20:01:12 <jwf> #startmeeting Fedora Mindshare Committee meeting - 2022-11-03
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20:01:17 <jwf> #meetingname mindshare
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20:01:24 <jwf> #info About Mindshare: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare/
20:01:29 <jwf> .members mindshare
20:01:30 <zodbot> jwf: Members of mindshare: jflory7, nb, bt0dotninja, duffy, thunderbirdtr, pbokoc, davdunc, smeragoel, madelinepeck
20:02:05 <jwf> #chair bt0dotninja mizmo pbokoc thunderbirdtr madelinepeck davdunc smeragoel nb
20:02:05 <zodbot> Current chairs: bt0dotninja davdunc jwf madelinepeck mizmo nb pbokoc smeragoel thunderbirdtr
20:02:20 <jwf> #topic Meeting structure & agenda
20:02:23 <jwf> #info === 1. Hellos & welcome (~5 minutes) ===
20:02:24 <davdunc[m> .hello davdunc
20:02:25 <zodbot> davdunc[m: davdunc 'David Duncan' <davdunc@amazon.com>
20:02:27 <jwf> #info === 2. Committee announcements & team read-outs (~5-10 minutes) ===
20:02:31 <jwf> #info === 3. Ticket-driven review & discussion (remaining time) ===
20:02:32 <jwf> #info === 4. Open floor (final 5 minutes) ===
20:02:37 <jwf> #topic Hellos & welcome
20:02:43 * jwf waves to davdunc
20:02:48 <jwf> .hello jflory7
20:02:49 <zodbot> jwf: jflory7 'Justin W. Flory' <jwf@redhat.com>
20:03:12 <nb> Hi
20:03:16 <davdunc[m> hey Justin W. Flory (he/him) ! Glad to be here with you. Coming to you from Oaxaca today.
20:03:17 <nb> I am actually at a meeting for once!
20:03:26 <jwf> Hiya nb! 🙂
20:03:28 <bt0> Hi
20:03:36 <davdunc[m> hey nb
20:03:38 <jwf> davdunc: Oaxaca, Mexico?
20:03:44 <jwf> Cool! What brings you there?
20:03:46 <davdunc[m> Justin W. Flory (he/him): yes!
20:03:55 <davdunc[m> was here for Dia De Los Muertos
20:04:31 <bt0> amazing
20:04:34 <davdunc[m> working on speaking Spanish with some sense of accuracy. :)
20:04:35 <jwf> Oh, nice! Are you visiting friends or family, or on a personal visit for the holiday?
20:04:47 <davdunc[m> visiting with my wife's best friend who lives here.
20:04:50 <jwf> Oh hey bt0! 👋
20:05:17 <davdunc[m> :) hey bt0
20:05:28 <bt0> Hi :)
20:05:42 <jwf> davdunc: That's awesome. If there was more time, you and bt0 would have to meet up 😉
20:05:42 <davdunc[m> insta is davdunc2 Justin W. Flory (he/him) check out my pics.
20:06:01 <davdunc[m> what! bt0 are you out this way?
20:06:20 <jwf> CDMX 🥳
20:06:36 <bt0> yeah CDMX
20:07:22 <davdunc[m> ah. :) I'll pass through next weekend.
20:07:50 <MadelinePecksheh> Hello everyone :)
20:07:59 <jwf> Hey Madeline Peck (she/her)! Howdy 👋
20:08:04 <jwf> We have a nice quorum today :)
20:08:09 <davdunc[m> hi Madeline Peck (she/her)
20:08:10 <bt0> :)
20:08:20 <davdunc[m> jwf: yes!
20:08:29 <jwf> davdunc: If you have a chance to say hi to bt0, they have some really amazing Fedora México mugs…
20:08:39 <jwf> Anyways, I think we are good to start our meeting today!
20:08:43 <jwf> Let's dive in.
20:08:51 <jwf> #topic Committee announcements & team read-outs
20:08:59 <bt0> sure, I have some for you
20:09:09 <jwf> Any folks have some news or updates to share?
20:09:15 <jwf> This could be from a team/sub-project or other happenings around Fedora.
20:09:21 <jwf> I know the release party is tomorrow!
20:09:50 <davdunc[m> well, I can just share that Máirín Duffy made some killer designs for the new cloud edition page!
20:10:43 <jwf> #info The Fedora Linux 37 global release party starts tomorrow and the party continues into Saturday. Several folks across the community are presenting! If you haven't registered yet, make sure to get in on Hopin. This release party also broke the Nest 2022 registration record, with 1022 registrations as of now!
20:10:53 <jwf> #link https://hopin.com/events/fedora-linux-37-release-party/registration
20:11:10 <jwf> #info mizmo made amazing new logos for the Fedora Cloud Edition page!
