12:01:52 <riecatnor[m]> #startmeeting Mindshare
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12:01:58 <riecatnor[m]> #meetingname Mindshare
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12:02:30 <riecatnor[m]> #chair Máirín Duffy Vipul Siddharth Onuralp Sezer pbokoc nb davdunc Madeline Peck @bt0
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12:02:40 <riecatnor[m]> #info About Mindshare: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare/
12:02:45 <riecatnor[m]> #topic Hello
12:03:00 <riecatnor[m]> hey mindshare peeps :) hows it goin today?
12:03:15 * LunaJernberg[m] is here its going okay, but its pretty hot here
12:03:38 <osezer[m]> Hello o/
12:03:39 <osezer[m]> .hello thunerbirdtr
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12:03:53 <osezer[m]> .hello thunderbirdtr
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12:04:07 <LunaJernberg[m]> zodbot is borked
12:04:17 <osezer[m]> Hello o/
12:04:35 <pbokoc> Hi!
12:04:52 <riecatnor[m]> hey Onuralp Sezer pbokoc Luna Jernberg !
12:04:55 <osezer[m]> Marie sorry I broke the bot again :((
12:04:58 <riecatnor[m]> oh no
12:05:01 <riecatnor[m]> .hello riecatnor
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12:05:11 <riecatnor[m]> hmmmm
12:05:14 <bt0> .hello bt0dotninja
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12:05:16 <riecatnor[m]> do we know why it does that sometimes
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12:05:25 <bt0> hi
12:05:48 <bt0> Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez <bt0@fpo>
12:05:55 <bt0> o/
12:06:39 <riecatnor[m]> heya bt0 !
12:07:52 <riecatnor[m]> how is everyone doing today?
12:08:36 <osezer[m]> It is hot and weather extra hot today as well, you ?
12:08:49 <LunaJernberg[m]> yeah i am alright but hot here too
12:09:04 <riecatnor[m]> not too hot here yet, but I am feeling very morning right now
12:09:16 <riecatnor[m]> like I could get back into bed and sleep a couple more hours :P
12:09:21 <osezer[m]> here is afternoon 3pm so It more effective at the moment
12:09:28 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: go do that then
12:09:35 * LunaJernberg[m] picked up some water
12:09:38 <osezer[m]> you told me sleep is a good thing :)
12:09:40 <LunaJernberg[m]> 2pm in the afternoon here
12:10:01 <riecatnor[m]> lol well, I have two more meetings after this.. so im here with coffee instead ;)
12:10:35 <osezer[m]> get your fedorable beauty sleep :)
12:10:51 <bt0> coffee :)
12:10:58 <riecatnor[m]> (and then three more this afternoon)
12:11:04 <riecatnor[m]> maybe a nap in between, lets see :)
12:11:08 <riecatnor[m]> #topic announcements and information
12:11:08 <osezer[m]> cool
12:11:16 <osezer[m]> and enjoy your coffee
12:12:07 <riecatnor[m]> #info Jess Chitas is working on the design for a new Fedora Brand Guidelines, check it out and give your feedback
12:12:09 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/feedback-on-fedora-brand-guidelines-booklet/41441
12:13:10 <osezer[m]> Finally.... I was waiting for this one of guideline for a while I am happy to see it
12:13:14 <riecatnor[m]> #info there are some changes around licensing in Fedora packages, check out mattdm's blog post to learn more
12:13:16 <osezer[m]> s/one/kind/
12:13:20 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/important-changes-to-software-license-information-in-fedora-packages-spdx-and-more/
12:13:33 <riecatnor[m]> #info the Fedora Linux 38 development schedule is out thanks to bcotton
12:13:43 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-linux-38-development-schedule/
12:13:47 <LunaJernberg[m]> https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-38/f-38-key-tasks.html
12:13:56 <LunaJernberg[m]> #link https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-38/f-38-key-tasks.html
12:14:35 <riecatnor[m]> #info there is a new "Feature Spotlight" article effort underway, make sure to spread the word and encourage folks to submit
12:14:43 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/collecting-ideas-for-feature-spotlight-articles/
12:14:50 <riecatnor[m]> (some of these are repeats from last week, but not sure if everyone saw)
12:15:01 <riecatnor[m]> #info Fedora Week of Diversity is looking for volunteers for all different types of tasks from writing, to design, to video editors, etc
12:15:10 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fwd-2022-call-for-volunteers/
12:15:23 <riecatnor[m]> #info there is an active discussion around the future of the fedora project contributor agreement- take a look and add in your voice
12:15:33 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/fedora-council-tickets-ticket-410-abolish-fedora-project-contributor-agreement/41095/1
12:16:00 <riecatnor[m]> does anyone else have some announcements or info to share today?
