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20:01:58 <MadelinePeck[m]> hey everyone!
20:01:59 <riecatnor[m]> #info About Mindshare: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare/
20:02:04 <riecatnor[m]> #topic Hello
20:02:08 <pbokoc> Hello
20:02:11 <riecatnor[m]> Hiya Madeline :) how ya doin today?
20:02:28 <riecatnor[m]> hey pbokoc !
20:02:37 <mizmo> 👋
20:03:03 <riecatnor[m]> Hey Mo!
20:05:12 <riecatnor[m]> #topic announcements and information
20:05:20 <riecatnor[m]> #info The Fedora i18n and GNOME 42 test weeks are happening now, Feb 28th-March 13th
20:05:24 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/contribute-at-the-fedora-i18n-and-gnome-42-test-weeks/
20:05:29 <riecatnor[m]> #info EPEL is implementing monthly office hours the first Wednesday of every month at 1700 UTC
20:05:34 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/epel-office-hours/
20:05:56 <riecatnor[m]> #info Fedora is participating in the upcoming round of Outreachy and we are looking for projects and mentors! Please submit to the mentored projects repo by March 16th
20:06:05 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/call-projects-mentors-outreachy-may-2022/
20:06:10 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mentored-projects/issues
20:06:19 <riecatnor[m]> #info there are a whole bunch of CfPs open for some of your fav FOSS conferences, check out a list in last weeks Friday's Fedora Facts
20:06:25 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fridays-fedora-facts-2022-09/
20:06:51 <riecatnor[m]> anyone have other announcements or info to share today?
20:08:13 <riecatnor[m]> moving forward :)
20:08:19 <riecatnor[m]> #topic today's agenda
20:08:28 <riecatnor[m]> Does anyone have topics to bring today?
20:08:58 * mizmo doesn't have anything
20:09:27 <riecatnor[m]> I have a couple things, updates on booth stuff and tshirt giveaway
20:09:35 <riecatnor[m]> let's get into it, if you think of things feel free to bring them up
20:09:38 <riecatnor[m]> #topic tickets
20:09:44 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/314
20:10:08 <riecatnor[m]> i added a comment about a week ago, https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/314#comment-784103
20:11:20 <riecatnor[m]> thoughts?
20:11:29 * mizmo looks
20:12:16 <riecatnor[m]> I think the microsite is a good option, worth the money to allow us to have more control over the process.
20:13:08 <mizmo> yeh 250 is not much
20:13:36 <mizmo> so are you thinking of just posting the codes openly
20:13:44 <mizmo> FAS has a TZ field
20:14:00 <mizmo> wondering if we could just email each TZ's code to FAS emails in that region
20:14:02 <mizmo> do you know what i mean
20:14:18 <riecatnor[m]> yeah, but there are so many FAS accounts- how would we choose who gets them?
20:14:33 <mizmo> just send the apac code to all FAS accounts with apac TZs
20:14:41 <riecatnor[m]> I see
20:14:44 <mizmo> send it to all within each TZ, first come first serve
20:14:56 <mizmo> i did something kinda similar using FAS for the wallpaper vote
20:15:00 <mizmo> in the design team
20:15:12 <mizmo> it was a couple hundred ppl tho theres a lot more in FAS
20:15:12 <mizmo> so maybe a non starter
20:15:28 <riecatnor[m]> my thought is we would promote it solely in contributor spaces
20:15:28 <mizmo> ooh although....
20:15:32 <mizmo> a simpler way to do
20:15:32 <riecatnor[m]> like discussion
20:15:58 <mizmo> you could post the code on a public website, and (its cheap i know) you could look at the user agent TZ and only display the code relevant to the site visitor's TZ
20:16:04 <mizmo> so you're not doing anything with emails
20:16:17 <mizmo> you're just saying hey everyone in fedora (say on the community blog), go to this URL to get the redemption code
20:16:38 <mizmo> and when they go to that url from an APAC tz (according their browser metadata) they'll get the APAC redemption code on the site
20:16:43 <mizmo> so on and so forth for each of the regions
20:16:48 <riecatnor[m]> interesting, I think that could work
20:16:59 <mizmo> totally hackable, but makes it easier to make it more fair
20:17:12 <mizmo> even if 10 people hack it... makes it more fair for everyone in the balance
20:17:38 <riecatnor[m]> for the website, would we have infra put something up for us or use something in existence?
