20:00:24 <hiemanshu> #startmeeting Fedora Websites
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20:00:34 <hiemanshu> #topic Who's here
20:00:44 * sijis is partially here
20:00:47 <hiemanshu> ricky: ping
20:00:53 <hiemanshu> tatica, mchua: ping
20:00:54 * ricky is here
20:01:49 <tatica> hiemanshu, pong
20:02:00 <hiemanshu> So Lets move on
20:02:06 <hiemanshu> #topic get.fp.o
20:02:20 * mchua here
20:02:23 <hiemanshu> sijis: around?
20:02:47 <sijis> somewhat...
20:03:01 <sijis> want me to talk about get.fp.o?
20:03:08 <hiemanshu> yup
20:03:09 * tatica : maria leandro :D
20:03:22 * digvijay here but for first time hence looking around
20:03:31 <ricky> Welcome
20:03:36 * mchua not usually around, but here for Fedora Insight questions
20:03:36 <hiemanshu> digvijay: Welcome
20:03:45 <sijis> so, i have to get started with get.fp.o project.
20:03:59 <digvijay> hiemanshu, ricky : thanks
20:04:06 <sijis> the idea it to be done with it before the next release.
20:04:20 <hiemanshu> sijis: Aim for F13-Alpha?
20:04:35 <sijis> currently on the repo, there is a specific branch for the work going on. you will see me start making changes to that in the next couple of days.
20:05:09 <sijis> hiemanshu: i don't know when the date for that is.. however, that would be a good time to do it. ideally, it should be before
20:05:19 <sijis> as initially it was proposed to do it by f12 release.
20:05:24 <hiemanshu> sijis: I think it about 20 weeks or so
20:05:57 <sijis> i would say.. lets target that.. but the sooner the better would work as well.
20:06:30 <hiemanshu> sijis: I ll update the trac with F13 Alpha as target
20:06:35 <hiemanshu> sijis: Anything else?
20:06:42 <sijis> nope. that's it on that.
20:06:52 <hiemanshu> #topic start.fp.o
20:06:57 <hiemanshu> sijis: you are up again
20:07:18 <sijis> so, there was a ticket requested a while back to make start.fp.o translatable.
20:07:37 <sijis> i currently have all the changes done on my repo locally
20:08:00 <sijis> ricky said he'll work with me to get that done on the infra side too when he's done with school.
20:08:18 <sijis> (which is in a week or so)
20:08:25 <ricky> It started yesterday, actually :_)
20:08:26 <ricky> **:-)
20:08:34 <sijis> i know there's a bunch of infra stuff going on.. so it may be a tad longer.
20:09:22 * giarc_ shows up late...
20:09:34 <sijis> however, i expect it to be done relatively short (next week or so)..
20:09:48 <sijis> this is more of an FYI.. as its currently just a static html page
20:10:37 <sijis> any questions/concerns on this?
20:10:47 * hiemanshu has nothing
20:11:04 <hiemanshu> Lets move ahead
20:11:10 <hiemanshu> #topic spins.fp.o
20:11:18 * mchua requests ping when Fedora Insight comes up, needs to finish a blog post
20:11:21 <hiemanshu> So spins was done intime for F12 release
20:11:25 <hiemanshu> mchua: sure
20:11:32 <mchua> thanks.
20:11:39 <hiemanshu> and sijis and mizmo did a really good job with it
20:11:39 <ricky> Biiig thanks to sijis :-)
20:11:46 <ricky> (And mizmo)
20:12:23 <hiemanshu> But we still have a few tickets for it pending
20:13:00 <sijis> thanks all.
20:13:13 <sijis> i'm slowly going through those tickets.
20:13:29 <hiemanshu> .webticket 6
20:13:33 <zodbot> #6 (implement sub-nav feature) - fedora-websites - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-websites/ticket/6
20:13:41 <hiemanshu> .webticket 7
20:13:45 <zodbot> #7 (spins.fp.o needs to document language support) - fedora-websites - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-websites/ticket/7
20:14:00 <hiemanshu> .webticket 3
20:14:11 <zodbot> timed out - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-websites/ticket/3
20:14:15 <hiemanshu> These are the 3 tickets that are currently pending
20:14:23 <hiemanshu> and have to be worked on
20:14:30 <sijis> the big one is the #6 ticket
20:15:14 <hiemanshu> sijis, ricky: ANything you want to add?
