12:00:21 <riecatnor[m]> #startmeeting mindshare
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12:00:29 <riecatnor[m]> #meetingname Mindshare
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12:00:42 <VipulSiddharth[m> .hello siddharthvipul1
12:00:43 <zodbot> VipulSiddharth[m: siddharthvipul1 'Vipul Siddharth' <siddharthvipul1@gmail.com>
12:01:00 <bt0> .hello bt0dotninja
12:01:01 <zodbot> bt0: bt0dotninja 'Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez' <hotgalan@gmail.com>
12:01:02 <riecatnor[m]> #chair bt0 Vipul Siddharth Máirín Duffy pbokoc nb Onuralp Sezer davdunc Madeline Peck
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12:01:10 <riecatnor[m]> #info About Mindshare: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare/
12:01:14 <riecatnor[m]> #topic Hello
12:01:20 <riecatnor[m]> hi Vipul Siddharth & bt0 !
12:01:26 <riecatnor[m]> how are you doin today?
12:01:27 <bt0> o/
12:01:29 <VipulSiddharth[m> helloo
12:01:42 <VipulSiddharth[m> doing goood
12:01:43 <VipulSiddharth[m> though too many meetings XD
12:01:43 <riecatnor[m]> .hello riecatnor
12:01:44 <zodbot> riecatnor[m]: riecatnor 'Marie Nordin' <mnordin@redhat.com>
12:01:48 <riecatnor[m]> oh I know that feeling :P
12:02:16 <bt0> :P
12:04:04 <riecatnor[m]> anyone else around today? :)
12:05:05 <riecatnor[m]> #topic announcements and information
12:05:27 <riecatnor[m]> #info Nest with Fedora registration open! register today and invite your Friends :)
12:05:29 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/nest-with-fedora-2022-registration-now-open/
12:05:36 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://hopin.com/events/nest-with-fedora-2022/registration
12:06:30 <riecatnor[m]> #info meetbot logs 2.0 is out now! read more about it on the commblog
12:06:33 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/meetbot-logs-2-0-is-out-now/
12:08:06 <riecatnor[m]> #info the new Fedora Accessibility Working Group is kicking off with a meeting today
12:08:08 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/fedora-accessibility-working-group/40310/6
12:08:41 <riecatnor[m]> #info there is a new discussion about creating a "Gaming with Fedora Linux" mini-event, feel free to chime in if you're interested
12:08:43 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/throwing-out-an-idea-a-gaming-with-fedora-linux-mini-event/40685
12:09:24 <riecatnor[m]> #info Fedora will be participating at GUADEC both in person with a booth and virtually with office hours.. make sure to stop by and say hi!
12:09:45 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://events.gnome.org/event/77/manage/timetable/#20220720
12:11:07 <riecatnor[m]> ok, I think thats all I have for today?
12:12:04 <riecatnor[m]> anyone else?
12:12:17 <VipulSiddharth[m> can't think of anything else Marie
12:12:17 <VipulSiddharth[m> good from me
12:12:46 <bt0> not from me
12:14:00 <riecatnor[m]> cool
12:14:06 <riecatnor[m]> #topic todays agenda
12:14:12 <riecatnor[m]> anyone have anything specific to discuss today?
12:15:36 <bt0> not from me
12:16:00 <VipulSiddharth[m> same as Alberto 😅
12:16:06 <bt0> :D
12:16:38 <riecatnor[m]> lets do tickets then :)
12:16:41 <riecatnor[m]> #topic tickets
12:16:44 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/354
12:17:44 <riecatnor[m]> I guess CPE is out of travel budget :P
12:17:45 <VipulSiddharth[m> I am a fan of carl and he is a great advocate of Fedora and CentOS
12:17:45 <VipulSiddharth[m> he is also a proven packager and does a bunch of other things
12:17:45 <VipulSiddharth[m> so a +1 from me (as comment)
12:17:51 <riecatnor[m]> i agree with all that, Vipul
12:18:02 <VipulSiddharth[m> riecatnor[m]: I wouldn't know XD
12:18:20 <bt0> +1 too
12:18:24 <riecatnor[m]> I am also +1
12:18:35 <riecatnor[m]> ok, please add a comment if you yet to do so
12:18:43 <riecatnor[m]> if no objections by next week we will go ahead
12:18:51 <bt0> cool
12:19:03 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/353
12:19:47 <VipulSiddharth[m> I will take this on once you approve it riecatnor
12:19:59 <riecatnor[m]> "How did you discover the website?" what website? this question isn't clear
12:20:08 <riecatnor[m]> i think they means docs.fpo but it should be adjusted imo
12:20:29 <riecatnor[m]> same here "Do you come to the website to answer specific questions, or do you browse the website in general?"
