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19:04:00 <stickster> #chair robyduck ryanlerch mattnix jzb relrod jreznik
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19:04:13 <ryanlerch> hi all
19:04:16 <stickster> #chair mattdm
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19:04:17 <mattdm> hello!
19:04:28 <stickster> .hellomynameis pfrields
19:04:29 <zodbot> stickster: pfrields 'Paul W. Frields' <>
19:05:09 <robyduck> may I resume a bit the actual status?
19:05:34 <robyduck> december 9th is very near and we have 24 days to get webpages ready, tha last days after GOLD decision we need to do much other stuff, links, checksums, image sizes, torrent files and scripts, AMI IDs and and no time for layout. We also must check all Infra script to work fine with the new domain (which is still not transfered to RH AFAIK).
19:05:44 <stickster> #topic Status/plan ahead
19:05:58 <robyduck> oh sorry, yes right
19:06:03 <robyduck> actually we really need concrete text content, final layout and a clean and responsive bootstrap code. I think we have the final mockup and should just code it, and not sticking around anymore.
19:06:24 <robyduck> I think 24 days are enough to do that, but we need the content to do it, that means not only text content (think also about L10n), but also design (images, logos, icons).
19:06:48 <robyduck> that's the reason why we called also WG which are very important
19:06:49 <jreznik> so with l10n, how much time do we have for text content?
19:07:28 <robyduck> jreznik: the new webpage will not be as big as, but still lots of strings
19:07:32 <stickster> jreznik: We'd like to give translators a few weeks before GA, I think... but also we have the ability to continuously roll out updates to the site, IIRC
19:07:42 <stickster> jreznik: "a few" == 2
19:07:44 <robyduck> stickster: +1
19:07:48 <mattnix> Sorry to interrupt - I'm new! Am I right in thinking this is a new website for (where it now redirects to Is there a post somewhere with details of the new site?
19:08:06 <jreznik> stickster: yeah, a few means max two weeks now...
19:08:44 <robyduck> so what we need now is text content for the main brochure site
19:08:52 <robyduck> every single $PRODUCT site
19:09:00 <robyduck> and also for "take the tour"
19:09:13 <robyduck> ryanlerch: please interrupt if I'm saying something wrong here
19:09:22 <robyduck> we still want the _tour_ right?
19:09:25 <ryanlerch> robyduck, all sounds good from my end
19:09:31 <robyduck> ok
19:09:51 <stickster> mattnix: I think you want to look back into October on the mailing list
19:09:57 <robyduck> so we'd need also concrete mockups from design for the product sites
19:10:06 <mattdm> mattnix yes, that's correct -- hold on a sec and I'll send you a link off-channel
19:10:07 <mattnix> stickster, thanks!
19:10:17 <jreznik> would be nice to have exact specification of what we want before going to WGs, robyduck sent me screenshots to have an overview how it's going to look like
19:10:18 <mattnix> mattdm, thanks too! :)
19:10:58 <robyduck> ryanlerch: I think 24 days are enough to code all the stuff, if we have imagesm text and icons we can write a clean and responsive code.
19:11:31 <stickster> ryanlerch: robyduck: So that's really , gf.o/workstation , gf.o/cloud, and gf.o/server ?
19:11:35 <robyduck> if we have to work on the same page more times, then we are waisting time, and we can't waist any minute actually
19:11:44 <robyduck> stickster: yup
19:11:58 <stickster> OK, agreed -- that's the text we want to hack today
19:12:07 <robyduck> stickster: that's also the reason why I wanted to run the pages ASAP
19:12:21 <robyduck> to show WGs and L10n where we will diplay which content
19:12:35 <stickster> And then we'd want to take that text and check it with the WGs within a very short time, so they can give input and fixes
19:12:38 <stickster> correct?
19:12:42 <jreznik> robyduck: screenshots are still good starting point
19:12:52 <robyduck> smooge says it should be all set for the new domain from our side, still need to transfer the domain to RH
19:13:03 <robyduck> jreznik: do you have them linked somewhere?
