:10:06 <camm> Josh Dehlinger - Towson University -  i am currently using it as a part of an independent study class with 2 students to adapt into one of our existing citizen science projects
01:10:13 <camm> Lori Postner - I am hoping to use the Ushahidi apis in my Mobile App Development class/sophomore year/200 level
01:10:20 <camm> Robert Sjodin - Software Engineering, taught in the Fall (now), but I may be able to do something this Spring in a Mobile Course.
01:10:56 <camm> Cam Macdonell - MacEwan University - general Ushahidi Helper, I use Ushahidi in Software Engineering
01:11:17 <camm> So that saves some people some typing
01:11:54 <camm> JDehlinger: can I pick on you to say how your Ushahidi use is progressing?
01:12:02 <camm> How is the Wavyleaf?
01:12:05 <JDehlinger> of course
01:12:55 <JDehlinger> my students have it up and running locally and we are 1-2 weeks away from having it public - which will be nice to have something to show
01:13:59 <camm> Using V2, correct?
01:13:59 <JDehlinger> for them, it took a little of re-engineering. we had existing mobile apps, php scripts and a database set their task was to figure out what ushahidi needed, the data format and how we could write a small wrapper in our php scripts so that it would be in a better format for ushahidi
01:14:06 <JDehlinger> yes, v2
01:14:26 <JDehlinger> for us, we mostly wanted the data mapping/visualization provided by ushahidi
01:14:48 <camm> and the public will be able to make reports?
01:15:03 <JDehlinger> it took a lot of time for them playing around with uhsahidi and figuring out how we can use the various categories
01:15:28 <JDehlinger> correct, the mobile apps are public and can submit info - sort of a citizen science project
01:16:22 <camm> Did you make mobile apps or will the public just use iOS/Android versions of Ushahidi
01:16:50 <JDehlinger> we had existing mobile apps for the past 2 years or so
01:16:52 <camm> #topic Summary of Ushahidi work
01:16:56 <camm> (a little late)
01:17:16 <camm> #info JDehlinger - my students have it up and running locally and we are 1-2 weeks away from having it public
01:17:30 * camm is trying to make the "minutes" useful
01:17:53 <camm> Hello Kate!
01:18:00 <KateLockwood> Hi!
01:18:44 <camm> Here's Kate's Ushahidi use-case - Kate Lockwood - Software engineering for upper division students.
01:19:04 <camm> (I'm trying to save people re-typing what they do every meeting)
01:19:09 <JDehlinger> #idea going forward, as a group we might want to come up with some kind of ushahidi-specific assessment/evaluation for students to look at how FOSS/ushahidi contributed to student interest/motivation/etc
01:19:24 <camm> oooh we have that already
01:20:09 <camm> we'll make sure to get it to you
01:20:32 <camm> JDehlinger: repeated question - Did you make mobile apps or will the public just use iOS/Android versions of Ushahidi
01:20:34 <KateLockwood> Apologies for being late - kids are extra crazy tonight. Are we doing updates? My biggest accomplishment since last meeting is that I have an appointment to meet with our service learning coordinator to talk about how to get our SE course certified - should have an update on that by next Ushahidi meeting
01:21:08 <camm> Yes, We're in the middle of updates.
01:21:20 <JDehlinger> camm: we have our own mobile apps that we'll continue to use - unfortunately they were developed and have been used for ~2 years
01:21:55 <camm> Can the public report incidents with them that will end up in your Ushahidi deployment?
01:22:08 <JDehlinger> yes
01:22:34 <camm> That was the scripting part your students figured out?
01:23:30 <JDehlinger> the needed to slightly rewrite our existing php scripts meant for our old database to ones that are easier for the ushahidi format
01:23:39 <camm> cool
01:23:46 <camm> And now I see you mentioned "we had existing mobile apps", sorry I missed that
01:24:09 <camm> thanks for all the explanations
01:24:47 <camm> This kinda fits with Lori's needs since she wants to exclusively do the mobile side
01:25:19 <camm> lorip: I have some links for you, but do you want to say anything first?
