16:59:50 <hiemanshu> #startmeeting Websites Meeting
17:00:02 <nb> #topic Who's here
17:00:03 <hiemanshu> mizmo: mchua markg85 ping
17:00:11 * markg85 is here
17:00:12 <hiemanshu> #topic Who's here
17:00:12 <nb> oops, i forgot i'm not a chair
17:00:14 <onekopaka> nb: only chair can do that.
17:00:15 * nb 
17:00:18 * onekopaka 
17:00:21 * hiemanshu is ehre
17:00:25 <hiemanshu> here*
17:00:36 * sijis is here.
17:00:38 <nb> ricky is probably kind of here
17:00:39 * markg85 is here
17:00:45 * ricky is hereish
17:00:52 <hiemanshu> #topic blogs.fedoraproject.org
17:00:59 <onekopaka> yay blogs.fpo!
17:01:17 <onekopaka> so the thing is
17:01:22 <hiemanshu> First off big round of applause to sijis
17:01:33 * nb claps
17:01:40 * onekopaka claps louder than nb
17:01:43 <hiemanshu> nb: update
17:01:51 * sijis thanks everyone. :)
17:01:55 <nb> FAS auth is finished, basically everything is ready, I am working on spam plugin
17:01:58 <mizmo> hiemanshu: hi
17:02:01 <onekopaka> the thing is..
17:02:03 <nb> i think we are pretty much ready to deploy
17:02:06 <markg85> don't know for wat but: claps ^_^
17:02:07 <hiemanshu> hello mizmo
17:02:18 <nb> markg85, sijis got FAS auth working for blogs.fp.org
17:02:31 <nb> that's what we were blocking on
17:02:43 <nb> badbehavior caught our first spam today
17:02:45 * onekopaka suggests talking about the spam plugin
17:02:51 <markg85> nice! congrats to you 2
17:03:01 <nb> it will have to be activated by the blog owners, sitewide activation is not available until 2.7.1 of wpmu
17:03:03 <sijis> markg85: hi, nice to meet you. and thanks.
17:03:11 <onekopaka> nb: there you go.
17:03:19 <nb> ricky thinks this will be ok as long as we document how to do it clearly
17:03:22 <hiemanshu> nb: we cant update?
17:03:34 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: packaged version is 2.7
17:03:37 <hiemanshu> IIRC 2.8.1 is out as well
17:03:38 <nb> hiemanshu, not available in epel yet, we conceivably could package it for infrarepo
17:03:43 <nb> hiemanshu, of wpmu or of wp?
17:03:44 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: we can only use packages.
17:03:50 <hiemanshu> nb: WPMU
17:03:55 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: WPMU is not 2.8 yet.
17:04:01 <nb> onekopaka, hiemanshu we can make our own, but we would prefer to stick with the epel versions
17:04:02 <hiemanshu> onekopaka: sure is, check
17:04:06 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: WPMU 2.8 is the SVN version.
17:04:06 * nb thinks
17:04:09 <nb> thoughts about it?
17:04:25 <hiemanshu> nb: ask the maintainer to push the update
17:04:35 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: trust me, I run my WPMU out of svn
17:04:41 <nb> hiemanshu, update the ticket, it should be assigned to bretm
17:04:51 <hiemanshu> onekopaka: i installed it
17:04:52 <hiemanshu> The 2.8.2 version of WordPress MU is now available for download:
17:04:58 <hiemanshu> http://mu.wordpress.org/download/
17:04:59 <sijis> i'd stick with EPEL version. we could definitely help them where needed.
17:05:11 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: maintainer says there's a missing feature (which we don't know exactly the feature_
17:05:14 <hiemanshu> nb: 2.8.2 is out and it requires no changes
17:05:20 <hiemanshu> to DB
17:05:27 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: sure it does.