20:11:34 <jwf> davdunc: Got a `#link` to drop for the logs?
20:11:34 <davdunc[m> I'm the final talk for the day on the 5th before the wrapup.
20:11:46 <davdunc[m> #link https://gitlab.com/fedora/design/team/requests/-/issues/11/
20:11:54 <jwf> mizmo++ davdunc++
20:11:55 <zodbot> jwf: Karma for davdunc changed to 6 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
20:12:28 <MadelinePecksheh> The Outreachy application deadline is tomorrow, so November I’ll be deciding which applicant is chosen to intern Dec-March for the fedora design Chat Icon project
20:12:53 <davdunc[m> ooh! that sounds like great fun!
20:14:34 <jwf> madelinepeck++ Awesome. I didn't know you were mentoring this round. This sounds like a cool project, is the project to create icons for chat.fp.o rooms?
20:14:34 <zodbot> jwf: Karma for madelinepeck changed to 1 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
20:15:12 <MadelinePecksheh> jwf: yes! For spaces and rooms here on the fedora server on element
20:15:14 <jwf> Also, is this the initial application deadline or the application for submitting a community application?
20:15:47 <jwf> Amazing. That will be cool. Our #mindshare:fedoraproject.org and #marketing:fedoraproject.org rooms have some cool icons, it will be fun to see more of these :)
20:17:13 <MadelinePecksheh> I believe the first one? All the contributors are recording their work they’ve been doing the past month to submit for the application review
20:17:28 <jwf> Ah okay! So they have already been contributing and you are reviewing the contributions now.
20:17:54 <jwf> The initial application is before contribution phase begins. So, this is the community application it sounds like :) So we are close to selecting the intern.
20:18:48 <jwf> #info The December Outreachy round final application deadline is tomorrow, 4 November. Madeline Peck (she/her) is mentoring for a Fedora Design project to create icons for Fedora Chat rooms and spaces. Applicants have been contributing for the past month as part of their final applications.
20:19:17 <jwf> Lots of good things happening around 😀
20:19:23 <jwf> Any other news or announcements to share?
20:19:51 <bt0> not from me
20:19:56 <jwf> Going once…
20:20:09 <jwf> Going twice…
20:20:16 <jwf> Thrice…
20:20:18 * jwf gavels
20:20:30 <jwf> #topic Ticket review
20:20:34 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issues?priority=10
20:20:58 <jwf> OK. I'm opening up some links…
20:21:21 <jwf> #topic Issue #370: Idea : Move Mindshare repository entirely to Fedora/Gitlab space
20:21:27 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/370
20:21:55 <jwf> This one is a follow-up to the discussion we had at the early timezone meeting last week.
20:22:40 <jwf> This was a chance for folks who didn't get to attend last time or comment in the ticket to share any feedback.
20:23:24 <jwf> I see a few comments and a few votes, but it would be good to get clarity
20:24:17 <jwf> I see `+1` from pbokoc, `+0` from nb, `-1` from davdunc, and additional comments from Máirín Duffy and davdunc.
20:24:26 <davdunc[m> I concede to gitlab. I don't see any blockers and I see some very positive associations with the tooling. I only say concede because I have a deep appreciation for pagure.io and I like the 100% open platform.
20:24:46 * jwf nods
20:25:15 <davdunc[m> so I am +1 now. Máirín Duffy cleared up my concerns.
20:26:06 <jwf> I think we are entering into this with a dose of healthy skepticism and experimentation. Also, in line with the Freedom Foundation, we will tread lightly with proprietary features/toolings for Mindshare use cases.
20:26:08 <bt0> +1 too, I will miss pagure but we need to adopt gitlab as other teams do
20:26:27 <MadelinePecksheh> +1 too. Bye bye pagure
20:26:33 * jwf nods
20:26:35 <MadelinePecksheh> Miss u while we jump to gitlab
20:26:40 <jwf> So, I think that is a quorum.
20:27:03 <jwf> It is a sad departure… I remember when we moved from Trac to Pagure 🥲
20:27:32 <jwf> davdunc Madeline Peck (she/her) bt0 Could each of you please record your vote as a comment in the ticket?
20:29:14 <bt0> done
20:29:58 <jwf> #agreed We reached quorum on advancing the migration. We will begin the migration to GitLab.
20:30:16 <jwf> #info Next, JWF will open a Fedora Infra ticket to create a Fedora Mindshare sub-project on GitLab. He will also explore whether it is viable to import past Pagure issues as part of the migration, or if this could be done at a later point in the future when tooling becomes available.
20:31:14 <jwf> #action jwf Open Fedora Infrastructure ticket to request Fedora Mindshare sub-group within the Fedora GitLab organization due:2022-11-08
20:31:18 <davdunc[m> I never mastered Trac either Justin W. Flory (he/him) :)
20:31:32 <jwf> I spent way too much time fighting Trac.