19:13:13 * robyduck needs to reproduce them otherwiser
19:13:16 <stickster> robyduck: Right -- but that can happen in the background and it will be invisible to visitors
19:13:18 <robyduck> otherwise*
19:13:22 <jreznik> robyduck: not yet but will try later today/tomorrow in the morning
19:13:30 <robyduck> stickster: sure, in stg
19:13:43 <stickster> robyduck: Sorry, I mean, the domain transfer can happen in the background
19:13:51 <stickster> It doesn't really block us, AFAICT
19:14:22 <robyduck> stickster: you mean running them on another domain?
19:14:30 <stickster> robyduck: No, running it on throughout
19:14:52 <stickster> robyduck: I mean, transferring that domain to Red Hat should be easy to happen in the background. I suspect we'll have it done by GA without a problem.
19:15:02 <stickster> robyduck: It won't interfere with deploying the site
19:15:29 <stickster> At least, AFAIK -- someone tell me if I'm wrong :-)
19:15:29 <robyduck> stickster: ah no, sure, it's still happening and should be done soon
19:15:52 <robyduck> it's all fine also if we have it transfered one day before release date
19:15:54 <stickster> OK, moving on... sorry for detour :-)
19:16:40 <robyduck> so, as WG are around, we should think about a content and features we want to promote for each product
19:16:54 <stickster> robyduck: +1
19:17:08 <stickster> So we should figure out a place we can take these notes to make it easier to grab content later :-)
19:17:17 <stickster> anyone disagree?
19:17:21 <jzb> stickster: +1
19:17:33 <stickster> ryanlerch: Also, you called this meeting and I didn't mean to steal any thunder :-)
19:17:33 <robyduck> yessir
19:17:47 * stickster has no magic gavel :-)
19:17:52 <ryanlerch> stickster, happy for you to chair :)
19:17:53 <stickster> Or rather, we all do :-)
19:18:20 * mattdm grabs a gavel, pounds it
19:18:23 <stickster> #topic Assembling content today -- where?
19:18:41 <stickster> Is everyone here comfortable with gobby?
19:19:00 <jzb> stickster: set Gobby free.
19:19:04 <jzb> oh, wait
19:19:18 <robyduck> never used it, but yeah, it will be fine!
19:19:49 <jzb> stickster: yeah, I'm good. Just tell me where to connect...
19:20:03 <stickster> jzb: All instructions are in the wiki page above
19:21:47 <stickster> I just got to Gobby, and I made a starting doc called '' (go figure) :-)
19:22:31 <robyduck> #action we will use gobby (starting doc is to continue after this meeting for collaborating on the new websites content, install it!
19:22:37 <robyduck> is this ok?
19:22:59 <stickster> robyduck: perfect!
19:23:12 <stickster> robyduck: Although hopefully we will get to text very quickly, and can get it to WGs tomorrow
19:23:22 <robyduck> ok nice
19:23:23 <stickster> oh wait
19:23:25 <stickster> #undo
19:23:25 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by robyduck at 19:22:31 : we will use gobby (starting doc is to continue after this meeting for collaborating on the new websites content, install it!
19:23:30 <robyduck> the earlier we have it the better
19:23:31 <robyduck> lol
19:23:38 <stickster> #agreed  we will use gobby (starting doc is to continue after this meeting for collaborating on the new websites content, install it!
19:23:46 <robyduck> +1
19:23:53 <stickster> Otherwise zoddie will think "we" is someone who does that :-D
19:24:07 <robyduck> sure
19:24:10 <stickster> #topic Working on text -- keep conversation here
19:24:23 <stickster> So we can work on text in gobby, but let's keep the discussion here for logging :-)
19:24:34 <jzb> how much text are we looking for in each product's case?
19:24:45 <jzb> we should have 100 word descriptions or something for each product somewhere that we developed for the design team.
19:24:49 <robyduck> jreznik: have the links?
