17:31:18 <riecatnor> #startmeeting Mindshare
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17:31:18 <riecatnor> #info About Mindshare: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare/
17:31:18 <riecatnor> #topic Hello
17:31:25 <x3mboy> .hi
17:31:26 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
17:31:30 <riecatnor> .hello riecatnor
17:31:31 <zodbot> riecatnor: riecatnor 'Marie Nordin' <mnordin@redhat.com>
17:31:31 <siddharthvipul> .hello siddharthvipul1
17:31:37 <zodbot> siddharthvipul: siddharthvipul1 'Vipul Siddharth' <siddharthvipul1@gmail.com>
17:31:45 <riecatnor> heya mizmo !
17:31:49 <mizmo> .hello duffy
17:31:50 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
17:31:56 <mizmo> hey :)
17:31:58 <ComputerKid> .hi
17:31:59 <zodbot> ComputerKid: Sorry, but you don't exist
17:32:07 <ComputerKid> .hello computerkid
17:32:08 <zodbot> ComputerKid: computerkid 'Grayson Penland' <gpenland06@gmail.com>
17:32:11 <riecatnor> what is everyone's weather today??
17:32:31 <riecatnor> 9C here and partly cloudy
17:32:44 <riecatnor> really wishing for a sunny day soon :)
17:33:06 <osezer> .fas thunderbirdtr
17:33:07 <zodbot> osezer: thunderbirdtr 'Onuralp SEZER' <thunderbirdtr@gmail.com>
17:33:09 <riecatnor> (48F for all the US people hehe)
17:33:27 <osezer> Hello o/
17:33:38 <riecatnor> heya osezer
17:34:11 <ComputerKid> Hey, we finally got a sunny week down here, it's supposed to get up to 68F
17:34:34 <riecatnor> ooo, that is nice, I am a bit jealous :P
17:34:50 <riecatnor> what state are you in ComputerKid
17:34:54 <riecatnor> if you care to share :)
17:35:00 <ComputerKid> Georgia
17:35:22 <riecatnor> Ah, nice, much different than me, I am in upstate ny
17:35:27 <riecatnor> well anyways!
17:35:28 <riecatnor> #topic announcements and information
17:35:50 <riecatnor> feel free to share any announcements
17:36:21 <mizmo> maybe that we have outreachy applicants starting to ramp up, so be sure to say hi and help if you can
17:36:29 <siddharthvipul> #info Fedora 33 beta freeze on 2021-02-23
17:36:41 <mizmo> that would be 34 right?
17:36:42 <riecatnor> #info outreachy application period begins March 15th-April 16th
17:36:43 <siddharthvipul> wait, it should be 34
17:36:47 <siddharthvipul> #undo
17:37:07 <siddharthvipul> I guess we are deep into it
17:37:10 <siddharthvipul> mizmo, right, typo
17:37:18 <siddharthvipul> #info Fedora 34 beta freeze on 2021-02-23
17:38:08 <riecatnor> #info outreachy application period is March 15th-April 16th, make sure to say hi and help out if you can
17:38:15 <riecatnor> better, I am just leaving that other one
17:38:29 <riecatnor> something about FAS-> Noggin
17:38:53 <riecatnor> #info CPE is looking at turning FAS into readonly mode around the end of March and standing up Noggin (the replacement for FAS) a little bit before that
17:39:19 <riecatnor> #link https://github.com/orgs/fedora-infra/projects/6
17:39:21 <siddharthvipul> :hope so: :D
17:39:45 <mizmo> the result will be if we have outreachy folks creating FAS accounts the existing docs / etc wont work
17:40:09 <riecatnor> it will be important siddharthvipul for us to be able to update the docs on outreachy page as soon as the change is made
17:40:16 <riecatnor> will you be able to let us know?
17:40:23 <siddharthvipul> mizmo, why won't it work? It will be just a new interface, right?
17:40:54 <x3mboy> I think the backend change too, but the database should be kept as it is
17:40:57 <riecatnor> if it doesn't say FAS and our docs say FAS, that is enough confusion :)
17:41:29 <siddharthvipul> x3mboy, oh I mean backend changes too, but links and create account options will be pretty same (if not, redirect)
17:41:36 <riecatnor> I think all that is needed is some notice that the change has occurred
17:41:42 <x3mboy> siddharthvipul: got it
17:41:44 <siddharthvipul> anyway, I will discuss this with noggin team and confirm this :)
17:41:53 <x3mboy> Great!
