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12:00:22 <riecatnor[m]> #meetingname Mindshare
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12:00:45 <bt0> hiiii
12:00:55 <riecatnor[m]> #chair Vipul Siddharth Máirín Duffy bt0 pbokoc Onuralp Sezer nb Madeline Peck davdunc
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12:01:01 <riecatnor[m]> #info About Mindshare: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare/
12:01:10 <riecatnor[m]> #topic Hello
12:01:11 <riecatnor[m]> hiya @bt0 !
12:01:14 <riecatnor[m]> how are you doing today?
12:01:17 <riecatnor[m]> .hello riecatnor
12:01:18 <zodbot> riecatnor[m]: riecatnor 'Marie Nordin' <mnordin@redhat.com>
12:01:18 <VipulSiddharth[m> .hello siddharthvipul1
12:01:21 <zodbot> VipulSiddharth[m: siddharthvipul1 'Vipul Siddharth' <siddharthvipul1@gmail.com>
12:01:30 <riecatnor[m]> heyyy Vipul Siddharth !
12:01:30 <bt0> Im doing it well :)
12:01:37 <bt0> .hello bt0dotninja
12:01:37 <VipulSiddharth[m> \o hellooww
12:01:37 <zodbot> bt0: bt0dotninja 'Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez' <hotgalan@gmail.com>
12:01:56 <riecatnor[m]> bt0: glad to hear it :)
12:02:01 <riecatnor[m]> i had yesterday off so this morning was a bit slow
12:02:02 <riecatnor[m]> lol
12:02:30 <VipulSiddharth[m> I took Friday and Monday PTO
12:02:30 <VipulSiddharth[m> so I feel you Marie
12:02:42 <VipulSiddharth[m> PTO == paid time off (for those who didn't get it)
12:03:08 <riecatnor[m]> oh a four day weekend, looking forward to one of those soon hopefully :p
12:03:38 <VipulSiddharth[m> I need a back to back 7 day weekend for a few weeks at least 👀
12:03:50 <riecatnor[m]> LOL- big sames
12:04:10 <riecatnor[m]> time to work hard until nest happens- once that is over I will try to get a vacation
12:04:54 <riecatnor[m]> #topic announcements and info
12:05:03 <riecatnor[m]> #info Nest with Fedora registration is now open! share the link with Fedora Friends :)
12:05:14 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://hopin.com/events/nest-with-fedora-2022/registration
12:05:30 <riecatnor[m]> please share the link your local channels :)
12:05:46 <riecatnor[m]> #info Nest with Fedora CfP is STILL open, until July 8th(this friday)! Spread the word & share in your channels - and submit your session asap :D
12:05:52 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/nest-2022-cfp/
12:06:00 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/flock/issues
12:06:12 <riecatnor[m]> #info our current FCAIC riecatnor is passing the flag- we are looking for a new FCAIC! Share the link in your networks and send to anyone you think would be a great fit
12:06:17 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedora-job-opening-community-action-and-impact-coordinator-fcaic/
12:06:25 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://us-redhat.icims.com/jobs/91919/fedora-community-action-and-impact-coordinator/job?mobile=false&width=1140&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-300&jun1offset=-240
12:06:34 <riecatnor[m]> #info Fedora Hatches are happening still across the world- check out the article on the CommBlog to learn more and see if there is one near you :)
12:06:41 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/hatch-with-fedora/
12:06:50 <riecatnor[m]> #info Fedora is sponsoring GUADEC and there is an opportunity to have a booth but we need table staff- if you'll be at GUADEC make sure to comment on the discussion thread
12:07:24 <riecatnor[m]> #info Fedora will have a 1 hour virtual office hours at GUADEC - Day 3, July 22: 17:05-18:05 UTC
12:07:38 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://events.gnome.org/event/77/manage/timetable/#20220720
12:07:52 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/anyone-going-to-guadec-and-wants-to-staff-a-fedora-table/40256
12:08:02 <riecatnor[m]> #info get to know this sessions Fedora Outreachy interns by reading the article on the CommBlog
12:08:09 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/outreachy-interns-introduction-may-2022/
12:09:49 <riecatnor[m]> #info there is a Fedora Accessibility Working Group  being formed- read the discussion thread and comment your interest!
