20:00:32 <sijis> #startmeeting
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20:00:50 <sijis> #topic Who's here
20:01:06 * hiemanshu 
20:01:33 <sijis> i think today's meeting will be short and sweet
20:02:00 <hiemanshu> Yup
20:02:10 <hiemanshu> nb, ricky, mizmo, mchua : ping
20:02:50 <sijis> we'll give them a min or two and just continue
20:03:34 <hiemanshu> yup
20:04:13 <sijis> ok, let's move on
20:04:22 <sijis> #topic get.fp.o redesign
20:04:27 <sijis> ok, so this one is on me.
20:04:45 <sijis> i made some really minor updates to the branch.
20:05:00 * hiemanshu did see a couple comiits
20:05:05 <sijis> i'll be picking this up next week and get all the rough-in stuff
20:05:06 <hiemanshu> commits**
20:05:20 <sijis> then polish it after that.
20:05:43 <sijis> i will need to find out from mizmo if we should incorporate this with the fp.o redesign or keep them seperate
20:05:58 <hiemanshu> I ll jump in once I am done with my personal work
20:06:11 <sijis> #action reach out to mizmo and determine if get.fp.o redesign should be part of fp.o redesign or keep them seperate
20:06:24 <sijis> hiemanshu: understood.
20:06:35 <sijis> any questions on get.fp.o?
20:06:47 <hiemanshu> nope
20:06:54 <sijis> #topic blogs.fp.o - status
20:06:59 <sijis> nb: ping
20:07:08 <hiemanshu> nb isnt here, he is probably at work
20:07:24 <sijis> blogs.fp.o has been on hold for a while now. i'd like to get this off our place and put it in use
20:07:33 <hiemanshu> yup
20:07:34 <sijis> s/place/plate
20:07:38 <hiemanshu> its still the ssl issue IIRC
20:07:55 <sijis> yeah? i thought it may have been documentation too
20:08:12 <sijis> there is a blogs.stg environment setup. i'll reach out to ricky on how to access that
20:08:40 <sijis> we could use that to fix the ssl and redirects problem.
20:09:00 <sijis> #action sijis will reach out to nb and find out what's left to do on blogs.fp.o
20:09:18 <sijis> #action will reach out to ricky on the blogs.stg environment
20:09:35 <sijis> anything else we should ask ricky or nb?
20:09:49 <hiemanshu> not for now
20:09:52 <hiemanshu> thats about it
20:09:53 <sijis> ok
20:10:10 <sijis> #topic Fedora Insight
20:10:21 <hiemanshu> We still have to solve the design tickets
20:10:37 <hiemanshu> mchua said she is waiting for itbegins (simon) for something
20:10:43 <sijis> is it strickly design or coding?
20:10:45 <hiemanshu> mchua: ping
20:10:58 <hiemanshu> sijis: design+coding+docs IIRC
20:11:11 <sijis> its in PHP right.. based on zikula?
20:11:56 <hiemanshu> yup
20:12:31 <sijis> i did see some intro message from interested folks for web and a few knew php
20:12:49 <sijis> we can reach out to them and see if they have time and are interested in helping out
20:13:28 <hiemanshu> Most of it still PHP and zikula templating based
20:13:38 <sijis> ok
20:14:00 * hiemanshu finds the link to the tickets
20:14:33 <hiemanshu> #link https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&keywords=%7Einsight&order=priority
20:15:46 <sijis> ok, nice
20:16:08 <sijis> anything else on this?
20:16:29 <hiemanshu> Nothing
20:16:34 <sijis> #topic open floor
20:16:50 <sijis> is there anything else that wasn't brought up, which should have been?
20:17:50 <hiemanshu> sijis: we will have to contact poelcat for the list of spins so that we can inturn contact the spin owners
20:18:15 <sijis> so they can update their content?