12:20:52 <riecatnor[m]> "Do you get what you’re looking for on the website on the first go?" -> "Are you able to find answers to your questions using docs.fpo?"
12:21:03 <riecatnor[m]> * using docs.fpo on your first try?"
12:21:31 <riecatnor[m]> "If you don’t get what you’re looking for on the Docs website, where would you go?" -> "If you can't find the information you need on the Docs website, where would you go next?"
12:21:48 <riecatnor[m]> "Do you Highlight or bookmark information you find on the website anywhere? If yes, how?" -> needs to say docs.fpo
12:22:14 <riecatnor[m]> some edits for clarity needed, but otherwise it looks ok
12:22:16 <riecatnor[m]> I will add comments
12:22:44 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/351
12:23:16 <riecatnor[m]> I am +1, I think we can go ahead with the pre-approval form
12:23:50 <riecatnor[m]> any other thoughts?
12:24:00 <VipulSiddharth[m> looks good to me :)
12:24:12 <riecatnor[m]> ok I will comment
12:24:34 <bt0> yes, andy is doing a great work, maybe he need to know better the mindshare procedures but its ok
12:24:47 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/350
12:25:02 <riecatnor[m]> nothing to do here, just an update on the date from august to september
12:25:11 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/349
12:25:47 <bt0> oks
12:26:14 <riecatnor[m]> I think this is great, but still have the same opinion that it should not be scheduled during nest
12:27:24 <riecatnor[m]> I will comment
12:27:49 <bt0> I think is more or less like have a party with friends to see the super bowl (the nest)
12:28:47 <riecatnor[m]> I see your point.. my thought is that unlike the super bowl we want people interacting on the virtual platform
12:29:25 <riecatnor[m]> so an in person event will detract from nest, and I am happy to support a meetup right before or after to make it more exciting for folks
12:29:40 <riecatnor[m]> after might make sense, because the recordings will be available through nest
12:29:47 <riecatnor[m]> s/nest/hopin/
12:29:47 <bt0> i agree
12:30:24 <riecatnor[m]> ok, I will add a comment
12:30:47 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/343
12:31:09 <riecatnor[m]> I reached out to Eduard, and he mentioned that they only need to renew if they are making modifications to the site and they have no plans to do so
12:31:13 <riecatnor[m]> he said its ok to close
12:31:35 <bt0> cool
12:32:41 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/333
12:32:55 <riecatnor[m]> ok, so I was supposed to be working on this.. I have had a lot going on tho 😅
12:33:41 <riecatnor[m]> I traveled to meet up with Matthew and Ben last week for the first time in over 2 years! It was great to see them and get some work done on Fedora's long term strategy, but it was exhausting and the travel got screwy
12:34:19 <riecatnor[m]> this week is heavy with nest stuff (you may have seen me commenting on all the tickets yesterday ;) and also there is a hatch in rochester!
12:34:26 <riecatnor[m]> I will do my best to work on it this week, but it might be a shorter one
12:37:07 <bt0> ok
12:37:15 <bt0> do you need some help?
12:37:22 <bt0> :D
12:38:25 <riecatnor[m]> I could always use help :)
12:38:39 <riecatnor[m]> https://hackmd.io/dJ_71kmFRR-DX5YjQnLGpg?view
12:38:53 <riecatnor[m]> bt0: could you add what the council was up to april/may/june?