17:41:54 <x3mboy> Thanks
17:41:54 <siddharthvipul> not the place to speculate how it would work :P
17:41:56 <riecatnor> We really try to spell everything out for the outreachy interns, there can be confusion
17:41:57 <x3mboy> siddharthvipul++
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17:42:05 <mizmo> siddharthvipul: its my understanding from the convo i saw there wouldn't be auto redirects but i may have misunderstood
17:43:44 <riecatnor> well, I am not *too* concerned about this, but we may need to do some updates, so it will be good to know.
17:43:55 <siddharthvipul> I don't think there should be any changes in docs (unless there are screenshots). Links to admin.fp.o should be same and there would be an option to create an account. but I might also have misunderstood. WIll be sure to confirm and inform here
17:44:10 <nb> hi
17:44:10 <riecatnor> thanks siddharthvipul
17:44:14 <riecatnor> heya nb !
17:44:17 <siddharthvipul> nb, \o
17:44:26 <riecatnor> #topic tickets
17:44:29 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/255
17:44:51 <x3mboy> Yay!
17:45:00 <x3mboy> Can I jump in?
17:45:22 <riecatnor> absolutely :)
17:46:09 <riecatnor> Seems straightforward.. only question i have is on this line: "We do not place restrictions on community engagement though with that said, I'm sure you'd understand we wouldn't want another network broadcasting DLN associated shows on their network." does that mean our show can only be used on DLN and no other networks? Is that ok with us? are there many other networks we would want to be a part of?
17:46:15 <mizmo> how many listeners does DLN have. the exclusivity worries me
17:47:18 <riecatnor> hi MichaelTunnell|D !
17:47:24 <riecatnor> thanks for joining
17:47:28 <ComputerKid> Perfect timing!
17:47:49 <MichaelTunnell|D> hello there :D
17:47:55 <x3mboy> <riecatnor "Seems straightforward.. only que"> This means that we shouldn't publish the podcast on other networks. So we can collab with other networks like Jupiter Broadcasting, but not be published by them
17:48:03 <x3mboy> Or that's how I read it
17:48:53 <ComputerKid> That's the point I think. MichaelTunnell|D can you comment?
17:49:38 <x3mboy> On YouTube Destination Linux Network has 8690 suscriptores
17:49:56 <mizmo> so you could guest on a jupiter broadcasting podcast, but not be syndicated by them
17:49:58 <MichaelTunnell|D> basically if our association is in an official sense such as DLN promoting the Fedora Podcast as a part of the network then if Fedora Podcast were to do that with any other network then it would be confusing to all audiences.
17:50:44 <x3mboy> <mizmo "so you could guest on a jupiter "> Exactly what I thought
17:50:55 <mizmo> is there a term / contract / obligation here? like is this for one year or indefinite? if we wanted to end the relationship (not saying we would just trying to figure out the terms) how would that look
17:51:11 <x3mboy> Also, it doesn't mean that any community member, collaborator or fedora person can't go to other shows
17:51:43 <x3mboy> I collaborate personally with Linux Lad (Dublin LUG) and with Linux Unplugged (Jupiter)
17:51:49 <x3mboy> And I don't mean to stop
17:51:57 <mizmo> and what constitutes a network. for example red hat has a whole family of podcast and may like to feature the fedora podcast in that. i wouldn't qualify it as a network at all, but for example they might have a page listing all RHT afilliated podcasts and it could show up on that page. would that be an issue
17:52:37 <mizmo> can we independently list on podcatchers
17:53:24 <riecatnor> I think these are important questions, especially about the terms of the relationship
17:53:45 <x3mboy> Me too
17:53:52 <riecatnor> I am not sure if we can answer them all now and here?
17:54:07 <riecatnor> Maybe we should put these questions into the ticket, and give MichaelTunnell|D more time to give some feedback?
17:54:23 <x3mboy> I think, in terms of RH, we couldn't be not published by them, since they are our main sponsor
17:54:55 <mizmo> (and fedora trademark holder)
17:54:56 <MichaelTunnell|D> to address the going on podcasts. We do not even attempt to restrict that. The best example of that is Noah on DL. Noah has been on JB in the past year and I think that is a great example of not restricting :D
17:56:42 <MichaelTunnell|D> <mizmo[m] "is there a term / contract / obl"> we have not attempted to do this before so we do not have a contract for this kind of thing but if Fedora would prefer there be one, then we can work with that I'm sure.