20:15:33 <sijis> nope
20:15:50 <ricky> Nope
20:16:05 <hiemanshu> #topic blogs.fp.o
20:16:10 <hiemanshu> nb_: ping
20:16:23 <hiemanshu> I am not too sure if nb is around
20:16:43 <hiemanshu> but we still need to get documentation of the blogs, and I think the redirection issue is still unfixed
20:17:16 <hiemanshu> ricky: do you think pinging the docs team could help?
20:17:29 <ricky> Is there a specific description of what documentation is needed?
20:17:42 <sijis> i think it was just 'how to setup a blog'
20:17:47 <hiemanshu> its on the list, its mainly how to setup a log
20:17:49 <hiemanshu> blog**
20:18:03 * hiemanshu will pester nb to send an update to the list
20:18:56 <sijis> we should know specifically under what circumstances that redirect breaks
20:19:11 <hiemanshu> sijis: its looks more after logging in
20:19:18 <hiemanshu> It seems to be an SSL issue
20:20:02 <sijis> ok.
20:20:16 * hiemanshu moves ahead
20:20:27 <hiemanshu> #topic Fedora Insight
20:20:29 <hiemanshu> mchua: ping
20:21:35 * hiemanshu wonders where mchua is
20:22:34 * hiemanshu moves on and will be back later
20:22:48 <hiemanshu> #topic User Gallery
20:23:06 <hiemanshu> so mizmo had a plan with the user gallery, and nothing really has been implemented
20:23:21 <hiemanshu> we need to work on mockups and a few ideas
20:23:46 <hiemanshu> But Well right I am thinking of more like a Photo Gallery
20:23:52 <hiemanshu> right now**
20:24:10 <hiemanshu> Where people who have been to different events, etc can upload their pics
20:24:20 <hiemanshu> sijis, ricky, tatica : Comments ?
20:24:45 <tatica> ok, give me just a second, I'm slow with english
20:24:53 * mchua looks up
20:25:08 <tatica> I have 3 links for this
20:25:12 <hiemanshu> mchua: wait for your turn
20:25:15 * mchua is here once this is done, yep
20:25:24 <ricky> You might get a little resistance from infrastructure on a photo gallery type thing unless there's a very good reason that none of our existing hosting services are sufficient
20:25:49 <hiemanshu> ricky: privacy
20:25:52 <tatica> 1.- http://tatica.org/meet-fedora/
20:26:04 <tatica> 2.- http://www.flickr.com/groups/fedora-latam/
20:26:11 <tatica> 3.- http://www.flickr.com/groups/fedora_people/
20:26:13 <ricky> What about privacy?
20:26:31 <ricky> I don't think we really want to serve any private content
20:26:48 <tatica> I took this photos, I can get full release on cc-by-sa of the people in those photos
20:27:17 <tatica> I can get permissions to jan 2nd week for all photos in there
20:27:50 <tatica> we could do something like link 1 but instead show people, we could use a group photo for the event-link
20:28:25 <hiemanshu> tatica: that more like what I was planning
20:28:46 <tatica> hiemanshu, jeje well, you got more support now
20:28:46 <hiemanshu> ricky: Chitlesh too needed a gallery
20:29:07 <hiemanshu> ricky: we can have it fedorapeople.org accounts
20:29:15 <hiemanshu> but a place with one album
20:29:18 <tatica> if we use photos to a website
20:29:19 <hiemanshu> and where anyone can upload
20:29:19 <ricky> Yeah, and infrastructure gave a little resistance for that too
20:29:33 <tatica> with a simple cc-by-sa / cc-*** / gpl works
20:31:12 <hiemanshu> I ll hit the list with an email soon
20:31:12 <hiemanshu> and see what others think as well
20:31:33 <hiemanshu> Lets move for now
20:31:37 <hiemanshu> #topic Fedora Insight
20:31:38 <hiemanshu> mchua: ping
20:31:42 <mchua> coolness.
20:31:45 <mchua> Well, there were two things I had.
20:31:46 <tatica> hiemanshu, you can use my links to support your idea
20:31:52 <hiemanshu> tatica: sure
20:31:57 <mchua> The first is that we need CSS help, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight#Design, but it looks like we've got that now (thanks tatica and hiemanshu!) so we're set, and I'm learning that we need to ask both Websites and Design for help with CSS stuff. :)
20:32:23 <mchua> So that leaves just one other question from me - I'm not sure what the arrangement is in terms of who's responsible for websites that start out as another team's project.
