17:30:40 <bexelbie> #startmeeting Mindshare
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17:30:40 <bexelbie> #chair jsmith sumantrom robyduck nb x3mboy bt0dotninja mleonova bex bexelbie
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17:30:40 <bexelbie> #topic Roll Call
17:30:41 <bexelbie> .hello bex
17:30:43 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bexelbie@redhat.com>
17:30:46 <bexelbie> .hello bex
17:30:47 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bexelbie@redhat.com>
17:30:53 <jsmith> .hello2
17:30:54 <zodbot> jsmith: jsmith 'Jared Smith' <jsmith.fedora@gmail.com>
17:30:54 <bexelbie> jwf, that is ok, I think this meeting will be light
17:31:01 <jwf> Oh, I guess I can probably be removed from the FAS group too
17:31:09 <jwf> bexelbie: no problem.
17:31:23 <bt0> .hello2
17:31:24 <zodbot> bt0: Sorry, but you don't exist
17:31:34 <bt0> .fas bt0dotninja
17:31:36 <zodbot> bt0: bt0dotninja 'Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez' <hotgalan@gmail.com>
17:31:46 <nb> .hello2
17:31:47 <zodbot> nb: nb 'Nick Bebout' <nick@bebout.net>
17:32:11 <nb> I will add bt0 and remove jflory from FAS
17:32:17 <nb> or actually i can't do that
17:32:20 <nb> bex has to
17:33:21 * bexelbie will do
17:33:26 <bexelbie> #unchair jwf
17:33:26 <zodbot> Current chairs: bex bexelbie bt0dotninja jsmith mleonova nb robyduck sumantrom x3mboy
17:33:29 <bexelbie> #chair bt0
17:33:29 <zodbot> Current chairs: bex bexelbie bt0 bt0dotninja jsmith mleonova nb robyduck sumantrom x3mboy
17:33:30 <bexelbie> sorry about that
17:33:34 * bexelbie fixes his template
17:33:35 <bexelbie> #topic Agenda
17:33:35 <bexelbie> Proposed: Tickets: 57, 38, 31, and then Open Floor
17:33:36 <bexelbie> Any suggested additions or modifications?
17:33:50 <jsmith> WORKSFORME
17:33:50 <jwf> All good :-)
17:34:14 <bt0> ok
17:34:30 <bexelbie> #topic #57 Rationalize list of teams
17:34:30 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/57
17:34:30 <bexelbie> #
17:34:45 <bexelbie> I think this may be done?  I remember us all saying $shipit - but maybe I've forgotten
17:34:47 <bexelbie> any updates?
17:35:14 <bt0> yes, both PR was merged
17:35:54 <bexelbie> can you update the ticket and close it?
17:36:11 <bexelbie> #action bt0 to update the ticket with the resolution and close it because the PRs merged
17:36:14 <bt0> sure
17:36:18 <bexelbie> bt0++ thanks for fixing all of this!
17:36:18 <zodbot> bexelbie: Karma for bt0dotninja changed to 6 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:36:35 <bexelbie> #topic #38 Announcement of F29 release parties
17:36:35 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/38
17:36:42 * bexelbie has been distracted by devconf.cz nad other things
17:36:44 <bexelbie> did this get posted?
17:36:49 <bexelbie> I thought I saw the draft was approved
17:37:52 <bexelbie> so if you haven't voted, please read the draft
17:38:20 <bexelbie> and can we get a volunteer to shepherd this through to publication, ideally with the author's help?
17:38:48 * bexelbie can't drive it as I get on another plane on Sunday (more to come on that)
17:38:59 <jsmith> I'm super-busy at the moment, but if nobody else volunteers, he'll help shepherd it.
17:39:07 <jsmith> Ugh, grammar...
17:39:10 * jsmith volunteers
17:39:39 <bexelbie> jsmith, thank you - poking sumantro will probably just cause magic - he is on Telegram most of the day and night :D
17:39:50 <bexelbie> #action jsmith to help shepherd this to publication
17:40:01 <bexelbie> #topic #31 Direction of Ambassdors moving forward
17:40:01 <bexelbie> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/31
17:40:11 <bexelbie> nb any updates for us?
17:41:34 * bexelbie did see nb .hello, right?
17:41:37 * bexelbie reads back
17:41:42 <nb> I was supposed to come up with an Emeritus proposal I think?
17:41:50 * nb needs to get busy doing that
17:41:54 <bexelbie> yeah, I just picked on eof hte open tickets :)
17:42:12 <bexelbie> if you don't mind tossing your ideas into a draft, we can all help you write/edit
17:42:20 <bexelbie> but getting started is hte hardest part for all of us
17:42:27 <bexelbie> maybe a gdoc or etherpad?