19:24:58 <stickster> jzb: Let me do a screenshot of the space, so you can see how it looks live
19:25:40 <jreznik_> robyduck: yep
19:25:43 <robyduck> mmh let me forward a mail to you all
19:25:47 <jreznik_> #link
19:25:50 <robyduck> ok, cool
19:25:55 <jreznik_> #link
19:26:04 <jreznik_> #link
19:26:24 <robyduck> so we have a $product page (as workstation you can see in the link) and a download page
19:27:00 <robyduck> every single product also will have a sort of "TOUR", where the WGs should guide users through the features of server, workstation or cloud
19:27:05 <jreznik_> jzb: could we just use what we have now for beta for each product? it looks good, it's translated...
19:27:20 <stickster> jzb: To answer your question, look at 'main.png' above and look for the three 'lorem ipsum' sections
19:27:36 <robyduck> jreznik_: yes we can use for sure what we have, and I used it in the download example for cloud
19:27:37 <jzb> stickster: that's about 25 words
19:27:42 <stickster> jzb: The doc I've started in gobby is just for the main page
19:27:57 <stickster> We can make separate docs for each of the other pages, so it's easier to grok
19:28:01 <stickster> *nod
19:28:26 <robyduck> jzb: yes, it shouldn't be longer, we can have longer descriptions in the product page or in the tour
19:28:49 <stickster> robyduck: +1
19:29:29 <robyduck> on the main page we should just place some short slogans, to make people understand what each product will be roughly
19:29:45 <mattnix> stickster, what server do we connect to for the gobby doc please?
19:30:08 <stickster> mattnix: Refer to this wiki page for complete instructions:
19:30:42 <mattnix> thanks, also as an aside, I think it would be good to feature DevAssistant on the Workstation page, it's a great and unique tool for us!
19:30:54 <stickster> mattnix: Agreed, speaking as the WS liaison ;-)
19:31:03 <mattnix> ;)
19:31:39 <robyduck> aboute the features I really don't know, is docker really to place under workstation as mizmo did?
19:31:58 <robyduck> maybe the features also should go under "take the tour", what's your thought here ryanlerch ?
19:32:38 <jreznik_> robyduck: well, docker could be feature for all three products and even more :)
19:33:09 <jzb> Docker is ... complicated. :-D
19:33:12 <robyduck> eheh, I have also troubles where to place the image :)
19:33:20 <robyduck> jzb: yup :D
19:33:25 <jzb> we can be a container, run a container...
19:34:18 <jreznik_> can we have own tours for interesting projects - not for ga, but later? docker would be nice for it
19:34:31 <stickster> jreznik_: That's something we could look into for F22.
19:34:46 <robyduck> jreznik_: yes we can and I think we *should*
19:34:54 <jreznik_> robyduck: +1
19:34:56 <stickster> robyduck: As I understand it, when you "Take the Tour" it sends you down the page
19:35:02 <robyduck> but for GA we should start with product tours
19:35:05 <stickster> ryanlerch: ^ is that right?
19:35:44 <robyduck> stickster: good point, that would be easier but also confusing on the main product page
19:35:58 <ryanlerch> i thought the idea behind the tour was to have more detail than just the 4 or so features on the main product page...
19:36:02 <stickster> robyduck: Right -- the tours are on each specific product, not the main page
19:36:32 <robyduck> stickster: yes, main (product) page ;)
19:36:48 <stickster> +1
19:36:50 <robyduck> sorry, need to be more precise
19:37:10 * stickster would recommend, let's all use URLs to avoid confusion :-)
19:37:28 <robyduck> ryanlerch: was the idea to have a separate page?
19:37:57 <robyduck> like gf.o/product/tour ?
19:37:59 <stickster> yeah, that's my question too. ryanlerch, that's fine if so, but it does make me wonder if we are biting off even more pages and content to do
19:38:25 <ryanlerch> robyduck, stickster that was my impression -> a seperate page.