20:32:55 <mchua> And I'd like to get a notion on which team 'owns' Fedora Insight once it's launched (I'm happy to hand it off if Websites wants it, I'm happy to split infrastructure/content between Websites/Marketing, happy to keep it all in Marketing... just want to know where we should be aiming ;)
20:33:09 <mchua> So - is there any precedent? what would you like to do with this?
20:33:56 <hiemanshu> mchua: Lets keep the websites stuff (backend) stuff to -websites and the content to -mktg?
20:35:16 <mchua> hiemanshu: That's what I was thinking.
20:35:27 <mchua> It's going to be kinda fuzzy for a while until we get it up, I think.
20:35:56 <hiemanshu> mchua: from what I see know, I havent really seen anyone from -websites for FI
20:36:00 <hiemanshu> s/know/now
20:36:08 <mchua> But once we launch, and start thinking about "well, we could add these new features from the back-end side," I'd like to do that within Websites instead of within... well... the 5 or 6 different places we have that conversation going now.
20:36:30 <hiemanshu> mchua: so we might have to push them in telling "Hey, its a part of websites, see if you can help"
20:36:32 <sijis> is there a repo/location where the files are located?
20:36:37 <mchua> Yeah, we don't really have a websites <--> Fedora Insight ambassador.
20:36:49 <mchua> sijis: It's on publictest6 right now.
20:37:26 <mchua> sijis: That's probably the first thing we'd need help with - getting it into websites's "look, you can check out files and help" infrastructure
20:38:06 <mchua> right now it's still unstable enough (we're just trying to get everything packaged right now) that this may not yet make sense for most of it
20:38:22 <mchua> but for instance, the css for the theme really *should* be in a repo
20:38:40 <giarc_> mchua, u can use people space for that...
20:38:50 <mchua> mizmo: I think we tried to do that earlier but couldn't figure out how to easily check in/out from within pt6
20:39:04 <hiemanshu> mchua: scp workds
20:39:06 <hiemanshu> works**
20:39:37 <sijis> giarc_: that's a good idea
20:39:45 <giarc_> mchua, which 5-6 places are having conversations about insight?
20:39:53 <sijis> the other idea we can ask to create a seperate repo for FI
20:40:13 <hiemanshu> sijis: why not just the infra repo
20:40:16 <hiemanshu> use**
20:40:20 <mchua> giarc_: I know - we actually have a fedorahosted repo that's empty because mizmo had to edit in pt6 to be able to see changes, but we lacked the vcs-fu to figure out how to push from pt6 to the repo
20:40:40 <mchua> I think it had something to do with folder permissions
20:40:50 <mchua> which may actually be easy to sort out
20:41:12 <giarc_> ah
20:41:14 * hiemanshu would be happy to take a look at the ealier tomorrow
20:41:26 <mchua> but iirc it was something like "well, I'm not putting my ssh key into a box that everyone has sudo on"
20:41:50 <hiemanshu> mchua: I could well scp it to my machine from within pt6
20:41:55 <hiemanshu> and then push it to a repo
20:41:56 <mchua> and you can't do anonymous push into our repos, so.
20:42:04 <mchua> hiemanshu: oh, that would work
20:42:21 <mchua> hiemanshu: I think if you can figure out that workflow when you and tatica work on CSS that would be *awesome*
20:42:25 <mchua> we just didn't know how to do it properly
20:42:35 <hiemanshu> mchua: I can do that
20:42:38 <giarc_> i think there is a way to use acls on people spaces to control who can push. but at any rate, getting it into a repo seems important
20:42:41 <mchua> but then everyone working on design stuff could then use that workflow, and things would be all happy and version-controlled, and such.
20:42:44 <sijis> if this is permanent.. it should just have a seperate repo
20:42:49 <tatica> o/
20:42:54 <hiemanshu> mchua: I could even make an account on my machine, so you can scp directly from pt6 to my machine
20:42:55 <mchua> giarc_: Yeah, I agree. It's been something that's bugged me for a long time.