12:16:15 <bt0> not from me
12:16:33 <LunaJernberg[m]> nope
12:17:14 <riecatnor[m]> guess everyone is taking it easy after nest :)
12:17:34 <osezer[m]> nope
12:18:56 <riecatnor[m]> #topic todays agenda
12:19:04 <riecatnor[m]> anyone have specific things to discuss today?
12:21:28 <bt0> not here
12:22:50 <osezer[m]> riecatnor:  any update about this ticket : https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/347\
12:22:58 <LunaJernberg[m]> not me so i guess it will be a short meeting in case not someone else has something
12:23:05 <riecatnor[m]> yes I can give an update on that one :)
12:23:10 <osezer[m]> yay
12:23:15 <LunaJernberg[m]> was wondering that too :)
12:23:22 <davdunc[m> .hello2
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12:23:25 <osezer[m]> Hello David
12:23:32 <riecatnor[m]> heya davdunc !
12:23:33 <davdunc[m> hi Onuralp Sezer !
12:23:43 <riecatnor[m]> #topic tickets
12:23:45 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/347/
12:23:56 <davdunc> .hello2
12:23:58 <zodbot> davdunc: Something blew up, please try again
12:23:59 <davdunc> there!
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12:24:34 <riecatnor[m]> so I received a proof back end of last week, but it said "we cannot guarantee color" so I sent it to Mo and we tried to make a better file so they could match colors
12:24:42 <riecatnor[m]> i sent it back to the vendor yesterday
12:25:12 <riecatnor[m]> hoping they come back this week saying they can match the colors, and i can give the proof an ok
12:25:24 <osezer[m]> Awesome
12:25:26 <LunaJernberg[m]> sounds good :)
12:25:37 <davdunc[m> anything we can do to help you out there riecatnor ?
12:25:53 <riecatnor[m]> not really, Mo was able to work on the file, so just waiting on the vendor for now
12:27:02 <riecatnor[m]> im looking through our repo rn, not many new requests so I am commenting on some pending things
12:27:23 <LunaJernberg[m]> thanks for the update was wondering aswell
12:27:24 <davdunc[m> I need to make one for the cloud team. Need a new logo.
12:27:43 <riecatnor[m]> whats the old logo look like?
12:27:49 <davdunc[m> basically the atomic logo.
12:27:57 <davdunc[m> :) not good.
12:28:03 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: https://alt.fedoraproject.org/cloud/   It is just simple
12:29:02 <riecatnor[m]> It could use a refresh :)
12:29:15 <davdunc[m> yea. I'll put in a ticket and we can have fun designing something that is more current.
12:29:18 <riecatnor[m]> but simple, clean, its not bad
12:29:29 <davdunc[m> no... not bad at all.
12:29:43 <riecatnor[m]> it could be more fedora-y and a bit more visually interesting
12:29:47 <riecatnor[m]> it seems sort of generic
12:29:53 <LunaJernberg[m]> maybe a Cloud with a Fedora logo in it ? :p
12:30:15 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: Yes
12:30:30 <LunaJernberg[m]> just a suggestion not that i am a designer
12:30:32 <riecatnor[m]> I think the design team is using gitlab now, I think you can open a ticket there now
12:30:42 <davdunc[m> Luna Jernberg: still sounds like a winner. :D
12:30:49 <LunaJernberg[m]> https://gitlab.com/groups/fedora/design/team/-/issues
12:30:53 <davdunc[m> riecatnor: I'll do that.