17:57:26 <mizmo> oh ok cool, no i was more trying to figure out the mechanics. so it's sort of a loose mutual agreement, and could be called off by any party at any time it seems?
17:58:27 <MichaelTunnell|D> <mizmo[m] "and what constitutes a network. "> Red Hat being the main sponsor of Fedora gives it an exception. Red Hat's main business isn't a podcasting network so it wouldn't be an issue. We are mostly referring to direct competitors being associated with it while also being associated with DLN would be very confusing to all audiences trying to understand how it worked.
17:58:42 <mizmo> oh ok great that makes a lot of sense.
17:59:15 <MichaelTunnell|D> <mizmo[m] "can we independently list on pod"> We would not attempt to take over control of any of those aspects. We may request something be added to reference the DLN association but Fedora would be in control of all podcast infrastructure. We would only offer advice where requested.
17:59:44 <x3mboy> That makes sense to me
18:00:08 <riecatnor> it would be great to get these responses in the ticket please :)
18:00:12 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/111
18:00:24 <mizmo> this soudns great to me if the council is ok w it you have my support :)
18:00:47 <MichaelTunnell|D> <mizmo[m] "oh ok cool, no i was more trying"> we would want at least a reasonable commitment just because if we do a bunch of promotion we wouldnt want a situation where someone could benefit from us and then bounce. That would not be ideal for us. We'd want a mutual benefit situation for sure.
18:01:07 <riecatnor> let's talk about swag re: new logo!
18:01:11 <x3mboy> <mizmo "this soudns great to me if the c"> Indeed that's the next move, the trademark approval
18:01:21 <MichaelTunnell|D> DLN approaches podcasting and content creation with an Open Source philosophy. We help Fedora Podcast and in turn we benefit as well.
18:02:10 <riecatnor> I added a comment to #111 about what we currently keep around
18:02:51 <MichaelTunnell|D> * DLN approaches podcasting and content creation with an Open Source philosophy. We help Fedora Podcast and in turn we benefit as well.  We also treat our hosts this way as well. For example, Jill was on a podcast prior to her joining DL. We specifically gave her an exception in her contract to continue to do that show without worry that it would conflict. We have no desire to be a burden, only to help �
18:02:55 <x3mboy> I think you cover most of the swag here https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/111#comment-717737
18:03:37 <riecatnor> i added a few more on that I missed just now
18:04:05 <pbokoc> hah, there's a Fedora-branded tablecloth? :))
18:04:06 <riecatnor> so question to mindshare is, do we want to eventually have all these things redone? I will need to work out a schedule based on budgetary things
18:04:14 <riecatnor> and, do we want additional things
18:04:33 <x3mboy> At some point we had usb drives
18:04:47 <riecatnor> meanwhile, I see we have multiple things here that may need some version of re-design, so I think we need to defer to mizmo on what a timeline for that would be
18:05:02 <x3mboy> But not sure if it was as swag or as contributor 'prizes'
18:05:20 <riecatnor> We do have that outreachy application period coming up, where we can get a lot of help in a quick time (quality varies
18:05:33 <pbokoc> I'm not personally a big fan of swag, especially clothing. I have a box of branded stuff hidden somewhere that I've been meaning to donate, because I don't wear it anyway. I'm probably in the minority as far as the community is concerned though
18:06:15 <riecatnor> i was talking to mattdm about what he thinks we *need* and he mentioned case badge strips, some drinkware option, and tshirts
18:06:42 <pbokoc> I'd definitely stay away from backpacks because I've never seen a swag backpack that wasn't terrible, I'm sorry to say. It's really hard to find a good backpack for a decent price and I don't think a company like Osprey would be open to making some for us...
18:06:48 <riecatnor> pbokoc, I understand that sentiment as well. We could do a sign up for a tshirt moment, order just what we need, and thats it
18:06:55 <riecatnor> it would be great to see the new logo on some tshirts, imo :)
18:07:36 <x3mboy> I think that we need "powered by" stickers
18:07:42 <pbokoc> riecatnor, yeah, if we allow people to sign up for them that's great, whoever wants one gets one and the box under my bed (or wherever I put it) won't explode :)
18:07:42 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> Fedora caps please
18:07:44 <riecatnor> x3mboy, we are getting USB drives, they will have the old logo
18:07:51 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> Oh and camera covers
18:07:51 <x3mboy> Since the preinstalled lenovo laptops doesn't have any
18:07:54 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> Everyone loves it
18:07:58 <riecatnor> I like the camera cover idea
18:08:06 <pbokoc> stickers and USB drives are +1 from me, especially the latter, you can't have enough of those :))
18:08:08 <riecatnor> x3mboy, agreed!