20:18:55 <riecatnor[m]> s/have/request/
20:19:03 <mizmo> im thinking this is something that could be javascript that sits in someone's fedora people dir if needed, but looking right now to see if theres a wordpress plugin for it
20:19:12 <mizmo> if theres a wordpress plugin we could just use that on comnunity blog
20:19:30 <riecatnor[m]> ahh, ok, that would be cool!
20:20:26 <mizmo> oooh this one looks great - https://wordpress.org/plugins/geotargeting/
20:20:54 <riecatnor[m]> this looks perfect!
20:21:13 <riecatnor[m]> How should I go about integrating this into our wordpress?
20:21:20 <mizmo> yeh you could have the code straight in the blog post this way. the short code looks pretty simple
20:21:29 <mizmo> I think Ben Cotton has admin on that and could install it?
20:21:33 <mizmo> if not i think he would know
20:21:43 <riecatnor[m]> yeah, Ben is probably the right person to talk to first
20:21:45 <riecatnor[m]> I will do that
20:22:04 <mizmo> if you need help with the logic once its installed lmk
20:22:53 <riecatnor[m]> ok, cool. I will work on that and getting the codes
20:23:14 <riecatnor[m]> we will need a blog post written, if anyone is interested in pitching in :)
20:23:20 <riecatnor[m]> otherwise I will get to that after I have the other things done
20:23:30 <mizmo> they have continent based regions too so you dont even need to go to the country level
20:23:36 <mizmo> soudns good 🙂
20:23:38 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> Hello o/
20:23:45 <riecatnor[m]> heya Onuralp Sezer !
20:24:08 <riecatnor[m]> I'd like to say I can get it all set up by the end of March
20:24:15 <riecatnor[m]> but not doing it on April 1st lol
20:24:56 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> riecatnor[m]: 🤔
20:25:04 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> Do you...
20:25:05 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> * Do you... ?
20:25:20 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/325
20:25:47 <riecatnor[m]> i stopped by the design team meeting yesterday and they discussed the options a bit
20:26:26 <riecatnor[m]> they are envisioning a white tablecloth with blue fedora logo, fedora blue runner to put across the top
20:26:46 <riecatnor[m]> based on that, we don't need to do a full color option
20:27:06 <riecatnor[m]> so I have requested more options for standard print
20:27:35 <riecatnor[m]> the table runner is tricky, to match a fedora blue we might have to do dye sublimated
20:27:43 <riecatnor[m]> but I am looking into options there as well
20:28:17 <riecatnor[m]> last but not least, these options seem legit for the vinyl upright banners
20:28:30 <riecatnor[m]> my feeling is to go with the "better" option
20:29:16 <mizmo> ive seen the lowest grade ones before and they fall apart. the little metal foot things detach
20:29:24 <mizmo> its worth going at least a grade up imho if we want them to last a while
20:29:31 <riecatnor[m]> I know we used to have a kit of some kind, are there other things we should be thinking of to add to this rn?