17:05:27 <hiemanshu> onekopaka: i ll talk to him
17:05:28 <nb> sijis, bretm was delaying updating because apparently some change was made in 2.7.1 that he didnt like
17:05:44 <nb> can non-chair do action or is it only chair too?
17:05:47 <hiemanshu> onekopaka: you said 2.8 was not even out
17:05:51 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: it's not.
17:05:53 <hiemanshu> nb: non chair can
17:06:01 <nb> hiemanshu, you want to talk to bretm?
17:06:03 <hiemanshu> onekopaka: check here http://mu.wordpress.org/download/
17:06:07 <hiemanshu> nb: yes i will
17:06:09 <nb> bugzilla works well with him, email not so much
17:06:16 <hiemanshu> .fas bretm
17:06:24 <nb> #action hiemanshu to file bugzilla ticket requesting bretm to update wordpress-mu
17:06:48 <hiemanshu> #agreed hiemanshu will ask bretm for update and nb will work on spam plugin
17:06:56 <hiemanshu> Who will work on the blog docs?
17:07:00 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: those should be seperate
17:07:02 <nb> hiemanshu, /me would strongly suggest bugzilla, he seems to respond to that but ive never gotten an answer to email
17:07:22 <hiemanshu> nb: sure i ll speak to him
17:07:33 <hiemanshu> anything else?
17:07:35 <onekopaka> #action onekopaka to document how to use WordPress MU for first-time users.
17:07:42 <nb> we may be deploying it pretty soon
17:07:57 <hiemanshu> next topic?
17:08:04 <nb> it would be nice to make any changes to the db after we deploy because i already gave ricky a db dump
17:08:14 <nb> although i could probably have him re-import the db
17:08:16 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: mmkay, you win.
17:08:23 <sijis> i got some minor changes to the authentication piece (cleaning stuff up mostly).. but it shouldn't break anything.
17:08:33 <ricky> Not 100% sure if the dump should be used without cleanup - it might contain test users and stuff
17:08:35 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: I had an out of date checkout
17:08:37 <hiemanshu> onekopaka: whats the latest?
17:08:38 <nb> ricky, it doesnt
17:08:41 <ricky> OK
17:08:47 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: 2.8.2 is in the svn repo
17:08:49 <nb> ricky, all it contains is the ones that have regular fas accounts under that username
17:08:51 <hiemanshu> onekopaka: :)
17:08:53 <sijis> i know the db has old user data in it.
17:08:59 <hiemanshu> sijis: has the change been tested?
17:09:06 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: "$wp_version = '2.8.2';"
17:09:09 <nb> sijis, i removed the ones taht do not correspond to production FAS accounts
17:09:19 <sijis> hiemanshu: i haven't uploaded the changes to test it yet.
17:09:25 * nb thinks it only contains admin, nb, onekopaka, ricky, nigelj
17:09:36 <sijis> nb: but the metadata table has some old account ID info in it
17:09:38 <ricky> It also contains password hashes which is kind of weird. unless it's the "" value.
17:09:39 * hiemanshu had his account deleted
17:09:47 <ricky> Ah well.
17:09:51 <nb> ricky, i can re-dump it anyway, if you prefer
17:09:56 <ricky> Nah, it's all good
17:09:58 <onekopaka> ricky: they're randomly generated.
17:10:12 <ricky> OK, that'll just be a difference from the current plugin which doesn't do the random stuff.
17:10:22 * nb has not really looked at the current plugin
17:10:25 <onekopaka> ricky: it doesn't do random stuff?
17:10:34 <ricky> Nop
17:10:35 <ricky> **Nope
17:10:38 <hiemanshu> nice
17:10:49 <nb> onekopaka, well, its kind of irrelevant what it stores in the database because the fas password is what it goes by
17:10:56 <onekopaka> nb: I know.
17:11:26 <hiemanshu> Anything else?
17:11:42 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: I think we're covered here...