18:08:23 <pbokoc> ah yes and camera covers are great too
18:08:25 <riecatnor> Ok, I am gathering these ideas and I will drop them on the ticket
18:09:18 <riecatnor> some of these items I originally posted don't even have the logo, so I will remove those
18:10:08 <pbokoc> branded duct tape! :-D
18:10:25 <pbokoc> it's like a sticker except 100m long!
18:10:43 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> Pbokoc, then I want fedora wd40 as well
18:10:49 <riecatnor> lol
18:10:49 <pbokoc> yes!
18:11:06 <riecatnor> How about hand sanitizer?
18:11:11 <pbokoc> if it moves and shouldn't, duct tape; if it doesn't move and should, WD-40
18:11:12 <riecatnor> kidding and not all at once :P
18:11:23 <riecatnor> hahha
18:11:25 <pbokoc> riecatnor, oh, that's actually not too bad of an idea
18:11:44 <pbokoc> (also WD-40 is useful for preventing rust on nuclear missiles, or so I've heard)
18:11:48 <riecatnor> I think we can draw the line before face masks tho lol
18:12:04 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> Every year I hear sanitizer ideas before devconf but never happens :p
18:12:34 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> I guess because the bottles are useless once used and mostly thrown away. Maybe not good for branding?
18:12:46 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> Just thinking out loud, ignore
18:12:48 <riecatnor> siddharthvipul, you make a good point
18:12:55 <pbokoc> yeah, I didn't use hand sanitizer at this year's devconf and now I caught the legendary DevConf flu. IT WAS VIRTUAL FOR GOD'S SAKE!
18:13:36 <riecatnor> one google search confirmed my thought that there is a "sustainable sanitizer packaging" industry lol
18:13:49 <riecatnor> hahah pbokoc you are full of jokes today i love it
18:13:52 <pbokoc> that is a good point. Also it kinda associates Fedora with Covid. There was a big debate about branded face masks in Red Hat when the crisis started and we were originally told there wouldn't be any for that reason. IIRC the branding team changed that after a month or so due to huge demand, but I understand the sentiment
18:14:29 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> riecatnor, not a very important point, but having things that Red Hat already produces (on cool-stuf store) might be easier to do
18:14:39 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> not produces, outsources*
18:14:42 <riecatnor> well, as of right now, it's just an idea.. if we could do it sustainably I wouldn't be against it
18:14:49 <riecatnor> That will take research on my behalf
18:14:58 <misc> a make-your-own-sanitizer chemist kit, miuch more in line with free software ethos
18:15:06 <pbokoc> I was just gonna say that misc
18:15:07 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> so hats, tshirts, camera cover, oh oh SOCKS!!, scarfs etc
18:15:16 <misc> pbokoc: great spirits think alike !
18:15:18 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> misc, how do I give you a ++ from telegram :P
18:15:33 <pbokoc> there's already open source beer, hand sanitizer is child's play in comparison
18:15:39 <pbokoc> misc++ :)
18:15:39 <zodbot> pbokoc: Karma for misc changed to 10 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
18:15:51 <riecatnor> misc++ lol
18:15:56 <misc> the real challenge would be a beer that can also serve as hand sanitizer
18:16:06 <misc> (well, no, that's called opensource vodka..)
18:17:05 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/235
18:17:06 <pbokoc> look up "Tactical Nuclear Penguin", it's beer stronger than vodka. Plus, penguin :-D
18:17:17 <riecatnor> is #235 something we still want to do?
18:17:22 <pbokoc> and I'm only talking about nukes for the 2nd time today by sheer coincidence, I promise!
18:18:02 <riecatnor> just fyi, the council is working on a community wide survey https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/tickets/issue/327
18:18:42 <pbokoc> well if that's the case, how about we just ask the Council to include a question or two for us? Might prevent "survey fatigue"
18:18:42 <riecatnor> lol does this tactical penguin taste good?