01:25:27 <lorip> yes
01:25:37 <JDehlinger> our mobile apps are open source and i can provide the repo if helpful
01:26:20 <lorip> I'm in the process of designing a project for my mobile app class where my students will be retrieving data from a Ushahidi deployment, parsing the data and displaying it on a google map
01:26:50 <lorip> they have been playing around with openweathermap and I want them to use Ushahidi to try what we've done with openweathermap on their own
01:27:37 <lorip> so I was asking Camm about good deployments - I was hoping for something with data on from the NE so it would be relevant to my students
01:27:47 <camm> KateLockwood: I just had to tell my kids to settle down, so don't feel bad :)
01:27:51 <lorip> does this fit with any of your work josh?
01:28:02 <lorip> right now I'm looking at
01:28:15 <lorip> #link
01:28:17 <lorip> and
01:28:28 <JDehlinger> our work is focused on an invasive species found in MD/PA/ not really
01:28:29 <lorip> #link
01:28:45 <camm> Yes, I was going to suggest that one
01:29:17 <camm> Crowdmap are Ushahidi V2 deployments that are hosted by Ushahidi itself
01:29:30 <camm> as in Ushahidi the organization
01:30:00 <camm> Here's a few other crowdmap -
01:30:11 <lorip> I was hoping for something a bit more recent - I was reading about the use for snow removal in NY last year, but can't find it
01:30:52 <camm> The best place to ask is the Ushahidi gitter/IRC/etc channel
01:31:03 <camm> since they typically know who set the site up
01:31:16 <camm> Here's another (quite a tragic topic)
01:31:28 <camm> but may motivate some students
01:31:38 <camm> Here are some non-crowdmap ones
01:32:00 <lorip> I was questioning how my students might react to the topics of some of these
01:32:08 <camm> indeed
01:32:24 <camm> there could be some triggers to be cautious of
01:32:37 <camm> So non-crowdmap
01:32:40 <camm>
01:32:44 <lorip> my plan was to give a number of choices and if they find others they want to use that would be find as well
01:33:02 <camm> ^ chemtrails for your conspiracy theorist students
01:33:08 <camm>
01:33:34 <lorip> what is chemtrails?
01:34:31 <camm> Specific "cloud" formations that chemtrail supporters are not natural and are actually the govt dispersing mind-control narcotics via what look like airplane exhaust
01:34:54 <camm> chemtrail supports *say* are not
01:35:19 <lorip> aah, yes I understand the conspiracy theory comment now
01:35:39 <camm> Here's one that's atleast north, if not east US -
01:36:13 <lorip> how are you finding all of these?
01:36:24 <camm> I asked in the Ushahidi chat channel
01:36:36 <camm> And one more
01:36:37 <lorip> ok - thanks!
01:37:26 <camm> Ya, I encourage every to at least lurk there, they're very friendly
01:37:28 <lorip> so I hope to have more to report next time on how my students did...
01:37:37 <camm> Cool,
01:38:06 <camm> And lorip you could possibly use Josh's when it's public
01:38:36 <camm> I think one of the cool lessons about APIs is having student understand that if these sites use the same API, then mobile apps can work with all of them
01:38:38 <lorip> that would be awesome - it would be great for my students to use what josh's created!
01:39:08 <camm> the API is the "agreement" between services and mobile apps
01:39:11 <JDehlinger> more pressure on my students to get it up soon :)
01:39:33 <camm> lorip's course is next term, so you have a bit of time
01:39:36 <lorip> exactly... this is my first time teaching APIs and JSON parsing and I am really enjoying it (and I hope my students are too)
01:39:52 <lorip> camm: my class is this term, darci teaches it next term
01:39:52 <camm> Oh, you're doing it now, my mistake
01:40:03 <lorip> I'm planning to give this assignment on Thursday - UGH!
01:40:35 <camm> rsjodin: can you give an update?
01:40:41 <lorip> but josh, it would be great if you had something for darci next semester
01:41:04 <JDehlinger> my student graduates this semester, so it has to be up by dec 1
01:41:49 <rsjodin> I’ve been browsing aroung GitHub and the wiki; I’m not sure where to start.
01:42:52 <camm> Last meeting you were asking about the mobile app, did you get it installed?
