05:15:14 <mchua> #startmeeting
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05:15:31 <inode0> not in a very good way though
05:15:33 <mchua> franciscod: can you give a quick rundown of the idea once again, for the logs?
05:15:42 <franciscod> okay.. in a nutshell..
05:15:49 <mchua> (thanks)
05:16:02 <franciscod> its a "welcome to fedora/linux" sort of thing..
05:16:33 <franciscod> the first boot could have an option that allows you to enable/disable this..
05:16:51 <franciscod> thanks PhrkOnLsh for that..
05:17:02 <franciscod> the content could range from a very fundamental overview of what we have to offer..
05:17:18 <franciscod> basically what makes fedora so awesome.. to an overview of the basic tools..
05:17:24 <mchua> So this is a package you'd install, or that would be installed for you, that would pop up on first boot and show you things?
05:18:11 <PhrkOnLsh> Should probably be added to the desktop group, I'd say.
05:18:18 <PhrkOnLsh> either default or recommended
05:18:23 <franciscod> mchua: yeah.. on first boot, we could have a checkbox that goes "take a walk into fedora" ?
05:18:41 <franciscod> the presentation could be exited anytime..
05:19:00 <franciscod> thats important.. so people see what they want and not have to go through the entire thing..
05:19:15 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: are you thinking presentation, or something more 'interactive'
05:19:37 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: havent thought of that yet... but yeah.. interactive would rock #idea
05:19:59 <franciscod> so maybe the first "slide" would have "first timer"? "user" ? "deveoper" ?
05:20:16 <mchua> franciscod, PhrkOnLsh: here's what might be helpful - I'm a new Fedora user, this package (let's call it fedora-tour for now) is installed on my nice new F13 system, I'm booting for the first time... walk me through what happens.
05:20:48 <mchua> (In other words, the two of you are the computer, I'm the user, we'll improvise through this together.)
05:21:01 <franciscod> when u set up you user, you'd get an option.. a check box that says "take the tour" or something similiar..
05:21:13 <franciscod> mchua: your turn :)
05:21:18 * inode0 will be the penguin with an ice cream cone standing in the corner
05:21:27 <franciscod> ^_^
05:21:30 <PhrkOnLsh> "I'm new to {Fedora|Linux}" would be nicer I think.
05:21:45 <PhrkOnLsh> but details :)
05:21:51 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: that would restrict the tour to a new user.. dont want that.. :)
05:22:02 <PhrkOnLsh> true
05:22:13 <franciscod> so since you're a new user, you'd want to know why fedora is so awesome and why people talk about it so much!!
05:22:25 <franciscod> you check the box, once user set up is done,
05:22:37 <franciscod> on first login, an app runs, "the tour"
05:22:49 <franciscod> from the tiny vision i have till now..
05:23:17 <franciscod> the first "slide" would go "first time ?? let us show you Fedora!!"
05:23:21 <sankarshan> Interjecting somewhat tangentially, Windows98 (don't groan) had a nice tour for users ...
05:23:29 <franciscod> +1
05:23:45 <franciscod> another option would be "so whats new in Fedora $release"
05:23:48 <sankarshan> Specifically showing various device configuration utilities/methods and so forth
05:24:12 <franciscod> another would be "common bugs"
05:24:31 <franciscod> sankarshan: yeah.. the first timer part could have that.. sort of "getting started"
05:24:50 <franciscod> another option on the first could be "developer? tour the tools?"
05:25:16 <franciscod> the first timer section would have bits on system tools, such as package kit,
05:25:29 <franciscod> a section on apps would be useful..
05:25:44 <franciscod> soo many media players around.. web browsers..
05:25:46 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: I think it would be cool if this tool was customisable from a spins perspective; meaning one main package as a "viewer" and one as content. fedora-tour-desktop fedora-tour-kde fedora-tour-fel, etc, for each spin/remix.
05:26:09 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: yeah.. i havent thought of implementation yet.. ;)
05:26:48 <franciscod> the first time section could also feature a "getting help" section, where you tell them to use the IRC or the forum etc etc..
05:27:13 <franciscod> the whats new could brag about the new features we've got..
05:27:27 <franciscod> developer section would have something about all the tools we have..
05:27:54 <franciscod> etc etc etc..
05:27:54 <franciscod> <eof> i guess ^_^
05:28:06 <franciscod> mchua: ^
05:28:14 * inode0 the penguin has finished the strawberry scoop on top
05:28:36 <franciscod> inode0: what does the penguin have to say about the idea?