20:31:37 <jwf> bt0++ Thanks!
20:31:48 <jwf> Alright, let's go to the next ticket!
20:32:05 <jwf> #topic Issue #368: Changing our social media profiles' bio
20:32:10 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/368
20:32:34 <jwf> So, this is not about changing the bios directly, but whether it is worth having a Mindshare-directed process for managing social media profiles.
20:32:56 <jwf> There was initial confusion by the Fedora Marketing team whether they needed approval or sign-off from Mindshare to make the changes.
20:33:03 <jwf> I wanted to poll the group to see what folks thought about this.
20:33:17 <davdunc[m> I would want Marketing to have the sign-off.
20:33:31 <jwf> My initial feeling is that this should be delegated to Marketing and not Mindshare… but I could see benefits of either.
20:33:54 <davdunc[m> yea. I like the way you put that.
20:34:40 <jwf> If we think this should be a Marketing-owned responsibility, I would like to make an explicit decision for the record that this should be a Marketing task, because currently, there is no such guidance.
20:34:44 <davdunc[m> Mindshare as a committee for escalations seems right. For general approval, I see that as the marketing team.
20:34:55 <jwf> And our social media management has sorta been a wild wild west…
20:35:10 <jwf> Yeah, I like that too davdunc
20:36:42 <davdunc[m> Okay. So we want to vote on having a policy like so: Any general approval is handled by and between any team wanting to post messaging and the marketing working group. If there is no consensus between the groups or members, then the Mindshare committee will make a final decision?
20:37:40 <bt0> i like it
20:38:00 <jwf> And to clarify that social media management comment, that is more in the historical view. I want to also call out the great work of folks in Marketing today who are looking at this closer now :)
20:38:08 <jwf> It's nice to see this stuff getting love.
20:38:39 <jwf> #proposed General approval and management of social media profiles is a responsibility delegated to Fedora Marketing Team. If there is not consensus among the Fedora Marketing Team can escalate an issue or question to the Fedora Mindshare Committee for review/discussion.
20:38:40 <jwf> +1
20:38:43 <bt0> +1
20:38:54 <davdunc[m> +1
20:39:46 <jwf> nb, Madeline Peck (she/her), any comments or vote here?
20:40:01 <jwf> Going once…
20:40:09 <davdunc[m> we can phrase that a little better, but I think it's reasonable for the proposal and vote.
20:40:24 <jwf> Going twice…
20:40:24 <davdunc[m> nb: ?
20:40:59 <jwf> davdunc[m: davdunc: Yeah, I think we could drive this through the Marketing SOPs that Isabella Gordillo is helping to wrangle as formal documentation.
20:41:16 <jwf> Thrice for the vote…
20:41:40 * jwf gavels
20:41:48 <jwf> #agreed General approval and management of social media profiles is a responsibility delegated to Fedora Marketing Team. If there is not consensus among the Fedora Marketing Team can escalate an issue or question to the Fedora Mindshare Committee for review/discussion.
20:42:10 <jwf> OK, cool. 🙂 Thanks all for that discussion.
20:42:23 <jwf> So, one last ticket for today.
20:42:40 <davdunc[m> two issues! This is a great meeting!
20:42:43 <jwf> #topic Issue #350: Fedora Activity Day - Colorado Springs, CO - September 9th
20:42:49 <jwf> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/350
20:42:58 <jwf> I need to read this one actually, I didn't get a chance before the meeting
20:43:01 * jwf goes to scroll
20:43:38 <jwf> Oh, huh. Not sure if this ticket warrants a discussion?
20:43:44 <davdunc[m> It's backed by people who are strong in the community. it's a great agenda.
20:43:49 <jwf> Seems like it was a planned event, but not sure if it moved forward or not.
20:43:56 <jwf> Yeah, coremodule is awesome, that is true :D
20:44:03 <davdunc[m> I was thinking... how do I get there!?
20:45:05 <jwf> Well, I don't think there is anything we as a Committee need to discuss or act on. It seems like this might not have been triaged before the meeting. I can follow up with coremodule to see if anything happened, if there are plans to postpone, or if we should close this as `stale`
20:45:14 <davdunc[m> so the only thing that I was curious about is where we are on the date now, but... I am okay to approve. Don't we need a separate swag ticket anyway?
20:45:30 <jwf> Yeah. By my view, it looks like it was approved already!
20:45:58 <davdunc[m> ah yes. I recall now.
20:46:02 <jwf> I think it might not have been triaged correctly in the way I organized the meeting agenda. That's OK though.
20:46:12 <MadelinePecksheh> Ahh
20:46:37 <davdunc[m> okay then. we just leave it as is and knock out the meeting tag. :)
20:46:38 <jwf> #info We love this event idea and we already approved it before! But did it happen, or are there plans to run this event in the future? We will remove from the meeting discussion queue and follow up with coremodule to see if there are plans to move this forward or not.