19:38:59 <robyduck> ryanlerch: that would be better, because the main gf.o/product page would be cleaner
19:39:14 <robyduck> so the features should go there together with other stuff
19:39:16 <stickster> ryanlerch: robyduck: jzb: *: What if we concentrate for right now on finishing the four pages we absolutely do know about, as they appear now, and go on to tour pages after that?
19:39:33 <stickster> Otherwise we run the risk of discussing until we've used up all our time for making text :-)
19:40:22 <robyduck> ok, let's follow that proposal, we need to have from WGs something to put into the tour, but we can discuss this also on gobby
19:40:32 <jzb> stickster: wfm
19:42:05 <robyduck> other question then. Is there anything WG need on websites we actually not have on the pre-release pages?
19:42:26 <robyduck> s/not/don't
19:42:38 <stickster> robyduck: I haven't seen anything from Workstation POV that is missing.
19:43:21 * stickster notes we may not have Server represented here today. sgallagh could not attend -- he asked a few people to substitute, but I don't see them. So I will work on their pieces, and the WGs can correct it, rather than leave it blank :-)
19:43:31 <robyduck> cool, my plan also is to do all the pages asap, we should have 10 days for fine tuning with WGs to fix stuff
19:43:32 <jreznik_> robyduck: probably more featured stuff for tour? but we can join forces with release announcement and use the same feature set/text
19:43:40 <stickster> #info stickster will do stuff for Server today, so we have something to present
19:43:43 <robyduck> jreznik_: absolutely
19:43:45 <jzb> stickster: happy to also help there, I think I grok some of server stuff
19:43:52 <stickster> jzb: Much appreciated as always
19:43:53 <robyduck> cool
19:44:32 <jreznik_> robyduck: so I'll try to push folks working on release announcement earlier, I know workstation guys had very nice content ready month ago etc.
19:44:52 <robyduck> jreznik_: yes that would be helpful, thanks
19:44:56 <jreznik_> jzb: what do you think?
19:45:25 <jreznik_> would it makes sense to sync announcement with features featured on tour page?
19:45:51 <jreznik_> it's a bit different content but not that much, we can reuse screenshots etc.
19:46:20 <jzb> jreznik_: about pushing the release announcement earlier?
19:46:26 <jzb> jreznik_: how much earlier? :-)
19:46:28 <robyduck> i don't have an opinion about it, it doesn't need to be synced imho, but it could if WG agree on it.
19:47:01 <robyduck> jzb: 2 weeks or 10 days?
19:47:33 <jzb> robyduck: 10 days before release?
19:47:34 <robyduck> we can start to do I18n and let L10n folks work on the other pages in the meanwhile, tour stuff could be the last
19:47:36 <jzb> or ...?
19:47:48 <robyduck> yeah, too early I guess, right?
19:47:55 <jzb> robyduck: no, that's fine.
19:48:10 <stickster> jreznik_: ^^^^ Yup, I worked on WS content to have it early for this purpose too :-)
19:48:20 <jzb> robyduck: there's really no reason we can't have the release announcement on hand 10 days early
19:48:27 <robyduck> \o/
19:48:40 <jzb> I mean, there's always the possibility we have to change something last minute but generally it should be nearly locked.
19:49:01 <jreznik_> actually it's a good idea to have it earlier :) better than day after release (yeah, once I wrote it day after :)))
19:49:18 <jreznik_> jzb: simple edits are not that big deal
19:49:29 <robyduck> sure, but last minute changes are not so important I guess, the main content of the product features should not change that much
19:50:00 <jzb> jreznik_: hey, I know we had it at least the day before release last time!
19:50:32 <jreznik_> jzb: with you, yes, before, we had one incident :)
19:50:40 <ryanlerch> ok, so lets try to get the content apart from the tour pages locked in
19:51:08 <robyduck> ryanlerch: yes, can we mark an action for that?