05:28:36 <mchua> Okay, uh... I... what am I seeing again?
05:28:41 * mchua scrolls back up to refresh memory
05:29:11 <mchua> I've checked the box, the little slide pops up and says "First time? let us show you Fedora!"
05:29:24 * franciscod nods
05:29:27 <mchua> And I click on... an arrow that says "Great, start the tour!"
05:29:32 <mchua> your turn.
05:29:49 <PhrkOnLsh> lol
05:29:56 <franciscod> first page -> "1st timer" / "whats new" / "developers corner" etc etc
05:30:11 <franciscod> mchua: your turn
05:31:07 <mchua> "1st timer"
05:31:10 <mchua> your turn
05:31:13 <inode0> surely the windows thing is on youtube for us to watch if that would help any
05:32:27 <franciscod> -> apps ; -> tools ; -> get help ; -> bcome a part of Fedora .. and more..
05:32:28 * PhrkOnLsh foams at the mouth
05:32:31 <PhrkOnLsh> http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-vista/features/welcome-center.aspx
05:32:47 * PhrkOnLsh rolls around, seizure
05:32:56 <franciscod> these are only idea blocks, we'll use better terms for stuff..
05:33:04 <franciscod> mchua: your turn
05:33:23 <mchua> franciscod: let's look at apps (then I want to see "get help" and "become a part of Fedora"
05:33:26 <mchua> franciscod: your turn
05:34:23 <franciscod> apps : sub categories: multimedia, web, games, imaging, torrents, office, etc etc
05:34:47 <PhrkOnLsh> what if that was all one page with headings?
05:34:55 <franciscod> mchua: then you tell them about the apps present in each category and how to get them...your turn
05:35:28 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: hmm.. a little crowded dont you think? wont look "cool" enuf :P
05:35:40 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: too many submenus I think :)
05:36:14 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: hmm.. so user -> multimedia etc? skip the apps page ?
05:36:28 <PhrkOnLsh> what about a tree dialog instead?
05:36:56 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: great idea.. reach wherever you want with a click.. no need to traverse #idea
05:36:59 <franciscod> #agreed
05:37:30 <mchua> (what I'm trying to do is the IRC version of a paper prototype, btw)
05:37:42 <mchua> franciscod: ok, cool. what does the "get help" section look like?
05:38:01 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: I'm going to start to translate this into a Gobby doc that we can hack on later
05:38:34 <franciscod> mchua: "need help?? look here" -> irc ; -> mailing list ; -> forum ..
05:38:41 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: sounds good
05:38:48 <franciscod> a few lines for each would be sufficient here itself..
05:39:00 <mchua> franciscod: ok, and the "get involved" section, what does that look like?
05:39:39 <mchua> franciscod: (and after that I'm done, and have some questions, unless there's something else in the 'tour' you'd like to go through)
05:40:00 <franciscod> "cool ha?? wanna be a part of it?? " -> people skills ; -> $fedoraproject.org/join ;)
05:40:13 <franciscod> and a little description..
05:41:06 <franciscod> of each..
05:41:20 <franciscod> mchua: nah.. i think ive already written the entire idea in here.. please fire away :)
05:41:25 <mchua> #topic questions
05:41:55 <mchua> * what in this couldn't be solved by a different Firefox start page (linking to the content you've just described)?
05:41:58 <PhrkOnLsh> Will it be easily customisable for spins? :)
05:42:16 <PhrkOnLsh> hmm, good point, mchua
05:42:17 <mchua> * how might this relate to something like https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2009-November/msg01706.html?
05:42:29 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: oh, I like that question on the spins
05:42:41 <mchua> making it a webpage would make it extremely easy to customize
05:42:46 <PhrkOnLsh> Full disclosure: /me is KDE SIGger :)
05:42:52 <franciscod> mchua: lack of internet.. ppl who'd go "awesome!! fedora .. lets see what its got" and not click on ff
05:43:00 <franciscod> :)
05:43:10 <franciscod> not to forget, non FF users..
05:43:59 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: i'm not sure on that.. cant really answer that until we decide on how to implement it..
05:44:25 <mchua> franciscod: what if the package was basically an interface that launched Firefox to point at these (offline, locally-stored in the fedora-examples directory) webpage?
05:44:28 <PhrkOnLsh> (do we not have a page on wiki for firstboot?)