20:46:54 <jwf> Yup!
20:46:55 <jwf> Well… that's the agenda, folks!
20:47:03 <jwf> #topic Open floor
20:47:11 <jwf> Wow, and ten minutes to spare. How about that? 😁
20:47:18 <jwf> Does anyone have any Open Floor topics to share?
20:47:45 <bt0> yes, me
20:47:54 <jwf> bt0: The floor is yours!
20:48:48 <bt0> as you know I am no the better Mindshare Representative on the council, but also my time is over for this release and we need select a new representative :S
20:50:18 <bt0> well that  is all :P
20:50:21 <jwf> Awwww! I missed that milestone.
20:50:43 <davdunc[m> ooh. mine may be coming up too Justin W. Flory (he/him)
20:50:53 <jwf> Thanks bt0 for all your steady service here on Mindshare and around Fedora. We're better for having people like you to help shape the conversations here :)
20:50:59 <jwf> Oh wow!
20:51:06 <davdunc[m> I was filling in for Till Maas.
20:51:12 <jwf> This goes also to you too davdunc .
20:51:20 <jwf> I guess this means it is election wrangling time.
20:51:51 <davdunc[m> indeed.
20:52:01 <jwf> It is probably a good idea to open a handover ticket for the upcoming roles to make sure that we are on top of the election cycle.
20:52:12 <bt0> cool
20:52:46 <jwf> I'm sure Ben Cotton (in training Wed-Fri) already has it documented about when the elections will happen, but I should probably sync up on that schedule too so we have time for a proper send-off to our outgoing members and have a chance to collect nominations for future incoming folks.
20:53:35 <jwf> I have a lot of actions on my plate from this meeting, but could I ask both of you bt0 and davdunc to open a handover ticket on the Mindshare Pagure repo? This will help to keep track of the discussion.
20:53:48 <davdunc[m> sure thing!
20:54:28 <bt0> cool
20:54:57 <jwf> #info bt0 and davdunc are approaching the end of their terms on the Mindshare Committee! We are sad to see them go but appreciate all their time and service to the Committee and the Fedora Community during the past release cycle. Thank you! ❤️
20:55:24 <jwf> #action davdunc Open a new Fedora Mindshare ticket on Pagure to coordinate the handover for the upcoming release cycle and election.
20:55:31 <davdunc[m> it's been a privilege! i hope to do it again some time.
20:55:34 <jwf> #action bt0 Open a new Fedora Mindshare ticket on Pagure to coordinate the handover for the upcoming release cycle and election.
20:55:55 <jwf> And of course, it's not truly a goodbye… as it goes in Fedora 🙂
20:56:11 <davdunc[m> for sure! we are just that much more invested!
20:56:24 <jwf> But I appreciate however we will continue to see you both in the Fedora Community, however you can 🙂
20:56:48 <bt0> :)
20:56:50 <jwf> Thanks for flagging this ahead of time bt0.
20:56:54 <jwf> Alrighty folks…
20:57:01 <jwf> Any other items for open floor today?
20:57:32 <jwf> Here is my view from where I am joining y'all today. In the Red Hat Tower in Raleigh, North Carolina:
20:57:34 * jwf uploaded an image: (92KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/fedora.im/4f72433e793f525b85796bcd0aac2b0828e8a225/20221103_164848_1051962662719954262.jpg >
20:57:54 <jwf> A beautiful blue sky day here 🙂
20:58:20 <bt0> looks nice
20:58:40 <bt0> thanks mizmo++ davdunc++ jwf++ madelinepeck++
20:59:02 <davdunc[m> bt0++
20:59:40 <davdunc[m> wait. What's you fp.o bt0?
20:59:53 <jwf> `bt0dotninja`
21:00:02 <davdunc[m> bt0dotninja++
21:00:02 <zodbot> davdunc[m: Karma for bt0dotninja changed to 1 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
21:00:12 <jwf> Oh, what!
21:00:14 <davdunc[m> that's the one!
21:00:15 <jwf> bt0dotninja++
21:00:15 <zodbot> jwf: Karma for bt0dotninja changed to 2 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
21:00:19 <jwf> I thought I already gave one too :)
21:00:33 <jwf> davdunc++
21:00:47 <jwf> You might already have one from me though 🙂
21:00:47 <davdunc[m> you already gave me one. :)
21:00:56 <jwf> OK folks, we are at time!
21:00:59 <jwf> Thanks so much for being here!
21:01:09 <jwf> Have a great rest of your Thursday.
21:01:10 <davdunc[m> you too!
21:01:10 <jwf> Ciao! 👋
21:01:10 <jwf> #endmeeting