17:42:32 <nb> basically: FAmA will email everyone every 6 months (or 1 year) and if you don't reply and say you are still active, you will be moved to emeriti
17:42:44 <nb> and then if emeriti want to become active again, they file FAmA ticket
17:42:45 <nb> I guess?
17:42:52 <bexelbie> sounds like a good start
17:42:55 <bexelbie> :)
17:43:31 <bexelbie> then we can add stuff around becoming an amby and maybe some guidance for regional meetings like was discussed in the NA ticket (mentioned last week) and how the seats for this body get elected?
17:43:33 <bexelbie> ??
17:43:38 * bexelbie is thinking outloud
17:45:21 <bt0> we can run it in the ambassadors group
17:45:22 <bexelbie> nb is that a good next step for you?
17:45:29 <bt0> and filter the accounts with a year or more since the last activity in the project
17:46:15 <bexelbie> bt0 I think that is a great idea - I think if we can start with laying out hte goals as nb has suggested then we can get to implementation via FAMA
17:47:02 * bexelbie takes that as a yes :)
17:47:11 <bexelbie> #action nb to start a draft so we can crowdsource a final version
17:47:20 <bexelbie> #topic Open Floor
17:47:23 <bexelbie> I have one topic
17:47:37 <bexelbie> I am going to be traveling for two weeks.  Next week I have the council hack and will be unable to attend this meeting
17:47:44 <bexelbie> the week after is still a bit in the air, but I can probably be here
17:47:52 <bexelbie> can someone volunteer to run this meeting next week?
17:48:14 <bexelbie> I also suggest we cancel the meetings for the last two weeks of the year
17:48:28 <jsmith> I may be traveling next week as well... still trying to work out my travel schedule.
17:48:35 <bexelbie> that would be cancel 19 and 26 Dec and resume on 2 Jan
17:48:47 <jsmith> But I can run the meeting if nobody else volunteers
17:48:50 <bexelbie> bt0 want to drive the meeting?
17:48:56 <bt0> sure
17:48:58 <bexelbie> I can share my script with you and offer advice
17:48:59 <bt0> i can do it
17:49:01 <bexelbie> sweet!
17:49:19 <jsmith> bt0: Thanks :-)
17:49:23 <bexelbie> #info bt0 to run our next meeting on 5 December
17:49:32 <bexelbie> #proposed cancel our 19 and 26 December meetings
17:49:44 <bt0> +1
17:49:47 <bexelbie> we would still do ticket work
17:49:56 <bexelbie> but not expect synchronous meetings unless something drastic happens
17:49:59 <bexelbie> +1
17:50:48 <bexelbie> jsmith, nb ?
17:51:10 <jsmith> +1
17:51:29 <bexelbie> #approved
17:51:38 <nb> +1
17:51:42 <bexelbie> #info 19 and 26 December meetings canceled but we still work tickets
17:51:48 <nb> #agreed cancel our 19 and 26 December meetings
17:51:51 <bexelbie> any absent members should raise objections and we can reverse this
17:51:58 <bexelbie> ty nb - I always get that wrong :)
17:52:07 * bexelbie invents amazing zodbot commands
17:52:10 <bexelbie> backed by no code :(
17:52:22 <bexelbie> Any other open floor issues/conversations?
17:53:03 <bexelbie> Oh, I will share that sselecky (Stanley) is helping me process budget requests so I think we are all cuaght up and I hope to see up date the master budget with transactions on Friday
17:53:29 <bexelbie> I also have a plan to write a proposal to our card holders to help them do more if they want
17:53:34 * bexelbie needs more writing time like all of us
17:53:41 <bexelbie> Any other open issues/annoucements?
17:54:09 <jsmith> Nominations close very soon.
17:54:40 <jsmith> If my timezone math is right, there's something like six hours left for nominations for the December elections.
17:55:09 <bexelbie> jsmith, thank you for reminding us
17:55:15 * bexelbie goes to look if we have nominees
17:55:28 * jsmith threw his hat in the proverbial ring, again... and I think there are three other nominations
17:55:47 <bexelbie> woo! 4 people!
17:56:08 <bexelbie> I am looking forward to reading the interviews
17:56:17 <jsmith> We must be doing something right (and people want to be involved), or we're doing something terribly wrong (and people want to fix it)
17:56:30 <bexelbie> heh
17:56:55 <bexelbie> not to be pushy, but other topics?
17:57:04 * bexelbie missed lunch so he is a bit hungry :(
17:57:30 <bexelbie> #info nominations are still open
17:57:32 <bexelbie> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mindshare/Nominations
17:57:44 <bexelbie> ok, moving to close in 30 seconds
17:58:12 <bexelbie> closing in 15 seconds
17:58:16 <bexelbie> closing in 10 seconds
17:58:16 <bt0> ok
17:58:21 <jsmith> close!
17:58:27 <bexelbie> closing in 5 seconds
17:58:33 <bexelbie> #endmeeting