17:11:51 <hiemanshu> ok then
17:11:53 <hiemanshu> #topic www.fp.o
17:11:57 <hiemanshu> markg85: update
17:12:09 <markg85> oke
17:12:30 <markg85> well that's only regarding the feedback
17:12:38 <markg85> same for get.fp.o
17:12:56 <hiemanshu> sijis: you know about these projects going on?
17:13:10 <markg85> i would like to discuss each point on the feedback and see what we is going to be implemented and what not
17:13:18 <hiemanshu> markg85: go ahead
17:13:29 <markg85> oke
17:14:18 <markg85> http://fedora.mageprojects.com/fedora_feedback_anonymized.txt all, open that link please
17:14:41 <mizmo> isn't this kind of discussion better suited for the mailing list?
17:14:42 <onekopaka> markg85: we tend to use .tiny =)
17:14:47 <onekopaka> .tiny http://fedora.mageprojects.com/fedora_feedback_anonymized.txt
17:14:55 <onekopaka> markg85: like that.
17:15:13 <onekopaka> mizmo: I think meetings are good for this..
17:15:24 <markg85> mizmo, well, i asked that on the mailing list but no response per point
17:15:26 * hiemanshu nods
17:15:40 <markg85> there was some from you and mchua but not on everything
17:16:04 <hiemanshu> markg85: dont get into complete detail, all people dont have time
17:16:17 <mizmo> i kind of think the best way to move forward is simply to use the feedback in the mockups
17:16:19 <mizmo> which is in progress
17:16:44 <hiemanshu> mizmo: you working on the mockups?
17:16:53 <markg85> oke then there is probably nothing to discuss about it now right?
17:17:03 <onekopaka> markg85: a note that Fedora isn't based off RHEL, RHEL is downstream of Fedora.
17:17:33 <markg85> onekopaka, it's just the raw feedback, don't look at me if something is wrong there :P it's what the users said
17:17:36 <onekopaka> markg85: so tell that user that Fedora is upstream from RHEL.
17:17:47 <mizmo> hiemanshu: yeh ive been working on the get.fpo
17:17:53 * nb thinks RHEL 5 is somewhere around F6
17:17:57 <hiemanshu> onekopaka: users _would_ not care
17:18:00 <onekopaka> nb: yep.
17:18:04 <hiemanshu> mizmo: you want to get that topic out?
17:18:10 <markg85> mizmo, any images so far?
17:18:18 <mizmo> hiemanshu: as the consumer of the info,  i just don't see the point
17:18:26 <mizmo> markg85: nothign to show yet, have a few inprogress mocks
17:18:34 <mizmo> been extremely busy lately
17:19:00 <markg85> ok
17:19:01 <hiemanshu> mizmo: there was on in mailing list complaining about not finding stuff
17:19:06 <hiemanshu> Anything else?
17:19:09 * sijis sorry.. had to step away
17:19:11 <markg85> next topic?
17:19:22 <hiemanshu> #topic F12 Web Tasks
17:19:25 * onekopaka notes that someone said fp.o needed a search engine
17:19:40 <hiemanshu> .tiny https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-websites-list/2009-July/msg00092.html
17:19:50 * nb notes that google site:fedoraproject.org WFM
17:20:03 <nb> well although we do have site:fedorahosted.org too
17:20:22 <onekopaka> .tiny http://poelstra.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-12/f-12-web-tasks.html
17:20:58 <markg85> just on a side note.. what's up with those tiny url's in here. it seems pointless since the full url is just 1 line above...
17:21:10 <hiemanshu> So who is going to get down with the design team for the banners?
17:21:19 <mizmo> hiemanshu: im the design team lead :)
17:21:22 <mizmo> hiemanshu: not a worry
17:21:28 <hiemanshu> mizmo: nice i dint know :)
17:21:33 <onekopaka> markg85: just the tradition.
17:21:34 <mizmo> hiemanshu: it's on the design team schedule
17:21:44 <hiemanshu> mizmo: great :)
17:22:15 <nb> it is tradition?