12:39:07 <riecatnor[m]> maybe grab the links for any video council meetings and take a look through the ticket queue?
12:39:18 <riecatnor[m]> pbokoc: around?
12:39:20 <bt0> sure
12:39:46 <riecatnor[m]> I think we need to add stuff from Mindshare (can take a look at our queue to get that info)
12:40:04 <riecatnor[m]> and I wonder if Onuralp Sezer or t0xic0der can add something for web & apps team
12:40:57 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: I Just came and I was reading chat
12:40:59 <osezer[m]> also Hello o/
12:41:10 <riecatnor[m]> Hi!!
12:41:12 <riecatnor[m]> how are you doing today?
12:41:51 <osezer[m]> Thank you, it is kinda busy but doing fine and I have to do my "job" as Website/Mindshare person so I'll handle it. I have to talk with t0xic0der
12:41:58 <osezer[m]> then I can do writings well.
12:43:13 <riecatnor[m]> doesnt need to be anything too long or detailed
12:43:21 <osezer[m]> Line by line is enough ?
12:43:23 <riecatnor[m]> bullet point overview will work great (please add links if applicable)
12:43:31 <osezer[m]> X releaed
12:43:31 <osezer[m]> - that thing happeend etc...
12:43:40 <riecatnor[m]> yep!
12:43:41 <riecatnor[m]> perfect
12:43:42 <osezer[m]> s/-//
12:43:47 <osezer[m]> cool
12:43:58 <osezer[m]> * good
12:44:31 <t0xic0der[m]1> osezer[m]: I do remember informing the same about a couple of weeks back
12:44:31 <t0xic0der[m]1> If my memory serves me correctly
12:44:46 <t0xic0der[m]1> No issues though :)
12:44:51 <osezer[m]> > <@t0xic0der:fedora.im> I do remember informing the same about a couple of weeks back
12:44:51 <osezer[m]> > If my memory serves me correctly
12:44:51 <osezer[m]> I know, but we didn't talk
12:44:56 <osezer[m]> * I know, but we didn't talk, you were busy with your event
12:45:10 <riecatnor[m]> hey, it happens :) even I am behind on it
12:45:26 <riecatnor[m]> but, not to worry- we will get it out soon
12:45:35 <riecatnor[m]> please try to add things by Thursday so I can work on it Friday
12:45:45 <riecatnor[m]> or friday morning EU time ;)
12:45:55 <osezer[m]> I'll get it done before okay
12:46:21 <osezer[m]> t0xic0der:  also please stop yelling me :) I'm still learning you scared me also "hello" welcome :)
12:46:34 <osezer[m]> s/"hello"//
12:46:42 <t0xic0der[m]1> osezer[m]: _HELLO_
12:47:15 * t0xic0der[m]1 takes out the baseball bat to greet osezer ;P
12:47:18 <riecatnor[m]> we are all doing our best, life happens, work happens
12:47:30 <osezer[m]> > * <@t0xic0der:fedora.im> takes out the baseball bat to greet osezer ;P
12:47:30 <osezer[m]> I hate you :P
12:47:31 <riecatnor[m]> no need to get upset over a report ;)
12:47:43 <riecatnor[m]> we are doing free software, this isn't life or death :P
12:47:47 <t0xic0der[m]1> riecatnor[m]: riecatnor: We are not. Trust me. :)
12:47:54 <riecatnor[m]> lol, okay just making sure
12:47:54 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: We are fine. I was busy and he know and I know we all good
12:47:58 <osezer[m]> we are friends
12:48:04 <osezer[m]> all good and clean :)
12:48:43 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: but he had cool "bat" with fedora :(( and I don't know I need to sneak in his country :)
12:48:43 <riecatnor[m]> yes, but even a joke about greeting with a baseball bat isn't great.. lets keep it friendlier and save that for your DMs please
12:48:54 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: sure, sorry about that
12:49:08 <t0xic0der[m]1> riecatnor[m]: Agreed.
12:49:08 <t0xic0der[m]1> Should not have done that.
