06:07:50 <mchua> #startmeeting
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06:07:54 <rbergeron> and the opensource.asu.edu guys are like constantly hiding
06:07:58 <rbergeron> well.
06:07:59 <mchua> FUDCon travel budget approval-ness.
06:08:02 <rbergeron> they don't put anything on their page
06:08:13 <PhrkOnLsh> rbergeron: I plan on running for ASULUG office next year, but we can chat at #endmeeting :)
06:08:15 <rbergeron> i'll put it that way, but maybe they'd be willing to help out
06:08:18 <mchua> #info rbergeron hotel and plane tix - plane is $285.40
06:08:21 <threethirty> I'm planning on being at FUDcon if at ALL possible (yes im new and excited) because i may have to sell a kidney to get there :)
06:08:32 * rbergeron nods
06:08:45 <PhrkOnLsh> threethirty: do something awesome and get Red Hat to sponsor your flight!
06:08:50 <mchua> rbergeron is running the first day and doing Survey Ninja Stuff!!! at the FAD; we really need her there.
06:09:01 <mchua> #agreed rbergeron hotel and plane tix YES
06:09:15 <mchua> #info PhrkOnLsh hotel and plane tix - same price as rbergeron, $285.40
06:09:18 <mchua> same flight, actually
06:09:23 * rbergeron has no objections
06:09:58 <ianweller> < mchua> turns out they're the same seat too
06:10:10 <PhrkOnLsh> I call overhead!
06:10:25 <rbergeron> thank goodness southwest has 2 free bags!
06:10:29 <threethirty> so how does one attend a FUD remotely?
06:11:03 * rbergeron wonders where the supposed snow is at
06:11:11 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh has been doing some great stuff with fedora-tour and lending help to our infrastructure projects, and is going to be using the KDE SIG as a test of our marketing SOPs
06:11:29 <mchua> and generally also brings a lot of energy to everything he's involved in :)
06:11:48 <mchua> (which is going to be really important around... ah, late Monday night, when everyone starts sliding into a BBQ-induced stupor)
06:11:58 <PhrkOnLsh> CAFFEINE
06:12:00 <mchua> #agreed PhrkOnLsh hotel and plane tix YES
06:12:01 <PhrkOnLsh> I has.
06:12:05 <mchua> can haz!
06:12:09 <mchua> okeydokey
06:12:10 <mchua> #endmeeting