05:44:30 <mchua> er, webpages?
05:44:42 <franciscod> python or qt or whatever.. but yeah, since basic changes would be changes in text and maybe links.. so would be customizable..
05:44:47 <PhrkOnLsh> +1 mchua
05:45:02 <PhrkOnLsh> or even just a Qt/GtkWebkit wrapper
05:45:08 <franciscod> mchua: could be done.. but id like to reduce the dependance on another app..
05:45:30 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: I think you go directly to http://start.fedoraproject.org/ on first boot, but I haven't tried that for a bit. Should do this weekend, really.
05:45:53 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: well, chances are that app would be installed (could change browser launched depending on spin, etc)
05:46:04 <franciscod> plus, the kind of interfacing i was thinking about, even the web coding would be complex ;)
05:46:11 <mchua> franciscod: actually, I'd piggyback on another (installed-by-default) app in order to reduce the development and maintenance needed, but that's my personal design/engineering sense.
05:46:13 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: I mean, for us. :) I'm looking for screenshots of the actual firstboot since it's been so long
05:46:55 <mchua> franciscod: so let me put this another way - if you had 5 hours to sit down and implement this, start to finish, how would you make it?
05:47:09 <mchua> franciscod: imagine you could get 2 people in the Fedora community to help you for the full 5 hours - any 2 people.
05:47:15 <PhrkOnLsh> publican?
05:47:25 <PhrkOnLsh> with html output?
05:47:42 <franciscod> mchua: lol.. id probably go to a python app.. but i aint much of a developer so my idea isnt really relevant here.. :)
05:48:04 <PhrkOnLsh> bahaha http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FirstBoot
05:48:16 <franciscod> i think the other folks around would be in a much better position to decide how this could be done..
05:48:18 <mchua> franciscod: Which is exactly why I'm trying to explore ways to simplify its development.
05:48:58 <franciscod> well, people could decide.. and then i cd learn the required and implement it ;)
05:49:00 <sankarshan> PhrkOnLsh: firstboot has a configure stuff focus, not a learn stuff focus
05:49:47 <mchua> franciscod: I think that for this to be successful, you should learn how to design *and* develop it - which is really more fun, anyway. ;)
05:50:05 <franciscod> mchua: yup.. id be glad to :)
05:50:06 <mchua> And a surprising amount of development is design.
05:50:51 <PhrkOnLsh> sankarshan: that's why tagged onto the last page of firstboot would be a "learn more about Fedora" or something that would launch this app on reboot :)
05:50:59 * mchua tries firstboot
05:51:13 <mchua> franciscod: It sounds like this is something you're pretty excited about. :)
05:52:12 <mchua> Oh, *that's* called firstboot! Yep, I remember that.
05:52:16 <franciscod> mchua: lol
05:52:16 <PhrkOnLsh> I'm pretty excited about it too, I'm willing to put some freetime into it
05:52:37 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: ^_^
05:52:53 <franciscod> mchua: #link http://www.windows-vista-update.com/image-files/windows-vista-welcome-center.jpg
05:52:56 <franciscod> have a look..
05:53:21 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh, franciscod: Is this something the two of you would like to take on together for the F13 cycle?
05:53:23 <franciscod> i dont want it to have the upper half that says "add new users etc", itll just tell them how to do it..
05:53:32 <mchua> I think it'd make a great project.
05:53:53 <mchua> franciscod: Ah, see, I look at that screenshot and go "ooh, it could be a webpage"
05:53:53 <franciscod> mchua: yeah.. i guess we could.. i just need to figure out what i need to learn.. that would be the time eater
05:53:54 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: I'm up for it if franciscod is :)
05:54:22 <franciscod> sankarshan: webpage or no? some idea?
05:54:36 <mchua> franciscod: I think the hard part will be figuring out the design, really.
05:55:07 <franciscod> yeah.. and making sure its *ultra cool*.. since first impressions are *very* important :)
05:55:12 <mchua> franciscod: Once you've got a clear idea of what you want to build, and can communicate that to other people, they'll quickly teach you what you need to learn.
05:55:22 * inode0 thinks a second hard part will be keeping it current, but also thinks it would be very nice
05:55:28 <mchua> inode0: +1
05:55:49 <franciscod> mchua: okay.
05:55:51 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: in?
05:56:09 <PhrkOnLsh> hm?
05:56:29 <franciscod> wanna work on this?