12:09:51 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/fedora-accessibility-working-group/40310
12:10:42 <riecatnor[m]> #info the Design Team is working on more wallpapers! check out the discussion thread :)
12:10:44 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/fedora-extra-wallpapers-project/39962
12:11:38 <riecatnor[m]> #info the Marketing Team is working on a new campaign! check out what they are up to and comment if you're interested in participating
12:11:38 <riecatnor[m]> #Link https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/august-2022-marketing-campaign/40296
12:12:49 <riecatnor[m]> ok I think thats all I have for today :)
12:12:56 <riecatnor[m]> any more info or announcements to share today?
12:13:53 <bt0> not from me
12:14:01 <VipulSiddharth[m> nothing here too
12:15:45 <riecatnor[m]> #topic todays agenda
12:16:00 <riecatnor[m]> we have the quarterly report to work on, but also some tickets that prob need attention too.
12:16:11 <riecatnor[m]> anything in particular folks want to address today?
12:17:06 <ffmancera> .hello ffmancera
12:17:07 <zodbot> ffmancera: ffmancera 'Fernando F. Mancera' <ferferna@redhat.com>
12:17:14 <VipulSiddharth[m> can't think of anything pressing
12:17:14 <VipulSiddharth[m> so I would say tickets!!
12:17:15 <VipulSiddharth[m> :)
12:17:16 <riecatnor[m]> hey ffmancera  :)
12:17:17 * ffmancera is sorry for being late
12:17:25 <VipulSiddharth[m> ffmancera: \o
12:17:30 <riecatnor[m]> no worries!
12:17:36 <ffmancera> :)
12:17:40 <bt0> o/
12:17:43 <riecatnor[m]> ok, lets try to get through tickets quick so we can work on the quarterly report for a bit
12:17:48 <riecatnor[m]> #topic tickets
12:17:56 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/352
12:18:14 <riecatnor[m]> my first thought about this is that it should go to Council as I see this as a more overall strategic allocation of funds
12:18:34 <riecatnor[m]> I think its ok for us to weigh in here too, tho.
12:19:53 <VipulSiddharth[m> If budget allows, I love the proposal
12:21:20 <riecatnor[m]> I am generally +1 as well
12:21:22 <bt0> yes
12:21:27 <riecatnor[m]> do folks agree this should be proposed to council?
12:21:43 <bt0> +1
12:21:49 <VipulSiddharth[m> since it 's just 5k EUR, I would say we can do it at Mindshare's level
12:21:59 <VipulSiddharth[m> I don't see any conflict in supporting KDE
12:22:28 <riecatnor[m]> are there other groups like KDE that fedora is involved in?
12:22:48 <riecatnor[m]> I guess I have concerns that folks would come up saying "why are we sponsoring KDE but not my project?"
12:23:06 <bt0> right
12:23:17 <riecatnor[m]> afaik we don't have any other general sponsorships like this that we participate in
12:23:29 <riecatnor[m]> patronage
12:24:16 <riecatnor[m]> there is a fedora council meeting tomorrow I could bring up the ticket there
12:24:28 <VipulSiddharth[m> sounds good
12:24:38 <bt0> cool
12:26:00 <riecatnor[m]> please comment tho with your vote/commentary in the meantime
12:26:02 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/351
12:26:34 <ffmancera> why are we sponsoring KDE but not my project? - Well, a lot of Fedora users benefits from KDE and they did for a long time.. IDK, I think sponsoring is always something positive if we have the opportunity :)
12:26:36 <riecatnor[m]> I am +1 to this
12:26:56 <VipulSiddharth[m> haha, I want to ask what's "some"
12:27:18 <riecatnor[m]> we can ask for specifics for the froscon request
12:27:25 <bt0> hehem +1 but we need more data for #351
12:27:26 <VipulSiddharth[m> I would like to go with +1 since it's just train ticket.. but I don't know how much we talking
12:27:36 <VipulSiddharth[m> I will leave a comment on the ticket
12:27:51 <riecatnor[m]> for sure ffmancera - unfortunately our budget is not infinite tho :) 5k euro is not small
12:28:14 <riecatnor[m]> <riecatnor[m]> "Budget Report- FY 22.png" <- we have some updates to do on this- but we are looking at about 74k USD for the rest of the year
12:28:30 <riecatnor[m]> * is not so small
12:28:52 <ffmancera> riecatnor[m]: Of course, but if we have the opportunity.. maybe today is KDE but next year is GNOME or I don't know VIM..
