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16:44:01 <MarieNordinEST[m> it seems to disconnect every 2 minutes.. maybe @jwflory knows whats up
16:44:22 <pbokoc> #info About Mindshare: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare/
16:44:41 <MarieNordinEST[m> thanks pbokoc :)
16:44:49 <OnuralpSezer[m]> .hello2 thunderbirdtr
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16:45:00 <OnuralpSezer[m]> It sad :((
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16:45:05 <pbokoc> #topic Hello
16:45:13 <pbokoc> hmmm, I wonder
16:45:17 <pbokoc> #chair MarieNordinEST[m
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16:45:27 <MarieNordinEST[m> how's everyone doing today? did folks have a chance to hang out at Nest?
16:45:50 <nb> hi
16:45:55 <pbokoc> oh yeah, Nest was great :)
16:45:55 <nb> nest was great
16:45:58 <pbokoc> hehe
16:46:05 <thunderbirdtr> nest was very sus :)
16:46:08 <AlbertoRodrguezS> was awesome
16:46:23 <thunderbirdtr> It was awesome as well !!
16:46:27 <MarieNordinEST[m> glad to hear it! What was your fav part?
16:46:59 <thunderbirdtr> talking  and playing with friends workadventure/among us
16:48:31 <MarieNordinEST[m> :)
16:48:59 <AlbertoRodrguezS> I enjoy a lot the quiz
16:49:01 <MarieNordinEST[m> Any thing we can improve for the future?
16:49:07 <MarieNordinEST[m> hahah yesss that was fun
16:49:16 <thunderbirdtr> quiz..... oh my
16:49:18 <thunderbirdtr> I forgat that :)
16:49:23 <thunderbirdtr> I laugh so hard :))
16:50:40 <MarieNordinEST[m> I am finishing up a post event survey, that will go out in the next couple days
16:50:40 <mizmo[m]> riecatnor pjones and I were talking about potential improvements to hallway track on twitter last night
16:51:00 <pbokoc> dang it, I just realized I forgot to claim my badge
16:51:12 <OnuralpSezer[m]> pbokoc: which one ?
16:51:18 <mizmo[m]> https://twitter.com/Det_Conan_Kudo/status/1425287334724001804
16:51:22 <pbokoc> OnuralpSezer[m], the nest attendee one
16:51:52 <OnuralpSezer[m]> pbokoc: did you found "museum one" ?
16:52:45 <pbokoc> OnuralpSezer[m], nope
16:52:52 <MarieNordinEST[m> I think we discussed providing a workadventure guide the next time around
16:53:08 <MarieNordinEST[m> that could help people understand it a bit better, what to expect, how to navigate
16:53:23 <mizmo[m]> i think on the hallway track concern the main issue was the mix of users and contributors
16:53:40 <mizmo[m]> and it might be helpful to have paths for contributors to congregate to make decisions vs users congregating to learn / discuss / hack on stuff
16:54:18 <mizmo[m]> [also basically the note that nobody has gotten this right so far in his experience, the only confs folks cited as maybe ok in this area virtually were the hashicorp and microsoft $$$$$ ones]
16:54:35 <nb> pbokoc I might could be persuaded to give you the badge
16:54:39 <MarieNordinEST[m> I spent a bunch of time in the museum area, I didn't really run into folks that were users? maybe a couple, but i recognized a lot of people in there
16:54:50 <nb> pbokoc do you need the nest badge or museum badge or both?
16:55:09 <MarieNordinEST[m> right, I think work adventure is an improvement over one video call where everyone listens to a convo between the two loudest people :)
16:55:38 <mizmo[m]> yeh absolutely an improvement over that.
16:55:38 <pbokoc> nb, just nest: https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/nest-attendee-2021
16:55:49 <nb> are you pbokoc?