17:22:36 * nb thinks our design team does a great job
17:22:38 <onekopaka> nb: mmcgrath does it for URLs in Infra meetings
17:22:44 * nb claps for mizmo and her team
17:22:47 <nb> onekopaka, oh ok
17:22:52 * onekopaka claps too.
17:22:56 * hiemanshu follows after onekopaka
17:23:04 <hiemanshu> Any takers for the other tasks?
17:23:07 * nb has not been able to make many infra meetings
17:23:23 <onekopaka> #action everyone to thank mizmo & the rest of the design team for being awesome
17:23:50 <markg85> anyway mizmo, did you find the feedback i gathered useful?
17:24:07 <hiemanshu> markg85: follow the topic :)
17:24:24 <hiemanshu> sijis was supposed to be here for this topic
17:24:31 <markg85> hiemanshu, we are still in the same topic ;)
17:24:42 <onekopaka> markg85: nope, this is F12 Web Tasks.
17:24:44 <hiemanshu> markg85: its been changed :P
17:24:53 <markg85> o lol there
17:25:16 <onekopaka> do we have more to say on this? topic?
17:25:17 <hiemanshu> Well anything else?
17:25:29 <onekopaka> this topic?*
17:25:41 <mizmo> ahh which topic are we talking about now
17:25:46 <mizmo> i looked over the web tasks list
17:25:52 <mizmo> and i couldnt think of anything missing
17:26:07 <hiemanshu> who usually writes the content?
17:26:30 <mizmo> marketing team comes up with the slogan
17:26:40 <onekopaka> ianweller: ping
17:26:44 <mizmo> and then i think we change the 'see the tour' link to go to the newest tour
17:26:47 <mizmo> which the marketing team also puts together
17:26:49 <sijis> hiemanshu: whoops.
17:26:52 <mizmo> so i guess marketing basically
17:27:00 <hiemanshu> mizmo: aahhh ok
17:27:06 <onekopaka> who should talk to them marketing people then?
17:27:08 <hiemanshu> sijis: you wanted to speak about this topic right
17:27:22 <mizmo> marketing's got the slogan on their schedule
17:27:25 <mizmo> not 100% sure if the tour is
17:27:36 <sijis> well.. i just wanted to konw if anyone reviewed it and who has what task.
17:27:39 <onekopaka> should we get the wiki czar *thunder* to talk to the marketing team then?
17:28:17 <hiemanshu> So lets decide who will co-ordinate what task
17:28:46 <hiemanshu> i think mizmo can co-ordinate the first 3 (Design related)
17:29:00 <onekopaka> ianweller seems to be a marketing person.
17:29:38 <onekopaka> now if we could find ianweller..
17:29:56 <nb> ianweller, ping
17:29:59 <nb> .fasinfo ianweller
17:30:00 <onekopaka> oh he's probably at that one thing like mchua.
17:30:01 <hiemanshu> sijis: you want to take up any?
17:30:09 <nb> yep, ian is marketing
17:30:11 <onekopaka> nb: he's at that one thing.
17:30:18 <onekopaka> nb: in Raleigh
17:30:21 <nb> oh
17:30:26 <mizmo> he's at the airport right now
17:30:38 <nb> #info Ian Weller is at "that one thing(tm)"
17:30:40 <nb> lol
17:30:42 <sijis> hiemanshu: i wasn't sure what the POT stuff is.
17:30:53 <onekopaka> mizmo: heading back to Kansas?
17:30:59 <onekopaka> he's*
17:31:01 * nb has too much of a sense of humor today, lol
17:31:03 <hiemanshu> well onekopaka can help you with that
17:31:13 <hiemanshu> sijis: ^^
17:31:29 <sijis> ok.. i'll work with onekopaka with that.
17:31:29 <mizmo> onekopaka: yeh, he's not in kansas anymore right now, but he will be again :)
17:31:29 <hiemanshu> anything else on the topic?