12:49:08 <t0xic0der[m]1> A joke between people should stay between the people
12:49:19 <riecatnor[m]> osezer[m]: a bat, or a hat :P
12:49:29 <osezer[m]> all of them :)
12:50:00 <riecatnor[m]> we are all good, just keeping it friendly for those who are not in on your jokes n shenanigans lol
12:50:27 <osezer[m]> about website side, we already have piled of stuff we did I already know couple things with links
12:50:35 <osezer[m]> so I can get it done today mostly
12:50:42 <riecatnor[m]> awesome, perfect!
12:50:49 <osezer[m]> and we have also meeting and we can clear some pieces as well
12:51:00 <riecatnor[m]> remember this is for activity april, may, june
12:51:08 <osezer[m]> got it
12:51:53 <riecatnor[m]> #topic open floor
12:52:08 <riecatnor[m]> any one have anything for open floor today?
12:52:34 <osezer[m]> <riecatnor[m]> "#link https://pagure.io/..." <- t0xic0der:  I wanna talk about this later on... as well*
12:52:35 <riecatnor[m]> social events for nest?
12:52:45 <t0xic0der[m]1> osezer[m]: Sure!
12:52:51 <riecatnor[m]> i am trying to convince aoife to do a trivia session :P
12:52:59 <riecatnor[m]> should we do pictionary again?
12:52:59 <osezer[m]> I'm looking for game
12:53:12 <osezer[m]> I wanna do something different
12:53:21 <osezer[m]> even that spy thing was fun
12:53:24 <osezer[m]> "different" is good
12:53:55 <riecatnor[m]> I think it seems to work well because well.. its very simple
12:53:56 <riecatnor[m]> anyone can do it
12:54:13 <riecatnor[m]> whereas codenames.. that is like chaos and there is a lot of ways to fail lol
12:54:16 <bt0> +1 for pictionary
12:54:42 <riecatnor[m]> I am planning a group photo social session with the DEI team
12:54:47 <t0xic0der[m]1> riecatnor[m]: Pictionary sounds great
12:54:55 <riecatnor[m]> and, also thought i'd do a short cake with the fcaic session?
12:55:02 <t0xic0der[m]1> I could use another round of Among Us
12:55:23 <osezer[m]> t0xic0der[m]1: there is one important was saying quote "let's not play stab games" :)
12:55:42 <t0xic0der[m]1> osezer[m]: No bat games
12:55:42 <t0xic0der[m]1> No stab games
12:55:42 <t0xic0der[m]1> Noted
12:56:00 <riecatnor[m]> lol
12:56:16 <riecatnor[m]> I wonder if someone has jackbox
12:56:31 <riecatnor[m]> i think only one person needs to have it, and then other people get to join with their phones
12:56:38 <riecatnor[m]> but I am not sure how many people can participate at once
12:56:42 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: I wonder can we do "rap battle" :))
12:56:53 <osezer[m]> people do the voting :)
12:57:00 * t0xic0der[m]1 > <@riecatnor:fedora.im> I wonder if someone has jackbox
12:57:00 * t0xic0der[m]1 looks up what jackbox is
12:57:14 <riecatnor[m]> we could do Fedora bingo
12:57:20 <riecatnor[m]> that is a simple, classic, game
12:57:27 <riecatnor[m]> haven't done that yet
12:57:40 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: I wanna use our "special fedora dictionary"
12:57:43 <LunaJernberg[m]> riecatnor[m]: true phones or webbrowser on computer, not sure think it depends on what game
12:58:00 <osezer[m]> riecatnor[m]: let me check how much is it
12:58:07 <riecatnor[m]> scattergories is another fun, simple games
12:59:05 <riecatnor[m]> for bingo, I found one we can use our own words: https://myfreebingocards.com/bingo-card-generator
13:00:21 <riecatnor[m]> oops, we reached time
13:00:24 <riecatnor[m]> thanks for the discussion today folks
13:00:27 <riecatnor[m]> have a great day!
13:00:36 <riecatnor[m]> don't forget to add to the mindshare report :)
13:00:38 <riecatnor[m]> #endmeeting