20:43:15 * mchua looks for name of current repo
20:43:17 <mchua> .fasinfo mchua
20:43:18 <zodbot> mchua: User: mchua, Name: Mel Chua, email: mel@redhat.com, Creation: 2008-09-26, IRC Nick: mchua, Timezone: US/Eastern, Locale: en, Extension: 5115368, GPG key ID: , Status: active
20:43:22 <zodbot> mchua: Approved Groups: cla_done web fedorabugs packager ambassadors marketing cla_fedora sysadmin-test designteam gitfedora-zikula giteducation svnfedora-zikula-theme
20:43:26 <zodbot> mchua: Unapproved Groups: None
20:43:36 <mchua> There we go. It's FAS group gitfedora-zikula.
20:43:39 <mchua> whoops.
20:43:45 <mchua> svnfedora-zikula-theme, I mean.
20:44:05 <mchua> mizmo, myself, and itbegins have sponsorship, we'd be happy to add people.
20:44:15 <mchua> And, uh, migrating to git is *totally* cool.
20:44:22 <mchua> And a better repo name is also totally cool.
20:44:28 <hiemanshu> mchua: Um, i hate svn
20:44:30 <mchua> Y'all are the experts in how to set this sort of thing up.
20:45:16 <mchua> hiemanshu: then make a git repo. :) it's svn right now because Mo pointed out that SVN was much more designers-who-may-not-use-the-command-line-yet friendly.
20:45:25 <mchua> And we needed to get CSS up *now* (back then).
20:45:59 <hiemanshu> mchua: so um, make a git group and add
20:46:16 <hiemanshu> me**
20:46:27 <giarc_> mchua, is this the list of things that need work?
20:46:29 <giarc_> https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&keywords=~insight&order=priority
20:47:03 <mchua> giarc_: from the CSS/design/websites side, yes.
20:47:05 <hiemanshu> giarc_: yup
20:47:20 <mchua> giarc_: there's plenty more that needs work for Fedora Insight overall, but the rest is stuff like packaging, content workflow, etc.
20:47:31 <r0000t> afternoon all
20:47:56 <r0000t> is there any interest in brining in additional members to the website team?
20:48:05 <hiemanshu> r0000t: very much
20:48:09 <ricky> Yes, always :-)
20:48:13 <mchua> hiemanshu: I'll put in a request for that git repo right after this topic closes.
20:48:22 <hiemanshu> mchua: great
20:48:47 <hiemanshu> mchua: I could teach all the designers-who-may-not-use-the-command-line-yet how to use git :)
20:48:55 <r0000t> I do freelance web design on the side, from my 9-5 job
20:49:12 <r0000t> would be interested in helping out if there's any area's to work on
20:49:54 <hiemanshu> r0000t: sure, we have a few things on the list, and just going through a meeting, how about you send your intro to the list
20:50:20 <hiemanshu> mchua: Is there anything else from you?
20:50:59 <giarc_> mchua, sorry to be dense, but how do we get at that code base?
20:50:59 <mchua> nope, I'm good.
20:51:12 <ricky> r0000t: I think there's a ton of CSS work to be done if you're good with that.
20:51:19 <mchua> giarc_: You need sysadmin-test membership - it's on publictest6.
20:51:26 <giarc_> ah
20:51:28 <mchua> giarc_: It's basically a bunch of packages installed (I'll pull up the list)
20:51:34 <hiemanshu> giarc_: whats your fas?
20:51:43 <giarc_> .fas craigt
20:51:44 <zodbot> giarc_: craigt 'Craig Thomas' <bicycle.nutz@gmail.com>
20:51:48 <mchua> with some CSS for the theme that isn't versioned.
20:51:51 <hiemanshu> .fasinfo craigt
20:51:52 <zodbot> hiemanshu: User: craigt, Name: Craig Thomas, email: bicycle.nutz@gmail.com, Creation: 2007-02-22, IRC Nick: giarc, Timezone: US/Eastern, Locale: en, Extension: 5101292, GPG key ID: A7CC7A51, Status: active
20:51:56 <zodbot> hiemanshu: Approved Groups: cla_done web cla_fedora
20:52:00 <zodbot> hiemanshu: Unapproved Groups: None
20:52:14 <mchua> giarc_: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_set_up_a_Zikula_sandbox has the setup instructions, that would give you a local copy of everything except the theme.
20:52:38 <hiemanshu> giarc_: if you can find something to work on, I think ricky can sponsor you to sysadmin-test
20:52:46 <hiemanshu> .sponsors sysadmin-test
20:52:47 <zodbot> hiemanshu: Sponsors for sysadmin-test: jkeating lmacken mdomsch @mmcgrath ricky @skvidal toshio
20:52:57 <hiemanshu> .sponsors web
20:52:58 <zodbot> hiemanshu: Sponsors for web: duffy ivazquez mchua @nman64 @quaid ricky sijis @skvidal
20:53:26 <hiemanshu> sijis: you can sponsor too, nice :)
20:53:51 <mchua> r0000t: we were just talking about https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight, btw, for context.