05:56:47 <PhrkOnLsh> barring any personal/natural disaster, hells yeah :)
05:57:17 <franciscod> mchua: give us like a 4-5 days to a week to think up a design? and we'll get to the learning phase?
05:57:54 <mchua> franciscod: you may find that the design and prototyping phase takes a bit longer than that ;)
05:58:06 <PhrkOnLsh> it should, imo
05:58:10 <PhrkOnLsh> especially the internals
05:58:12 <franciscod> mchua: never done it in this detail ;)
05:58:24 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: think you know more abt dev.. you do the talking now :)
05:58:24 <mchua> When I've done development, I tend to spend the first 1/3 to 1/2 of the time *just* doing needfinding and prototyping
05:58:38 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: I know very little outside theory ;)
05:58:55 <franciscod> mchua: uhm.. a month?
05:58:59 <PhrkOnLsh> but this soudns like an awesome sandboxed learning project
05:59:04 * franciscod has vacations so loadsa time :)
05:59:09 <mchua> I think this is an awesome sandboxed learning project.
05:59:15 <mchua> So let's think about the schedule a bit.
05:59:20 * PhrkOnLsh doesn't have much vacation time until Dec.
05:59:35 <franciscod> mchua: change topic ?
05:59:43 <mchua> Good, being able to start off sprinting on this on vacation time is nice :)
05:59:47 <mchua> #chair franciscod PhrkOnLsh
05:59:47 <zodbot> Current chairs: PhrkOnLsh franciscod mchua
05:59:53 <mchua> #topic Schedule
05:59:58 <mchua> Okay.
05:59:59 * PhrkOnLsh wheee
06:00:14 <mchua> Is "The F13 Cycle" a good timescale to think about this on?
06:00:26 <mchua> That's between now and May - 6 months is a long time, we'd have to break it into smaller milestones.
06:00:27 <PhrkOnLsh> I think so.
06:00:31 <franciscod> i think yes..
06:00:34 <franciscod> #agreed
06:00:45 <mchua> All right. Where do you want to be on the day of F13 GA?
06:00:52 <mchua> (er, with this project, I mean.)
06:01:11 <franciscod> whens that? sorry.. not so well informed on the f13 cycle yet.. :|
06:01:23 <PhrkOnLsh> ~6months
06:02:10 <mchua> franciscod: hypothetically, May 1st. Ish.
06:02:27 <mchua> "start of May" is a good general range.
06:02:31 <mchua> I don't think the actual F13 schedule has been published yet.
06:02:59 <franciscod> would *like* to be somewhere between completion and testing? atleast..
06:03:14 <mchua> The end goal is a package?
06:03:19 <franciscod> since failure to finish it till 13 would mean going another 6 months to 14
06:03:31 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: package right?
06:03:41 <PhrkOnLsh> +1 package
06:03:43 <franciscod> mchua: yeah.. i think a package would be good..
06:03:46 <PhrkOnLsh> definitely
06:03:48 <franciscod> #agreed package
06:03:52 <PhrkOnLsh> but the packaging is chump change
06:04:12 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: me packager ;)
06:04:18 <mchua> franciscod: Not necessarily. I think the soonest this could be included by default on the desktop spin would probably be F14, since the feature inclusion process starts very early on, and the feature list is decided by... certainly by Jan or Feb, though I don't know the exact date here.
06:04:44 <mchua> But certainly a "this package is polished, tested, and ready for inclusion by default, can you consider it as an F14 feature?" is possible.
06:05:00 <franciscod> mchua: sounds good to me..
06:05:03 <mchua> sankarshan: (Sanity check on feature process *totally* welcome here.)
06:05:50 <inode0> it doesn't need to be a "feature" to get in F13 though
06:06:08 <franciscod> +1
06:06:13 <PhrkOnLsh> True; but do we want it publicized nicely?
06:06:23 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: after it works ;)
06:06:29 <PhrkOnLsh> mchua: of course :)
06:06:35 <mchua> inode0: to get installed on the default spin?
06:06:44 <inode0> yes, but I think it could quietly go in F13 if ready and be a feature in F14 with lots of pub
06:07:10 <franciscod> first boot will also need addition of the ckecbox.. :)
06:07:12 <franciscod> inode0: +1
06:07:25 <inode0> mchua: I'm not positive, but I think the "featureness" really just makes it a point of emphasis in marketing
06:08:00 <mchua> inode0: Hm, that's something to check on; I'm actually not sure.