12:31:25 <osezer[m]> https://gitlab.com/fedora/design/team
12:31:26 <osezer[m]> https://gitlab.com/fedora/design/team/requests
12:32:11 <riecatnor[m]> I need to open a ticket as well about Fedora Design Week
12:32:32 <osezer[m]> before open ticket can we close a ticket ? :)
12:32:43 <riecatnor[m]> :P
12:32:45 <osezer[m]> https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/353\
12:32:46 <bt0> +1
12:32:48 <riecatnor[m]> working on it
12:33:03 <riecatnor[m]> I think we need Vipul Siddharth to manage that one
12:33:19 <osezer[m]> let me ping him in ticket okay
12:33:35 <osezer[m]> well last one 5h I can wait bit more
12:34:01 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/349
12:34:12 <riecatnor[m]> II am going to ping this one to see if we can close
12:34:17 <VipulSiddharth[m> I am here I am here
12:34:18 * VipulSiddharth[m reads back
12:34:31 <riecatnor[m]> oh hullo Vipul :)
12:35:18 <VipulSiddharth[m> great... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/2a1a4cf523807d5235dec21083c88419eaf3d5e2)
12:35:50 <LunaJernberg[m]> riecatnor[m]: well Nest has been not sure if Andi had an event or not however, but if not there is always other days
12:36:34 <riecatnor[m]> thank you Vipul Siddharth !
12:37:19 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/344
12:37:34 <riecatnor[m]> the paperwork is finished for this akademy sponsorship, just finalizing some details
12:39:01 <osezer[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/339
12:39:02 <osezer[m]> I wrote small ping message about result and hopefully we can close thins one too
12:39:19 <riecatnor[m]> i think I saw a post about this event somewhere
12:39:27 <riecatnor[m]> was it discussion.fpo?
12:39:32 <osezer[m]> let me check
12:39:46 <LunaJernberg[m]> https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-explorer-day-panama/ ?
12:39:53 <osezer[m]> https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/fedora-explorer-day-panama/40705
12:39:58 <LunaJernberg[m]> googles and guesses
12:40:15 <osezer[m]> riecatnor:  I can put that link and close it ? \
12:40:21 <osezer[m]> * riecatnor:  I can put that link and close it ?
12:40:29 <bt0> sounds fine
12:40:40 <riecatnor[m]> yes!
12:40:41 <osezer[m]> okay
12:41:37 <osezer[m]> done
12:42:05 <riecatnor[m]> thank you!
12:42:29 <osezer[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/184
12:42:35 <osezer[m]> This one is also old and for the looks if it It is also complete
12:42:42 <osezer[m]> I am closing it this one too as well
12:42:47 <riecatnor[m]> yeah we have these
12:42:48 <riecatnor[m]> thank you
12:44:09 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/336
12:44:33 <riecatnor[m]> this is complete, there is a blog post about OSCAL on Julitas blog
12:44:44 <riecatnor[m]> we are still working on the reimbursement, unfortunately, but this can be closed
12:45:20 <bt0> oks
12:45:28 <osezer[m]> https://lleksah.wordpress.com/2022/06/23/the-freedom-of-internet-at-oscal-2022/
12:45:39 <osezer[m]> I will share link and close it ?