19:52:00 <stickster> robyduck: No need, we're all doing it on Gobby right now :-)
19:52:03 <stickster> ryanlerch: +1
19:52:07 * stickster already working over there
19:52:09 <robyduck> oki
19:52:23 <jreznik_> copy/paste from pre-release? :)
19:52:43 <robyduck> ryanlerch: anything specific we need for the main brochure site gf.o?
19:53:25 <robyduck> or can we use what we have in the mockup and add the four foundations as on the actual fpo website?
19:53:57 <robyduck> I mean under the three product columns
19:54:11 <jzb> do we have text placeholders for the /cloud /server pages?
19:54:16 <stickster> robyduck: jzb and I have written up text on the gobby doc for that
19:54:22 <robyduck> jzb: no we don't
19:54:32 <ryanlerch> for the main page, the reader should really get the message that fedora now is 3 products. and prominently feature them for the user to get to the product pages
19:54:35 <stickster> robyduck: Come join us on gobby :-)
19:54:42 <robyduck> stickster: ok cool (I need to get into it later)
19:55:00 <robyduck> stickster: children are complaining here :D
19:55:01 <stickster> robyduck: 'yum install gobby' and you can join it using instructions on
19:55:04 <stickster> robyduck: Ah, OK
19:55:27 <stickster> robyduck: We are writing up text right now for placeholders seen in the site currently available in git
19:55:44 <robyduck> nice :)
19:55:49 <stickster> robyduck: I have four docs set up, one for each of gf.o, gf.o/cloud, gf.o/server, gf.o/workstation
19:56:20 <stickster> robyduck: I can provide patches/git commits at least for some of these shortly :-)
19:56:21 <robyduck> stickster: wow
19:56:34 <stickster> ryanlerch++
19:57:16 <robyduck> ryanlerch: for design, I know you all have much stuff to do also for WP, software ecc ecc
19:57:57 <jzb> might help if I knew how big the text holes I'm plugging were :-)
19:58:11 <ryanlerch> robyduck, my focus at the moment is gf.o, so ping me if you need a graphic, and i will do it
19:58:23 <robyduck> what about providing just the images, icons and colors we should use? You did a really great work and if you can continue it would be nice, but we need to use just bootstrap
19:58:24 <ryanlerch> that goes for anyone else too
19:58:31 <robyduck> cool
19:59:10 <robyduck> ryanlerch: I saw mo's commits on workstation, we have 7MB images there and it uses new classes which we have on bootstrap
19:59:30 <stickster> jzb: Hey, you're git friendly, right?
19:59:36 <jzb> stickster: sure
19:59:55 <robyduck> ryanlerch: is it a problem if we rewrite that a bit? but we need other images to code it better
20:00:21 <robyduck> I understood the layout we would have, but let's make it easier, same layout, less code
20:00:32 <stickster> jzb: Do this then. Find a suitable directory on your box, and run:  git clone ssh://
20:00:44 <stickster> jzb: (or https:// if for some reason you're not permitted)
20:00:54 <robyduck> jzb: and be patient, the repo is *really* large
20:00:58 <stickster> robyduck: +1
20:01:21 <stickster> jzb: Once done, run:  cd fedora-web && git checkout getfedora
20:02:04 <robyduck> jzb: then cd and 'make en test'
20:02:09 <jzb> stickster: sure, I've already got that locally
20:02:14 <jzb> stickster: I submitted patches for alpha
20:02:16 <robyduck> hehe
20:02:21 <stickster> jzb: Awesome
20:03:11 <stickster> jzb: OK, with a git pull you should have all the latest. Once you run 'make en test' as above, you can point your browser at http://localhost:5000 and see the test site currently in dev
20:03:24 <stickster> That will give you an idea of space
20:03:40 <stickster> jzb: Also, if you feel something else is needed
20:03:47 <stickster> er, whether
20:04:18 <stickster> Oh, look at the big brain on Paul:
20:04:22 <stickster> Ha, I remember writing that ;-)
20:04:33 <robyduck> ryanlerch: do I hurt anyone if I revert the last commits? I'll take a screenshot and rewrite it.
