17:31:05 <bexelbie> #startmeeting Mindshare
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17:31:05 <bexelbie> #chair jsmith sumantrom robyduck nb x3mboy bt0dotninja mleonova bex bexelbie bt0
17:31:05 <bexelbie> #topic Roll Call
17:31:05 <bexelbie> .hello bex
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17:31:06 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bexelbie@redhat.com>
17:31:31 <jsmith> .hello2
17:31:32 <zodbot> jsmith: jsmith 'Jared Smith' <jsmith.fedora@gmail.com>
17:32:03 <bt0> .fas bt0dotninja
17:32:04 <zodbot> bt0: bt0dotninja 'Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez' <hotgalan@gmail.com>
17:32:10 <bt0> hi
17:32:16 <bexelbie> we have a fairly light agenda, afaik
17:32:25 <bexelbie> #topic Agenda
17:32:25 <bexelbie> Proposed: Tickets: 106, 104, 100 , next meeting note, and then Open Floor
17:32:25 <bexelbie> Any suggested additions or modifications?
17:32:25 <bexelbie> I've omitted open tickets with open questions and a few that are approved that just need the updates posted.  I'll get to those ASAP.
17:33:25 <bexelbie> #topic  #106 Swag Printing Proposal
17:33:25 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/106
17:33:32 <bexelbie> this one basically needs closure
17:33:51 <bexelbie> I think everyone is ok and questions are answered - I suggest we close it next week with 3+1s and no -1s
17:33:54 <bexelbie> wdyt?
17:34:03 <bt0> +1
17:35:27 <bexelbie> I think there isn't much to say
17:35:27 <bexelbie> #topic  #104 Replacing mleonova as Design/Web representative
17:35:28 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/104
17:35:35 <bexelbie> this looks and feels approved to me
17:35:40 <jsmith> Agreed
17:35:42 <bexelbie> were there any last minute concerns I may have overlooked?
17:35:56 <jsmith> Nope, none that I'm aware of
17:36:14 <bt0> none
17:36:27 <bexelbie> I am glad jflory7 raised his concerns - I'll move forward with onboarding relrod as soon as I can
17:36:35 <bexelbie> #topic  #100 NA Ambassador - Red Hat Summit 2019 - Request for Funding.
17:36:35 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/100
17:36:54 <bexelbie> this one just needs votes - we now have the budget.  Unfortunately hotel rooms are expensive in Boston - so we need to use the $1000 rule
17:36:59 <bexelbie> please vote in ticket
17:37:06 <bexelbie> so we can meet the days/quorum requirements
17:37:11 <bexelbie> are there concerns we should discuss?
17:37:23 <jsmith> Nope... I'm fine with it, and will vote in the ticket (if I didn't already)
17:37:48 <jsmith> And done :-)
17:38:08 <bexelbie> #topic Open Floor
17:38:10 <bt0> me too
17:38:48 <jsmith> I have nothing for the open floor, other than we have a fair number of tickets that need event reports.
17:39:05 <jsmith> Might be good to remind those folks to finish their reports.
17:39:06 <bexelbie> I have on my list to audit those - if anyone has time to do so before me - please do
17:39:21 <bexelbie> #info we need to get event reports submitted
17:39:29 <bt0> right...
17:39:45 <bt0> i need write one too
17:40:15 <jsmith> One other question -- should we be submitting some sort of Mindshare talk/workshop for Flock?
17:40:17 * bexelbie doesn't point at bt0 ... definitely not
17:40:18 <bexelbie> :P
17:40:31 <bexelbie> jsmith, we should consider it ... cfp hasn't opened so we have time
17:40:38 <jsmith> Oh, whew :-)
17:40:48 <jsmith> I was starting to panic :-)
17:41:00 <bexelbie> if no one has anything else, it is 7:40pm and I need to try to run to a store before 8pm otehrwise I have to get up early
17:41:01 <bt0> jeje
17:41:13 <bexelbie> may I close?
17:41:14 <jsmith> Nothing more from me.
17:41:15 <bt0> +1 to close
17:41:16 <jsmith> Close!
17:41:45 <bexelbie> thank you all!
17:41:48 <bexelbie> #endmeeting