12:45:46 <LunaJernberg[m]> sounds good
12:45:53 <riecatnor[m]> no I am commenting
12:45:57 <osezer[m]> oh okay
12:45:59 <riecatnor[m]> let me do that one please
12:46:00 <osezer[m]> leaving to you
12:46:22 <LunaJernberg[m]> Pagure 503: Service Unavailable
12:46:41 <osezer[m]> Probably pagure or your internet
12:46:43 <osezer[m]> It is fine here
12:47:09 <riecatnor[m]> oh its being slow here too :P but lets see
12:47:40 <LunaJernberg[m]> back now
12:47:43 <LunaJernberg[m]> was like for a minute
12:47:43 <osezer[m]> Well It is probably because of the coffee then :)
12:47:57 <osezer[m]> Give pagure a coffee It will be fine :)
12:48:03 <LunaJernberg[m]> :p
12:49:04 <riecatnor[m]> lol
12:49:10 <bt0> to early for pagure
12:49:13 <osezer[m]> Vipul Siddharth:  riecatnor  I guess  this one also complete as well  : https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/330
12:49:13 <osezer[m]> 
12:49:25 <riecatnor[m]> i was just going to ask about 330
12:49:30 <riecatnor[m]> i dont think its complete
12:49:38 <osezer[m]> hmmm
12:49:57 <riecatnor[m]> at least I havent been given a list of people to send swag to :P
12:50:02 <osezer[m]> Whaaattt ??
12:50:06 <osezer[m]> Again >
12:50:08 <osezer[m]> * Again ?
12:50:22 <LunaJernberg[m]> guess its stuck in Vipul Siddharth s email
12:50:48 <osezer[m]> Vipul Siddharth:  we need your super awesome e-mail before close  :)
12:51:00 <VipulSiddharth[m> 😭😭
12:51:25 <VipulSiddharth[m> I have the responses
12:51:26 <VipulSiddharth[m> Will share those with you riecatnor @riecatnor:fedora.im:
12:51:30 <VipulSiddharth[m> Say.. in 5 minutes
12:51:38 <osezer[m]> Yay
12:51:46 <bt0> :)
12:52:34 <riecatnor[m]> no worries, I have been later on things than this lol
12:52:36 <riecatnor[m]> it happens!
12:55:16 <riecatnor[m]> nice job closing some tickets out and pinging for updates :)
12:55:18 <riecatnor[m]> thanks everyone
12:55:25 <riecatnor[m]> #topic open floor
12:55:27 <osezer[m]> Summer cleaning you know : )
12:55:32 <riecatnor[m]> we could clean a bit more Im afraid
12:55:33 <riecatnor[m]> lol
12:55:51 <osezer[m]> Oh yes I found more but I need reports from some people
12:55:58 <osezer[m]> I can clearly close 3 tickets I guess
12:56:00 <osezer[m]> maybe more
12:56:14 <riecatnor[m]> oh i found another
12:56:14 <osezer[m]> still... nice clean
12:56:34 <riecatnor[m]> ticket 325
12:56:36 <riecatnor[m]> done
12:56:59 <osezer[m]> Nice catch
12:57:15 <riecatnor[m]> this is complete yea: https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/284
12:57:16 <osezer[m]> Coffee mood starts working
12:58:01 <riecatnor[m]> closing as complete!
12:58:11 <riecatnor[m]> we got two more, woot!
12:58:25 <osezer[m]> Guys she goes rage mode
12:58:25 <osezer[m]> she is gonna close them all
12:58:26 <riecatnor[m]> alright, i gotta run to that next meeting... thanks all :) see you next week
12:58:28 <riecatnor[m]> lol i wish
12:58:30 <osezer[m]> ticket catcher ??
12:58:38 <bt0> :D
12:58:46 <riecatnor[m]> lets try to close as many before the new fcaic comes ;)
12:58:46 <osezer[m]> :))
12:58:46 <LunaJernberg[m]> later time on Thursday next week?
12:58:57 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: or let it go and give 2000 tickets :)))
12:58:57 <riecatnor[m]> yep, it alternates every other Luna
12:59:08 <LunaJernberg[m]> ah good to know, thanks cyas
12:59:24 <LunaJernberg[m]> #endmeeting ?
12:59:27 <osezer[m]> Anyway thank you riecatnor
12:59:35 <riecatnor[m]> thanks to all you lovely people :D
12:59:36 <osezer[m]> Thanks everybody
12:59:42 <riecatnor[m]> have a great day
12:59:43 <riecatnor[m]> #endmeeting