17:31:33 <nb> it's something about translations
17:31:37 <onekopaka> mizmo: ;)
17:32:01 <onekopaka> nb: template that has all the msgids
17:32:24 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: I think we're good on this terpic.
17:32:37 <hiemanshu> #topic User Gallery
17:32:41 <hiemanshu> Well this is my job
17:32:56 <hiemanshu> mizmo: i want you to be a little clear with what you have in mind
17:32:56 <onekopaka> sijis thinks it's a Facebook thing..
17:33:08 <markg85> hiemanshu, anything to show ?
17:33:09 <sijis> :)
17:33:16 <mizmo> hiemanshu: the idea behind the user gallery is quite simple. take maybe 3 different fedora users, interview them, and have user testimonials.
17:33:28 <mizmo> hiemanshu: have a student talk about how they use fedora to do homework
17:33:32 <hiemanshu> markg85: working on it
17:33:35 <mizmo> hiemanshu: have a mom show how she uses fedora to work on photos
17:33:36 <markg85> :P
17:33:37 <mizmo> stuff like that
17:33:57 <hiemanshu> mizmo: what about people showing off their desktops and how they got those?
17:34:16 <mizmo> hiemanshu: a desktop screenshot doesn't really show what you can do with fedora
17:34:26 <mizmo> hiemanshu: i think it'd be cooler to show something like this.... (one sec while i grab link)
17:34:31 <hiemanshu> mizmo: something like a User showoff
17:35:07 <markg85> mizmo, what you want is a flickr like thing but for fedora?
17:35:27 <sijis> mizmo: its almost like..."Using Fedora in your daily life."
17:35:46 <mizmo> hiemanshu: something like this http://mairin.wordpress.com/2008/06/23/making-cool-stuff-using-foss-software/
17:36:00 <mizmo> hiemanshu: eg 'these are things that were produced using fedora'
17:36:15 <hiemanshu> mizmo: ahh i see now
17:36:24 * hiemanshu was a little unclear
17:36:36 <hiemanshu> mizmo: do you want it dynamic or static?
17:36:36 <mizmo> hiemanshu: show how it affects their real life
17:36:45 <hiemanshu> ricky wants it static though
17:36:49 <mizmo> hiemanshu: theres no reason it needs to be dynamic. better to start out static and expand if needed
17:37:07 <hiemanshu> great, and a form where people can fill and forward to us?
17:37:14 <mizmo> no i dont think that's a good idea
17:37:19 <mizmo> you're not going to get high-quality responses
17:37:25 <mizmo> you need to track good subjects down
17:37:28 <mizmo> and we dont need a lot
17:37:30 <mizmo> 3 should be find
17:37:32 <mizmo> s/find/fine
17:37:44 <mizmo> you could use some of my print work for an artist use case if you want
17:37:50 <mizmo> we have all sort sof banners tshirts etc we've done
17:37:56 <mizmo> and i can get you high quality photos of them
17:38:01 <mizmo> so then you only have two other cases left to cover
17:38:17 <hiemanshu> mizmo: well we can have more than two cases
17:38:22 <mizmo> jack aboutaboul visited NASA and took some notes on their usage of fedora
17:38:24 * hiemanshu includes one of a Web Developer
17:38:35 <mizmo> 3 total is probably all we need to start
17:38:40 <mizmo> NASA might be a really cool use case
17:38:44 <onekopaka> yeah
17:38:48 <hiemanshu> yes
17:38:52 <mizmo> hiemanshu: web developer sounds like a great idea too
17:38:59 <mizmo> hiemanshu: maybe find a web developer who uses fedora as his desktop
17:39:06 <hiemanshu> mizmo: me ?
17:39:25 * hiemanshu is a Web developer
17:39:27 <mizmo> hiemanshu: sure do you have a bunch of websites you could show off that you made with fedora?