12:29:07 <bt0> we are talking about an sponsor strategy not just sponsor kde
12:29:08 <riecatnor[m]> riecatnor[m]: meaning if we got more requests like this, we might not be able to provide funding to them all
12:29:21 <riecatnor[m]> right, which is why I think it is a strategic decision to fund something like that
12:29:37 <ffmancera> riecatnor[m]: Of course.. that is right :)
12:29:51 <riecatnor[m]> bt0: agreed
12:30:03 <riecatnor[m]> please add your votes to 351 and can someone ask for additional info?
12:30:20 <VipulSiddharth[m> I did
12:30:41 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/350
12:31:18 <riecatnor[m]> this is great! i am +1
12:31:24 <bt0> an strong +1
12:31:55 <VipulSiddharth[m> commented
12:31:56 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/349
12:32:09 <riecatnor[m]> i see you commented bt0
12:32:19 <riecatnor[m]> my only concern with this is, I am not sure it should be run at the same time as nest
12:32:41 <riecatnor[m]> because Germany is in a different time zone, the time they would be socializing is when nest will be happening
12:32:53 <riecatnor[m]> it would take folks away from the virtual event
12:32:58 <riecatnor[m]> so my thought is, have it right before or after
12:33:08 <VipulSiddharth[m> also, same as last
12:33:08 <VipulSiddharth[m> I am not sure of the ask 😄
12:33:08 <VipulSiddharth[m> Is it asking permission to do a in-person watch Fedora Nest event?
12:33:08 <VipulSiddharth[m> or needs resources to do it
12:33:49 <riecatnor[m]> I can comment there asking for more specific info and also about putting it right before or after nest
12:34:09 <bt0> yep, we need more information
12:34:13 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/348
12:34:30 <riecatnor[m]> ok it looks like we got more info here :)
12:34:53 <riecatnor[m]> I am +1
12:35:23 <VipulSiddharth[m> this ticket seems to be in good state
12:35:24 <VipulSiddharth[m> +1 in case it's needed
12:35:45 <bt0> cool
12:35:50 <riecatnor[m]> please add your +1 to the ticket if yet to do so :)
12:36:06 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/344
12:36:24 <riecatnor[m]> ok it seems Neal is ok with a silver sponsorship, thats what we wanted to do- so this one is good to go?
12:36:53 <bt0> I think yes
12:37:10 <bt0> is ok to go
12:38:13 <riecatnor[m]> ok i think we are through the pressing tickets
12:38:17 <riecatnor[m]> nice job ya'll :)
12:38:25 <VipulSiddharth[m> ^-^
12:38:30 <riecatnor[m]> #topic quarterly report
12:38:31 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/333
12:38:32 <bt0> :)
12:38:43 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://hackmd.io/dJ_71kmFRR-DX5YjQnLGpg?edit
12:39:18 <riecatnor[m]> ok, we are missing quite a few sections rn and could use some added links
12:39:30 <riecatnor[m]> Madeline Peck: could you make some additions to the Design Team section?
12:40:29 <riecatnor[m]> bt0: could you add something for council if there is anything to add?
12:40:48 <riecatnor[m]> I will do the community outreach revamp section
12:41:03 <riecatnor[m]> pbokocpbokoc - could you add stuff to the docs section?