18:18:51 <riecatnor> pbokoc, exactly my thought
18:19:04 <riecatnor> problem is, I was already ragging on them to shorten it :P
18:19:22 <pbokoc> riecatnor, never had it, it's really expensive and it would probably be hard to get here in CZ, I think it's American. Given the >70% alcohol content I imagine drinking it feels like getting hit by a brick
18:19:29 <riecatnor> #link https://hackmd.io/MqPUtYrnSOesig7hJ9RPQg?view
18:19:37 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/Fedora-Council/tickets/issue/327
18:19:49 <pbokoc> no that's perfect, let's get them to shorten it so there's more room for our questions!
18:19:58 <pbokoc> in fact, cut everything else
18:20:11 <riecatnor> bookwar won't have that :P
18:20:39 <riecatnor> Ok, so let's try to quickly define what we want to gain from asking a question here
18:21:17 <riecatnor> Further understand how much the Fedora community understands about the Mindshare Committee and it's processes.
18:21:30 <riecatnor> too many 'understands'
18:21:48 <pbokoc> replace the first one with "insight into"
18:22:23 <riecatnor> Gain further insight into how much the Fedora community understands about the Mindshare Committee and it's processes.
18:22:26 <riecatnor> I like it
18:22:35 <riecatnor> Next, let's try to quickly define what we might do with the data
18:23:18 <riecatnor> Use the data to improve Mindshare Committee more visible and useable to the entirety of the Fedora community.
18:23:27 <riecatnor> oops.. too many thoughts
18:23:46 <pbokoc> hehehe
18:23:53 <riecatnor> Use the data we gain to improve the Mindshare Committees visibility and make our processes more useable to the entirety of the Fedora community.
18:23:54 <nb> riecatnor I have a contact for the ocmpany that currently makes the case badges
18:24:00 <riecatnor> nb, good to know!
18:24:22 <riecatnor> can you forward that on to me and any other info I need to know bout that process?
18:24:30 <nb> We definitely need tablecloths
18:24:36 <nb> for when we have in-person events
18:24:43 <riecatnor> nb, agreed
18:25:40 <riecatnor> ok, i am adding notes to 235 rn
18:26:01 <nb> riecatnor sure, i will look back in my old emails and send you the info
18:26:03 <riecatnor> we will need to come up with the questions, one may even be enough
18:27:02 <riecatnor> #topic open floor
18:27:20 <riecatnor> We are short on time, I squeezed an extra ticket in
18:27:26 <riecatnor> Does anyone have things?
18:27:41 <riecatnor> OH I have a thing lol
18:27:55 <riecatnor> I am on PTO this friday through Monday the 8th
18:28:14 <riecatnor> Do ya'll want to run the meeting without me or should i cancel
18:28:17 <nb> riecatnor Enjoy!
18:28:37 <riecatnor> thanks :) super looking forward to it
18:28:49 <pbokoc> still about the survey - how about instead of asking a question like "are you aware there's a mindshare committee", we make it a little test? Ask something like, I dunno, "Who would you first try to contact if you wanted to do a Fedora release party?"
18:29:03 <riecatnor> i like it pbokoc
18:29:05 <nb> pbokoc I like that
18:29:10 <riecatnor> or just an event?
18:29:12 <pbokoc> and the percentage of correct answers tells us how many people know about us and what we do
18:29:42 <pbokoc> yeah that was just a random example that popped into my head first, it definitely needs more refinement. Event sounds better :)
18:29:57 <pbokoc> or swag, or something like that
18:29:59 <riecatnor> it would do the job pretty well
18:30:02 <riecatnor> ok, yea!
18:30:26 <riecatnor> I wonder multiple choice or fill in t
18:30:46 <pbokoc> and think up a couple plausible sounding answers - Council, mattdm, "just ask random people in #fedora", "that guy who kept spamming FreeNode with random crap yesterday"...
18:30:58 <pbokoc> I'd say multiple choice
18:31:07 <riecatnor> yep, FCAIC is another one lol
18:31:10 <x3mboy> Sorry
18:31:14 <x3mboy> Cross meeting
18:31:19 <riecatnor> so for next week, want to run without me or should i cancel in fedocal?
18:31:37 <x3mboy> I can chair if needed
18:31:47 <pbokoc> x3mboy++
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18:31:53 <riecatnor> ok, cool! I won't do anything then, except read the logs later ;)
18:31:57 <riecatnor> thanks everyone!
18:32:00 <riecatnor> #endmeeting