20:53:59 <giarc_> ok, i'll see whats a good fit and can send patches
20:54:01 <sijis> :)
20:54:05 <mchua> r0000t: if you see something interesting, the way to do it is just raise your hand and say "hey, I would like to help with that."
20:54:27 * sijis suggests updating the Websites wiki page
20:54:28 <mchua> then pretty much start doing it.
20:55:19 <hiemanshu> mchua: put up FI on Websites Projects section
20:55:26 <hiemanshu> wiki i.e.
20:56:29 <hiemanshu> If there is nothing else, I ll change topic in 30
20:56:35 <mchua> hiemanshu: sounds like r0000t wants to help you and tatica with the FI CSS
20:56:40 <mchua> so you might want to touch base on that later
20:56:49 <tatica> o/
20:56:55 <mchua> hiemanshu: yeah, I'll go edit the wiki and get you that git repo now
20:56:56 <mchua> thanks!
20:57:00 <hiemanshu> mchua: so that makes us 4
20:57:01 * mchua has nothing further on FI
20:57:11 <hiemanshu> the Fantastic 4 :)
20:57:18 * hiemanshu hi-fies tatica and r0000t
20:57:28 <hiemanshu> #topic Wiki Search Engine
20:57:39 <hiemanshu> This has been one big problem for quite a while now
20:57:58 <hiemanshu> the search engine in wiki has not been very effective
20:58:07 <hiemanshu> ricky: ^^
20:58:09 <tatica> hiemanshu, I'm under your orders o/
20:58:11 <r0000t> I apologize, a lot going on to try and jump in the middle and figure things out
20:58:24 <hiemanshu> r0000t: I ll help you out after the meeting, if you need help
20:58:32 <sijis> r0000t: a meeting summary link is provided at the end of the meeting
20:59:37 <hiemanshu> looks like ricky is out
20:59:42 <hiemanshu> #Open Floor
20:59:44 * ricky is still around and listening
21:00:04 <sijis> there are 2 folks in infra working on the site-wide search feature.
21:00:08 <ricky> I know two people in infra are looking at search engine stuff, I don't remember who though.
21:00:09 <hiemanshu> ricky: Do you think we need to ping infra on the websites stuff?
21:00:20 <hiemanshu> s/websites/wiki
21:00:26 <ricky> I think they're on it already :-)
21:00:31 <hiemanshu> I see
21:00:36 <sijis> yeah, they have a wiki page on ti
21:00:47 <hiemanshu> I have quite a bit of whining in -social
21:00:50 <hiemanshu> seen**
21:01:44 <r0000t> I'll wait until the meeting is over and attempt to catch up
21:02:00 <r0000t> is getfedora on the redesign list?
21:02:08 <hiemanshu> r0000t: yes
21:02:28 <r0000t> I would certainly be up for some mockups
21:02:41 <sijis> .ticket 1055
21:02:42 <hiemanshu> r0000t: they are on the wiki
21:02:43 <zodbot> sijis: #1055 (Fedora Search Engine) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac - https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1055
21:02:56 <sijis> i thought it was a wiki, but its a ticket ^^
21:03:20 <sijis> whoops, the wiki is actually here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Search
21:04:18 * sijis has no more comments
21:04:39 <hiemanshu> If nothing comes up in a few, I ll close the meeting
21:04:49 <hiemanshu> mchua, tatica, ricky : Anything?
21:05:05 <ricky> Thanks for holding it :-)
21:05:18 <hiemanshu> np
21:05:47 <hiemanshu> Yeah since people are here, I think we should have a bi-monthly meeting atleast
21:06:14 <sijis> weekly. even if its only 5 minutes
21:06:30 <hiemanshu> Weekly is perfectly fine with me
21:07:36 <hiemanshu> Ok, So i ll close the meeting now
21:07:41 <hiemanshu> .....
21:07:43 <hiemanshu> ....
21:07:44 <hiemanshu> ...
21:07:46 <hiemanshu> ..
21:07:46 <hiemanshu> .
21:07:49 <hiemanshu> #endmeeting