20:18:23 <hiemanshu> yup
20:18:28 <hiemanshu> and we can add new spins if any
20:18:47 <hiemanshu> IIRC last date for making it final is 23rd Jan
20:19:05 <sijis> yeah, spins.fp.o is really dependent on the spin having a current release
20:19:25 <sijis> although, you can do spins.fp.o/spinname if there is no current release for that spin
20:19:26 <hiemanshu> yup
20:19:48 <hiemanshu> so we can have the ones that in the process ready with content for us
20:19:51 <sijis> did you see the yslow report sent by biertie on the infra list yesterday?
20:20:26 <hiemanshu> I will be seeing it soon
20:20:26 <sijis> yeah, there are some open enhancements for spins.fp.o.. primarily a sub-nav feature
20:20:45 <sijis> in case you havn'et seen it
20:20:50 <sijis> #link http://bdesmet.be/upload/finished.pdf
20:21:32 <sijis> its very interesting stuff. some of it can be fixed somewhat easily.
20:21:38 <hiemanshu> sijis: I dont see a spins.gfp.o
20:22:14 <mchua> hiemanshu: pong - yep, we may be ready to go to staging, but the design tickets still need to be resolved.
20:23:09 <sijis> hiemanshu: you can't get to http://spins.fedoraproject.org/?
20:23:26 <sijis> mchua: what's the current URL for FI?
20:24:56 <sijis> lastly, in the last month there were a few folks interested in helping with web but none of us replied.
20:25:14 <sijis> i'll be doign that later today. i'd hate for them to feel left out or no needed.
20:25:16 <mchua> sijis: everything's linked off https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight
20:25:45 <sijis> mchua: thanks.. this is in case someone asks about it. i know what to refer to
20:26:00 <dhillon-v10> hi all, I am a new member here, sorry I am a little late for the meeting, I wanted to know how I can help out
20:26:08 <hiemansh1> sijis: my server lost network, mind fpasting from my last talk
20:26:13 <hiemansh1> or /msg
20:26:15 <sijis> dhillon-v10: welcome.
20:26:39 <mchua> sijis: Yep, hiemansh1 went into Awesome Mode and so the setup for folks to help is at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight#Design, with tickets listed.
20:26:41 <dhillon-v10> sijis, :) thanks so how and where can I start
20:27:05 <sijis> hiemansh1: http://fpaste.org/vrwm/
20:27:28 <sijis> dhillon-v10: we are almost done here.. if you stick around another min or so, we can find something for you
20:27:38 <mchua> dhillon-v10: we're looking for help with a website called Fedora Insight - can you look at the URL I posted right above, and see if there's anything you'd be interested in picking up on?
20:28:02 <dhillon-v10> sijis, alright :)
20:28:19 <hiemansh1> sijis: I was speaking about the yslow results for spins
20:28:19 <dhillon-v10> mchua, okay, I am looking at the page thanks :)
20:28:24 <sijis> anyhow.. in terms of the meeting anything else, otherwise, i'll close in 30
20:28:52 <sijis> hiemansh1: we can ask bertie to run a report for the other sites.
20:29:07 <hiemansh1> biertie: ping
20:29:09 * sijis thinks he saw him join the channel earlier.
20:29:26 <biertie> hiemansh1: pong
20:29:45 <hiemansh1> biertie: Need a little help, we were hoping for yslow results for spins.fp.o
20:29:56 <sijis> and possibly a few other domains.
20:30:20 <biertie> I think I forgot a whole lot of domains :(
20:30:34 <sijis> biertie: that's ok.. there are plenty of them.
20:30:41 <biertie> ;)
20:30:44 <hiemansh1> biertie: instead of feeding us the fish, how about teaching us to fish
20:30:58 <sijis> haha.
20:30:59 <biertie> have you already installed yslow?
20:31:18 <sijis> we can do this after the meeting.
20:31:34 <sijis> ok.. we'll meet next week.
20:31:38 <sijis> thanks all for coming
20:31:40 <hiemanshu> server is back up
20:31:41 <sijis> #endmeeting