20:04:52 <ryanlerch> robyduck, which commits?
20:05:22 <robyduck> mo's and the ones we did afetr it to unbreak the other pages
20:06:17 <stickster> robyduck: Is this not something we can just modify?
20:06:26 <stickster> Or is there something wrong with all those commits?
20:07:14 <robyduck> we can also modify it, it's the same. there are classes in the app.css we shouldn't have on bootstrap
20:07:27 <stickster> Yeah, let's just modify then
20:07:53 <stickster> "revert" has a specific implication not really intended here :-)
20:08:12 <stickster> robyduck: Will we have bootstrap available in time for deployment?
20:08:15 <robyduck> no need to specify width or percentage, we have a nice grid which is repsonsive. And the images are too big (7MB), we should display them in another way to keep it with the same layout but much lighter
20:08:22 <robyduck> aslo for mobile
20:08:34 <robyduck> stickster: yes it's already all bootstrap
20:08:42 <robyduck> and it's all responsive
20:08:53 <stickster> OK, cool -- I couldn't remember if there were still any packaging or other difficulties
20:09:18 <robyduck> no I worked on that time ago and have the sources I compiled on github (IIRC)
20:09:59 <jzb> stickster: OK
20:10:08 * mattdm got pulled into something else and is not paying attention very well. ping me if needed please?
20:10:11 <jzb> stickster: when do we need patches in?
20:10:12 <stickster> jzb: did that all work out for you?
20:10:19 <jzb> I'm about to get pulled into a different content discussion.
20:10:42 <stickster> jzb: ASAP; the idea is to give something to WGs to review over next few days, so we can preserve L10n time
20:10:59 <robyduck> stickster: +1
20:11:21 <stickster> jzb: So don't worry about the patches being perfect -- I would recommend, put in content now, make screenshots using above fedora-web instructions, and post to WGs for feedback
20:11:25 <stickster> robyduck: ^ ?
20:11:26 <stickster> sound good?
20:11:38 * robyduck will also close the fp.o L10n source and open the source as soon we have the first strings to translate
20:11:48 <robyduck> stickster: sounds very good
20:12:03 <stickster> robyduck: So, we will want to open to translators after we have WGs check text, correct?
20:12:08 <robyduck> yes
20:12:10 <stickster> robyduck: That way they don't do work twice either :-)
20:12:12 <stickster> Cool
20:12:32 <stickster> jzb: Do you want to take first stab at Server?
20:12:39 <robyduck> yes, and they also wouldn't get a 'big drop' but slowly dive into the new strings
20:13:23 <jzb> stickster: I can but not for the next bit - I'm also working on site refresh for Atomic right now. :-(
20:13:29 <stickster> ryanlerch: And the idea is that get.fp.o ->, correct?
20:13:33 <stickster> jzb: I'll take it then, no worries
20:13:35 <jzb> like is tomorrow morning too late?
20:14:09 <robyduck> oh I have another question for all: do we have some agreement or why we promote lenovo as laptop on the workstation page?
20:14:36 <stickster> robyduck: It's not right now -- I believe newest icon is Samsung
20:14:58 <robyduck> really?
20:15:20 <stickster> robyduck: Are you looking at latest git?
20:15:36 <robyduck> stickster:
20:15:38 <robyduck> lenovo
20:15:54 <stickster> robyduck: jreznik_: That appears to be an older mockup?
20:16:10 <robyduck> no it's the one we have on git
20:16:15 <jreznik_> it's what robyduck sent me in the morning
20:16:16 <robyduck> samsung was the older one
20:16:25 <mattdm> I think there was some discussion on the marketing list about using a modern, nice looking laptop and removing the branding
20:16:37 <stickster> Oh, maybe no one's committed the new picture yet
20:16:49 <stickster> The Samsung up there now is a sleek ATIV
20:16:55 <stickster> Is the Lenovo something nice too?