20:30:42 <riecatnor[m]> just found this
20:30:43 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Event_Box?rd=Ambassadors/EventBox
20:30:53 <mizmo> the kits we used to have had the vertical banners, table cloths, pens, stickers, lanyards
20:30:54 <riecatnor[m]> last edit in 2011, oof
20:31:11 <mizmo> i think they had some practice stuff too like note paper and usb chargers and powerstrips
20:31:19 <mizmo> s/practice/practical/
20:31:31 <mizmo> blue painters tape
20:31:35 <mizmo> scissors
20:31:53 <riecatnor[m]> ok, so supplies stuff and also swag
20:32:13 <mizmo> yeh basically. i used it a couple times and im trying to remember if there was anything else. the scissors and masking tape were a lifesaver
20:32:27 <mizmo> soemtimes you end up at a conference floor and theres no way to hang signs up they dont provide you anything
20:32:30 <riecatnor[m]> this might be semi-acurrate
20:32:31 <riecatnor[m]> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Event_Box?rd=Ambassadors/EventBox#Suggested_contents_of_the_Event_Box
20:32:32 <mizmo> clips maybe... like binder clip things
20:32:54 <riecatnor[m]> ok, so we should make an updated list
20:32:57 <mizmo> ah yeh they have hooks to hang banner. i think binder clips would have been useful in the past
20:33:09 <riecatnor[m]> and I will work with my swag folks to try to round out the event kits
20:33:26 <mizmo> fat sharpies would be helpful probably if signage needed
20:33:40 <mizmo> like when they come to pick up the stuff from your booth, you can label the owner name / address so it makes the correct palette
20:34:28 <riecatnor[m]> cool. I think I have next steps for this one :)
20:34:46 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/324
20:34:54 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/In_Person_Event_Guidance_Related_to_Covid-19
20:35:25 <riecatnor[m]> I have been working with the council, legal, and rh events people to make sure this is good to go- we are close
20:35:27 <mizmo> "he state of the virus is every changing, " s/every/ever probably
20:36:25 <mizmo> this looks great
20:36:27 <riecatnor[m]> the council gave a bit of feedback, which I have incorporated for the most part
20:36:46 <riecatnor[m]> there is one pending question- " Do we need a requirement to communicate the terms to participants of the event?" which is with legal rn
20:37:00 <riecatnor[m]> my guess is yes, and we will add one more sentence in
20:37:29 <riecatnor[m]> besides that- how does it look? I want to make sure that Mindshare feels comfortable with these guidelines as we will be the group using them the most
20:38:13 <mizmo> i think it looks great. Is it going to be editable or is there a way to lock it?
20:38:50 <riecatnor[m]> that's a good question- ive never tried to do that on the wiki
20:38:56 <riecatnor[m]> we might want to make edits in the future
20:39:05 <riecatnor[m]> and we can see the history if anyone tries to mess with it
20:39:06 <mizmo> would it make more sense to have it on docs.fpo?
20:39:11 <mizmo> or is the wiki easier?
20:39:11 <riecatnor[m]> actually, yes
20:39:39 <riecatnor[m]> I wonder if it should be in the mindshare or council docs
20:39:51 <riecatnor[m]> its not quite a policy but pretty close.
20:40:35 <riecatnor[m]> in our docs, it would probably go under "Attending and Holding Events"
20:40:48 <riecatnor[m]> in council, it would go under "Council Policies"
20:41:09 <mizmo> id put it under attending and holding events on mindshare i think
20:41:19 <riecatnor[m]> I am fine with that
20:42:11 <riecatnor[m]> any other comments on the event guidelines?
20:42:26 <nb> riecatnor[m] mizmo It is possible to "Protect" a page in the wiki
20:42:37 <nb> and then unprotect if edits are needed
20:43:01 <riecatnor[m]> i think once its finalized, I will do that.
20:43:27 <nb> LMK when you want it protected - I can do that
20:43:41 <nb> or i can add you to "protectors" group in the wiki which has those permissions - I think that's what we did with Ben
20:43:42 <riecatnor[m]> thank you, nb
20:43:59 <riecatnor[m]> either way works for me
20:44:12 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/319
20:44:19 <riecatnor[m]> there is an update from mclasen
20:45:18 <riecatnor[m]> I am open to sponsoring at the backer level, but mclasen would need to make a plan for the office hours
20:45:30 <mizmo> if we dont have anyone for the office hours it might make more sense to sponsor at supporter level
20:45:34 <riecatnor[m]> supporter seems good if not
20:45:38 <riecatnor[m]> yep, my same thought.
20:45:43 <mizmo> are there people for the booth as well
20:45:59 <riecatnor[m]> good point.
20:46:04 <riecatnor[m]> afaik, no
20:47:04 <riecatnor[m]> I think I can comment there saying we would be open to the supporter level unless we see a plan for the booth/office hours and ask for a deadline
20:47:35 <riecatnor[m]> cool.
20:47:45 <nb> +1
20:48:26 <riecatnor[m]> those were the things I wanted to bring today :)
20:48:29 <riecatnor[m]> #topic open floor
20:48:42 <riecatnor[m]> i forgot to add this to the announcements
20:49:00 <riecatnor[m]> #info help wanted for this years Annual Contributor Survey, all types of skill sets needed :)
20:49:02 <riecatnor[m]> #link https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/help-wanted-for-this-years-annual-contributor-survey/37497
20:49:45 <mizmo> are you using limesurvey for it?
