13:00:59 <Penguinpee> #startmeeting NeuroFedora - 2023-07-17
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13:01:13 <Penguinpee> #meetingname NeuroFedora
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13:01:39 <Penguinpee>
13:01:51 <Penguinpee>
13:02:03 <Penguinpee> #topic Introductions and roll call
13:02:16 <Penguinpee> .members neuro-sig
13:02:17 <zodbot> Penguinpee: Members of neuro-sig: sagitter, ignatenkobrain, bt0dotninja, zbyszek, sergiopr, blackfile, ankursinha, lbazan, ilgrad, gicmo, alciregi, nerdsville, mhough, music, major, fangq, anilbey, iztokf, aekoroglu, gui1ty, shaneallcroft, hardeborlaa, mairacanal, vanessakris
13:02:31 <Penguinpee> we'll wait here for ~5 mins for folks to join
13:07:37 <Penguinpee> It's awfully quiet... 👻
13:07:51 <Penguinpee> #topic Open pagure tickets
13:08:04 <Penguinpee> #info
13:08:58 <Penguinpee> #info
13:10:39 <Penguinpee> No news on that one. AniketPradhan[m] Any update, if you are around?
13:11:25 <Penguinpee> Ah bridge is broken again. So Matrix folks can't here me. :-\
13:11:37 <Penguinpee> s/here/hear/
13:12:04 <Penguinpee> #info
13:12:39 <Penguinpee> Looks like this can be closed.
13:12:49 <AniketPradhan[m]> .hello
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13:13:04 <Penguinpee> #action FranciscoD_ Update ticket #551
13:13:29 <Penguinpee> Hello! Did you get to look into Packit?
13:14:41 <Penguinpee[m]> Bridge IRC --> Matrix is broken or very slow...
13:15:29 * Penguinpee only has Matrix on mobile
13:15:59 <Penguinpee> #info
13:16:46 <AniketPradhan[m]> yep, was able to look a bit into packit
13:17:32 <Penguinpee> That seems to be settled. FranciscoD_ will not be able to make it to Flock. :( But Penguinpee (gui1ty) and lbazan will take care of the talk.
13:17:48 <Penguinpee> AniketPradhan[m]: How did that go? Anything to report?
13:18:11 <Penguinpee> #info
13:18:39 <Penguinpee> No update on that one and FranciscoD_ is out of office.
13:19:20 <Penguinpee> Monday's are just great: no bridges, slow Pagure, ...
13:19:20 <AniketPradhan[m]> to use packit for our projects:
13:19:20 <AniketPradhan[m]> * We would have to install the packit-service on the git repo (github or gitlab), and
13:19:20 <AniketPradhan[m]> * Make it refer to the spec on the source repo, so that the rpm could build
13:19:20 <AniketPradhan[m]> * Also, the owner for the git repo, should be a contributor to the fedora project (since packit has not been rolled out for all, yet)
13:19:42 <AniketPradhan[m]> haha, true.. matrix does seem a bit slow to me
13:20:30 <Penguinpee> Which git repo? I mean we usually don't have access to upstream's repo.
13:20:45 <AniketPradhan[m]> the upstream, yes
13:21:03 <Penguinpee> So, we'd need to convince them?
13:21:18 <AniketPradhan[m]> yep
13:21:37 <AniketPradhan[m]> that's why seems a bit unfeasible to me... unless the existing contributors have some projects that we can work on
13:21:59 <Penguinpee> It's worth a try. Certainly for larger projects. Could you put that info in the ticket, please?
13:22:11 <AniketPradhan[m]> sure yeah
13:22:24 <Penguinpee> #action AniketPradhan[m] to update #552
13:22:29 <Penguinpee> Thanks!
13:22:34 <Penguinpee> Moving on...
13:22:38 <AniketPradhan[m]> I was working on a fork of python-airspeed repo, to test out the workflow... still have some more work there to do
13:23:01 <Penguinpee> Nice. It's progress. ;)
13:23:04 <Penguinpee> #topic Packages health check
13:23:14 <Penguinpee> #info Neuro-sig packager dashboard:
13:23:24 <Penguinpee> #info Please ignore s390x FTBFS reports if the package exludes s390x as a build arch.