16:55:53 <pbokoc> nb, yep
16:56:12 <MarieNordinEST[m> I think making a specific area for users to hang in would be cool, and I think it would make sense to staff that area for a few chunks of time
16:56:49 <MarieNordinEST[m> I wouldn't want the rest of the space to feel exclusive either? a lot to think about :)
16:57:08 <MarieNordinEST[m> we also had some issues in the sponsor area because we couldn't add in that many jitsi instances, people were piling up to talk to the sponsor reps that were there
16:57:43 <mizmo[m]> wouldnt be exclusive, anybody would be welcome, but the topics would be more clearly focused
16:57:50 <mizmo[m]> i mean the people present are the point of a conference right
16:58:47 <MarieNordinEST[m> now I am just imagining an entire conference on work adventure lol
17:00:13 <MarieNordinEST[m> Any other comments/thoughts on Nest?
17:00:13 <OnuralpSezer[m]> Marie Nordin (EST):  I think we talked that idea before but we "said no" because of lack of some technical abilities
17:00:19 <MarieNordinEST[m> I thought our session went well!
17:01:18 <sub_pop> Topic discovery was a great plus for me. I learned what Mindshare does and found it interesting and joined the IRC channel.
17:01:40 <MarieNordinEST[m> oh hi sub_pop! welcome :)
17:03:20 <MarieNordinEST[m> ok, well we can move on from the Nest topic for now
17:03:55 <MarieNordinEST[m> https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/288
17:04:09 <pbokoc> #topic Tickets
17:04:11 <pbokoc> :)
17:04:21 <pbokoc> #info https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/288
17:05:00 <MarieNordinEST[m> I am putting together the whenisgood right now
17:05:40 <MarieNordinEST[m> its going to take me a little bit but I will wrap that up this afternoon. and I will drop the link around
17:06:06 <MarieNordinEST[m> #info https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/289
17:06:33 <MarieNordinEST[m> this was submitted for Nest as a lightning talk, but we didn't have enough for a sessions so I suggested they add it here
17:06:49 <MarieNordinEST[m> I think we just need to give any suggestions, then say go ahead! and upload it to youtube when its all set
17:09:11 <MarieNordinEST[m> I dont think we need to do anything with #286 - mizmo you wanted that open as a reminder to finish up the mindshare logo stuff
17:09:13 <MarieNordinEST[m> is that all set?
17:09:35 <OnuralpSezer[m]> We don't have any time problem so video can be bit long and explain all and then upload it.
17:10:09 <sub_pop> Is a topic like that going to be at odds with the Fedora packaging guidelines? Using cmake to create RPMs is not the same as packaging an RPM for inclusion in Fedora.
17:10:12 <mizmo[m]> Marie Nordin (EST) i think it still neesd to be updated on antora/docs
17:10:39 <MarieNordinEST[m> ok mizmo, we can leave that open for now
17:11:06 <MarieNordinEST[m> sub_pop, thanks for bringing up that point. This is not my area of expertise, so I would ask others to respond to that one
17:11:55 <MarieNordinEST[m> We could ask them to change to proposal to be more fedora focused
17:11:55 <OnuralpSezer[m]> sub_pop: Yes +1 , RPM package needs to be okay with our guidelines If not that's a problem.
17:12:31 <MarieNordinEST[m> Onuralp, would you comment on the ticket?
17:12:38 <sub_pop> If they could use CMake macros to spit out a spec file and then show how to build it with fedpkg, that'd be more Fedora-specific.
17:12:49 <OnuralpSezer[m]> Marie Nordin (EST):  sure, I'll explain details as well.
17:13:04 <OnuralpSezer[m]> sub_pop:  fedpkg +1 yes as well
17:13:14 <sub_pop> 👍️
17:13:18 <MarieNordinEST[m> thank you Onuralp & sub_pop
17:13:53 <MarieNordinEST[m> I have not had a chance to do anything with #285 bc Nest consumed my life lol
17:14:45 <MarieNordinEST[m> I think we can move to open floor, I have a couple new things to bring
17:14:57 <MarieNordinEST[m> anyone else have things to discuss today?