06:08:22 <mchua> Anyway, a lot of this would depend on the work being done and the forward momentum that franciscod and PhrkOnLsh get going in the next month or two.
06:08:24 <inode0> most new stuff certainly isn't a feature
06:08:34 <mchua> inode0: true
06:08:49 <franciscod> i think we shd just set the goal as "completion asap"
06:09:27 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh, franciscod: ok - here's what I'd suggest then.
06:09:42 <mchua> 1. set a first milestone, something you can hit in 1-4 weeks. A deliverable.
06:10:07 <franciscod> okay
06:10:13 <PhrkOnLsh> UI mockups
06:10:24 <mchua> 2. set up a regular meeting time to get together and touch base and sprint on this, so you know you have N hours per week (and this can change when vacation starts/ends) to do this stuff during
06:10:40 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: I think that's a great first milestone, what date do you want to set for that?
06:11:00 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: thoughts?
06:11:06 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh: Actually, I would encourage you to make at least 3 completely different UI mockups.
06:11:16 <mchua> And spend no more than 1.5 hours making each.
06:11:22 <mchua> Probably more like 45 minutes.
06:11:25 <mchua> Or less.
06:11:43 <PhrkOnLsh> true
06:11:52 <PhrkOnLsh> full UI or each form :)
06:11:59 <mchua> Heck, I might try for 10 minutes each and 6 mockups for a first 1-hour sprint.
06:12:06 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: mchua: we've never done this before.. keep sometime out for learning stuff too :)
06:12:14 <mchua> franciscod, PhrkOnLsh: ah, that's the fun part.
06:12:15 * franciscod isnt sure he knows how to do a ui mockup
06:12:32 <mchua> franciscod: It's pretty easy - get a piece of paper, or Inkscape, or someting you're comfortable drawing in.
06:12:37 <PhrkOnLsh> yup
06:12:47 <mchua> franciscod: Then sketch a picture of how you'd want the screen to look.
06:12:52 <PhrkOnLsh> brb, I need to videotape some bad hardware
06:13:03 <mchua> franciscod: Take a picture / save the file
06:13:18 <franciscod> mchua: that sounds easy + fun...
06:13:18 <mchua> franciscod: then take a different color marker and write notes on top of it ("this button is for X, this dialog does Y, this blinks.")
06:13:26 <mchua> franciscod: think of it as visual brainstorming.
06:13:35 <mchua> mizmo is fantastic at this sort of thing.
06:13:45 <franciscod> okay.. aye aye.. can do that..
06:13:52 <mchua> Let me see if I can find some examples.
06:14:21 <mchua> franciscod: something like this level of detail/roughness
06:14:24 <mchua> http://www.madeintheuk.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/example1.jpg
06:14:35 <franciscod> *click*
06:14:36 <mchua> it doesn't have to be polished or pretty, the point is to get the idea across
06:14:49 <mchua> and the point is to have as many ideas as possible so people have something to start talking with you about.
06:14:58 <franciscod> mchua: roger
06:15:10 <mchua> "I like this, I don't understand that, why isn't this thing there?"
06:15:44 <mchua> franciscod: another one is http://www.agilemodeling.com/images/models/uiSketches.JPG
06:15:46 <franciscod> oaky.. so at an hour each max for 3-4 different mockups sounds okay?
06:15:56 <mchua> in inkscape you might get something like http://konigi.com/files/konigi/imagecache/product/Base-Wireframe-Kit.png
06:15:59 <mchua> franciscod: that sounds *awesome*
06:16:12 <mchua> more inkscape-looking stuff: http://www.zeroedandnoughted.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/balsamiq-mockupsbalsamiq-mockups-for-desktop-new-mockup.jpg
06:16:33 <mchua> (it probably wasn't actually made in inkscape - and anyway, if you're more comfortable with pen and paper and a scanner, use that instead - the point is to sketch and sketch and sketch)
06:16:45 <franciscod> mchua: okay..
06:16:53 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: set a deadline
06:16:56 <franciscod> for the mockups
06:16:56 <mchua> ...and then when you get to be ridiculously good at this, like mizmo, you end up with stuff like http://mairin.wordpress.com/2009/08/12/anaconda-advanced-storage-devices/
06:17:17 <mchua> (though that's probably several iterations in - mizmo starts with rough inkscape/whiteboard sketches too.)