17:39:34 <hiemanshu> mizmo: sure
17:39:43 * onekopaka tends to use his mac to devlop web apps
17:39:48 <mizmo> cool
17:39:50 <mizmo> so you got your cases
17:39:58 <mizmo> just need to do the research for them and get the screenshots etc you need
17:40:02 <onekopaka> once I get E to compile....
17:40:07 <hiemanshu> Yes i ll do that
17:40:29 <hiemanshu> mizmo: mail me your case as well :)
17:40:45 <hiemanshu> Anyone else on the topic?
17:40:55 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: not from me.
17:41:27 <onekopaka> open floor time?
17:41:49 <hiemanshu> is mchua here?
17:42:04 <nb> hiemanshu, mchua is at thatonething
17:42:06 <nb> i think
17:42:10 <hiemanshu> ah ok
17:42:10 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: she was also at that one thing with Ian Weller.
17:42:20 <hiemanshu> then Open Floor
17:42:25 <hiemanshu> #topic Open Floor
17:42:26 * nb LOL @ all the mentions of "that one thing"
17:42:29 <mizmo> hiemanshu: im happy to answer any questions to help write the case
17:42:34 <mizmo> hiemanshu: but i do not have the bandwidth to write it myself
17:42:36 <onekopaka> nb: that one thing.
17:42:40 <mizmo> hiemanshu: the link i gave you should be a good start though
17:42:42 <markg85> oke, mizmo, now my question ^_^
17:42:57 * nb has nothing for open floor
17:43:04 <onekopaka> nb: I hope you know what I mean by that one thing
17:43:05 <hiemanshu> mizmo: hmmmm, sure i ll do something and then probably i ll have some idea on what to write and ask you
17:43:09 <markg85> mizmo, did you use any of the feedback i gathered in those mockups in progress?
17:43:10 <onekopaka> POSSE, I think it is.
17:43:12 <nb> onekopaka, no i don't
17:43:25 <nb> ooh, i think i heard something about it on ian's blog
17:43:28 <nb> something with redhat
17:43:29 <mizmo> markg85: yes
17:43:29 <onekopaka> nb: it has something weird to do with edumacation.
17:43:34 <mizmo> hiemanshu: cool
17:43:37 <markg85> mizmo, like?
17:43:41 <onekopaka> nb: and Red Hat.
17:43:43 <hiemanshu> well nb what is that one thing?
17:43:52 <mizmo> markg85: i don't have the time to go into detail right now, sorry. you'll see in the mockups when they're ready.
17:43:59 <onekopaka> nb: and landfill.bugzilla.org
17:44:02 <markg85> probably a bigger download button ;)
17:44:09 <onekopaka> BIGGER DOWNLOAD BUTTON!
17:44:12 <markg85> mizmo, oke :(
17:44:18 <onekopaka> made in Scribus!
17:44:37 <markg85> mizmo, any ETA?
17:45:03 <hiemanshu> onekopaka: whats that one thing?
17:45:37 <nb> onekopaka, HAHA
17:45:37 <nb> https://landfill.bugzilla.org/complaints/show_bug.cgi?id=116
17:45:47 <onekopaka> hiemanshu: it's a thing RHT did about using FOSS in edumacation
17:45:47 <hiemanshu> markg85: you working on any mockups?
17:46:03 <onekopaka> nb: complaintzilla FTW.
17:46:14 <mizmo> markg85: no
17:46:26 <markg85> hiemanshu, well i did (2 months ago!!) and those are online on my wiki page (markg85)
17:46:39 <onekopaka> nb: http://landfill.bugzilla.org/complaints/show_bug.cgi?id=1 =)
17:46:42 <mizmo> markg85: working on mockups for other things for the feature freeze next week so its been on the backburner
17:46:47 <mizmo> (eg anaconda, selinux)
17:47:14 <hiemanshu> sijis: you here?