12:41:20 <riecatnor[m]> I will reach out the internationalization/translation teams
12:42:35 <riecatnor[m]> I just sent a message to the magazine folks
12:43:10 <riecatnor[m]> Isabella Gordillo: thanks for adding to the marketing section- could you add some links to the threads/tickets that these are coming from please
12:43:28 <riecatnor[m]> I think we probably have some stuff to add to our section
12:43:48 <riecatnor[m]> t0xic0der & Onuralp Sezer please add anything relevant to the web & apps section :)
12:44:34 <riecatnor[m]> Just sent a message to the podcast team
12:44:50 <riecatnor[m]> and I need to add a couple things to my section
12:45:48 <riecatnor[m]> the DEI team is in here- Vipul are you able to add some stuff?
12:48:00 <VipulSiddharth[m> I can do that.. will add to my list for weekend :)
12:48:26 <VipulSiddharth[m> (travelling for Hatch the day after -- so stuffed week)
12:48:40 <riecatnor[m]> I think I can work with Isa to take care of it
12:48:53 <riecatnor[m]> I'd like to get all the additions and into the commblog by end of week to publish next week
12:48:59 <riecatnor[m]> hopefully
12:49:03 <riecatnor[m]> so don't worry about it
12:49:11 <VipulSiddharth[m> :D
12:49:11 <VipulSiddharth[m> Thank you
12:49:14 <riecatnor[m]> of course
12:49:17 <riecatnor[m]> and omg Hatch this week!!
12:50:42 <riecatnor[m]> best to you and the organizers, Vipul
12:50:47 <riecatnor[m]> I am sure it will be great :D
12:50:47 <VipulSiddharth[m> yess
12:50:47 <VipulSiddharth[m> I need to work on my slides :}
12:50:50 <riecatnor[m]> please take pictures
12:51:02 <VipulSiddharth[m> have plans to do so :D
12:51:13 <VipulSiddharth[m> I am talking about if Fedora is a hat company or what
12:51:22 <riecatnor[m]> lol!
12:51:30 <VipulSiddharth[m> no facebook logos on slides
12:51:34 <VipulSiddharth[m> 👀
12:51:46 <riecatnor[m]> hahaha
12:51:58 <riecatnor[m]> #topic open floor
12:52:13 <riecatnor[m]> anyone have stuff to bring up or chat about today?
12:53:38 <ffmancera> I was thinking about flock tickets for Fedora Nest
12:53:56 <ffmancera> Where should people ask for feedback, here or in #fedora-flock?
12:54:02 <riecatnor[m]> sure :)
12:54:09 <riecatnor[m]> feedback on your submission?
12:54:20 <ffmancera> Mine or anyone else :)
12:54:43 <riecatnor[m]> I think here, also discussion would probably a good place to get engagement
12:55:03 <riecatnor[m]> usually i send announcements to the fedora-flock channel but it is mostly inactive until the actual event
12:55:10 <ffmancera> I mean, on the template there is a line that suggests to the submitter to ask for feedback :)
12:55:15 <riecatnor[m]> i think it also depends on the topic
12:55:17 <ffmancera> Oh I see
12:55:28 <riecatnor[m]> so if its for outreach, maybe ambassadors?
12:55:49 <riecatnor[m]> join SIG could be up for input as well?
12:56:03 <riecatnor[m]> you could post on discussion and tag a few of these groups :)
12:56:24 <ffmancera> awesome, thank you for clarifying!
12:58:43 <riecatnor[m]> I will be adding commentary on the tickets next week at some point :) I have a CfP review group taking a look as well
12:58:54 <riecatnor[m]> so there will be others taking a look and reviewing too!
12:59:36 <ffmancera> That is great, thanks!
13:01:14 <riecatnor[m]> ok thanks peep for a very productive meeting today - please continue to add things to the quarterly report so I dont have to track everyone down :P
13:01:27 <riecatnor[m]> and I hope you all have a great day :D
13:01:30 <riecatnor[m]> #endmeeting