13:23:34 <Penguinpee> #info Python 3.12 mass rebuild is done. Time to fix FTI/FTBFS bugs.
13:24:27 <Penguinpee> I'm going through the dashboard quickly. But probably lots of packages still broken due to Python 3.12.
13:26:17 <Penguinpee> #info Some of the packages on the dashboard have already been fixed. Issues on stable branches need looking into, though.
13:26:40 <Penguinpee> #info Issue with builders running out of space should be solved.
13:28:29 <Penguinpee> We need to grind on regarding Python 3.12 FTI/FTBFS. Help is welcome. But things are generally moving into the right direction.
13:29:04 <Penguinpee> I may have a patch for python-nibabel - on of the biggest blockers in among neuro-sig packages.
13:29:23 <Penguinpee> #topic Open package reviews check
13:29:40 <Penguinpee> #info tracker bug:
13:29:49 <Penguinpee> #info Please remember to block this when submitting a new review so that all sig members are notified.
13:30:55 <Penguinpee> .bug 2213973
13:30:57 <zodbot> Penguinpee: 2213973 – Review Request: python-setuptools-git-versioning - Use git repo data for building a version number according PEP-440 -
13:31:25 <Penguinpee> That has been reviewed, but no release for rawhide noted in the bug.
13:31:54 <Penguinpee> #action FranciscoD_ to update RHBZ#2213973
13:32:09 <Penguinpee> .bug 2221739
13:32:11 <zodbot> Penguinpee: 2221739 – Review Request: python-pymapvbvd - Python twix file reader -
13:32:48 <Penguinpee> That's an open review request. If someone has the time, please help out reviewing.
13:33:00 * Penguinpee scribbles down a note
13:33:33 <Penguinpee> #topic Comp neuro image compose check
13:33:45 <Penguinpee> #info koji task:
13:34:03 <Penguinpee> #info Compose is currently failing due to Python 3.12 FTI/FTBFS aftermath.
13:34:54 <Penguinpee> That should get resolved once the aftermath of the Python mass rebuild is taken care of.
13:37:00 <Penguinpee> #info F39 branch off date is 8 Aug 2023. Mass rebuild will start soon. More fallout coming.
13:37:31 <Penguinpee> #topic Neuro(science) query of the week
13:37:47 <Penguinpee> #info Lead scientist and news wrangler is attending CNS*2023 this week. Plenty of news coming... ;)
13:38:14 <Penguinpee> Does anybody have any news to share?
13:41:14 <Penguinpee> Me neither. Just a remotely related article in The Guardian:
13:41:34 <Penguinpee> #topic next meeting day, chair
13:41:46 <Penguinpee> #info same time (1300 UTC), in 2 weeks (31 July)
13:42:04 <Penguinpee> #info This is the week Flock starts. So attendees will be traveling most likely.
13:42:24 <Penguinpee> #info FranciscoD_ will chair next meeting.
13:43:23 <Penguinpee> Or maybe skip it due to FOSS. I'll leave that up to FranciscoD_. I'll be getting on a plain the 31st.
13:43:50 <Penguinpee> #topic Open floor
13:44:37 * Penguinpee watches the crowd chatting away wildly ;P
13:45:23 <Penguinpee> If nobody has got anything for open floor, I'll close the meeting early.
13:47:06 <Penguinpee> Actually, I was wondering about the FTI bug reports after the mass rebuild. The information in the bugs was not very helpful. Only rebuilding the packages (trying to) revealed the true nature of the issue (missing dependencies and/or build failures).
13:47:42 <Penguinpee> Is that just in the nature of the mass rebuild process? Or is there room for improvement?
13:48:53 <Penguinpee> Well, that can be discussed in another meeting, I suppose.
13:49:41 * Penguinpee wonders why there is no tumbleweed emoji in Emoji Picker
13:50:00 <Penguinpee> #endmeeting