17:47:20 <sijis> hiemanshu: yup
17:47:24 <nb> HAHA
17:47:30 * nb should stop cluttering the meeting logs
17:47:35 <hiemanshu> sijis: you have anything to speak ot ask?
17:47:39 <onekopaka> Red Hat really wants me to go to Red Hat Summit.
17:47:42 <hiemanshu> s//ot/or
17:48:03 <sijis> hiemanshu: not really.
17:48:28 <sijis> oh i do.. bringing back blogs.
17:48:29 <hiemanshu> anyone else on anything or shall i end the meeting?
17:48:36 <hiemanshu> sijis: go ahead
17:48:44 <onekopaka> blags.fp.o
17:48:59 <sijis> we are testing for the next couple of weeks, right?
17:49:13 <nb> sijis, i was planning on deploying it as soon as we get the spam plugin done
17:49:14 <sijis> or.. better yet, how long will we test for?
17:49:17 <hiemanshu> nb can answer that better
17:49:18 * onekopaka thought we were deploying soon...
17:49:24 <hiemanshu> ricky: ping
17:49:25 <sijis> nb: ok.
17:49:42 <nb> like <1 week id say, although i'll convert the pt15 one into blogs-test
17:49:51 <markg85> mizmo, i kinda have the idea that it's on a very low backburner.. i started this stuff exactly one day after fedora 11 got released and at the speed things go now it's probably not even done before fedora 12 or even 13..
17:50:06 * onekopaka thinks we need value1.stg and value2.stg
17:50:06 <mizmo> markg85: you want to take on my to-do list? go ahead. i'll hear from you in 2044
17:50:13 <mizmo> markg85: seriously!
17:50:40 <nb> onekopaka, yeah, would be nice
17:50:40 <mizmo> markg85: this is one of maybe 40 projects i'm working on, no exaggeration. it won't take long, i just like to sleep and eat and spend time with my family too. i'll work it in.
17:50:42 <markg85> mizmo, you don't need to do it! i came here because i would like to give it a shot
17:50:50 <mizmo> if there's a specific time by which it needs to be in by, i can get it in by then
17:51:03 <mizmo> markg85: i would much rather prefer to do it, already have it half done
17:51:35 <mizmo> markg85: and if i understand correctly there is no rush on it as was brought up at last meeting
17:51:41 <mizmo> markg85: if the priority has changed that i can take that into account
17:52:16 <markg85> mizmo, well.. a mockup before F12 would be nice :P
17:52:40 <nb> anyone have any thoughts about using badbehavior as a spam plugin for wpmu?
17:52:51 <nb> or about if we should stick with the packaged version of 2.7 or package our own version?
17:53:00 <onekopaka> package our own version!
17:53:16 <mizmo> markg85: you seriously need to calm down.
17:53:20 <mizmo> markg85: stop being so nasty to me.
17:53:34 <mizmo> markg85: you have quite a nerve to question my ability to get things done.
17:53:48 <mizmo> markg85: you can take this offline with me if you feel you need to press the issue.
17:53:48 <hiemanshu> mizmo: its ok, hes like that only :)
17:53:51 <onekopaka> people are questioning mizmo's ability to get things done?
17:54:00 <mizmo> onekopaka: "<markg85> mizmo, well.. a mockup before F12 would be nice :P"
17:54:16 <hiemanshu> mizmo: calm down and go back to your work
17:54:24 <mizmo> hiemanshu: i'm perfectly calm
17:54:33 <hiemanshu> I am closing the meeting within 30 secs if no one has anything to say
17:54:36 <markg85> ... you always take the things i say the wrong way
17:54:37 <mizmo> hiemanshu: i just dont understand why im getting attacked
17:54:37 <mizmo> please do
17:54:39 <onekopaka> we all can just CALM DOWN.
17:54:44 <hiemanshu> mizmo: ignore him, hes just like that
17:55:08 <hiemanshu> Ok here it goes
17:55:11 <hiemanshu> #endmeeting