20:17:18 <robyduck> ryanlerch: can we have a new image for the main workstation page? In the jumbotron?
20:17:37 <ryanlerch> robyduck, other than my laptop?
20:17:51 <stickster> jreznik_: robyduck: Why do I see something totally different in git?
20:17:55 <robyduck> it would be the best if we do it like you did before, a clean image we can place on the right, not a 3600px background
20:18:16 <robyduck> stickster: did you pull^
20:18:18 <robyduck> ?
20:18:33 <jreznik_> lenovo is more developers laptop than samsung, just don't put carbon there, it's pain to use it now with fedora :)
20:18:53 <jzb> jreznik_: really? I have a Carbon and it works fine. Except the trackpad sucks.
20:19:06 <jreznik_> jzb: trackpad sucks, hidpi too
20:19:20 <stickster> robyduck: OH! All my fault. I needed to 'make clean && make en test' :-)
20:19:25 <stickster> robyduck: I see it now
20:19:33 <robyduck> cool
20:20:00 <robyduck> ryanlerch: would that be ok for you?
20:20:08 <stickster> jreznik_: Really, hidpi isn't good?
20:20:17 <stickster> jreznik_: It's very good here on my Samsung, 3200x1800
20:20:59 * relrod waves, is around for a few minutes
20:21:23 <robyduck> uff /me jealous on his old and crappy 1366x768 :D
20:22:42 <robyduck> stickster: ryanlerch: anything else for today? I'm quite good now, will get in contact with ryan for design stuff and connect to gobby ;)
20:23:00 <stickster> robyduck: I think we're good
20:23:17 <stickster> robyduck: FYI, I am going to get patches in for Workstation shortly and will try to do Server before I'm done tonight
20:23:42 <robyduck> stickster: nice, thank you
20:23:57 <robyduck> stickster: IIRC you can commit directly, don't need patches :)
20:24:24 <relrod> robyduck, stickster: What would you like me to work on in the short-term? Should have some time later tonight, and most of tomorrow and Thursday.
20:24:34 <relrod> I still need to read scrollback from here, but
20:25:28 <robyduck> relrod: ok, the let's talk later on websites (so you can read
20:25:43 <robyduck> s/the/then
20:26:13 <relrod> ok.
20:27:04 <robyduck> guys I need to bring children to bed, thank you all for coming and for the great help you will give to the websites team :)
20:27:12 * robyduck needs to leave, sorry
20:28:51 <robyduck> stickster: don't forget to end the meeting later :D
20:29:29 <stickster> relrod: So for right now ryanlerch can probably give you better guidance on the web implementation part.
20:29:33 <stickster> relrod: I'm just here for the strings ;-)
20:29:36 <stickster> robyduck: Will do
20:30:34 <stickster> ryanlerch: Can you help relrod figure out what he can pick off this week while jzb and I are getting strings in order?
20:35:27 <stickster> #action jzb Finish strings for (cloud related) & gf.o/cloud
20:35:44 <stickster> #action stickster Finish strings for (workstation, server related), gf.o/workstation, gf.o/server
20:36:18 <stickster> #action ryanlerch Work with robyduck, relrod and mizmo on additional site implementation bits
20:36:24 <stickster> Did I forget anything?
20:36:57 <relrod> #action relrod to finish keys page, but mostly just needs "Obsolete keys" added at this point, I think
20:38:11 <stickster> ryanlerch: anything else?
20:38:19 <stickster> I'm guessing he got called away :-)
20:39:27 <ryanlerch> stickster, sorry, was inkscaping
20:39:37 <stickster> I love that verb ;-)
20:39:40 <ryanlerch> in the zone, so to speak
20:40:12 <ryanlerch> stickster, we all hang out in #fedora-websites
20:40:19 <ryanlerch> if we want to add that to the log
20:47:20 <stickster> #info For more information, and to help -- visit #fedora-websites and say hello!
20:47:25 <stickster> #endmeeting