01:43:27 <rsjodin> It’s installed on my phone; but I haven’t downloaded the source.
01:44:20 <camm> Have you configured the app on your phone to use a back-end server?
01:44:35 <camm> Any one of the links above should work
01:44:35 <rsjodin> No.
01:44:41 <rsjodin> Ok
01:44:42 <camm> That would be the next step
01:44:58 <rsjodin> I’ll do that.
01:45:38 <camm> The next step would be building your own version in either iOS or Android
01:46:27 <rsjodin> Is there documentation that describes that?
01:47:19 <camm> There's some here -
01:47:59 <camm> and that is the Android App itself.  Building it should be a matter of checking the code out via git with Android Studio and building it.
01:48:16 <camm> Alan Rea would be a good person to ask as he has done it recently
01:48:56 <rsjodin> The README says that it’s deprecated.
01:49:00 <camm> I'm keeping an eye on the time here, KateLockwood do you have anything to add?
01:49:33 <KateLockwood> Not really. I should have my course proposal approved soon. That’s the first hurdle.
01:49:41 <KateLockwood> Then service learning ceritification
01:49:48 <camm> rsjodin: yes, because of the move to Version 3, but if V2 deployments are very common and you must use the V2 mobile app with them
01:50:08 <KateLockwood> I can teach the class once under our provisional “special topics” approval which I already have, but if we want to keep offering it, we need to go through a whole process.
01:50:11 <KateLockwood> I don
01:50:33 <camm> My university is just getting service learning policies firmed up, so I'll be interested to hear how yours goes
01:50:37 <KateLockwood> I don’t know if any of my materials would be useful to anyone else, but I’d be happy to share my course proposal and servic elearning justification once I have it finished
01:50:56 <camm> sure
01:51:08 <lorip> that would be great!
01:51:30 <camm> #topic planning our next meeting
01:52:27 <camm> At the end of last meeting we mentioned trying a screen-sharing tool
01:52:55 <camm> my crazy idea is that Lori and Josh could each give a brief demo of what their students have done this term
01:53:08 <KateLockwood> That would be great! I’d really like to see that
01:53:52 <camm> I realize end of term is a nutty time, but I want to emphasize that we don't need anything fancy
01:54:00 <lorip> i'm not sure how that might work as we deploy to a tablet
01:54:23 <JDehlinger> i could do that - i'd likely ask my students to prepare a small youtube video
01:54:24 <camm> Can you run the code in an Android simulator?
01:54:55 <lorip> haven't tried, but will
01:55:26 <camm> If it runs on devices, it can run in the simulator, it's just slower
01:55:46 <lorip> ok
01:56:23 <camm> Ok, so let's settle on a date.  Josh mentioned Dec 1 as a due date, Nov 30 would be our usual date, do we want to push back to say Dec 7?
01:56:34 <camm> 4 weeks from today
01:56:51 <JDehlinger> works for me
01:56:53 <rsjodin> That works for me.
01:56:59 <lorip> me too :)
01:57:06 <KateLockwood> Sure!
01:57:29 <camm> I hope seeing some stuff running can help rsjodin and KateLockwood and other "next term" instructors to get some ideas what's possible/reasonable
01:57:56 <camm> OK, so let's go with Dec 7th
01:57:56 <lorip> how are we going to do the screen sharing - I missed that last meeting
01:58:27 <camm> Likely a Google hangout
01:59:07 <camm> But if Josh's students make Youtube videos, then we *may* not need depending how Lori wants to show
01:59:27 <lorip> ok - let me think about it and get back to you
01:59:33 <camm> Sure things
01:59:37 <camm> thing
01:59:50 <camm> Ok, any last questions/comments?
02:00:17 <camm> Going once
02:00:20 <lorip> thanks for all the links camm, I really appreciate it!
02:00:22 <JDehlinger> not here
02:00:23 <camm> ...twice...
02:00:31 <rsjodin> Gone
02:00:37 <rsjodin> :)
02:00:54 <camm> Ok, good night everyone, feel free to email me if you questions/ideas, we can talk in between these meetings too
02:01:04 <rsjodin> Thank you.
02:01:04 <camm> #endmeeting