17:15:31 <mizmo[m]> im working on a thing for the website
17:15:40 <mizmo[m]> for the content / how we position fedora moving forward
17:15:57 <mizmo[m]> dont have anything drafted yet. not sure if y'all would like to review when i have something written down
17:15:58 <MarieNordinEST[m> mizmo, oooo awesome - working the strategy
17:16:04 <mizmo[m]> yes exactly :)
17:16:06 <MarieNordinEST[m> yes, definitely!
17:16:15 <mizmo[m]> ok cool look for that coming in a couple weeks or so
17:16:27 <MarieNordinEST[m> I am looking forward to that :D
17:16:51 <MarieNordinEST[m> Ok, first thing I have is the Fedora Week of Diversity
17:16:56 <MarieNordinEST[m> #info https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/195
17:17:17 <MarieNordinEST[m> I am working with a couple folks from the D&I team to work on this event
17:17:49 <MarieNordinEST[m> The ticket needs some updating.
17:18:38 <MarieNordinEST[m> The effort could probably use some support later on, designs, promotion, etc
17:18:56 <MarieNordinEST[m> there is a series of videos planned that will need to make it to youtube as well
17:19:46 <mizmo[m]> riecatnoris there a date / month in mind?
17:19:48 <MarieNordinEST[m> The video series will be short clips of folks telling their fedora story- we had a session at Nest to gather such stories. The session went well
17:20:03 <MarieNordinEST[m> Yes, Mizmo- looking at the second week of October iirc
17:20:39 <MarieNordinEST[m> Would it be helpful if I opened a ticket in our repo to correspond about support for this event?
17:22:04 <MarieNordinEST[m> I want to ask folks on the Mindshare Committee to meet with me at some point and tell a Fedora story to add to the series (if you are comfortable)
17:22:32 <MarieNordinEST[m> to get an idea of what I mean by Fedora story check -> https://hackmd.io/ph-TqPfpQpqdr7kC-l0bOQ?view
17:22:45 <MarieNordinEST[m> "Who is your Fedora mentor? Tell me one thing they taught you, or showed you about Fedora that impacted you."
17:24:24 <MarieNordinEST[m> Any questions/comments about Fedora week of diversity?
17:25:08 <mizmo[m]> sounds like a great idea :)
17:25:25 <MarieNordinEST[m> Cool!
17:25:33 <OnuralpSezer[m]> Looks awesome to me
17:25:40 <MarieNordinEST[m> ok, two quick things before the end
17:25:52 <MarieNordinEST[m> one is- we can start thinking about the F35 release party now :D
17:25:58 <thunderbirdtr> uhm open floor ?
17:26:08 <thunderbirdtr> #topic open floor
17:26:08 <MarieNordinEST[m> we already got there :)
17:26:15 <thunderbirdtr> ok
17:26:34 <MarieNordinEST[m> not thinking about commands bc I am in tg rn
17:26:37 <MarieNordinEST[m> sorry!
17:26:42 <thunderbirdtr> no problem
17:27:08 <MarieNordinEST[m> so last thing is- I am taking vacation time tomorrow- coming back tuesday the 24th
17:27:33 <MarieNordinEST[m> I will cancel next weeks meeting unless someone wants to run it without me?
17:29:02 <MarieNordinEST[m> I will take that as "yes, cancel next week"
17:29:04 <MarieNordinEST[m> :)
17:29:33 <mizmo[m]> +1
17:29:34 <thunderbirdtr> no meeting without you :)
17:29:35 <thunderbirdtr> +1
17:29:55 <MarieNordinEST[m> thunderbirdtr, oh no. my nightmare lol i have to go to EVERY meeting??
17:30:02 <thunderbirdtr> yes :))
17:30:05 <thunderbirdtr> lol
17:30:07 <MarieNordinEST[m> jk jk ;)
17:30:36 <MarieNordinEST[m> thanks to Mindshare for all the help and participation at Nest! :)
17:30:39 <thunderbirdtr> MarieNordinEST[m: comment made on video ticket*
17:30:39 <MarieNordinEST[m> and thanks for being here today
17:30:44 <MarieNordinEST[m> #endmeeting