06:17:29 * franciscod fainted
06:18:17 <PhrkOnLsh> re sorry
06:18:24 <PhrkOnLsh> let me scrollback
06:18:29 <mchua> This is why the Design Team is awesome. ;)
06:19:09 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: two weeks out?
06:19:20 <PhrkOnLsh> We can meet at some point this week and knock out a few
06:19:29 <PhrkOnLsh> and some time next week and knock out the rest
06:19:42 <PhrkOnLsh> I have 4 day weekend this weekend, so sometime sat/sun would work
06:19:55 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh, franciscod: excellent, scheduling a first sprint for this is a *great* idea
06:20:03 <mchua> PhrkOnLsh, franciscod: there are two things I'd do before that sprint
06:20:10 <mchua> the first is to set up a wiki page for the project
06:20:34 <mchua> listing it at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing#Projects would make it easy to find
06:20:50 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: i'll get stuck from the 1st to 5th of dec though.. foss.in :) actaully till the 11th.. from 6th to 11th, i might not have net access.. :(
06:21:03 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight and https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_research are good examples of project pages, though they have a *lot* more detail than you need
06:21:06 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: nw :)
06:21:16 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: we can get the mockups done before bacon-time :)
06:21:25 <franciscod> #action franciscod PhrkOnLsh add to project #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing#Projects
06:21:41 <franciscod> mchua: okay.. noted
06:21:48 <mchua> I'd say the sections that are important now are "Goal, Schedule, Next Steps"
06:22:11 <franciscod> #idea important sections -> goal, schedule, next steps
06:22:23 <mchua> The second thing I'd do is announce your project (post the project page link!) to the mailing list and let people know the time and place you'll be sprinting, so in case people are free they can come join you on IRC
06:22:56 <mchua> I'd actually do this to both the Marketing list (as a Marketing project) and the Design list (as a "we'd like to start this with a really good design, could we get help/advice" thing)
06:23:12 <franciscod> #action PhrkOnLsh franciscod announce project on lists and provide details to timings
06:23:13 <mchua> ...and then you're all set for the sprint, really.
06:23:19 <franciscod> sounds good :)
06:23:39 <mchua> That, I think, will make people aware of your project, asking questions, starting to help out, and also if you need to learn things they'll start teaching you.
06:23:42 <PhrkOnLsh> cool!
06:23:51 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: you want to handle the page, i"ll ping the lists?
06:23:59 <franciscod> okay.. done..
06:24:14 <mchua> Oh! And this is *completely* optional, but if you don't already blog on Planet Fedora, I'd suggest starting. ;)
06:24:21 <franciscod> mchua: PhrkOnLsh: uhm.. project name?
06:24:26 <franciscod> mchua: already there :)
06:24:31 <mchua> Excellent.
06:24:34 <franciscod> "fedora-tour" ?
06:24:35 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: fedora-tour?
06:24:38 <PhrkOnLsh> :D
06:24:55 <mchua> Your work on this will be a *great* thing to keep a log of, and blogs are great for that. (Also it makes fantastic portfolio stuff later on.)
06:24:58 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: how about we brainstorm for a name too?
06:25:11 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: later down the road, I'd say. mchua?
06:25:18 <franciscod> mchua: i think we can request space on hosted too for stuff like this..
06:25:25 <PhrkOnLsh> yeah, franciscod and I are both on planet.
06:25:35 <franciscod> PhrkOnLsh: lets call it $fed-tour for the time being?
06:25:40 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: we can use our fedorapeople public_git also
06:25:44 <mchua> I think fedora-tour is a great starting name (heck, I think it'd be a fine final name, but at the very least it works as a placeholder.)
06:25:46 <PhrkOnLsh> franciscod: sounds awesome
06:25:47 <mchua> +1 fedorahosted
06:26:14 <franciscod> #agreed okay.. fedora-tour it is then
06:26:40 <franciscod> #idea fedorahosted, once the coding begins that is..
06:27:00 <franciscod> okay.. i guess thats enough to start with? PhrkOnLsh mchua ?
06:27:18 <PhrkOnLsh> I think so
06:27:22 <mchua> If the two of you think you're ready to go off and running, I think you're in an excellent place.
06:27:29 <mchua> You've got a first deliverable and milestone to hit. ;)
06:27:48 <mchua> So go ahead and #endmeeting and you'll have your first meeting logs, too. :)
06:27:54 <franciscod> mchua: haha.. okay.. we'll go start sprinting.. thank you :)
06:28:02 <franciscod> #endmeeting