20:49:46 <riecatnor[m]> yep
20:50:33 <mizmo> id be open to helping with analysis... i have some experience with limesurvey, i have training in qualiative data analysis for like freeform fields
20:50:40 <mizmo> (im assuming we have freeform fields)
20:51:06 <riecatnor[m]> i am not 100% on the definition of freeform fields, but my guess is also yes
20:51:14 <mizmo> (just an open text box)
20:51:16 <riecatnor[m]> like "leave your comments"
20:51:18 <riecatnor[m]> yeah, we have a couple
20:51:18 <mizmo> exact;u
20:51:26 <mizmo> * exactly
20:51:36 <riecatnor[m]> cool :)
20:51:42 <riecatnor[m]> def up for more analysis!
20:52:03 <riecatnor[m]> my time spent on the survey goes to coordination, so I haven't been able to do much of that myself
20:52:40 <riecatnor[m]> i am curious if the timeline on this page looks good to people from their team perspective https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/council/procedures/survey/how-to/
20:52:58 <riecatnor[m]> so for example, Mizmo, is a month long enough to get updates on the banner design?
20:53:11 <mizmo> yeh it should be!
20:53:13 <riecatnor[m]> * banner design from the design team?
20:53:16 <riecatnor[m]> ok cool!
20:53:31 <riecatnor[m]> Onuralp Sezer: is a month long enough to get the banner up and onto the websites?
20:54:14 <riecatnor[m]> i realized that I need to add a step for the banners which is making sure they get removed at the end of the month :)(
20:54:18 <riecatnor[m]> * i realized that I need to add a step for the banners which is making sure they get removed at the end of the month :)
20:55:11 <riecatnor[m]> that's all from me today- anyone else have things for open floor?
20:55:37 <riecatnor[m]> about to head into meeting 7/7 for the day! phewww
20:55:37 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> riecatnor[m]: yes
20:55:53 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> when you have img*
20:56:07 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> let me know so I can start doing img stuff and prepare pull request
20:56:16 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> just gonna do what we do last time and copying it
20:56:21 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> should be smooth
20:56:25 <riecatnor[m]> did you have a chance to work on the docs
20:56:43 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> not yet... but tomorrow (after friday I'll)
20:57:00 <riecatnor[m]> for others reference, we are talking about getting this https://hackmd.io/mko8NHloTVyjPMug9_LCvw?view#How-to-add-the-Fedora-Annual-Survey-Banner up onto the websites docs properly :)
20:57:31 <riecatnor[m]> cool, thank you Onuralp Sezer !'
20:57:39 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> riecatnor[m]: actually, I have some time
20:57:43 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> let me do some writing
20:57:53 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> and start handling and ping you
20:58:15 <riecatnor[m]> ok, I think you can leave out the parts that are irrelevant to websites team
20:58:27 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> "cross it"
20:58:31 <riecatnor[m]> like, commblog, discussion, and wiki.
20:58:35 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> oh
20:58:39 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> I'll leave all of them
20:58:43 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> technically
20:58:45 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> all of them is "website"
20:58:46 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> so
20:58:55 <riecatnor[m]> well yes, but the websites team wont be doing that work
20:59:05 <riecatnor[m]> it doesnt need to be in those docs, it is in the survey docs
20:59:11 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> oklay
20:59:13 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> * okay*
20:59:14 <riecatnor[m]> just put the relevant stuff, imo
20:59:19 <riecatnor[m]> cool :)
20:59:40 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> start fpo and etc*
20:59:41 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> okay
20:59:43 <OnuralpSezer[m]1> smaller
21:00:09 <riecatnor[m]> should be how to add and remove the banner from: hyperkitty, docs, accounts, and start
21:00:12 <riecatnor[m]> ok, I gotta run!
21:00:16 <riecatnor[m]> thank you everyone :D
21:00:23 <riecatnor[m]> hope you are having a good day
21:00:26 <riecatnor[m]> #endmeeting